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634 examples of  morally  in sentences

634 examples of morally in sentences

Wholesome also is a very broad term; what is wholesome is good for us physically, mentally, or morally.

Germany and the conquered countries have accepted the conditions imposed on them with the reserve that they feel that they are not bound by them, even morally, in the future.

He had not assisted at the nauseating spectacle of a woman morally turning herself inside out in three volumes and an interview.

The innocent and pure of mind alone are without distrust; while one constituted morally, like the overseer, never permitted his thoughts to remain in the tranquillity that is a fruit of confidence.

The united testimony from all these sources is that beer is demoralizing, mentally, morally, and physically. 127.

Its essence, theologically, is "Quietism," without firm belief in anything reached by metaphysic speculation; yet morally and practically it inculcates ennobling, active duties.

Apollo, the next great personage of the Olympian divinities, was more respectable morally than his father.

They had left her morally bruised, and therefore abnormally sensitive to the least touch.

For Mrs. Dubbs was an imposing person, morally and physically, and had a character to lose; and though the place was a very good one for her old age, because the master only spent six weeks or two months at Oxley Paddox each year, and never found fault, yet Mrs. Dubbs was not going to have her name associated with that of a gentleman who blew up underground works and took Solomon's view of the domestic affections.

It worked on a poor material, morally considered; among peoples who have not been distinguished for stamina of character, earnestness, contemplative habits, and moral elevation,peoples long enslaved, frivolous in their pleasures, superstitious, indolent, fond of fรชtes, spectacles, pictures, and Pagan reminiscences.

Legally you are illegitimate; but morally you are not so.

Some have insinuated, that Mr. Dryden, jealous of his rising fame, and willing to take advantage of his vanity, in order to sink his reputation, strenuously urged him to this undertaking, in which he was morally certain Creech could not succeed.

After all, the permanent idols of popular idolatry are not the intellectually great, but the morally beautiful,and all the more attractive when their moral excellence is in strong contrast with the prevailing vices of contemporaries.

The Achaeans, who thus saw on the one hand the Roman legions approaching and on the other the Roman fleet already on their own coast, abandoned their morally honourable, but politically untenable, neutrality.

On the other hand, when it comes to refusing a refuge to the poor and oppressed, who are physically and morally acceptable, but lack a small amount of money, or are unable to respond to a literary test, then the welfare of humanity demands the opposite decision.

The crews of the two ships also, carefully selected men though they were, some of whom had been the previous voyage, were morally and physically bad, and utterly incapable of performing their duty in a proper and seamanlike manner.

I am much hypt; the fact is, my head is heavy, but there is hope, or if not, I am better than a poor shell fishnot morally when I set the whelp upon it, but have more blood and spirits; things may turn up, and I may creep again into a decent opinion of myself.

With her must be used, morally certainly, perhaps physically, the peremptory reason to the slaves of the old race: The Stick!"

Although somewhat similar in appearance, the Brahuis are said to be morally and physically superior to their southern neighbours.

He was afraid of his father, physically and morally; his very nerves quivered under the look of the small brown eyes.

Most Hindus are Saktas, or worshippers of the female generative principle: happily for civilisation they are morally in advance of their creed.

It can not be, and I think is not claimed by any one, that the mother who otherwise would be fit to vote is rendered mentally or morally less fit to exercise this high function in the state because of motherhood.

"At first I refused to have any thing to say to my messmates, many of whom were morally better than myself; but I was naturally social, and, soon forgetting my refined education, began to enjoy their conversation.

It was morally certain the savage could be at no great distance; hence the pursuer was cautious in his advance.

What used to be considered the great superiority of the countryhardship, absence of social excitements and public amusements, simple food, freedom from moral exposurea better knowledge of the human constitution, considered either physically or morally, has shown to be decidedly opposed to health and virtue.

Indeed, the Yankee is sufficiently allied, morally and intellectually, with the Scotchman, to appreciate everything that illustrates the peculiarities of Scottish humor.

There is a great difference, morally, physically and intellectually, between people who live in the tropics and those who live in the temperate zone.

" "Not to say morally," Benton laughed.

This saved an immense amount of trouble to the senate and magistrates, who were usually busily engaged in other matters; nor was there at first any harm in the system, so long as the Romans were morally sound, and incapable of jobbing or scamping their work.

Together too they did incalculable harm, morally and socially, among the upper strata of Roman society at home.

" Consequently, the oath to support the Constitution of the United States is a solemn promise to do that which is morally wrong; that which is a violation of the natural rights of man, and a sin in the sight of God.

Legally, it was murder; morally, it was homicide in the rescue of a political captive.

Browning was intellectually intricate because he was morally simple.

It is humblingI do not deny that it may be morally invigoratingto feel that whatever is "worth mentioning" in my life is no affair of mine, but falls under the beautiful and terrible law by which the dead men and women whose blood bounds in our being control our destinies.

