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5639 example sentences with  monsieurs

5639 example sentences with monsieurs

Mon monsieurs, per la sang Dieu, me will make a trou so large in ce belly, dat he sal cry hough, come un porceau.

Your Monsieurs gallant sparkes.

No good monsieurs.

Remercy de bon ceur, monsieurs.

Monsieur, si vous aviez été ici dans le temps du Prince Eugène!

In fact in Paris there are two polices; the one, that of the Government, the other, and by far the most troublesome, that of Monsieur and the violent Ultra party, or as they are collectively called the Pavilion Marsan.

I was engaged all day upon some important work in my own office, and had had no occasion to see Monsieur Boisségur since a word or so when he came in at ten o'clock.

My attention was called to the affair finally by his stenographer, Monsieur Netterville, who came to me for instructions.

You may remember, Monsieur, that Tuesday was cold, but all his top-coats were found in their proper places.

Point out to her that if Monsieur Boisségur signed the letters Tuesday night he was, at least, alive; and if he came or sent for the cigarettes Wednesday night, he was still alive.

"I did escape, Monsieur, last night," the ambassador explained, "but they knew it immediatelythey pursued me into my own house, these two and anotherand dragged me back here!

There was a very interesting article by Monsieur F. Krahnstoever in the "Swiss Ski Club Year-Book for 1923" on the subject of avalanches in relation to Ski-ing.

" "Have your joke, Monsieur Bombarnac, but under your breath, I advise you!"

And so, Monsieur Caterna" "You know my name?" "As you know mine, I am sure.

" "Of course, Monsieur Claudius Bombarnac, correspondent of the Twentieth Century.

"A thousand thanks, Monsieur Bombarnac, and even ten thousand, as they say in China, whither Madame Caterna and I are bound."

"Then I beg to ask why you, a sailor, did not go by way of the sea?" "Ah, there it is, Monsieur Bombarnac.

" "You must have been a good deal about the world, Monsieur Caterna?" "I believe you; Russia, England, both Americas.

Monsieur Claudius.

Monsieur Claudius, there was a time when I was the idol of Buenos Ayres, and the pet of Rio Janeiro!

" "I accept them, Monsieur Claudius, for I like my trade.

"There, that is wicked, Monsieur Caterna," said I, with a laugh.

At the bottom of our boxes are a few Northern debentures, of which I think a good deal, and take much care, and they have been honestly got, Monsieur Claudius.

We can dine and dance among ourselves" "And be just as happy, Monsieur Caterna."

"Certainly no less, Monsieur Claudius," replied the future premier comic of Shanghai, shaking an imaginary frill with the graceful ease of one of Louis XV.'s noblemen.

" "I believe I am, Monsieur Claudius," said the actor, "and why?

Impossible, for Madame Caterna is tired, and Monsieur Caterna will consider it his duty to stay with her.

"Are you going for a run round the town, Monsieur Claudius?" asked the actor, with a comprehensive gesture to show the vast surroundings of Samarkand.

"Well, Monsieur Bombarnac," asked the major, "do you not admire the square?" "It is superb," I say.

Write us a drama, Monsieur Claudius, a spectacle piece, with a third act in this square.

Monsieur Bombarnac, Providence has sent you onto my road."

We loved, monsieur; she wentand we were separated for a year.

"In this box?" "What would you have, Monsieur Bombarnac?" asked Kinko, reddening.

"Thank you, Monsieur Bombarnac, thank you!

Monsieur Bombarnac!"

The actor said to me in a tone of the best humor: "Never shall I forget Khodjend, Monsieur Claudius."

"And why will you never forget Khodjend, Monsieur Caterna?" "Do you see these peaches?"

And it was thus in the eastern part of Turkestan, four hundred kilometres from the Pamir plateau, at dessert after our excellent dinner served in a saloon of the Grand Transasiatic, that the Obsession was given with remarkable talent by Monsieur Caterna, grand premier comique, engaged at Shanghai theater for the approaching season.

"Monsieur," said Pan Chao, "my sincere compliments.

I have heard young Coquelin" "A master, monsieur; a master!" said Caterna.

Caroline, cannot you imagine him as 'Morales' in the Pirates of the Savannah?" "Not in that costume, at any rate," said I. "Why not, Monsieur Claudius?

"I do not know how to thank you, Monsieur Bombarnac," he says to me.

"There the danger is, Monsieur Bombarnac.

" "Good night, Monsieur Bombarnac, good night.

"Eh! Monsieur Claudius!"

"I'm fond of my wethersersers," says Monsieur Caterna, in any number of baritones.

"Monsieur Claudius," said the actor to me, "there is not a single scene here that would suit the Prise de Pékin!"

" As we were about to board the car again, I saw Popof running toward me, shouting: "Monsieur Bombarnac!"

That is understood; a hundred thousand florins damages to Monsieur le Baron Tour de Monde.

"Monsieur Bombarnac," he said, "I have to ask a favor of you."

At Sou Tcheou or Lan Tcheou, while we stop a few hours?" "Wait a bit, Monsieur Bombarnac!

"Delighted, Monsieur Bombarnac," he replied.

Good titles, all those, Monsieur Claudius!

" "As you please, Monsieur Bombarnac.

"To a certain extent, Monsieur Bombarnac!"

And, besides, Monsieur Bombarnac, that there are railways at all in the Middle Kingdom is a wonder to me."

"Speed," said I, "is a gain of timeand to gain time" "Time does not exist in China, Monsieur Bombarnac, and it cannot exist for a population of four hundred millions.

And as it will probably always be, Monsieur Bombarnac.

