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51 examples of moyne in sentences

The young performer was in his dressing room, getting ready for the big swing, which he would perform before his mystery tricks, when Mr. Moyne, the circus treasurer, entered.

There was a queer look on Mr. Moyne's face, and Joe could not help but notice it.

What could Mr. Moyne mean?

"I can't see that, Mr. Moyne.

"Ordinarily," said Mr. Moyne, in the slow, precise way he had of speaking, brought about, perhaps, by his need of being exact in money matters, "a big crowd would be the very thing we should want.

" "Oh, it isn't a question of the small boysI never worry about them," returned Mr. Moyne.

He saw that Mr. Moyne was very much in earnest.

"That's what we've got to find out," went on Mr. Moyne.

"I don't see how," admitted Mr. Moyne.

I'll see you directly after the show, Mr. Moyne.

If you're looking for counterfeit tickets I don't believe you'll find them," added Mr. Moyne.

" Mr. Moyne was an ideal treasurer.

"Not yet," answered Mr. Moyne, who had joined the little party.

Mr. Moyne, the treasurer, was on the anxious seat much of the time, fearing another flood of bogus tickets, but the efforts mentioned, on the part of the swindlers, following the use of new paper, was all they had to complain of so far.

"There'll be big crowds here," said Mr. Moyne, as he walked toward the ticket wagon in preparation for the rush.

And, getting back to the show lot, he dismissed the automobile, and, taking Micky with him, sought out Jim Tracy, Mr. Moyne, and some of the other circus executives.

Fund, for Howard U. 275.00 Le Moyne Fund, for Memphis, Tenn. 50.00 Theo.

Selections from American guerrilla: Tough Paddy Moyne's parting gesture, by Douglas M. Smith & Cecil Carnes.

Are you within?" "Who is there?" "Le Moyne de Sainte-Hélène.

Le Moyne de Sainte-Hélène, though of the purest stock in New France, had no prejudice against a half-breed.

Though every hair on his body crawled with superstition, he could not suspect Le Moyne de Sainte-Hélène.

He had learned to fight in the Indian fashion; and Le Moyne de Sainte-Hélène fought the same way.

The sons of Charles Le Moyne carried his name and the lilies of France from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the Gulf of Mexico.

When the governor sat in his armchair, and his seignior lay on the bed, and Le Moyne de Sainte-Hélène was stretched that way on the floor, it could hardly be decent for an old habitant to stand by, even cap in hand.

" "Le Moyne de Sainte-Hélène," declared Frontenac, lowering his plumed hat, "has just died for New France.

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