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166 examples of  mothers'  in sentences

166 examples of mothers' in sentences

He started Bible classes, prayer meetings, and mothers' meetings.

Well, well, 'tis litter for yer mothers' knees ye are, with yer rosy cheeks and curling locks.

Ere sunrise Mantua was full of Frederick's soldiers, full also of burning houses, rifled sanctuaries, violated damsels, children playing with their dead mothers' breasts, especially full of citizens protesting that they had ever longed for the restoration of the Emperor, and that this was the happiest day of their lives.

Let us then, if our consciences condemn us of living evil lives, turn and repent before it be too late; before our consciences are hardened; before the purer and nobler feelings which we learnt at our mothers' knees are stifled by the ways of the world; before we are hardened into bad habits, and grown frivolous, sensual, selfish and worldly.

Rough-bearded soldiers took the children from their mothers' arms, kissed them with tears rolling down their cheeks, and thanked God that they had come in time to save them from the fate of the sufferers at Cawnpore.

She held what are now called "mothers' meetings," reading and talking to a little group of people about fifteen in number.

She was soon busy in many ways, in mothers' meetings, Bible classes, industrial kitchens, dormitories, refuges, and in visiting with the Bible women.

Had there been less laughter one might have heard the trickling of their mothers' milk: that little stream flowing forth amid the torrent of sap which upraised the earth and made the big trees quiver in the powerful July blaze.

Five-cent, ten-cent dolls; dolls with soiled clothes and dolls in a highly indecorous state of nudity; dolls whose ruddy hues of health had been absorbed into their mothers' systems; dolls made of rags, dolls made of carrots, and dolls made of towels; but all dispensing odors of garlic in the common air.

My hopes, my love: God him, I hope, did send Our loves and both our mothers' hates to end.

Mothers' scruples are more easily got over; for this reason, I suppose, that the protection transferred to a husband is less a derogation and a loss to their authority than to the paternal.

Mothers' instinct is a surer guide here, than the cold reasonings of a father on such a topic.

The sins of Standard Oil were forgotten in the menace of such a national catastrophe; mothers' meetings were held; the excitement became stupendous; a hundred thousand brides invaded the Attorney-General's office, but all he could think of to say was: "Thirty centuries look down upon you!" These vague sentiments perplexed the country.

She remembered, as she might have remembered a dream, the hours of agony she had passed, looking out over these very blue hills, and dumbly beseeching God to spare her boyher only sonout of all the mothers' sons who were laying down their lives for England.

"It has been plain to us for a long time that the food parcels despatched by relatives and 'god-mothers' of British prisoners in Germany were a possible source of danger, and at last it has been decided to stop them and to keep the despatch of food in the hands of official organisations.

"I was always prejudiced against mothers' helps before," she said ingenuously.

I was tired, but I could not waitI longed to see my friends who had travelled this path before meI longed to tell them that the Dahcotahs were true to the customs of their forefathersI longed to tell them that we had drunk deep of the blood of the Chippeways, that we had eaten the hearts of our enemies, that we had torn their infants from their mothers' breasts, and dashed them to the earth.

The young children hid their faces close against their mothers' breasts.

Noblemen's children, and of the wealthiest citizens, reserved for princes' beds, were prostitute to every common soldier, and kept for concubines; senators and cardinals themselves dragged along the streets, and put to exquisite torments, to confess where their money was hid; the rest, murdered on heaps, lay stinking in the streets; infants' brains dashed out before their mothers' eyes.

"By gad," cried the Colonel fervently, "if you're so anxious to spend that money of yours in charity, why don't you found a Day Nursery for the Children of Philanthropistsa place where advanced men and women can leave their offspring in capable hands when they're busied with Mothers' Meetings and Educational Conferences?

Be an old maid, and lecture before the Mothers' Club, if you like.

Because old John, the keeper at Hendon, told me once that the best fox-terriers arrive now without any tails, their mothers' and grand-mothers' and great-grandmothers' having been cut off for so long; but I wonder, if the fashion changed, how could they get long tails again?

The ladies of the Seven Sorrows are informed, and they await the new sheep with mothers' and sisters' hearts.

They were fairly new and very well built, with wide stone staircases that echoed all day to the impatient footsteps of children, and with a flat roof that served at once as a playground for them and a drying-ground for their mothers' washing.

"Don't you know it's the thing in the best society to pretend that girls can't do anything without their mothers' permission?

In this she was heartily aided by Mrs. Lasette, who made it a point to hold in that neighborhood, mothers' meetings and try to teach mothers, who in the dark days of slavery had no bolts nor bars strong enough to keep out the invader from scattering their children like leaves in wintry weather, how to build up light and happy homes under the new dispensation of freedom.

Yet it was not a lonesome way, for we passed elk, antelope, and deer feeding, with pretty little fawns standing close to their mothers' sides.

