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83 examples of  morten  in sentences

83 examples of morten in sentences

Finally, the little creature that he carried on his back said: "Dear Morten Goosey-gander, you know well enough that it is simply impossible for you, who have never flown, to go with the wild geese all the way up to Lapland.

"Dear Morten Goosey-Gander," said the boy, "try to get a swallow of water!

"I'm Thumbietot, Morten Goosey-gander's comrade," he continued.

It would probably be best if Morten goosey-gander never found out about this, he thought, though he wondered, at the same time, how the white one had the heart to leave the gray goose.

"I can at least talk with Akka and Morten goosey-gander about the matter," thought he.

Morten Goosey-Gander will doubtless hurry along and pick me up.

he called, and was rather surprised that Morten Goosey-Gander was not already at his side.

Not for a second did it occur to him that folk like Akka and Morten Goosey-Gander would abandon him.

Morten Goosey-Gander turned to the wild geese to hear what they thought of this; but they stood gazing into the air, as though they were thinking of something else.

" The crowds around Morten Goosey-Gander grew larger and larger.

He hissed with rage, flew straight at Morten Goosey-Gander and tore out a few feathers.

"I'll teach you a lesson, wild goose," he shrieked, "so that you'll not come again to the swans, togged out in this way!" "Fly, Morten Goosey-Gander!

Morten Goosey-Gander defended himself as best he could, by striking and biting.

While the wild geese and Morten Goosey-Gander and Dunfin were chattering excitedly, trying to tell how she had been rescued, Prettywing and Goldeye came running.

They themselves had suitors, but theirs were only common gray geese, and, since they had seen Morten Goosey-Gander, they thought them so homely and low-bred that they did not wish even to look at them.

"Morten Goosey-Gander is dying!

" "Do you wish me to ask Morten Goosey-Gander to meet the strange bird?" asked Dunfin.

Before the eagle could spread his wings, Morten Goosey-Gander rushed up to him.

"It's lucky for you that I never fight with geese, or you would soon be done for!" Morten Goosey-Gander thought the eagle considered himself too good to fight with him and flew at him, incensed, biting him on the throat and beating him with his wings.

Morten Goosey-Gander is being torn to pieces by an eagle.

When they arrived on the scene Morten Goosey-Gander was badly torn, and bleeding, but he was still fighting.

To be sure his thoughts went forth every day to Morten Goosey-Gander and his other comrades, and he yearned for them.

"I should like to be seated on Morten Goosey-Gander's back on a fine morning like this!

He would meet Morten Goosey-Gander and Akka and all the other comrades in a few moments.

"Now there is one thing more I wish to ask you about: "One day I happened to see Gorgo, the eaglethe one that fought with Morten Goosey-Gandera prisoner at Skansen.

And now I want to see if Morten Goosey-Gander is awake.

Akka from Kebnekaise flew in the lead; after her came Yksi and Kaksi, Kolme and Neljรค, Viisi and Kuusi, Morten Goosey-Gander and Dunfin.

Ever since he had seen Osa, the goose girl, he longed for the day when he might go home with Morten Goosey-Gander and be a normal human being once more.

Morten Goosey-Gander could not come for him while they were there and he knew, of course, that the wild geese were in a hurry to continue the journey.

At last, when the tourists were gone, and the boy could crawl from his hiding place, he saw no wild geese, and no Morten Goosey-Gander came to fetch him.

Maybe you know what has become of Morten Goosey-Gander and the wild geese?" "I've just come with a greeting from them," replied the raven.

" The boy was distressed at the thought of being parted from Morten Goosey-Gander just now, when the geese were on the wing, and the big white one might meet with all sorts of mishaps.

Naturally she would rather help you than Morten Goosey-Gander.

"I dare say it might seem so," continued the raven, "but this time I believe that you will be grateful to me for telling you that the elf's words were to this effect: You were to become a normal human being again if you would bring back Morten Goosey-Gander that your mother might lay him on the block and chop his head off.

The boy made the leader-goose promise that she would not divulge the secret to Morten Goosey-Gander.

"I don't know for the life of me how I can ever explain to Morten Goosey-Gander that I cannot go home," thought he.

"Do you know, Morten Goosey-Gander, that it will be rather monotonous for us to stay at home all winter after having been on a trip like this," he said, as they were flying far up in the air.

