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230 examples of  morning light  in sentences

230 examples of morning light in sentences

It's just like havin' a corpse in the house to see him there in front of the dead fire; I wouldn't wonder if the morning light will find him cold and stiff in death."

" She went out on to the terrace and looked down into the valley, which was peaceful enough in the morning light.

"With the morning light, prince.

Happy birthday, Ivra!" At his cry all the little windows in the little moss houses opened and there were the tousled heads of the Forest Children, their eyes blinking sleepily against the gilded morning light.

Just ere the morning light, there was a cry From his most faithful seneschal to rouse The vassals to defend the brave Sanpeur, Loved loyally; and from the battlements He saw Sir Torm, waging a savage fight To win an entrance through his castle gate.

In these we see the need of the reformation of which Wyclif was the morning light.

I look up from my work and see The morning light shine in on me, And listen to a warning knell

As the flower opens its petals to receive the morning light, so open your soul more and more to the glorious light of Truth.

It was a pitiable sight, when the morning light appeared, to see twenty human beings stripped naked, with their bodies cut and lacerated, and the blood issuing from their wounds; with their hands and feet tied, and their bodies fastened to stakes, with brushwood piled around them, expecting every moment to be their last.

The horse's hoofs resound upon the plain As the lone horseman with bewildered brain, To leave behind the phantoms of the night, Rides fiercely through the early morning light, Beyond the orange orchards, citron groves, 'Mid feathery date-palms he reckless roves.

Lady Maulevrier looked very wan and tired in the bright morning light, when Mr. Hammond seated himself beside her sofa.

She supposed that it was his right, and she submitted, but released herself as quickly as possible. 'My dearest, how lovely you look in this morning light,' he exclaimed, 'while all the other women are upstairs making up their faces to meet the sun, and we shall see every shade of bismuth by-and-by, from pale mauve to purple.'

The frizzy hair had gone altogether wrong, and had a wild look, suggestive of the witches in Macbeth, and the scraggy neck and poor old shoulders showed every year of their age in the ghastly morning light.

The morning light gave a still finer effect to the manifold forms of the mountains than that of the afternoon sun.

The morning light showed traces of the struggle between man and beast, and where the latter had been dragged from the main road.

The two forest-heights lay there, a lovely blue, and shimmered in the morning light, as if they were decked with golden veils; and the plain, which simply spread out one winter-naked field after another, was, in and of itself, prettier to look upon than gray homespun.

One body was so placed as to receive a few of the direct rays of the morning light, and it was consequently much more conspicuous than the rest, though even this was a dark and withered mummy that presented scarcely a vestige; of the being it had been.

It was deplorably bare and shabby in the wintry morning light.

The children afterwards repeat the Lord's prayer, and then sing a hymn; for instance, the following: When first the morning light we see, And from our beds arise, We to our God should thankful be, Who every want supplies. 'Twas God who made the brilliant sun, That gives all day its light; And it was God who made the moon And stars, which shine at night.

Mention should also be made of Miss Ives' Dragon Fly, Mrs. Boutcher's Lady Wolfino, Miss Bland's Marland Topaz, Mr. Walter Winans' Morning Light, and Mr. Fowler's May Duchess.

The stars, with deep amaze, Stand fixed in steadfast gaze, Bending one way their precious influence; And will not take their flight, For all the morning light, Or Lucifer that often warned them thence; But in their glimmering orbs did glow, Until their Lord himself bespake, and bid them go.

The news had spread by now, and in the dimly breaking morning light we saw the Square full of peoplemen, women, and children.

Most of the fairies have been put in, and the gradual change from glamour to disillusion, cunningly conveyed by a stream of cold grey morning light entering the magic cavern from realms of upper earth, to deaden the glitter, pale the colouring, and strip, as it were, the tinsel where it strikes.

As I regard her thus employed, weaving the tokens of her affection into garlands, chaplets, and fanciful devices, arranging their symbolic characters into interpretable monograms and hieroglyphs, matching their colors and blending their hues and shades with the skill of an artist, she becomes more and more absorbed in her work, the tears disappear from her eyes, and the morning light flushes her pale and beautiful face.

the morning light Shall find thee far beyond the land; Gibraltar's battlemented height And Afric's tawny hills of sand Shall soon completely sink from view Beneath the ocean's belt of blue.

THE BUTTERFLY I watched to-day a butterfly, With gorgeous wings of golden sheen, Flit lightly 'neath a sapphire sky Amid the springtime's tender green; A creature so divinely fair, So frail, so wraithlike to the sight, I feared to see it melt in air, As clouds dissolve in morning light.

And where will it go, when yonder snow Is reached in the morning light?

In the morning light, In the silent night, When the moonlight gems the scene, It laughs and sings, And a light spray flings O'er stately walls of green.

The rule of right; the march of might; A dusky host from darker night, Responsive to the morning light, To work the martial will!

Thrice on his cheek had rained the morning light, Thrice on his lips the mildewed kiss of night, Crouched by some porphyry column's shining plinth, Or stretched beneath the odorous terebinth.

