230 examples of morning light in sentences

Characters were beginning to decline at the same time that talent did, and Michelangelo, who, as it were, opened this grand era, was destined to survive alone, like those lofty summits that first receive the morning light, and which are still lit up while all around has grown obscure and night is already profound.

The clear morning light brought out the wrinkles and the crow's-feet with inexorable distinctness on his keen narrow face.

In these we see the need of the reformation of which Wyclif was the morning light.

And knew the morning light was climbing up The further hill-sidemorning light, which most, They say, reveals the inner hues of earth.

It was a pitiable sight, when the morning light appeared, to see twenty human beings stripped naked, with their bodies cut and lacerated, and the blood issuing from their wounds; with their hands and feet tied, and their bodies fastened to stakes, with brushwood piled around them, expecting every moment to be their last.

The two forest-heights lay there, a lovely blue, and shimmered in the morning light, as if they were decked with golden veils; and the plain, which simply spread out one winter-naked field after another, was, in and of itself, prettier to look upon than gray homespun.

The children afterwards repeat the Lord's prayer, and then sing a hymn; for instance, the following: When first the morning light we see, And from our beds arise, We to our God should thankful be, Who every want supplies. 'Twas God who made the brilliant sun, That gives all day its light; And it was God who made the moon And stars, which shine at night.

Watch o'er a little child to-night, Blest Savior from above, And keep me till the morning light Within Thine arms of love.

The morning light dispelled the dream, and when in the store old Safford inquired, "What news from the boy?"

The city flashed before her in all the sparkle of October, the air tingled, and in the early morning light the houses, the street, looked as bright and fresh as young school-children washed, combed, bright-eyed, new with sleep, and up from roofs went magic veilings of flimsy smoke.

Then of his impious host inquiring more, Was answer'd that his guest was gone before: 260 Muttering he went, said he, by morning light, And much complain'd of his ill rest by night.

Sunday, April 30.As I feared last night, the morning light revealed the havoc made in the ice by yesterday's gale.

The morning light falls upon her and shows distinctly every hair on the eyebrows, lashes, and the delicate down on either side of her face.

Disenchantment must come, of course; and in a love which terminates in happy marriage, there is a tender and gracious process, by which, without shock or violence, the ideal is gradually sunk in the real, which, though found faulty and earthly, is still ever tenderly remembered as it seemed under the morning light of that enchantment.

And Mary culled the flaxen fibres white; Till eve she spun; she spun till morning light;

Chill falls the sleet; our colder clay Shall to the morning light, Stretch'd on these icy walks, betray The ravages of night.

The light of the lamp seemed to have grown so ghostly that the nurse had turned it out, and, drawing the blinds, let the faint morning light come in.

That was a question which the morning light would answer; and meanwhile one thing was clear: I had fairly committed myself to the disposal of the dead burglar.

A few years ago his picture, called "Morning Light," was sold at a public sale in London for twenty-five thousand dollars.

For the first time, in the glare of the bright morning light, West took stock of the fellow, and realized his true nature.

The burden that had overwhelmed her the night before did not seem so intolerable by morning light.

and when, soon after, the steeply-sloping angle of the enemy's works came into view, ominously red in the morning light, and crowned with smoke and fire, while the air hummed about our ears as if swarming with angry bees, and this one and that one fell, there was scarcely one who, as he pulled his cap close down and pushed ahead in the skirmish-line, was not thinking of duty.

With the morning light, we shall know your position, and act accordingly.

In the summer morning light that streamed through the chinks of the shutters Mrs. Woodford perceived the glance of inquiry, and when she brought some cool drink, a rational though feeble voice asked those first questions, "Who? and where?" "I am Mrs. Woodford, my dear child.

I will climb upon the mountains, On the steep and rocky height, Where the gray old castle ruins Stand in rosy morning light.

230 examples of  morning light  in sentences
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