9 examples of monsieurs in sentences

Mon monsieurs, per la sang Dieu, me will make a trou so large in ce belly, dat he sal cry hough, come un porceau.

Your Monsieurs gallant sparkes.

No good monsieurs. Wil.

Remercy de bon ceur, monsieurs.

MARGARET A gallant brace of Frenchmen, curled monsieurs, That, men say, haunt these woods, affecting privacy, More than the manner of their countrymen.

A French troop first swept all things in its way; But those hot Monsieurs were too quick to stay:

Pray you be happy in the knowledge of this pair of accomplish'd Monsieurs; they are Gallants that have seen both Tropicks.

They will infect my house with cowardize, if they breath longer in it; my roof covers no baffl'd Monsieurs, walk and air your selves; as I live they stay not here.

They will infect my house with cowardize, If they breathe longer in it; my roofe covers No baffl'd Monsieurs, walk and aire your selves; As I live, they stay not here, while liver'd wretches Without one word to ask a reason why, Vanish, 'tis the last warning, and with speed, For if I take ye in hand I shall dissect you, And read upon your flegmatick dull carcases.

9 examples of  monsieurs  in sentences