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128 examples of  nabobs  in sentences

128 examples of nabobs in sentences

Colonel W-, is a great man in these parts Like most village nabobs, he's a corpulent gentleman with a great show of dignity, and in a white vest and gold-headed cane, looks eminently respectable.

" They had a small boat drawn up by them on the ice, and one man was dressed in magnificent furs, a long sable overcoat and cap, and wearing quite the air of a North Pole Nabob.

"Ah," said he aloud; "the nabobs hev arrove.

" "Who are the nabobs?" asked a quiet voice beside him.

"Never mind who I am," retorted the other in a grumpy tone; "the original question is 'who are the nabobs?'" "See here, young feller; this ain't no place fer tramps," observed Mr. Judkins, frowning with evident displeasure; "Chazy Junction's got all it kin do to support its reg'lar inhabitants.

The engine has left us, andhere we are, I and the nabobs.

"You haven't informed me who the nabobs are, nor why they choose to be sidetracked in this forsaken stone-quarry," remarked the stranger, eyeing the bleak hills around him in the growing light of dawn.

His first gruff resentment had been in a manner disarmed and he dearly loved to talk, especially on so interesting a subject as "the nabobs."

"The nabob's thet reckless an' unaccountable, he's likely to do worse ner that.

Skim Clark, the youthful hope of the Widow Clark, who "run the Emporium," happened to be in the store and he rushed out to spread the news that "the nabob's talkin' to New Yoruk!"

" Sam Cotting, being himself of great local importance, had never regarded with favor the rivalry of the nabob, but he placed stools near the telephone booth for the three girls, who accepted the courtesy with a graciousness that ought to have disarmed the surly storekeeper.

Why can't th' ol' nabob write a letter, like common folks, an' give his extry cash to the poor?" "Meanin' you, Peggy?" asked Nib Corkins, with a chuckle.

" "Yer off yer base, Si," said McNutt "Joe Wegg tol' me once thet the nabob's earnin's on his money were more'n he could spend ef he lays awake nights a-doin' it.

It was evident he remembered meeting Mr. Merrick, for he smiled and returned the "nabob's" nod.

There was no longer any secret as to the plans of the "nabobs"; it was generally understood that those terribly aggressive girls were going to inflict a daily paper on the community.

It's lucky fer me the nabobs is rich, or they couldn't stan' the strain.

Leave these precious words to cabinet-keepers, virtuosos, and maids-of-honor,to the Nabobs, Begums, and Chobdars of Hindostan, or wherever else.

Because of this wish, some time later, on a fine morning, when the Batavier steamboat was about to leave its dock, we see among the carriages being taken on, a very neat, handsome travelling carriage, from which a courier, Kirsch by name, got out and informed inquirers that the carriage belonged to an enormously rich Nabob from Calcutta and Jamaica, with whom he was engaged to travel.

" "That nabob of ours is a queer fish," Hobson Newcome remarked to his nephew Barnes.

This theater had a colored gallery, and the shaded gentry were required to pay as much for admission to the gallery at the far end of the building as did the nabobs in the parquet.


Peggy's a kind man, an' tol' us to keep stayin' 'til the nabobs arrove.

"Hucks might wait on the nabobs all right, but they won't tol'rate a blind woman a minute, I'm sure.


Sometimes they took him to ride, as he grew better, and the fact that Joe "were hand an' glove wi' the nabobs" lent him a distinction he had never before possessed.

Whyerfifty cents a piece is my price to nabobs; an' dirt cheap at that!"

Ef ye didn't belong to thet gum-twisted nabob, ye'd be some pun'kins.

"But what's the use o' havin' nabobs around, ef ye don't bleed 'em?" * *

As he smacked his lips while going on deck, he thought to himself, these nabobs drink famous good wine.

This shews the universality of the principle.' I regretted the decay of respect for men of family, and that a Nabob now would carry an election from them.

'Why, Sir, the Nabob will carry it by means of his wealth, in a country where money is highly valued, as it must be where nothing can be had without money; but, if it comes to personal preference, the man of family will always carry it.

Johnson describes him as 'a gentleman who has lived some time in the East Indies, but, having dethroned no nabob, is not too rich to settle in his own country.'

" "How is that possible," inquired Mr. Bruteman, "when you have married the daughter of a Boston nabob?" "The close old Yankee keeps hold of most of his money while he lives," rejoined his companion; "and Mrs. Fitzgerald has expensive tastes to be gratified.

A great Southern nabob lives there.

I said then the fools would get enough of slavery before they'd done with it; and I reckon they're beginning to find it out, not only the rowdies, but the nabobs that set 'em on.

No speeches were ever made in the English House of Commons which equalled, in eloquence and power, those he made on the Nabob of Arcot's debts and the impeachment of Warren Hastings.

pelf, Mammon, lucre, filthy lucre; loaves and fishes^. rich man, moneyed man, warm man; man of substance; capitalist, millionaire, tippybob [Slang], Nabob, Croesus, idas, Plutus, Dives, Timon of Athens^; Timocracy, Plutocracy; Danae.

Lord Mowbray was the grandson of a waiter, who had gone out to India a gentleman's valet, and returned a nabob.

