2724 examples of muscled in sentences

O, brown cheek, muscled shoulder, sturdy thigh!

And there are his agentsthe solitary but sufficient Threehewing, sawing, every one with the might and earnestness of a Demiurgus; under some instinctive rather than technical guidance; giant-muscled; every one a Hercules, or liker to those Vulcanian Three, that in sounding caverns under Mongibello wrought in fireBrontes, and black Steropes, and Pyracmon.

"Big Joe," six feet, five, a tower of muscled brawn, standing on a corner, pleasantly inebriated, had watched go feebly by the tottering, palsied form of little old Bolivar Kent, our most aged and richest man.

Finally the cattleman reached out a hand toward the smoothly muscled shoulders.

* GENERAL APPEARANCE AND DISPOSITIONIn general appearance the Dachshund is a very long and low dog, with compact and well-muscled body, resting on short, slightly crooked fore-legs.

The shoulder blade should be long, and set on very sloping, the upper arm of equal length with, and at right angles to, the shoulder blade, strong-boned and well-muscled, and lying close to ribs, but moving freely.

HIND-QUARTERSThe rump round, broad, and powerfully muscled; hip bone not too short, but broad and sloping; the upper arm, or thigh, thick, of good length, and jointed at right angles to the hip bone.

The lower leg (or second thigh) is, compared with other animals, short, and is set on at right angles to the upper thigh, and is very firmly muscled.

The hind-legs are lighter in bone than the front ones, but very strongly muscled, with well-rounded-out buttocks, and the knee joint well developed.

He was nicely muscled with a flat stomach.

He is a poor wretch, with a little thin fishy blood in his body, lean and flat, long-armed and large-handed, thick-jointed and thin-muscled,you know those unwholesome, weak-eyed, half-fed creatures, that look not fit to be round among live folks, and yet not quite dead enough to bury.

She was stout, tough-muscled, willing, promised to be a remunerative servant; her baby, however, a boy a few months old, was only thrown in as a makeweight to the bargain, or rather because Mr. Oliver would not consent to separate mother and child.

Her heart went out to the older man with a new sympathy as she saw his feebleness so sharply in relief against the well-blooded, hard-muscled vigour of the younger.

The one on the right was a well-muscled, large man with dark hair, weighing well over 200 pounds; the other was blond, of medium build.

There is much truth in the homely adage, that "what is one man's meat is another man's poison," and a person who has been muscled will, if he wishes to enjoy his health, rigidly eschew that piscatory poison.

We frequently hear of people being muscled; and it is generally supposed that the mischief is produced by some specifically poisonous quality in the fish.

The man who had so unceremoniously commanded the artist's attention stood a little above six feet in height, and was of that deep-chested, lean, but full-muscled build that so often marks the mountain bred.

I was well muscled, too.

A hand grasped Valencia's wrist while his arm was lifted to strike, so that the three men stood, taut-muscled and still, like a shadowy, sculptured group that pictured some mythological conflict.

The fire showed his round figure, short but well muscled, and the boyish petulance of his shaven lip.

Force showed in the close-cropped, black hair and the small ears set close to the head; in the corded throat and heavy jaws; in the well-muscled shoulders, sinewed hands, powerful legs.

Spanning it, a hand resting on each edge, and with the revolver still in the right hand, he muscled his body down into the hole.

He was heavy muscled and hairy, gorilla-like in strength and aspect.

I am satisfied that such a set of black-coated, stiff-jointed, soft-muscled, paste-complexioned youth as we can boast in our Atlantic cities never before sprang from loins of Anglo-Saxon lineage.

But Black Bart crouched and the snakelike head lowered; he was quivering throughout that steel-muscled body to throw himself at her throat.

2724 examples of  muscled  in sentences