"Well, Monsieur Bombarnac, if I am not taking too great a liberty, may I ask a favor of you?" "What is it?" "That you will be present at the departure of the case, so as to avoid any mistake."

I will help her to get the nails out of it" "The nails out of it, Monsieur Bombarnac?

At this moment Popof says to me: "Are you not going to sleep to-night, Monsieur Bombarnac?"

"Good night, Popof." "Good night, Monsieur Bombarnac.

"You see, Monsieur Bombarnac," said Major Noltitz, "that I was not mistaken in my first suspicion."

"Monsieur Claudius," said Caterna, "put that into a romance, and see if anybody believes it likely."

"And then we are going to get married, monsieur.

"Monsieur," says mademoiselle, "we are going to get married as soon as the formalities are complied with; and if it is not abusing your confidence, will you do us the honor and pleasure of being present?

"The truth, monsieur, the truth!

"Monsieur Bombarnac!" says the poor fellow, appealing for my intervention.

Monsieur C.C. ROBIN, who was a resident of Louisiana from 1802 to 1806, published a work on that country; in which, speaking of the effect of slaveholding on masters and their children, he says: "The young creoles make the negroes who surround them the play-things of their whims: they flog, for pastime, those of their own age, just as their fathers flog others at their will.

He turned to the Frenchman, spread out his hands, shrugged his shoulders, and gesticulated after the most approved fashion of the stage Frenchman, bowed deeply, and said, "Merci, Monsieur," many times.

"Monsieur means," explained the cashier friendlily to her, "is it that you have no fearpeur, to continue the affairs?

Ariioehau Amerocarao, commonly known as Tetuanui Tavana, or Monsieur le Chef de Mataiea, Tetuanui, and his wife, Haamoura, were the salt of the earth.

Vous savez, monsieur, toute à l'avenir!

MARGARET A gallant brace of Frenchmen, curled monsieurs, That, men say, haunt these woods, affecting privacy, More than the manner of their countrymen.

A French troop first swept all things in its way; But those hot Monsieurs were too quick to stay: Yet, to our cost, in that short time, we find They left their itch of novelty behind.

She was a fine girl, with hair like gold, Monsieur.

"Monsieur, I am an old fool of a woman, because I have those two beauties there.

But not with greater courage, Monsieur!

Old Monsieur Normand was scandalized; it seems one doesn't send yellow flowers to a jeune fille.

And Monsieur would say something about si jeunesse savait.

"And then Mélanie opened the door and announced, 'Monsieur, le cousin de Mademoiselle.'

There dwells near us a Gentleman of bloud, Monsieur Brisac, of a fair Estate, six thousand Crowns per annum, the happy Father of two hopeful Sons, of different breeding; the Elder, a meer Scholar; the younger, a quaint Courtier. Ang.

Monsieur Brisac, you offer fair and nobly, and I'le meet you in the same line of Honour; and I hope, being blest but with one Daughter, I shall not appear impertinently curious, though with my utmost vigilance and study, I labour to bestow her to her worth: Let others speak her form, and future Fortune from me descending to her; I in that sit down with silence.

Pray you be happy in the knowledge of this pair of accomplish'd Monsieurs; they are Gallants that have seen both Tropicks.

must he be dispossess'd, and Monsieur Gingle-boy his younger Brother Bri.

Good morrow, Monsieur Miramont.

But hark you, Monsieur, have you the virtuous conscience to help to rob an Heir, an Elder Brother, of that which Nature and the Law flings on him?

Good morrow, Monsieur Miramont.

They will infect my house with cowardize, if they breath longer in it; my roof covers no baffl'd Monsieurs, walk and air your selves; as I live they stay not here.

O that Monsieur Miramont would but keep his word; here were a Feast to make him fat with laughter; at the most 'tis not six minutes riding from his house, nor will he break, I hopeO are you come, Sir?

'Tis for your credit, Monsieur Brisac, printed in Capital Letters, then pasted upon all the posts in Paris.

This jeast goes to Charles, and then I'll hunt him out, and Monsieur Eustace the gallant Courtier, and laugh heartily to see 'em mourn together.

At the suit of Monsieur Lewis; his house is seiz'd upon, and he in person is under guard, (I saw it with these eyes, Sir) to be convey'd to Paris, and there Sentenc'd. Mir.

While you were absent, a crew of Monsieur Lewis friends and kinsmen, by force, brake in at th' back part of the house, and took her away by violence; faithful Andrew (as this can witness for him)

Charles shall give you all decent satisfaction; nay, joyn hands, and heartily, why, this is done like Brothers; and as old as I am, in this cause that concerns the honour of our Family, Monsieur Lewis (if reason cannot work) shall find and feel there's hot blood in this arm, I'le lead you bravely.

Monsieur Brisac, You offer fair, and nobly, and Ile meet you

No baffl'd Monsieurs, walk and aire your selves; As I live, they stay not here, while liver'd wretches Without one word to ask a reason why, Vanish, 'tis the last warning, and with speed, For if I take ye in hand I shall dissect you, And read upon your flegmatick dull carcases.

Soudain, comme chacun demeurait interdit, Un jeune homme bien fait sortit des rangs et dit: Que monsieur saint Denis garde le roi de France!

FLEURANT, MONSIEUR, a character in Molière's "Malade Imaginaire." FLEUR-DE-LIS (i. e. lily-flower), a badge of ultimately three golden fleurs-de-lis on a blue field, borne from the days of Clovis on their arms by the kings of France. FLEURY, ANDRÉ HERCULE DE.

However, it did note that Duhamel was to compensate Monsieurs Forterie and Frequant for materials and work which they had contributed to the "habitation".