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2724 examples of  muscled  in sentences

2724 examples of muscled in sentences

O, brown cheek, muscled shoulder, sturdy thigh!

He was little, almost undersized, but a knot of muscle, a keen-faced youth with Irish blood in him.

Watching there, he did not voluntarily move a muscle, yet all his body twitched like that of the trained athlete, strained to leap into the great race of his life.

"But not in the sense of muscle, strength, courage, endurance.

His gross, heavy-muscled face, half in light, half in darkness, showed a look of hesitation.

Long-bodied and lithe, small-headed and merciless, steel-muscled and chisel-clawed, the big cat in silhouette twitched its restless tail back and forth nervously, and from snarling jaws sent forth its almost human call to cut across vast, still distances.

Over the heavy-muscled shoulders he caught glimpses of sullen green foliage, ponderous and drooping; of half-naked barbarians that squatted in the shallow caverns of shops; innumerable faces, black, yellow, white, and brown, whirling past, beneath other tarpaulin hoods, or at carriage windows, or shielded by enormous dripping wicker hats, or bared to the pelting rain.

Not stir a muscle above the wrist.

You forget you got a muscle.

Not the seventeen hands that the hotel proprietor had described to Bull, but a full sixteen three, and so proudly high-headed, so stout-muscled of body, so magnificently long and tapering of leg, that a wiser horseman than the hotelkeeper might have put Diablo down for more than seventeen hands.

The sleeves of Bull were rolled up to the elbows and down the forearms ran the tangling masses of muscle.

It is briefly that of "sailing in an egg-shell, a cockle, or a muscle-shell, through and under the tempestuous seas.

And there are his agentsthe solitary but sufficient Threehewing, sawing, every one with the might and earnestness of a Demiurgus; under some instinctive rather than technical guidance; giant-muscled; every one a Hercules, or liker to those Vulcanian Three, that in sounding caverns under Mongibello wrought in fireBrontes, and black Steropes, and Pyracmon.

"Big Joe," six feet, five, a tower of muscled brawn, standing on a corner, pleasantly inebriated, had watched go feebly by the tottering, palsied form of little old Bolivar Kent, our most aged and richest man.

"I don't know which to admire most, the man or his muscle.

In color a coppery, almost golden, chestnut sorrel; flaxen mane and tail, verging on creamy white; short-coupled in the back and with withers that marked the runner; belly smooth and round; legs trim and neat as an antelope's and muscled like a panther's; head small, carried proudly erect and eyes full and wonderfully clear and brown.

A great-muscled fellow sat on a stool surrounded by enormous balls and dumb bellsthe "Strong Man" of the circus.

He crouched, every nerve and muscle tense, lips drawn back in a snarl.

Whaley did his best to help, but when at last she crept up to the higher ground beyond the bog every muscle ached with fatigue.

It is lean and stringy, furnishes very little nourishment and not much fat, and is not a muscle-builder.

His heavy shoulders and big-muscled arms showed to great advantage, with the light and sharp shadows defining each ridge.

The plants of this class are almost all of them poisonous; the finest opium is procured by wounding the heads of large poppies with a three-edged knife, and tying muscle-shells to them to catch the drops.

You shall see how I am going to make new muscle!"

He was a large Indian fully six feet in height, deep-chested and heavy-muscled, and his eyes were keener and vested with greater mental vigor than the average of his kind.

One quick and earnest prayer he breathed to the invisible Power, whose hand could protect him in that dread momentthen, retiring a single pace, and screwing every nerve and muscle in his body to the utmost tension, he made a step in advance, and threw himself forward into the dark and fearful void.

It was a severe trial of skill and muscle.

We continued to strain every muscle till we were hard upon the whale.

"Every nerve and muscle in my frame was stretched to the utmost tension.

Thy strong features glowing with compassion for me; thy lips twisted; thy forehead furrowed; thy whole face drawn out from the stupid round into the ghastly oval; every muscle contributing its power to complete the aspect grievous; and not one word couldst thou utter, but Amen! to my vow.

The emulgent draw this superfluous moisture from the blood; the two ureters convey it to the bladder, which, by reason of his site in the lower belly, is apt to receive it, having two parts, neck and bottom: the bottom holds the water, the neck is constringed with a muscle, which, as a porter, keeps the water from running out against our will.

On the survey of the Muscle Shoals, in the Tennessee River, and for a route for a contemplated communication between the Hiwassee and Coosa rivers, in the State of Alabama.

I expect I could lick you; I don't b'lieve you have half as big a muscle as I have on my arm.' 'A girl have muscle!

I expect I could lick you; I don't b'lieve you have half as big a muscle as I have on my arm.' 'A girl have muscle!

