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320 examples of  mummy  in sentences

320 examples of mummy in sentences

"If I may speak now it will be to bear testimony that I have been made a mummy since noon.

Ah, my friends, you elect me because you are now paying $5.36 on every pound of Peruvian Bark and Egyptian Mummy which you use in every-day life, and because you know that when I am in, the other party will be out!"

"'Tis true:" continued Othello; "it is a magical handkerchief; a sibyl that had lived in the world two hundred years, in a fit of prophetic fury worked it; the silk-worms that furnished the silk were hallowed, and it was dyed in mummy of maidens' hearts conserved.

Within a week I was again actively testing the chains which tightly bound my individuality like a mummy for burial.

Sit there like a mummy and allow that dog to frighten those girls to death?

"I suppose you meant to go into that little, damp, tumble-down Dower House, and watch over me from there; now didn't you, mummy?" "II thought, when you came of age," faltered Lady Mary, "that I should give up Barracombe House to you, naturally.

"I am rather surprised," said he, "that you chose so composite an object as a mummy to begin on.

" "In some ways it would," replied Thorndyke, "but the variety of materials that the mummy gives us has its advantages.

Then Thorndyke and Dr. Norbury rose from their chairs and went towards the mummy, which they lifted tenderly while Polton drew from beneath it what presently turned out to be a huge black-paper envelope.

Then, gradually, almost insensibly, the marginal portion began to darken, leaving the outline of the mummy in pale relief.

Darker and darker grew the margin of the paper until from slaty grey it had turned to black; and still the shape of the mummy, now in strong relief, remained an elongated patch of bald white.

This mummy ought to be unrolled.

" "I think you must be mistaken about that," said Dr. Norbury, "but we shall see, if the Director allows us to unroll the mummy.

" "Are you sure of that?" exclaimed Dr. Norbury, peering at the little white marks with ecstasy; "because, if you are, and if these objects are what you say they are, the mummy of Sebek-hotep is an absolutely unique specimen.

"You don't mean," he exclaimed, after a long pause, "that this mummy is the body of John Bellingham!" "I do, indeed.

The mummy was here in the gallery a full three weeks before he disappeared.

"John Bellingham was last seen alive by you and Mr. Jellicoe on the fourteenth of October, more than three weeks before the mummy left Queen Square.

The vague shapes of the mummy-cases standing erect in the wall-cases, loomed out dim and gigantic, silent watchers keeping their vigil with the memories of untold centuries locked in their shadowy breasts.

" We stood, hand in hand, facing the mummy, letting our memories fill in the vague silhouette with its well-remembered details.

The plan would have had only one weak point: the mummy would be known to have left Queen Square after the disappearance of John Bellingham, and suspicion might in the end have arisen.

"I said just now that if Mr. Jellicoe had murdered John Bellingham and disposed of the body in the mummy-case, he would have been absolutely safe for the time being.

It might, further, be remembered that the mummy had been delivered to the Museum some time after the missing man was last seen alive.

But supposing it should be made to appear that John Bellingham had been seen alive more than a month after his interview with Mr. Jellicoe and some weeks after the mummy had been deposited in the Museum?

"The evidence of the newspaper report, therefore, clearly pointed to the probability that John Bellingham had been murdered by Mr. Jellicoe and his body concealed in the mummy-case.

But the only kind of body that completely answers this description is an Egyptian mummy.

A mummy, it is true, has been more or less preserved; but on exposure to the air of such a climate as ours it perishes rapidly, the ligaments being the last of the soft parts to disappear.

"The hypothesis that these bones were parts of a mummy naturally suggested Mr. Jellicoe.

If he had murdered John Bellingham and concealed his body in the mummy-case, he would have a spare mummy on his hands, and that mummy would have been exposed to the air and to somewhat rough handling.

If he had murdered John Bellingham and concealed his body in the mummy-case, he would have a spare mummy on his hands, and that mummy would have been exposed to the air and to somewhat rough handling.

If he had murdered John Bellingham and concealed his body in the mummy-case, he would have a spare mummy on his hands, and that mummy would have been exposed to the air and to somewhat rough handling.

"He would have to produce the bones of the mummy's finger, together with John Bellingham's ring.

"On receiving this final confirmation of my conclusions, I applied forthwith to Doctor Norbury for permission to examine the mummy of Sebek-hotep, with the result that you are already acquainted with.

The mummy was unpacked, as were some other objects that he was not offering to the Museum, but several cases were still unopened.

Then, suddenly, I remembered the mummy upstairs.

"At first it only occurred to me as a fantastic possibility that I could conceal the body in the mummy-case.

If once the mummy-case was in the Museum, I was rid of it for ever.

Then the mummy-case itself was curiously suitable.

A little damage might be done in extracting the mummy and in introducing the deceased; but such cracks as might occur would all be at the back and would be of no importance.

The whole of the back of the mummy-case was coated with bitumen, and it would be easy when once the deceased was safely inside to apply a fresh coat, which would cover up not only the cracks but also the new lacing.

Then I returned and carried the deceased up to one of the third-floor rooms, where I removed his clothes and laid him out on a long packing-case in the position in which he would lie in the mummy-case.

The great weight of a fresh body as compared with that of a mummy would be immediately noticed by those who had the handling of the mummy-case.

The great weight of a fresh body as compared with that of a mummy would be immediately noticed by those who had the handling of the mummy-case.

However, I bethought me that we had in our collection a porphyry sarcophagus, the cavity of which had been shaped to receive a small mummy in its case.

I divided the lacing and extracted the mummy with great carewith great care as to the case, I mean; for the mummy suffered some injury in the extraction.

I divided the lacing and extracted the mummy with great carewith great care as to the case, I mean; for the mummy suffered some injury in the extraction.

