324 examples of mush in sentences

"Mush!" shouted the Indian.

"Is 'mush' their food?" asked the Boy.

" "Why does your Indian go on like that about mush, then?" "Oh, that's the only word the dogs know, exceptacertain expressions we try to discourage the Indians from using.

Now you never hear anything but swearing and 'mush,' a corruption of the French-Canadian marche."

He had promised to "mush."

Mush!" shouted Nicholas to his companion, and the dogs got up off their haunches.

"Me got to mush.

Mush!" "What's here?"

Aug. 8Turks force Russian evacuation of Bitlis and Mush.

Aug. 24French occupy Maurepas, north of the Somme; Russians recapture Mush in Armenia.

Ah'm go'n' a' raise a hund'ed thousan' yellow-laiged pullets; an' theh's a staihway down to th' watah whah Ah kin tie up mah ole catfish boat, an' a monst'ous big gyahden whah Ah kin keep mah fie'ce look on them mush an' watah melons.

Think I'm gonna leave her to mush out an' put the police on my trail?

Lord, lady, I had to eat mush till I don't like mush today.

Lord, lady, I had to eat mush till I don't like mush today.

In the New Jersey State Prison, one pound of bread, half a pound of beef, with potatos and cabbage, (quantity not specified,) one gill of molasses, and a bowl of mush for supper.

In the Pennsylvania Eastern Penitentiary, one pound of bread and one pint of coffee for breakfast, one pint of meat soup, with potatos without limit, for dinner, and mush and molasses for supper.

Part of the time they lived in a small room on the outskirts of the village, barren of all furniture save the absolutely necessary, and for six weeks at a stretch, lived on nothing but mush and milk.

The name of the district was Mush, and close by the monastery in which Moses was buried lies the village of Sassun.

They left all their picturesque Arctic gear behind them except their moccasins, Swan being one of those trying people who don't care how they look, if only they "mush" along fast enough.

Why, even with Spot I have to say 'Snowbirds' an' 'Rabbits' every little while when I want him to go faster, an' then you should see him mush.

" "Mush, Spot, Queen, Baldy," and there was a slight increase in briskness, which was checked again as they swung by the guard.

When hardly more than three months old he had learned the orders "Gee," "Haw," "Mush" and "Whoa" perfectly.

And he was beginning to think a little for himself when the rest of the litter were still undecided whether "Gee" meant to turn to the right paw side, or the left paw side; and were hardly convinced that "Mush" was "Go on" and not a terse invitation to breakfast.

"It's no test, that short mush t' Solomon, an' it don't prove nothin'.

The batter then should be about the consistency of corn mush.

324 examples of  mush  in sentences
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