I'm not moving a muscle.

Finally the cattleman reached out a hand toward the smoothly muscled shoulders.

But three wheels driven by three pairs of sturdy, well-muscled legs get over miles swiftly, and by ten o'clock the boys had turned down an unfamiliar road and were on the way to things that happened.

He may not count it, and a kind heaven may not count it, but down among his nerve cells and in the muscle fibres, the molecules are counting it, registering and storing it up to be used against him when the next temptation comes.

The Tyrian purple is still furnished by a muscle found upon the coast, but Tyre is now only noted for its tobacco and mill-stones.

Are my words good?" Despite their proverbial control of muscle, these Indians could not conceal their astonishment at hearing so much of their affairs thus laid bare; so they said that the Pale-face chief was wise, that he must be a great medicine man, and that what he said was all true except about the white men.

They were eager, alert-looking young men, well-muscled, curly of hair, and possessing in common an unabashed carriage of the head which, more plainly than any mere facial resemblance, proved them brothers.

In fact, the exercise itself, with the intent direction of the mind to the finger-points, brings about the refinement and education in accordance with Sandow's principle of muscle culture.

The ears are pricked forward, the eyes are fixed on the unsuspecting victim, every muscle of the legs is tense, like a bent bow ready to speed the arrow on its way.

Every muscle in it becomes quick to respond to various sensations in different ways, till the very recollection of those sensations will excite the same response.

Could you not start a Muscle Competition for the men who helped the women win the War?

He saw me come, yet not a muscle moved in his face, nor did he interrupt his conversation.

While he did so he broke forth into sobs, lamenting aloud the loss of his beloved lieutenant, yet not a muscle moved in the face of the father.

They were all eagerness and determination, hand at the trigger, eyes on the approaching enemy, every muscle strained, yet calm, their bronzed faces hardened into immobility, waiting for the command to fire.

* GENERAL APPEARANCE AND DISPOSITIONIn general appearance the Dachshund is a very long and low dog, with compact and well-muscled body, resting on short, slightly crooked fore-legs.

The shoulder blade should be long, and set on very sloping, the upper arm of equal length with, and at right angles to, the shoulder blade, strong-boned and well-muscled, and lying close to ribs, but moving freely.

HIND-QUARTERSThe rump round, broad, and powerfully muscled; hip bone not too short, but broad and sloping; the upper arm, or thigh, thick, of good length, and jointed at right angles to the hip bone.

The lower leg (or second thigh) is, compared with other animals, short, and is set on at right angles to the upper thigh, and is very firmly muscled.

The hind-legs are lighter in bone than the front ones, but very strongly muscled, with well-rounded-out buttocks, and the knee joint well developed.

He was a mighty muscle manthirty years older than I was.

He was nicely muscled with a flat stomach.

He beat his way for a second to the surface and gasped for breath and was drawn down again, striking savagely at the eddies which seemed to twist his limbs into useless, heavy masses of flesh and muscle.

He is a poor wretch, with a little thin fishy blood in his body, lean and flat, long-armed and large-handed, thick-jointed and thin-muscled,you know those unwholesome, weak-eyed, half-fed creatures, that look not fit to be round among live folks, and yet not quite dead enough to bury.

" She drew a great breath of relief, but suffered not a muscle of her countenance to betray her feelings.

" Here Aunt Mimy, who had told her whole story without moving a muscle, commenced rocking violently back and forth.

When the runners "chaffed" him, nevertheless, it was in a mild way, and with manifest respect for his muscle,a sentiment in no way diminished when he suddenly clutched one of the least cautious among them by the nape of the neck, and held him out at arm's-length, for some seconds, over the drowny water that kept lazily licking at the green moss on the old stakes of the rickety pier.

When told of the difficulties before them, their impatience grew to be off, that they might prove to Western plodders what could be done by Eastern pluck and muscle.

She was stout, tough-muscled, willing, promised to be a remunerative servant; her baby, however, a boy a few months old, was only thrown in as a makeweight to the bargain, or rather because Mr. Oliver would not consent to separate mother and child.

He was a stalwart eight-year old, muscled like a Hercules, with plenty of bone to stand his weight; and his eyes, glittering through the tangle of forelock, gave him an air of savage cunning.

"Of all the leather-skinned, mule-muscled, wrong-headed gents I ever seen he's the outlastingest." "You sure got your vocabulary all warmed up," observed Little Joe, so-called because of two hundred pounds of iron-hard sinew and muscle.

Always she rose in the morning heavy-eyed and stiff-muscled.

The wet shirt clinging close to his body outlined well-knit shoulders, ropy-muscled arms.

Western Europe was running to fat and not to muscle, as America is to-day.