Mothers' eyes glistened at the windows upon the glistening bayonets of their boys below.

He skirted several mothers' meetings conducted on the sidewalk.

Still this is wrong: for it is the women's, the mothers' fault, in educating their daughters to be merely beautiful machines, fit to ornament a fine establishment; while, if they do not succeed in gaining this, there is nothing left but wretchedness of mind and body.

They could not endure the creatures, "who used their neighbors' service without wages, and gave him not for his work;" who imposed "heavy burdens" upon their fellows, and loaded them with "the bands of wickedness;" who, "hiding themselves from their own flesh," disowned their own mothers' children.

They could not endure the creatures, "who used their neighbors' service without wages, and gave him not for his work;" who imposed "heavy burdens" upon their fellows, and loaded them with "the bands of wickedness;" who, "hiding themselves from their own flesh," disowned their own mothers' children.

One dayit was the anniversary of the day on which her poor child became blind, the Lady Madeline was working in her sitting-room that faced the Sea,Mothers' memories are very acute about anniversaries, and days, and even hours marked by particular events.

And some shall seek their mothers' faces, And some shall run to trysting-places, And some to towns, and others yet Shall find great forests in their debt.

Yet as husband and wife had different totems, and children took their mothers' totems, a man might in rare instances, even with this barrier, wed his own daughter.

Babies lay at their mothers' extended feet, and others ran about the room in silence.

It was almost terrifying to see Elinor, the strong-hearted, the self-contained, breaking down like other mothers' daughters.

Pennsylvania set the pattern in an act of 1780 providing that all children born thereafter of slave mothers in the state were to be the servants of their mothers' owners until reaching twenty-eight years of age, and then to become free.

In Rhode Island an act of the same year, 1784, enacted that the children thereafter born of slave mothers were to be free at the ages of twenty-one for males and eighteen for females, and that these children were meanwhile to be supported and instructed at public expense; but an amendment of the following year transferred to the mothers' owners the burden of supporting the children, and ignored the matter of their education.

They carried their babies, which were bandaged from head to foot, so that they could not move a limb, in a kind of pouch behind; the little dark faces peeped over the mothers' shoulders, and looked contented and happy.

In the kindergarten colleges; in university settlements; attending mothers' meetings; teaching ignorant mothers how to understand the tender souls and delicate bodies of the dear little creatures committed to their loving but unwise care.

"Id. "Mothers' darlings make but milksopp heroes.

"Mothers' darlings make but milksop heroes.

In an English country-house of 1650, there were no magazines, no newspapers, no lawn tennis or croquet, no afternoon-teas or glee-concerts, no mothers' meetings or zenana missions, no free social intercourse with neighbours, none of the thousand and one agreeable diversions with which the life of a modern girl is diversified.

Eldest sons have been known to send their brothers and sisters out into the world penniless, and sell from over their mothers' heads the homes in which they had hoped to die, obliging them to subsist or starve, as they might, upon their meagre "thirds."

But, strong in her faith in the power of kindness, she went in among them, and commenced day and night schools, a Sunday-school, a mothers' meeting, and a temperance society.

The garden-parties of Fulham and Lambeth are indeed recognized incidents of the London season; but they present to the critical eye less the aspect of a social gathering than that of a Church Congress combined with a Mothers' Meeting.

Mothers' pensions were granted by fourteen States; minimum wage boards were established by three; and three passed laws for the punishment of family desertion, in such wise that the family of the offender should receive a certain daily sum from the State while he worked off his sentence.

Those simple people were thinking of the wonders they had learned in their childhood at their mothers' knees; times in former centuries, when it had been enough for San Bernardo to appear on a river road, to start the flood down again, draining off from the orchard lands as water leaks from a broken pitcher.

Rubbing their bruises with their soft little hands they would swallow their tears and return to their snug places in their mothers' skirts.

That language was either an in-born faculty, or it was inhaled with their native air, or imbibed with their mothers' milk; how could they need a book to teach them to speak their mother-tongue?

Pretty faces, some dark, some light, looked out from these windows; their mothers' mothers, for generations past, must thus have looked out of similar windows in the vanished colonial days.

" Both George and Dan had, of course, like all small boys in Nome, at one time or another, made swift and hazardous dashes of a few hundred yards, in huge chopping bowls purloined from their mothers' pantries; and drawn by any one dog that was available for the instant, and would tamely submit to the degradation.

Mothers' Day suggestion book.

Honor thy mother, Mothers' Day service, by Ira B. Wilson and others.

MOTHER'S CROWN; Mothers' Day songalogue, Story and poems by J. Reeder Reeves; pantomimes by E. Warner Bradley; music by I. H. Meredith.

THE TREASURE CHEST; Mothers' Day pageant.

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Service for Mothers' Day.

Mothers' Day treasury, no. 2.

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DENNETT, AGEMA W. Mothers' guide when sickness comes.

