634 examples of morally in sentences

They lost it morally when this incitement was left unheeded by the Moslem world; they lost it in deed when the Sherif of Mekka asserted his rights as the legitimate guardian of the Holy Cities, drove out the Ottoman garrison from Mekka, and allied himself with the other independent princes of Arabia.

Be the question in reference to the behaviour of the individual towards God or towards man, with regard to his position in a matter of litigation, in criticism of a state regulation or of a sentence of a judge, or out of pure love of knowledge, the scholar is morally obliged to the best of his knowledge to enlighten the enquirer.

And I believe he did, though it was not easy to persuade him that she could be morally recognized when I was by.

" "Wrong, nevertheless, to do evil that good may come of it," said the major, morally.

That has to be taken into account not morally but the temporal side of it.

On the contrary, I would bid him submit to the determination of society, because a man is bound to submit to the inconveniences of it, as he enjoys the good: but the young man, though politically wrong, would not be morally wrong.

For even admitting what is claimed by some, that the temper of the nurse does not affect the properties of the milk, and thus injure the child both physically and morally, still much injury may and inevitably will result from the influence of her constant presence and example.

And when the crusaders returned to their homes,what few of them lived to return,they morally poisoned the communities and villages in which they dwelt.

They were covetous and treacherous, but made excellent soldiers; and at this epoch, which intervened between the power of imperial Rome and that of Germany, the Frank might be morally considered as a borderer on the frontiers of the Middle Ages.

On the other side were Russia, Prussia, Austria, the Italian States, and some of those of Germany, who held that the right of rule and the making of laws belonged absolutely to certain dynasties, which were, indeed, morally bound to consult the interests of their populations, yet were not responsible to their subjects for the manner in which they might choose to do it.

That as often as a vivid memory of either interview with the Ghost came back upon him, he should feel rebuked and ashamed, and vexed with himself, is, in the morally, intellectually, and emotionally troubled state of his mind, nowise the less natural that he had the best of reasons for the delay because of which he here so unmercifully abuses himself.

After all, the permanent idols of popular idolatry are not the intellectually great, but the morally beautiful,and all the more attractive when their moral excellence is in strong contrast with the prevailing vices of contemporaries.

He received them, after protracted delays, with blended insolence and arrogance, and demanded, as the conditions of his mercy, that the States should give up all their fortified cities, pay twenty millions of francs, and establish the Catholic religion,conditions which would have reduced the Hollanders to absolute slavery, morally and politically.

To keep a voluntary paid standing army side by side with a national army raised upon the principle of universal duty is neither morally nor economically sound.

The Achaeans, who thus saw on the one hand the Roman legions approaching and on the other the Roman fleet already on their own coast, abandoned their morally honourable, but politically untenable, neutrality.

The delineations of Polyxena willing to die and of Phaedra pining away under the grief of secret love, above all the splendid picture of the mystic ecstasies of the Bacchae, are of the greatest beauty in their kind; but they are neither artistically nor morally pure, and the reproach of Aristophanes, that the poet was unable to paint a Penelope, was thoroughly well founded.

It is indeed highly probable that the "unemployed" worker is on the average morally and industrially inferior to the "employed," and from the individual point of view this inferiority is often responsible for his non-employment.

Such crying ingratitude and malicious detraction prove that these self-constituted judges are as great knaves morally as they are intellectually, which is saying a great deal.

There is no record that the Polzelli was of any benefit to him musically; certainly she was not morally.

I have gained experience from what he has been morally blind to; what he has lacked in understanding of human nature he has left for me to discover.

We feel sure that in many ways the influence and power that the mothers bring would tend to convert many conditions that are now tending to destruction through vices, would tend to elevate us morally, purify us, bring us still higher in the standard of humanity, and make us what we ought to be, a holy as well as a happy nation.

What used to be considered the great superiority of the countryhardship, absence of social excitements and public amusements, simple food, freedom from moral exposurea better knowledge of the human constitution, considered either physically or morally, has shown to be decidedly opposed to health and virtue.

"What I want you to be, Trot," said my aunt,"I don't mean physically, but morally; you are very well physicallyis, a firm fellow, a fine, firm fellow, with a will of your own, with determination.

Yet these are interesting items in the advancement of science, and in the history of mankind; for whether taken mechanically or morally, the Times is, without exception, the newspaper of all newspapers, "the observed of all observers" and altogether, the most extraordinary production of this or any other age.

7. Do any imagine these fashionable substitutions to be morally objectionable?

634 examples of  morally  in sentences