634 examples of morally in sentences

Wholesome also is a very broad term; what is wholesome is good for us physically, mentally, or morally.

Germany and the conquered countries have accepted the conditions imposed on them with the reserve that they feel that they are not bound by them, even morally, in the future.

He had not assisted at the nauseating spectacle of a woman morally turning herself inside out in three volumes and an interview.

The innocent and pure of mind alone are without distrust; while one constituted morally, like the overseer, never permitted his thoughts to remain in the tranquillity that is a fruit of confidence.

The united testimony from all these sources is that beer is demoralizing, mentally, morally, and physically. 127.

Its essence, theologically, is "Quietism," without firm belief in anything reached by metaphysic speculation; yet morally and practically it inculcates ennobling, active duties.

Apollo, the next great personage of the Olympian divinities, was more respectable morally than his father.

They had left her morally bruised, and therefore abnormally sensitive to the least touch.

For Mrs. Dubbs was an imposing person, morally and physically, and had a character to lose; and though the place was a very good one for her old age, because the master only spent six weeks or two months at Oxley Paddox each year, and never found fault, yet Mrs. Dubbs was not going to have her name associated with that of a gentleman who blew up underground works and took Solomon's view of the domestic affections.

It worked on a poor material, morally considered; among peoples who have not been distinguished for stamina of character, earnestness, contemplative habits, and moral elevation,peoples long enslaved, frivolous in their pleasures, superstitious, indolent, fond of fêtes, spectacles, pictures, and Pagan reminiscences.

Legally you are illegitimate; but morally you are not so.

Some have insinuated, that Mr. Dryden, jealous of his rising fame, and willing to take advantage of his vanity, in order to sink his reputation, strenuously urged him to this undertaking, in which he was morally certain Creech could not succeed.

After all, the permanent idols of popular idolatry are not the intellectually great, but the morally beautiful,and all the more attractive when their moral excellence is in strong contrast with the prevailing vices of contemporaries.

On the other hand, when it comes to refusing a refuge to the poor and oppressed, who are physically and morally acceptable, but lack a small amount of money, or are unable to respond to a literary test, then the welfare of humanity demands the opposite decision.

The crews of the two ships also, carefully selected men though they were, some of whom had been the previous voyage, were morally and physically bad, and utterly incapable of performing their duty in a proper and seamanlike manner.

I am much hypt; the fact is, my head is heavy, but there is hope, or if not, I am better than a poor shell fishnot morally when I set the whelp upon it, but have more blood and spirits; things may turn up, and I may creep again into a decent opinion of myself.

With her must be used, morally certainly, perhaps physically, the peremptory reason to the slaves of the old race: The Stick!"

He was afraid of his father, physically and morally; his very nerves quivered under the look of the small brown eyes.

Most Hindus are Saktas, or worshippers of the female generative principle: happily for civilisation they are morally in advance of their creed.

"At first I refused to have any thing to say to my messmates, many of whom were morally better than myself; but I was naturally social, and, soon forgetting my refined education, began to enjoy their conversation.

" "Not to say morally," Benton laughed.

People, I mean, like Arthur Hallam, whose letters and remains are fearfully pompous and tiresomeand who yet had In Memoriam written about him, and who was described by Gladstone as the most perfect human being, physically, intellectually and morally, he had ever seen.

The people, morally, mentally, and materially poor, were steeped in ignorance and vice.

Destitute as they are of religious instruction and moral restraint, their unions are without the sanction of religious or civil law, and last just as long as their sensual appetites last; it may therefore be truly said, that in the rural districts of Puerto Rico the family, morally constituted, does not exist.

And when Julius said it only freed himself morally from the secrecy, poor Jenny was bitter against his scruples, even though he had never said more than that he should have been perplexed.

634 examples of  morally  in sentences