166 examples of mothers' in sentences

Some men go through life playing a sort of insane tag, in which, first their mothers' petticoats, and then their wives', are hunk, and they never leave hunk.

Had there been less laughter one might have heard the trickling of their mothers' milk: that little stream flowing forth amid the torrent of sap which upraised the earth and made the big trees quiver in the powerful July blaze.

My hopes, my love: God him, I hope, did send Our loves and both our mothers' hates to end.

Mothers' scruples are more easily got over; for this reason, I suppose, that the protection transferred to a husband is less a derogation and a loss to their authority than to the paternal.

I bring to you no rude unpractiz'd hands, Already doe they reeke with mothers' blood.

She remembered, as she might have remembered a dream, the hours of agony she had passed, looking out over these very blue hills, and dumbly beseeching God to spare her boyher only sonout of all the mothers' sons who were laying down their lives for England.

"It has been plain to us for a long time that the food parcels despatched by relatives and 'god-mothers' of British prisoners in Germany were a possible source of danger, and at last it has been decided to stop them and to keep the despatch of food in the hands of official organisations.

"I was always prejudiced against mothers' helps before," she said ingenuously.

The young children hid their faces close against their mothers' breasts.

The ladies of the Seven Sorrows are informed, and they await the new sheep with mothers' and sisters' hearts.

Still this is wrong: for it is the women's, the mothers' fault, in educating their daughters to be merely beautiful machines, fit to ornament a fine establishment; while, if they do not succeed in gaining this, there is nothing left but wretchedness of mind and body.

One dayit was the anniversary of the day on which her poor child became blind, the Lady Madeline was working in her sitting-room that faced the Sea,Mothers' memories are very acute about anniversaries, and days, and even hours marked by particular events.

Yet as husband and wife had different totems, and children took their mothers' totems, a man might in rare instances, even with this barrier, wed his own daughter.

In the kindergarten colleges; in university settlements; attending mothers' meetings; teaching ignorant mothers how to understand the tender souls and delicate bodies of the dear little creatures committed to their loving but unwise care.

In an English country-house of 1650, there were no magazines, no newspapers, no lawn tennis or croquet, no afternoon-teas or glee-concerts, no mothers' meetings or zenana missions, no free social intercourse with neighbours, none of the thousand and one agreeable diversions with which the life of a modern girl is diversified.

Mothers' Day suggestion book.

SEE Freeman, Carolyn R. Mothers' Day treasury

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The care and feeding of children; a catechism for the use of mothers' and children's nurses.

Their mothers' sons.

There was one point I did not remember to tell you about in its place, and that was the rather pathetic spectacle the boys are, in numbers of families in the East,tied to their mothers' apron strings, treated like girls and taken constantly to Europe with or without a tutor; little, blasé grandfathers driving motor cars and dressing in grown up clothes.

Our visit happens to be on a Thursday afternoon, which is Mothers' Day.

Then early dinner, of all things detestable, succeeded by school needlework, mothers' meeting, and children's walk, combined with district visiting, or reading to old women.

Lecturing at mothers' meetings.

He justly affirms that even these things are of less moment than natural duties; and because mothers' nursing their children is a natural duty, it is of more moment than the two sacraments, or than praying to God in the name and by the mediation of Christ.

166 examples of  mothers'  in sentences