An eminent teacher tells us how after he had once succeeded in presenting the principle of Necessity to his own mind in a shape which seemed to bring with it all the advantages of the principle of Free Will, he 'no longer suffered under the burden so heavy to one who aims at being a reformer in opinions, of thinking one doctrine true, and the contrary doctrine morally beneficial.'

The learned are to hold the true doctrine; the unlearned are to be taught its morally beneficial contrary.

Men leave error undisturbed, because they accept in a loose way the proposition that a belief may be 'morally useful without being intellectually sustainable,' They disguise their own dissent from popular opinions, because they regard such opinions as useful to other people.

We are thinking of a very different attitudethat, namely, of persons who believe a creed to be not more morally useful than it is intellectually sustainable, so far as they themselves are concerned.

Neutrals all over the world, who are smarting just now under a fresh manifestation of Germany's respective goodwill, should try to realise before they take any action what is the precise situation of our chief enemy: He has (relatively) won the War; he has (virtually) broken the resistance of the Allies; he has (conditionally) ample supplies for his people; in particular he is (morally) rich in potatoes.

The War, physically as well as morally, is now Germania contra Mundum.

Don Juan, though morally the worst, is intellectually the most vital and representative of Byron's poems.

It was alleged against Thackeray that he made all his good characters, like Major Dobbin and Amelia Sedley and Colonel Newcome, intellectually feeble, and his brilliant characters, like Becky Sharp and Lord Steyne and Blanche Amory, morally bad.

It was very fatiguing to be long in the company of people who passed their lives morally eating suet-pudding, she said.

The great leaders of the woman suffrage movement from Mrs. Stanton to Mrs. Snowden have in their home circle led lives as beautiful and have raised families as large and as well equipped morally and intellectually as those who are content to sit by the fire and spin.

It might be concluded from the foregoing account that I see little difference in the aptitudes and powers of the sexes physically, morally, or intellectually.

"Morally, the general superiority of women over men is, I think, unquestionable.

It is the human side of religion which interests George Eliot, its influence morally, its sympathetic impulse, its power to comfort and console.

Heredity is as true morally and spiritually as physically, and our moral and spiritual offspring will partake of our own qualities; and, standing on the vantage ground of our lives, will rise higher than we.

Its animating spirit was a belief and declaration that slavery was morally right and politically beneficial; its avowed policy was the extension of slavery into the Territories, and the creation of new slave States, whereby it might protect and perpetuate itself by a preponderance, or at least a constant equality, of political power, especially in the Senate of the United States.

As it had now become quite dark, and it was morally impossible to yield the ship any aid till daylight, I returned to the village with melancholy forebodings, having placed beacons on the heights.

They are founded upon the numerical superiority of the subject Rumanians in Transylvania, that is upon the 'principle of nationality', and are morally strengthened by the treatment the Transylvanians suffer at the hands of the Magyars.

Well, neither of them had ever morally fallen enough even to fret the brow.

The manuscripts, which come under the last head, we are morally certain he has never seen.

To prove his point Dr. Brinton would have had to show that among the Indians, too, there are tribes and individuals who are morally and esthetically refined; and this he failed to do; wherefore his argument is futile.

This tendency has received a check in these critical days.[230] We have seen that morally the Mexicans, Central Americans, and Peruvians were hardly above other Indians.

The wretched condition of most persons physically, morally, and intellectually may be partly accounted for by the fact that marriages are not generally the result of pure choice and inclination, but of all kinds of external considerations and accidental circumstances.

Hadrian, adopted by Trajan, and a Spaniard too, was intellectually superior and morally very inferior to him.

About the same time the government of Francis I. was involved, through his mother's evil passions, not in an act more morally shameful, but in an event more politically serious, than the execution of Semblancay.

The whole business remains a puzzle, both intellectually and morally.

He remained there a year, but was always haunted by thought of the military career before him, for which he was morally and physically unfit.

At that brilliant centre of pagan civilization it might have reached its loftiest altitude, measured by a purely intellectual standard; but morally, this scaffolding was on the same low level of human life and character all the world around.

With facile largeness of censure, it was pronounced a murky subject, sordid, unlovely, morally sterile, an ugly leaf out of some ancient Italian Newgate Calendar.

Let him feel, as he probably will, that he had rather do something morally wrong than commit such a breach of usage, and suffer the resulting derision.

To hold him morally blameless could be nothing else.

It does not follow that all legal ways are morally right and all illegal ones morally wrong.

It does not follow that all legal ways are morally right and all illegal ones morally wrong.

You are morally responsible for it, and can surely make some better use of it than giving it away to rich men around Pittsburg.

" That men and women are now able to speak and think as openly as they do, that a broader spirit is visible in the Churches, that heresy is no longer regarded as morally disgracefulthese things are very largely due to the active and militant propaganda carried on under the leadership of Charles Bradlaugh, whose nearest and most trusted friend I was.

