55 examples of mris in sentences

Godman was told she hath warned to the court diuers psons, vizd: Mr. Goodyeare, Mris.

Goodyeare, Mr. Hooke, Mris. Hooke, Mris.

Atwater, Hanah & Elizabeth Lamberton, goodwife Larremore, goodwife Thorpe, &c., and was asked what she had to charge them wth, she said they had given out speeches that made folkes thinke she was a witch, and first she charged Mris.

Atwater is specifyed wch we now more fully spoken to, and she further said that Mris.

Beside what is in the papr, Mris.

Hooke, Mris. Bishop, Mris.

Atwater, Hanah & Elizabeth Lamberton, and Mary Miles, Mris.

Goodyeare said that one time she questioned wth Elizabeth Godmand aboute ye boyes sickness, and said what thinke you of him, is he not strangly handled, she replyed, what, doe you thinke hee is bewitched; Mris.

Goodyeare said nay I will keepe my thoughts to myselfe, but in time God will discouer ... "Mr. Hooke further said, that when Mr. Bishop was married, Mris.

Godman came to his house much troubled, so as he thought it might be from some affection to him, and he asked her, she said yes; now it is suspitious that so soone as they were contracted Mris.

Byshops chilldren, for she could tell when Mris.

Another thing suspitious is, that she could tell Mris.

Atwater had figgs in her pocket and came neere her, yet she smelt them not; also Mris.

Atwater said that Mris.

Bishop was in a sore fitt, to looke vpon her, and said he doubted all was not well wth her, and that hee feared she was a witch, but Mr. Goodyeare denyed that; vpon this Mris.

"Elizabeth Lamberton saith that one time ye chilldren came downe & said Mris.

Godman was talking to herselfe and they were afraide, then she went vp softly and heard her talke, what, will you fetch me some beare, will you goe, will you goe, and ye like, and one morning aboute breake of day Henry Boutele said he heard her talke to herselfe, as if some body had laine wth her.... "Mris.

Goodyeare said when Mr. Atwaters kinswoman was married Mris.

Bishop was there, and the roome being hott she was something fainte, vpon that Mris.

Godman said goodwife Tichenor had a whole brood so, and Mris.

Some other passages were spoken of aboute Mris.

Pell further saith, that she being one of ye women that was required by the court to search the said Knapp before she was condemned, & then Mris.

Odill and her selfe, then their came in Mris.

Pell and her two daughters, Elizabeth & Mary, goody Lockwood and goodwife Purdy; Mris.

Pell & her two daughters, Mris.

55 examples of  mris  in sentences