123636 examples of much in sentences

" "If you had only been true to me, even then, John; if you had written to me declaring the truth, and giving me fair warning that you were my rival, how much better it would have been!

"Did he seem much agitated?"

" "And he took that?he wanted as much as that?" asked Gilbert eagerly.

Not much vigour in my biceps now, eh?" It was only a few paces from one cabin to the other; but Mr. Saltram could scarcely have gone so far without the steward's supporting arm.

Mrs. Tadman had so many ailments of her own, such complicated maladies, such deeply-rooted disorders, that she could be scarcely expected to give much attention to the trivial sufferings of another person.

He told William Carley as much one day when the question of money matters was pushed rather too fartold him in the plainest language.

"Stephen," she cried, half awake and very much, frightened, "what was that?"

Where's Steph?" "Under the trees yonder, very much hurt; I'm afraid fatally.

We were to be rich, and our lives free and peaceful henceforward; and I had seen him suffer so much for the want of money.

I suffered too much.

"His talk can't do me much harm, anyhow."

He could not so much as conceive the idea of a world in which there should be no such thing as sale and profit.

That much of his early success had been due to this heroic upbringing, Adrian was too honest not to admit, but thenby God, it had been hard!

He would have liked very much to have got to his feet, standing firmly on his two long, well-made legs, and have once and for all delivered himself of a final philippic.

Just as she was leaving, the subversive softness came close to her again, like a wave of too much perfume as you open a church-door; as if some one were trying to embrace her against her will.

Perhaps it is too much to askbut if you could call again sometime.

It was discretion, after all, but not the kind he thoughta much more forgiveable discretion.

"It is very tragic," she said, "but much betteryou know it is better.

Yes, so much better; and this way, too!"

You are the truest soldier of us all, and I, who am not much given to worship, am on my knees before that shy gallantry of yours, which makes what courage we poor duffers have seem a vain and boastful thing.

But when he sits in his club window with two or three Iron Men and the White Pine Man and the Brass Man they look very much as you and I do, only more so, if you know what I mean.

We shall not suffer his company much longer in this world,poor, neglected, pitiable, darkened soul that he is, this fellow-citizen of ours.

The Gentile merchants, who were present with great wagon-trains containing all those articles indispensable to the comfort of life, of which the Mormons stood so much in need, refused to open a single box or bale until they could hire storehouses.

The ascription, however, to John Reynolds has not very much to support it.

I give the resemblances for what they are worth, which is perhaps not much; it is unlikely that Fletcher should have been acquainted with any of the plays in question, though of course not impossible.

123636 examples of  much  in sentences