Robert looked straight into the burning eyes, started violently and then became outwardly calm, though every nerve and muscle in him was keyed to the utmost tension.

He was poised in the canoe, every nerve and muscle ready to leap in a second into activity, while his ears were strained for the sounds of paddles or oars.

It must be some important motive was taking her to a place like Tรชte Jaune, the rail-end, a place of several thousand men, with its crude muscle and brawn and the seven passions of man.

Every artery, muscle, and gland is excited into action, and the work of existence goes on with spirit.

The best mode of finding or tracing trichinae in pork by means of a microscope is the following: Cut a very thin longitudinal slice of the muscle by means of a very sharp knife or razor.

Press it between two glass slips, and examine by transmitted light, The coiled trichinae may be readily distinguished from the muscle fiber.

For nothing on the surface of the earth can parallel the scene of desolation which unrols itself below, if you climb its 380 steps and look out from the dizzy verge: a thing that will test both the muscle of your knees and the steadiness of your nerves.

Gliding began abroad while our young men of muscle and courage were braving the dangers of the cricket field.

Everythingsize, muscle, nose, intelligence, earnestnesspointed to the same conclusion.

The Wild Ram of the Mountains Slight though his figure was, it was lithe and active and well-muscled, and he knew as they struggled that his assailant was possessed of no greater advantage than had lain in his point of attack.

Her heart went out to the older man with a new sympathy as she saw his feebleness so sharply in relief against the well-blooded, hard-muscled vigour of the younger.

"Christian life," she wrote, "is not all contemplation and prayer; it is not all muscle and sinew.

The one on the right was a well-muscled, large man with dark hair, weighing well over 200 pounds; the other was blond, of medium build.

There is much truth in the homely adage, that "what is one man's meat is another man's poison," and a person who has been muscled will, if he wishes to enjoy his health, rigidly eschew that piscatory poison.

We frequently hear of people being muscled; and it is generally supposed that the mischief is produced by some specifically poisonous quality in the fish.

I am thankful I am a peasant, a part of the bone and muscle of my nation, and earn my bread by the sweat of my brow, as man was meant to do.

Stoutly they pull'd, and soon we near'd the point; One prayer to God for His assisting grace, And, straining every muscle, I brought round The vessel's stern close to the rocky wall; Then snatching up my weapons, with a bound I swung myself upon the flattened shelf, And with my feet thrust off, with all my might, The puny bark into the watery hell.

The man who had so unceremoniously commanded the artist's attention stood a little above six feet in height, and was of that deep-chested, lean, but full-muscled build that so often marks the mountain bred.

His face was of the roughhewn type, in his two upper-class years his heavy frame had taken on a vast amount of brawn and muscle.

To the front of this was attached a delicately adjusted combination of scales and springs, by which Allan could tell when the draft of the team equaled a pound to the dog; and if more was indicated he was always behind pushing and adding all of the strength he possessed to that of those steel-muscled animals each of whom can start, on runners, several hundred pounds on level snow.

I was well muscled, too.

A hand grasped Valencia's wrist while his arm was lifted to strike, so that the three men stood, taut-muscled and still, like a shadowy, sculptured group that pictured some mythological conflict.

The rows of chairs from the desk to the front windows were pretty well filled with men, lean, hard-muscled men of the ranges in the majority.

The fire showed his round figure, short but well muscled, and the boyish petulance of his shaven lip.

Force showed in the close-cropped, black hair and the small ears set close to the head; in the corded throat and heavy jaws; in the well-muscled shoulders, sinewed hands, powerful legs.

Strange enough figures they made, black as coal, muscled like Hercules, and towering well toward seven feet, with arms and hands in which the sinews stood out like living welts.

And, of course, he suffered the more from it because he ascribed his lack of stature and muscle to what he had now begun to think of as his own moral weakness.

Spanning it, a hand resting on each edge, and with the revolver still in the right hand, he muscled his body down into the hole.

He was all sweetness and gentleness, a love-creature, though he stood nearly six feet tall and was muscled like a gladiator.

He was heavy muscled and hairy, gorilla-like in strength and aspect.

I am satisfied that such a set of black-coated, stiff-jointed, soft-muscled, paste-complexioned youth as we can boast in our Atlantic cities never before sprang from loins of Anglo-Saxon lineage.

One entire end of the room was occupied by a painting of a neck and neck finish in a race, and the artist had conceived the blooded racers as creatures with tremendous round hips and mighty-muscled shoulders, while the legs tapered to a faun-like delicacy.

And it was muscled even out of proportion to its bulk.

But Black Bart crouched and the snakelike head lowered; he was quivering throughout that steel-muscled body to throw himself at her throat.