For Recitation: A supercilious nabob of the East Haughty, being greatpurse-proud, being rich A governor, or general, at the least, I have forgotten which Had in his family a humble youth, Who went from England in his patron's suit, An unassuming boy, in truth

But when, after this, strange gentleman's servants came and began to talk about the bride, I took care to put the best foot foremost, and passed her for a nabob.

Nearly all the most famous show winners of early days were descended from Mr. Foljambe's dogs, and his Beau may perhaps be considered one of the most important "pillars of the stud," as he was the sire of Nabob, a great prize-winner, and considered one of the best of his day, who belonged at various times during his career to such famous showmen as Messrs. Phineas Bullock, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Rawdon Lee, and Mr. G. Oliver.

He was a great man in Bombaygovernor, I think, or something near thatand my lady was the only daughter of the Nawab or Nabob of some kingdom near BombayI forget the strange Indian name.

But the mighty Nabob was unwilling to give her to the white-faced lover, even though he was the governor of Bombay, forbye having Balinsloe and Lindertes in Scotland too.

Yet, strange enough too, the Nabob had promised the man who should marry his daughter the weight of herself in fine Indian gold, weigh

But you are right about the offer of the Nabob.

And, of course, he would be all smiles at the Nabob's court; for, Aminadab, my lad, there never was on the face of God's earth a man who could so soon change the horrid dark scowl into the very light of sunshine as Mr. Fletcher.

My master was keen for the match; but the Nabob was shy of the white face.

She said the Nabob, her papa, as she called himfor, just like us here, they have kindly words and real human feelingsmade a bargain with my master, that if he took her away out of India to where the big woman they call the Company lives, he would be kind to her, and 'treat her as he would do a child which is rocked in a cradle.'

" "That bargain they made him sign with blood drawn just right over his heart; and the Nabob signed, too, for the weight of gold and the jewels.

The purse-proud European, the stuck-up Baboo or Nabob, the deposed Rajah, are to be beheld driving in splendid European carriages, followed by a multitude of servants, in Oriental costume, some standing behind their carriages, and some running before it.

The Rajahs and Nabobs are generally dressed in silk robes embroidered with gold, over which are thrown the most costly Indian shawls.

Why some of our nabobs would give three thousand dollars; but I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll let you have her for two thousand dollars; fancy article is cheap at that.

He was out of his element among black slaves and sepoys, and Nabobs and cadets, and writers to India.

The stranger came,upon the floor he knelt And said"Thou mighty prince of these fair lands, I come from Arcot, and the Nabob sent His humble servant to demand of thee Thy dues which these five years thou hast not paid.

Thus, if the letter n be prefixed to the former, and the sound of b suffixed, the result is the term for soup, nabob.

How could one of our lordly nabobs of the South, sit in Congress with perhaps one of his own manumitted slaves as a representative from Liberia or Hayti!

But in the case of young American nabobs these corrective agencies are too often wanting, and though it is hard to believe that a sophisticated uncle, a soldier grandfather and various other relatives would have allowed a conceited and overbearing young boor to wreck his mother's life by separating her from a former sweetheart, it cannot be said that such cases have not existed or that the picture is altogether overdrawn.

Mr. Rupert is married, I s'pose you heard, sirand living away like a nabob with his bride, in one of the best houses in town.

Not very long ago, a friend of mine found a Syrian swaggering about town, fรชted everywhere, as though he were the greatest man of the day; and who should the Syrian nabob turn out to be, but a man he had employed as a servant in the East, and whom he had been obliged to get bastinadoed for petty theft.

The nabob in his chintzthe speculator with his last hundredand the half-starved agriculturistare but sorry portraits beside the class to whom the next notice is addressed.

The fable is as follows: A shoemaker brought a ha'poth of milk: with this he was going to make butter; the butter was to buy a cow; the cow was to have a calf; the calf was to be changed for a colt; and the man was to become a nabob; only he cracked his jug, spilt his milk, and went supperless to bed.

The nabob's will had not soothed their tempers; and I was honoured with their most smiling animosity.

So, too, with the carriages of the nabobs.

The nabobs had their volantes, still occasionally, but with increasing rarity, seen in some parts of the island.

In a week I become used to everything, and in a month I forget my humble concern on Swift Creek and feel as much a nabob as any of them....

I was to dine the other day at a great nabob's, that must be nameless, who, between ourselves, is strongly suspected ofbeing very rich, that's all.

Nabobs, who for years had been purring about back areas in expensive cars, dressed up like movie-kings, were suddenly debussed and dismantled.

And I'll take down that hectoring Nabob, and prevent him from being made a greater fool than he is.

The Indian Nabobs, as they were called, became a recognized and powerful element in society, and their habits of "Asiatic luxury" are represented by Chatham, Burke, Voltaire, and Home Tooke as producing a marked effect upon the social life of the time.

" "The nabob is hospitality itself, and will be delighted to see you if he is to the fore when you go.

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The piece referred to here by Colman (who was at this period, we believe, the manager of the Haymarket Theatre) may possibly have been a farce that was brought out fifteen years later on the Covent-Garden stage, with the title of "The Israelites, or the Pampered Nabob."