SEE Dennett, Roger H. DENNETT, ROGER H. Mothers' guide when sickness comes, by Roger H. Dennett & Edward T. Wilkes ยฉ 26Sep34; A75715.

The care and feeding of children; a catechism for the use of mothers' and children's nurses.

WILKES, EDWARD T. Mothers' guide when sickness comes.

Mothers' Day suggestion book.

Mothers' Day suggestion book, no. 1. ยฉ 12Apr26, A899563.

Honor thy mother, Mothers' Day service, by Ira B. Wilson and others.

MOTHER'S CROWN; Mothers' Day songalogue, Story and poems by J. Reeder Reeves; pantomimes by E. Warner Bradley; music by I. H. Meredith.

SEE Freeman, Carolyn R. Mothers' Day treasury

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Mothers' Day treasury, no. 2.

Mothers' Day treasury, no. 2. ยฉ 18Mar31; AA65335.

DENNETT, AGEMA W. Mothers' guide when sickness comes.

The care and feeding of children; a catechism for the use of mothers' and children's nurses.

WILKES, EDWARD T. Mothers' guide when sickness comes.

Their mothers' sons.

As they touched the moor the lambs stirred at their mothers' sides and the pewits rose and followed the white road to lure them from their secret places; they wheeled and wheeled round them, sending out their bored and weary cry.

There was one point I did not remember to tell you about in its place, and that was the rather pathetic spectacle the boys are, in numbers of families in the East,tied to their mothers' apron strings, treated like girls and taken constantly to Europe with or without a tutor; little, blasรฉ grandfathers driving motor cars and dressing in grown up clothes.

This wuz the way my mothers' brother and sister wuz sold.

One day the children were running about the house and kept interfering with their mothers' work, and the mothers scolded the monkey for not keeping them out of the way.

Among all these Southern Indians, half-breeds were far more numerous than among the Northerners, and when the half-breeds lived with their mothers' people they usually became the deadliest enemies of their fathers' race.

In me the down-crushed spirit, the hurled-back prayers Of wretches now long dead,their dire bequests, In me the echo of the stifled cry Of children for their bartered mothers' breasts. I claim no race, no race claims me; I am No more than human dregs; degenerate; The monstrous offspring of the monster, Sin; I amjust what I am. .

The women of the Claverias went backwards and forwards with news from the palace to the upper cloister; the children were shut up in the houses, frightened by their mothers' threats if they attempted to play in the galleries.

She is president of the Madras Mothers' Union, and editor of the little magazine that travels to the homes of Tamil and Telugu Christian women, their only substitute for the "Ladies' Home Journal" and "Modern Priscilla."

Our visit happens to be on a Thursday afternoon, which is Mothers' Day.

"Have you forgotten the tales you heard on your mothers' breasts?"

The little pink calves who had never seen the herd grow still in this same way before, felt the dawn of the storm that they could not understand, and took shelter beneath their mothers' bellies.

Then early dinner, of all things detestable, succeeded by school needlework, mothers' meeting, and children's walk, combined with district visiting, or reading to old women.

I know there are "mothers'" meetings and "mite" societies, and all the rest of it, but all the same the poor woman in her old shawl and bonnet would not think of entering one of those expensive pews, nor does the man in his working suit feel that that is the place for him.

Lecturing at mothers' meetings.

Even old Cesar seemed to feel the awe of that Valley of Shadow, and no one murmured as we passed the first bloated carcasses of dead horses and came upon that far more horrid sighthuman bodiesswelled to twice their natural size, lying as death had met them, some in piles, others farther apartall unrecognizable, but once proud mothers' petted darlings.

He would pass days in the garden of the Tuileries watching the nurses and the mammas carrying their babes, noting how their thumbs spread out to clasp the precious burden, and how the mothers' hands spread wider open than those of hired servants; so he called the thumb "the thermometer of life.

He justly affirms that even these things are of less moment than natural duties; and because mothers' nursing their children is a natural duty, it is of more moment than the two sacraments, or than praying to God in the name and by the mediation of Christ.

Every old woman had a piece of corn cake, and the ragged children got what they could, gathering the crumbs in their mothers' aprons.

" "Well, Aunt Linda, I am going to teach in the Sunday-school, help in the church, hold mothers' meetings to help these boys and girls to grow up to be good men and women.

" "You see," said the lady, "our institution is merely intended to support these women in the time of want; and if we were to couple our assistance with religion we should just sink into a mothers' meeting, and make the women think" "Think that you prize the soul more than the body," said Julius, as she halted in search of a word.

She had done no end of good with clubs and mothers' meetings at her married home; and it was no end of a pity she was not in Compton parish, instead of under poor wretched old Fuller, whom you could not stirno, not if you tied a firebrand to his tail.

She let me go every Friday evening to help Lady Susan Strangeways at her mothers' meeting.