Rise ever with the morning light; and, till sun-set, give not an hour to idleness.

For all the joys of morning light, Thy holy name be blest.

Watch o'er a little child to-night, Blest Savior from above, And keep me till the morning light Within Thine arms of love.

Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me: Bless Thy little child to-night; Through the darkness be Thou near me, Keep me safe till morning light.

" Thus wrote Shakespeare of bold chanticleer; and perhaps the rooks when they are grieving for their lost ones, hold solemn requiem until the morning light and the cheering rays of the sun make them forget their woes.

All was clear about Monte Rosa, and the yellow morning light shone brightly upon its uppermost snows.

The six mares had come to a halt with their beautiful heads raised to listen, and on a far-off hill, Mary saw the signalera chestnut horse gleaming red in the morning light.

Can it be true, so fragrant and so fair, To give thy perfumes to the dews of night? Can aught so beautiful, despise the glare, And fade, and sicken in the morning light?

The morning light dispelled the dream, and when in the store old Safford inquired, "What news from the boy?"

She was horrified when she looked at herself by morning light.

Until by vigils, fasts, and tears, The flesh was grown so spare and light, That I could slip its mesh, and flit by night O'er sleeping sea and land to theeor Christtill morning light.

"I came too late," he thought; and it seemed to him this little plain woman, looking wan and pale in the early morning light, was better worth winning than any other earthly thing he had ever known.

The soft, morning light fell gently upon it, bringing out its springtime freshness and the elusive shades of gold in her hair.

No sound breaks upon the stillness of the scene, except the gentle murmur of the winding stream or the roar of some far off waterfall, softened and subdued by distance, till it mingles in harmony with the clear shrill notes of the whippowils, who never close their waking eyes, but serenade the moon till morning light, while every object upon which we turn our eyes reminds us of the fancy sketch of some fairy land.

I had seen the long stretch of the southern coast of the island, from Cape Antonio to Cape Maisi, while on an excursion with a part of the army of occupation sent to Porto Rico in the summer of 1898, and had set foot on Cuban soil at Daiquiri, but Havana in the morning light, on January 2, 1899, was my first real Cuban experience.

He turned behind her, slim, upright, intensely vital, in the morning light.

The Neckar rushes on below; and the Odenwald, before, me, rejoices with its vineyards in the morning light.

The Blackfoot word for white is Ksik-si-num' while a'pi, though also conveying the idea of whiteness, really describes the tint seen in the early morning light when it first appears in the eastthe dawnnot a pure white, but that color combined with a faint cast of yellow.

But at length the morning light broke up the party, and stories of the World of Ice came to an end.

The first thing which he noticed was that the cabin was full of a pale morning light, cold and cheerless, although the shaded lights still burned in the roof.

It well repays the holiday-maker to spend a night on the summit of Snowdon to see the grand panorama which gradually unfolds itself as the sunrise dispels the mistsea, lakes, and mountain ridges standing out by degrees in the clear morning light.

It was a gorgeous attraction of morning light....

His lovely chapter on the temple of Aesculapius seems to be made entirely of morning light, bubbling springs, and pure mountain air; and the religious influence of these lustral elements is his constant theme.

The morning light falls upon her and shows distinctly every hair on the eyebrows, lashes, and the delicate down on either side of her face.

Soon, in the gray, early morning light, the tracks of the automobile were clearly seen.

Thrice on his cheek had rained the morning light, Thrice on his lips the mildewed kiss of night, Crouched by some porphyry column's shining plinth, Or stretched beneath the odorous terebinth.

On the CourseBeeswing, Falcon, and Lightning As he rode towards Golden Friars, through which his route lay, in the early morning light, in which the mists of night were clearing, he looked back towards Mardykes with a hope of speedy deliverance from that hated imprisonment, and of a return to the continental life in which he took delight.

Oh, it is darkness that makes the morning light so welcome to the weary watcher.

Already the house seemed permeated with an atmosphere of tragedy and gloom in spite of the morning light pouring in unscreened at every window.

Chill falls the sleet; our colder clay Shall to the morning light, Stretch'd on these icy walks, betray The ravages of night.

In the limpid morning light buzzards were already soaring over the green fields; the fresh odour of wild flowers came blowing in at the open car window; butterflies fluttered, wind-driven, helpless.

The sun, huge, red and scintillating, swung clear of the mighty mountains, and the waters that had been silver in the first morning light turned to burning gold.

It was a delightful vagary of the imagination, which the morning light, looking in through the little checker-work window, gently dispelled.

Fame built on solid virtue swifter flies, Than morning light can spread my eastern skies.

That was a question which the morning light would answer; and meanwhile one thing was clear: I had fairly committed myself to the disposal of the dead burglar.

The little Piazza del Ayuntamiento was the only open space that allowed the Christian monument to display any of its grandeur; under this little patch of open sky the early morning light showed the three immense Gothic arches of its principal front, the hugely massive bell tower, with its salient angles, ornamented by the cap of the Alcuzon, a sort of black tiara, with three crowns, almost lost in the grey mist of the wintry dawn.