American nabob.

American nabob.

Feigning not to hear him, Friend Hopper looked round at the pictures and rich furniture, and said with a smile, "Why, thou livest like a nabob here!" "Get out of my house, I say!"

Captain Osborne, in the mistaken impression that Amelia has shared her betrayer's fate, marries the beautiful Becky Sharp and is tried for bigamy, but is acquitted, as Becky Sharp is proved to have been already married to an Indian Nabob of the name of Crawley.

If your news be true, I stand to lose fifty thousand; and shall be worth about as much as a Nabob spends yearly on his liveries.'

and the Ambassador of Holland 151 Marshal Saxe 154 Battle of Fontenoy 157 Arrest of Charles Edward 166 Dupleix 168 La Bourdonnais 170 Dupleix meeting the Soudhabar of the Deccan 174 Death of the Nabob of the Carnatic 174 Lally at Pondicherry 184 Champlain 190 Death of General Braddock 203 Death of Wolfe 209 Madame de Pompadour 215 Attack on Fort St. Philip.

All at once a fearful tempest destroyed a part of the squadron in front of Madras; La Bourdonnais, flinging himself into a boat, had great difficulty in rejoining his ships; he departed, leaving his rival master of Madras, and adroitly prolonging the negotiations, in order to ruin at least the black city, which alone was rich and prosperous, before giving over the place to the Nabob.

The moment was propitious; the ancient empire of the Great Mogul, tottering to its base, was distracted by revolutions, all the chops and changes whereof were attentively followed by Madame Dupleix; two contested successions opened up at oncethose of the Viceroy or Soudhabar of the Deccan and of his vassal, the Nabob of the Carnatic.

Versed in all the resources of Hindoo policy, he had negotiated an alliance between his two proteges; both marched against the Nabob of the Carnatic.

He espied in the melley his enemy Tchunda Sahib, and would have darted upon him; but, whilst his slaves were urging on the huge beast, the little French battalion sent by Dupleix to the aid of his allies marched upon the nabob, a ball struck him to the heart, and he fell.

He proclaimed Dupleix nabob of all the provinces to the south of the River Krischna.

[Illustration: Death of the Nabob of the Carnatic174]

When the nabob sent a French officer in his service to compliment M. de Suffren and proffer alliance, the commander interrupted the envoy: "We will begin," said he, "by settling the conditions of this alliance;" and not a soldier set foot on land before the independent position of the French force, the number of its auxiliaries, and the payment for its services had been settled by a treaty.

On the 26th of July, M. de Suffren landed with certain officers of his squadron; an escort of cavalry was in waiting to conduct him to the camp of the nabob, who came out to meet him.

Suffren informed the nabob that M. de Bussy- Castelnau, but lately the faithful lieutenant of Dupleix and the continuer of his victories, had just been sent to India with the title of commander-in-chief; he was already at Ile de France, and was bringing some troops.

"Provided that you remain with us, all will go well," said the nabob, detaching from his turban an aigrette of diamonds which he placed on M. de Suffren's hat.

The nabob's tent was reached; Suffren was fat, he had great difficulty in sitting upon the carpets; Hyder Ali perceived this and ordered cushions to be brought.

Next day, under the nabob's tent, all the courses of the banquet offered to M. de Suffren were prepared in European style.

The admiral proposed that Hyder Ali should go to the coast and see all the fleet dressed, but, "I put myself out to see you only," said the nabob, "I will not go any farther."

I begin to grow acquainted with Colonel Coote, and figure him packing up chests of diamonds, and sending them to his wife against the King's weddingthunder go to the Tower guns, and behold, Broglie and Soubise are totally defeated; if the mob have not much stronger heads and quicker conceptions than I have, they will conclude my Lord Granby is become nabob.

[Footnote 1: Warren Hastings claimed large arrears of tribute from Asaph ul Dowlah, the Nabob of Oude; but Walpole was misinformed when he understood that he had in consequence annexed the provincea measure which was never adopted till the spring of 1857, when its annexation by Lord Dalhousie was among the causes that led to the outbreak of the mutiny.]

"Arrived on Brand-sands, the Vulture, Captain Nabob; the Tortoise snow, from Lapland; the Pet-en-l'air, from Versailles; the Dreadnought, from Mount Etna, Sir W. Hamilton, commander; the Tympany, Montgolfier; and the Mine-A-in-a-bandbox, from the Cape of Good Hope.

Our Nabobs are not treated so roughly; yet I doubt they collect diamonds still more criminally.

They leave such heroic scourges to be decorated by the Voltaires and D'Alemberts of the Gauls, or wait till by the improvement of balloons they may be transported to some of those millions of worlds that Herschel is discovering every day; for this new Columbus has thrown open the great gates of astronomy, and neither Spanish inquisitors nor English Nabobs will be able to torture and ransack the new regions and their inhabitants.

NAWAB, a viceroy of a province in the Mogul empire, applied also to a Mohammedan chief in India, and, spelt Nabob, to a man who has made his wealth in India.

Burke drew such a vivid picture of the of the Nabob of Arcot's crimes that ladies in the audience fainted.