So, with heart aching but steady, I came to my resolution; and though I know now that I was wrong intellectually, and blundered in the remedy, I was right morally in the will to sacrifice all to help the poor, and I can rejoice that I faced a storm of obloquy fiercer and harder to bear than any other which can ever touch me again.

The object of life was the ultimate building-up of a physically, mentally, morally perfect man by the cumulative effects of hereditymental and moral tendencies being regarded as the outcome of material conditions, to be slowly but surely evolved by rational selection and the transmission to offspring of qualities carefully acquired by, and developed in, parents.

He accepted from authority which satisfied him both intellectually and morally the main scheme of Catholic theology, as the deepest and truest philosophy of religion, satisfying at once conscience and intellect.

It was morally certain to be turned in, the first thing in the morning; but he would take a description of it, and send out inquiries to all the conductors and drivers and car-cleaners, and make a special thing of it.

Of course that shut his mouth the closer, but it morally doubled his motive, and he kept himself from crying out till the sudden pain of the wrench was over.

She implied that he was morally as well as physically gigantic, and it was as much as he could do to keep from taking her in his arms on the spot.

" "Then all I got to say is, was I right or wrong when I turned that hobo loose and saved him from gettin' beat up by High Chin and the boys, and mebby strung up, afore they got through?" "Morally you were right," said Torrance.

The question here takes on a broad aspect, Is the closed shop, and are the other policies of trade unions, morally right; and ought they to be legally sanctioned?

The direct remedy is to abolish the incapable workers or their incapacity by such methods as regulating foreign or cityward immigration, custodial care of the physically, mentally, and morally weak, vocational guidance, and more effective measures of industrial education.

But as it was I felt I should be morally guilty of murder if I should forsake Mr. Bennett's wife and children, and the family of Mr. Arcane with whom I had been thus far associated.

They have made no improvements, but live in about the same style as the Indians and about on a level with them morally and intellectually.

People, I mean, like Arthur Hallam, whose letters and remains are fearfully pompous and tiresomeand who yet had In Memoriam written about him, and who was described by Gladstone as the most perfect human being, physically, intellectually and morally, he had ever seen.

The people, morally, mentally, and materially poor, were steeped in ignorance and vice.

Destitute as they are of religious instruction and moral restraint, their unions are without the sanction of religious or civil law, and last just as long as their sensual appetites last; it may therefore be truly said, that in the rural districts of Puerto Rico the family, morally constituted, does not exist.

Mankind, which is one physically and mentally, is one morally and spiritually.

"Of course he meant you to contradict him!" says Bobby, cackling, "and, from the little I know of you, I am morally certain that you did notdid you, now?

As a natural consequence they are better men, morally, physically, and intellectually, than the settled natives ever will or can be.

The coast people have for centuries been in touch with Europeans, but the 'Tshi-speaking races are now much in the same condition, both socially and morally, as they were at the time of the Portuguese discovery.'

For the belief in relatively pure creative beings, whether they are morally adored, without sacrifice, or merely neglected, is so widely diffused, that Anthropology must ignore them, or account for them as 'loan-gods'or give up her theory!

Do we imagine we show our higher civilization by discerning with the little princess the pea under twenty-four feather beds? Let our shelter be first of all healthful, physically and morally.

"Why different?" sez I. "If they both fall morally their morals ort to be mended up agin both on 'em.

The prevailing ideas entertained by him and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old Constitution were that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of Nature, that it was wrong in principle, socially, morally, and politically.

Morally? Was Cain's motive in the worship of God truly religious or merely mercenary?

The story as told is not merely an illustration of the truth that righteousness brings its just reward, but of the profounder principle that it is the morally fit who survive.

As a matter of fact, it is the general opinion that in practically all fields this principle works toward progress in the highest and best sense; but it is always a matter for specific study as well as of great scientific interest and importance, to determine where and how the variation and the corresponding selection tend to promote the morally good.

But is it not true almost invariably, if we look at social questions of every kind in a comprehensive way, that the survival of the fittest means the survival of the morally best?


The close observer may safely predict that such a family, whether its members marry or not, will become extinct; that such another will degenerate morally and physically.

I went out from her presence that morning morally stronger than before, and at each repetition of my visit I found her influence strengthen and increase.

For it was morally and physically impossible that such a perfectly developed pair of the genus human being could live together in the bonds of marriage, and not learn to love.

"Lycurgus went to the root of things," the financier continued, "and made the people morally and physically healthy, and ruthlessly expunged the unfitnot like our modern nonsense, which encourages science to keep, among the prospective parents for the future generation, all the most diseased.

And when Julius said it only freed himself morally from the secrecy, poor Jenny was bitter against his scruples, even though he had never said more than that he should have been perplexed.