We remember a cliff at L'Ariccia, which, gray in morning light, became, as evening approached, a marvellous beryl green, upon which some large poppies cast wafts of purest scarlet.

Here, in the early morning light, his clothes soaked by the wet woods, as were Bessie's for that matter, he looked very cheap and tawdry, and not at all like a man to be feared.

He thought he had let a foolish scruple keep him from the Grand Hotel Sardegna, and he walked down towards it along the palm-flanked promenade, in the gay morning light, with the tideless sea on the other hand lapping the rough beach beyond the lines of the railroad which borders it.

XX "Now this poor widow waiteth all that night 135 After her little Child, and he came not; For which, by earliest glimpse of morning light, With face all pale with dread and busy thought, She at the School and elsewhere him hath sought, Until thus far she learned, that he had been 140 In the Jews' street, and there he last was seen.

'Yes,' he said, 'perhaps so; but I was more than repaid by walking out upon Westminster Bridge after the division, seeing London in the morning light as Wordsworth saw it, and repeating to myself his noble sonnet as I walked home.'

At length he perceived that, gradually, the young girl looked less and less hideous in the morning light, and that she by degrees resumed the appearance she had presented in life, so that in process of time her beauty and look of health quite returned to her.

The cold, dim morning light, the raw air pervading the almost empty church, the very secrecy of those unexpected excursions, the cautious return home to bedall that combination of the forbidden, the strange, the holy, thrilled the young girl, penetrated to the inmost depths of her being.

The seamed precipice, the indented cove with the child's figure standing at the top, and all the panorama to which she was so accustomed by morning light or twilight passed before her without being seen by her fierce red-rimmed eyes.

But whatever exercises she performed or prayers she offered on the lonely mountains during the hours of darkness or while the morning light was growing in the east, she must always be back in her little hut before the sun rose.

'Twas striking nine at night when he started out of London with the reprieve in his pocket, and by half-past five in the morning he spied Salisbury spire lifting out of the morning light.

Shee's innocent As morning light for me, and I dare sweare For all the world.

He stood by the open window, the morning light beating strongly upon his dark, keen face, apparently watching the uncouth surging in the street below.

To tell the truth, the idea of going up the Serra alone was not so attractive in the evening as it had been in the morning light.

Frederick had slid down the trunk and was staring, with his arms crossed back of his head, into the rosy morning light softly stealing in.

For the first time, in the glare of the bright morning light, West took stock of the fellow, and realized his true nature.

" Burke's grey eyes, keen as the morning light, looked suddenly straight at him.

Karin the fair, Karin the gay, She came on the morn of her bridal day, She came to the mill-pond clear and bright, And viewed hersel' in the morning light.

Then followed prayers, singing, and Christian testimony without intermission, until the morning light broke upon the encampment.

Towards a safer shore... 1815.] [Variant 3: 1837 A few appear by morning light, Preserved upon the tall mast's height: Oft in my Soul I see that sight; 1815.]

Erect his port, and firm his going; So struts yon cock that now is crowing; 735 And the morning light in grace Strikes upon his lifted face, Hurrying the pallid hue away That might his trespasses betray.

Oft, in the public roads Yet unfrequented, while the morning light Was yellowing the hill tops, I went abroad 560 With a dear friend, [S] and for the better part Of two delightful hours we strolled along

For all things serve them: them the morning light Loves, as it glistens on the silent rocks; And them the silent rocks, which now from high 65 Look down upon them; the reposing clouds; The wild brooks prattling from invisible haunts; And old Helvellyn, conscious of the stir Which animates this day their calm abode.

how, while the unquiet earth needed Him, and the inner deeps of heaven were freshening their fairest morning light to usher in the birthday of our God, He came to find poor Charley, and, having died to save her, laid His healing hands upon her?

More or less the three were like her, lofty brows and shining hair and skin like morning light, the lave of them,but as for me, I was my father's child.

From the column of smoke now plainly visible in the growing morning light he tried to locate the scene of the conflagration.

The great library seemed larger than ever when I beheld it in the morning light.

The morning light gave him a pallid cast.

A few of the large cathedral candles still burned brightly in several places, their flame rising strangely in the gray morning light.

The gilded ornaments, the tapers winking in the morning light, the statues, the paintings, the faint clinging odors of incense, the hushed atmosphere, the devotional silence, the marble angels kneeling round the altar, all united to increase my dream of delight.

In this position the cruiser lay, waiting for the morning light, in order to give greater certainty to her movements.

That was all Anne could discover, and indeed only this much with the morning light of the July sun that penetrated the remotest corners.

Still the old negro's crooning hymns went on, recommenced with morning light.

To the Senate and House of Representatives: I submit to Congress the accompanying copy of a correspondence between the Secretary of State, the Danish chargรฉ d'affaires, and the Secretary of the Navy, concerning the case of the bark Jorgen Lorentzen, a Danish vessel seized on her voyage from Rio Janeiro to Havana by the United States ship Morning Light and subsequently released.

I will climb upon the mountains, On the steep and rocky height, Where the gray old castle ruins Stand in rosy morning light.