"Now, Morten Goosey-Gander, don't you think yourself that it would be hard never to see anything more that is beautiful!" said the boy.

Therefore he said: "Mother must have felt very sorry when she discovered that Morten Goosey-Gander had flown?"

"She wouldn't have worried much about Morten Goosey-Gander had she known the way he came to leave.

The fact was that when Morten Goosey-Gander found himself so near his old home he simply could not resist the temptation of showing his wife and children to his old companions on the farm.

In two days is Morten Gooseday and we must make haste if we expect to get them to market in time.

" [Footnote 1: In Sweden the 10th of November is called Morten Gooseday and corresponds to the American Thanksgiving Day.]

They went out together and in a few moments the boy saw his father coming along with Morten Goosey-Gander and Dunfinone under each arm.

He had already been in the pen with Morten Goosey-Gander to try to rouse him, but the big white gander had no desire to leave home.

Mรฅrten gรฅskarl (Morten Goosie-gander) is a pet name for a tame gander, just as we use Dickie-bird for a pet bird.

Helen Morten Searcy.

Helen Morten Searcy.

" "That must have been before Lil married that unspeakable Morten, the fellow she divorced, wasn't it?" interrupted the soprano.

"Dicky's name wasn't mentioned when the story was printed the last time, because at the time the divorce was granted, Mr. Morten withdrew the accusation that he had made against him.

You see, about the time of the divorce Mr. Morten had a legacy left him, so that life has been easy for him financially.

" "I thought you said Mr. Morten had a legacy about the time of his second marriage.

Morten Bruus of Ingvorstrup was here to-day and wanted to make me a present of a fat calf.

I think that Morten Bruus a very disagreeable personI scarcely know why myself.

My farm hand Rasmus tells me that Morten Bruus came a-wooing to the rectory at Veilbye some years back, but was sent away with a refusal.

The rich Morten Bruus covets poor Ole Andersen's peat moor and pasture land.

It would have been a good bargain for Morten even at seventy thalers.

Poor Ole Anderson keeps his peat moor and his pasture land, but rich Morten Bruus is angry at me because of it.

Morten Bruus is reported to have said that "he would force the rector to bring back his brother, if he had to dig him out of the earth."

About half an hour before sunrise Morten Bruus came to my house and had with him the cotter Jens Larsen of Veilbye, and the widow and daughter of the shepherd of that parish.

Morten Bruus said to me that he had the Rector of Veilbye under suspicion of having killed his brother Niels.

"If that was so," said Morten, "if Niels had really intended to run away, he would surely at first come to me to tell me of it.

"Think it over well, Morten Bruus, and you, my good people.

Kirsten Mads' daughter, what is it that you know of this matter in which Morten Bruus accuses your rector?

I told Morten Bruus that this testimony was no proof of the supposed murder, especially as the rector himself had narrated the entire occurrence to me exactly as the women had described it.

But as I drove through the gate Morten Bruus spurred his horse past me and galloped up to the very door of the house just as the rector opened it.

Morten Bruus led the way to the eastern side of the garden near the hedge.

"When did I dig here?" Paying no heed to his, Morten Bruus called the men to the corner in question.

"Now, priest," cried Morten Bruus, "come and lay your hand on this dead man if you dare to!"

For it seemed to me that I could recognize him, and also it seemed to me that I saw Morten Bruus before me in the flesh, and yet I had laid the earth over him three years before.

"Reverend father, they tell me my brother Morten is dead.

"Yes, that was all Brother Morten's fault.

"May God forgive you, Morten!"

" He wrung his hands and cried aloud, and then I knew that he had been but a tool in the hands of that devil, Morten.

"Let him strike you just once again," said Morten.

"Did anyone see you on the way here?" asked Morten.

"Good," said Morten; "now we'll give him a fright that he will not forget for a week or so.

(He had hanged himself, some said because of ill-treatment from Morten, in whose service he was.

But Morten was the stronger, and Niels had to do as he was ordered.

After this was done, Morten took a spade and gave the head of the corpse two crashing blows, one over the nose, the other on the temple.

But Morten answered only, "That is my affair.

" When they neared the edge of the wood by Veilbye, Morten said, "Now fetch me one of the coats the pastor wears most.

" "Well, then, I'll dare it myself," said Morten.