320 examples of mummy in sentences

Within a week I was again actively testing the chains which tightly bound my individuality like a mummy for burial.

Sit there like a mummy and allow that dog to frighten those girls to death?

This mummy-like figure was laid out in the middle of the room, and the linen, naturally clinging, outlined the form vaguely, but showing its stiff, bony thinness.

[Illustration: "Auntie Madge" (who writes the weekly letter to the darling kiddies in "Mummy's Own Magazine").

And to-day the curious traveller stops in sight of the pyramids on the banks of the Nile, and enters the Bulaq Museum, and there he sees set up before him the very mummy of Rameses himself and of a dozen other royal personages, rifled from their tombs and displayed for your amazement and mine.

One of the principal ingredients in the mummy balsam is colocynth, or bitter apple, powdered.

A recent traveller found in the head of a mummy, of a superior kind, a balsam, in colour and transparency like a pink topaz.

Mummy powder was formerly in use all over Europe as a medicine, and is still employed as such among the Arabs, who mix it with butter, and esteem it a sovereign remedy for internal and external ulcers.

One thinks at once of a careless abandonment of any pretension, of tireless energy and daring enterprise, of immense self-reliance, of a disrespect for the past so complete that a mummy is in itself a comical object, and the blowing out of an ill-guarded sacred flame, a delightful jest.

They expressed the extinction of life very naturally and simply by the figure of a mummy.

Mummy found them with some things last week, and I thought that you might like to have them.

Then the long "shed chamber" with a wide swinging door opening to the west, framing a sunset gorgeous enough to inspire a mummy.

When her daily work is ended and she returns home, she has to sweep and wash, and shrivel herself to a mummy before the smoky kitchen stove.


Their King is taciturnity itself, Mirepoix was a walking mummy, Nivernois has about as much life as a sick favourite child, and M. Dusson is a good-humoured country gentleman, who has been drunk the day before, and is upon his good behaviour.

Did you make it, mummy?

"As bad as whom, mummy?" There was a step on the front porch and Mrs. Barrington was spared the need for answering.

"I was doing things around the house" "Putting flowers in my room, I know, mummy," broke in Kate, "and polishing up the silver toilet bottles, the beauties.

"I'll light the gas, mummy," she said gently.

Kate wrote to Honora a fortnight later: I am trying to be the perfect young lady according to dear mummy's definition.

the one thing is to ¸make and keep mummy happy.

"Here am I, able and willing to talkand there you are, as dumb as a mummy, and looking for all the world as if you'd seen a ghost!

Phoebe had a vision of herself leaning back in her chair, wrapped in shawls, feigning the exhaustion and blindness of nervous headachewhile the child gave her laughing account of the scene, in the intervals of kissing and comforting 'poor mummy.'

Butoh, mummy, mummy!'this between laughing and crying'I do guess you were just a little fool!

But she had long since determined not to crybecause poor mummy would be sure to.

320 examples of  mummy  in sentences