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61 examples of  myle  in sentences

61 examples of myle in sentences

About a mile, or rather less, to the south, and clean off the road, stands on the crest of a steep, though not a high hill, the lovely village of Boughton under Blee, which, curiously enough, if we consider what is omitted, is mentioned by Chaucer, When ended was the lyf of seint Cecyle, Er we had riden fully fyve myle, At Boghton under Blee us gan atake

It semed he had priked myles three.

Thus I the time with expectation spend, And faine my griefe with chaunges to beguile, That further seemes his terme still to extend, And maketh every minute seem a myle.

For thei mowe not gon out, but be a littille issue, that was made be strengthe of men; and it lastethe wel a 4 gret myle.

There is a vale betwene the mountaynes, that durethe nyghe a 4 myle: and summen clepen it the Vale Enchaunted; some clepen it the Vale of Develes, and some clepen it the Vale Perilous.

In this yle is a great ryvere, that is wel a 2 myle and an half of brede, that is clept Beumare.

He hathe a fulle fair palays and fulle riche, where that he dwellethe inne: of the whiche, the walles ben in circuyt 2 myle: and he hathe with inne many faire gardynes, and many faire halles and chambres, and the pawment of his halles and chambres ben of gold and sylver.

Glanmaleere, Birmingham baron of Athenry, Oliver Plunket baron of Lowth, Robert Barnwell baron of Trymletstoune, Myles Bourke viscount Mayo, Connor Magwyre baron of Enniskillen, Nicholas Preston viscount Gormanstowne, Nicholas Nettervill, viscount Nettervill of Lowth, John Bramhall late Bishop of Derry, (with eighty-one baronets, knights and gentlemen mentioned by name) be excepted from pardon of life and estate.

Some two myles and a wye byt, sir.

Her lover, Myles Murphy, a good-natured farmer from Killarney, gained over her father to his interests, and the old man pressed her either to give consent to the match or a good reason for her refusal.

The river is a good quarter of a myle from Old-Saresbyri and more, where it is nerest on to it, and that is at Stratford village south from it.

He was a pupil to William Lily, the celebrated grammarianthe first head master of St. Paul's school; and by the kindness and liberality of a Mr. Myles, he was sent to Christ's college.

"My mother's name was Myles.

["Bishop Myles Coverdale is supposed to have been born in the year of our Lord 1488, in the district of Coverdale, in the parish of Coverham, near Middleham, in the North Riding of Yorkshire; and it is the opinion of the learned historian of Richmondshire, that it is an assumed, and not a family name."


ยฉ 21Aug28; A1083905. Myles Connolly (A); 29Feb56; R165727. <pb id='033.png' /> COOKE, JOHN D., ed.

By Myles Dillon.

By Myles Connolly.

Myles Standish: adventurous boy.


ยฉ 21Aug28; A1083905. Myles Connolly (A); 29Feb56; R165727. <pb id='033.png' /> COOKE, JOHN D., ed.

By Myles Dillon.

By Myles Connolly.

Myles Standish: adventurous boy.

Young Corney Myles was up there a while ago, and you'd think, from what the men said, that there was never the like of Corney for playing, and the boy isn't three years at the fiddle, MAIRE Father, stay here where the shelter is.

Thomas Muskerry's Successor FELIX TOURNOUR The Porter at Workhouse Lodge MYLES GORMAN A Blind Piper CHRISTY CLARKE

He is the blind piper, Myles Gorman, who is dressed in the pauper garb.

Myles Gorman is a Gael of the West of Ireland, with a face full of intellectual vigour.

Myles Gorman has been eager and attentive.

Remember my name, MasterGorman, Myles Gorman.

CHRISTY Is it Myles Gorman?

I'd even say that, considering his station in life, Myles Gorman is a very superior man.

His brother was married, and one day the brother told Myles to go to Dublin to see a comrade of his who was sick.

Myles was home in a week, and when he came back he found that his brother had sold the place and was gone out of the country.

His brother did wrong, but he didn't do so much wrong to Myles Gorman.

CHRISTY How is that, Mister Muskerry? MUSKERRY He sent Myles Gorman to his own life.

CRILLY He's the blind piper out of the workhouse, Myles Gorman.

That's Myles Gorman going back to the Workhouse.

Myles Gorman, still in pauper dress, is standing before window, an expectant look on his face.

(He goes out by corridor door) CRIPES Myles Gorman must have been glad to hear that buzzing.

MUSKERRY Why was Myles glad to hear it?

Myles Gorman comes in.

Where will you sleep to-night, Myles Gorman? GORMAN At Mrs. Muirnan's, a house between this and the town of Ballinagh.

MUSKERRY Can you go down the stairs, Myles Gorman?

Myles Gorman spreads blanket on bed.

And there's Myles Gorman's pipes on the road.


" "Oh, Aaron, you pretend" "I was never very fond o' him," Aaron admitted, "but I winna cheapen Jean Myles's bairn, and when they chap at my door and say they would like to see the room Thomas Sandys was born in, I let them see the best room I have.

Forget it, Aaron, as every other person has forgotten it, and let the spirit of Jean Myles see you tranquil once again.

You wake in the morning, and for a second of time you are in the heyday of your youth, and you and Jean Myles are to walk out to-night.

You think that Jean Myles never cared for you; but you are strangely wrong.

"When you and me are alane in this house there's no room for the both o' us, and as I'll never hae it said that I made Jean Myles's bairn munt, I'll go out mysel'.

Or instead of that she would suddenly go upon her knees and say, with clasped hands, the childish prayer, "Save me from masterful men," which Jean Myles had told Tommy to teach Elspeth.

The 14. of May twice or thrice we saw reedes, called Trombos driuing on the water, being such as driue about the the Cape de bona Speranza, which wee thought verie strange, for that the Portingals write, that they are seen but thirtie myles from the Cape, and wee gest our selues to be at the least 200. beyond it.

Hence it is, that our church, in perfect conformity with the doctrine here inculcated, in her explication of the fifth commandment, from the obedience due to parents, wisely derives the congenial duty of 'honouring the king, and all that are put in authority under him.' Dr Myles Cooper, the president of King's College, took up similar ground.

But even Jonathan Boucher and Myles Cooper did not apply these doctrines without reserve.

| London | Printed for Myles Partrich, and are to be sold | at his Shop at the George neere St Dunstans | Church in Fleet-streete.

Myles O'Reilly and the two Connellans were famous harpers between the years 1660-1680.

However, Boucicault sweetened our stage by the production of The Colleen Bawn, Arrah-na-Pogue, and The Shaughraun, and showed by his rollicking impersonations of Myles, Shan, and Conn, how good-humored, hearty, and self-sacrificing Irish boys in humble life can be.

# Armitstead ยฃ20-ยฃ15 1 year David Myles Entrance Scholarships(9) ยฃ15 1 year Educational Endowment ยฃ25 3 years #Undergraduate.

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