Here we have [Greek: maia], something like "mummy," at the beginning, and [Greek: neossos], "chicken" or "little bird," at the end.

This mummy-like figure was laid out in the middle of the room, and the linen, naturally clinging, outlined the form vaguely, but showing its stiff, bony thinness.

[Illustration: "Auntie Madge" (who writes the weekly letter to the darling kiddies in "Mummy's Own Magazine").

And to-day the curious traveller stops in sight of the pyramids on the banks of the Nile, and enters the Bulaq Museum, and there he sees set up before him the very mummy of Rameses himself and of a dozen other royal personages, rifled from their tombs and displayed for your amazement and mine.

For a moment Zaleski paused; then, turning round and laying his hand on the brown forehead of the mummy by his side, he said: 'My friend here could tell you, and he would, a fine tale of the immensely important part which jewels in all ages have played in human history, human religions, institutions, ideas.

Often rising from slumber in what I took to be the dead of nightthough of day or night there could be small certainty in that dim dwellingI would peep into the domed chamber, and see him there under the livid-green light of the censer, the leaden smoke issuing from his lips, his eyes fixed unweariedly on a square piece of ebony which rested on the coffin of the mummy near him.

She paused, taking a turn about the roomthe fellow, devil fetch him, a mummy all the time:Then proceeded.

I feel parched to a mummy, and I shall be an object to behold!" Leslie sat upon her right hand.

One of the principal ingredients in the mummy balsam is colocynth, or bitter apple, powdered.

A recent traveller found in the head of a mummy, of a superior kind, a balsam, in colour and transparency like a pink topaz.

Mummy powder was formerly in use all over Europe as a medicine, and is still employed as such among the Arabs, who mix it with butter, and esteem it a sovereign remedy for internal and external ulcers.

One thinks at once of a careless abandonment of any pretension, of tireless energy and daring enterprise, of immense self-reliance, of a disrespect for the past so complete that a mummy is in itself a comical object, and the blowing out of an ill-guarded sacred flame, a delightful jest.

"Such a composition has as much of meaning in it, as a mummy has life.

They expressed the extinction of life very naturally and simply by the figure of a mummy.

Mummy found them with some things last week, and I thought that you might like to have them.

D'you remember, Mummy?"

He watched the broker's composed face with eyes that might pierce a mummy.

Jerry Todd and the whispering mummy, by Leo Edwards

Charles Addams (A); 26May65; R362473. Archeologists discovering zippered mummy.

Donald Duck and the mummy's ring.

Jerry Todd and the whispering mummy, by Leo Edwards

" "You mean Mummy running away from him?" "Yes.

No wonder Mummy ran away from him.

" "Who told you that story?" "Mummy.

" "Everything poor Mummy did was horrid.

Then the long "shed chamber" with a wide swinging door opening to the west, framing a sunset gorgeous enough to inspire a mummy.

When her daily work is ended and she returns home, she has to sweep and wash, and shrivel herself to a mummy before the smoky kitchen stove.


Their King is taciturnity itself, Mirepoix was a walking mummy, Nivernois has about as much life as a sick favourite child, and M. Dusson is a good-humoured country gentleman, who has been drunk the day before, and is upon his good behaviour.

There is nothing more delightful than to sit for a strictly limited time with a child who tells you what he means to do when he is a man; but when that same child, loud-voiced, insistent, unblushingly eager for praise, but thin-skinned as the most morbid of hobbledehoys, stands about all your ways telling you the same story in the same voice, you begin to yearn for something made and finishedsay Egypt and a completely dead mummy.

Mummy, is it boiledhonestly?on a day like this?"

I'll come up to tuck you in, mummy.

"Good night, mummy dear.

Did you make it, mummy?

"As bad as whom, mummy?" There was a step on the front porch and Mrs. Barrington was spared the need for answering.

"I was doing things around the house" "Putting flowers in my room, I know, mummy," broke in Kate, "and polishing up the silver toilet bottles, the beauties.

"I'll light the gas, mummy," she said gently.

Kate wrote to Honora a fortnight later: I am trying to be the perfect young lady according to dear mummy's definition.

the one thing is to ยธmake and keep mummy happy.

"Mummy wouldn't like me to write like this.

If I had a talent I could make out very well, but I am talentless, and all I do now is to answer the telephone for father and help mummy embroider the towels.

Dear little mummy isn't well.

Mummy won't answer our questions and seems lost in a world of thought.

Oh, my poor little bewildered mummy!

I feel so numb since mummy died that I can't care about Ray.

The neighbors no longer flutter in as they used when mummy was here.

At the end of half an hour, Johnny Poupard looked more like an Egyptian mummy than a human being, so much so that when his grandmother arrived upon the scene of action, she very nearly fainted and all but became patient number two at Auxiliary Hospital No. 7!

She looked like a white mummy, a ghastly pitiful caricature of the beautiful woman whose arrows quivered in so many hearts.

Good God, the flesh was warm; it was no cold corpse he touched, but a living human being; ay! tied like a mummy, unable to move hand or foot.

That the old priest, in his last days, became very much emaciated, that he walked about the streets like a mummy, that he gradually dried up, and finally blew away, was the meagre and unsatisfactory result of the tourist's investigations.

"Here am I, able and willing to talkand there you are, as dumb as a mummy, and looking for all the world as if you'd seen a ghost!

Phoebe had a vision of herself leaning back in her chair, wrapped in shawls, feigning the exhaustion and blindness of nervous headachewhile the child gave her laughing account of the scene, in the intervals of kissing and comforting 'poor mummy.'

Butoh, mummy, mummy!'this between laughing and crying'I do guess you were just a little fool!

But she had long since determined not to crybecause poor mummy would be sure to.

And, besides, we're going abroadyou and mummy and I. I'm going to take you!'