271 examples of movie in sentences

One could loaf in a hard chair in front of the hotel, lose a dollar or two at the shabby pool-room, or go to a movie show and see pictures of frankly ridiculous Western melodrama.

His parents had taken his little brother to see Return to Oz at the movie theater.

It was a silly impression created not so much by the book as by a movie musical that was televised annually.

He had been thinking about the original book but visualized the Witch as she had looked in the movie.

And the reason I know that is that I run the movie every year and the end is always the same.

Refreshments will be served shortly, and you may watch our in-flight movie if you wish.

The fellow was obviously an actor, perhaps on his way home from making a movie and so late for his flight that he did not have time to change his clothes or remove his makeup.

I could not let him spend a cent on menot even the price of a movie.

After supper the fellows decided to go ashore to St. George and get some sodas and take in a movie show.

After supper Skinny and the Ramblin' Kid went to the picture showTuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays were "movie nights" in Eagle Butteand saw a thrilling "wild-west" drama in which a band of Holstein milk cows raced madly through an alfalfa field in a frenzied, hair-raising stampede!

Puno boasts a soldier's monument and a new theater, really a "movie palace."

This young Cyrano declared that fighting rested you after a march, and when he described an engagement you would have said that he was at a concert or a "movie." The rhythm of the shells, the noise when they left the gun and when they burst, reminded him of the passage with cymbals in the divine scherzo of the Ninth Symphony.

At the Alhambra in Bucarest next evening, after the cosmopolite artistes had done then-perfunctory turns and returned to their street clothes and the audience, to begin the more serious business of the evening, the movie man in the gallery threw on the screenno, not some military hero nor the beautiful Queen whose photograph you will remember, but the head of the Roman Emperor Trajan!

The kind of a yell a movie cowboy gives on a Saturday night.

This thing of hearin' how he shot folks and kept a saloon in Texas is good as a movie to you.

I've got it in my head that that movie weekly picture they had of Buttercup Four with her price wrote out must have been shown in San Antonio.

He was like one of those awful sorrowful persons in a movie.

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SEE Robbins-Engel series of movie music for piano or organ.

Last year women came to it from distant places, women who had never been from home before, who had never seen a "movie," who had never entered a rowboat or an automobile.

So we thought we'd travel independent and make all the small towns" "The movie trust is what put vodeville on the bum," the man interrupted.

One that ought to draw down good money anywhere, and would draw down good money, if the movie trust" "And then we like to be independent, and go where we like and get off the railroad for a spell.

271 examples of  movie  in sentences