128 examples of nabobs in sentences

"Ah," said he aloud; "the nabobs hev arrove.

" "Who are the nabobs?" asked a quiet voice beside him.

"Never mind who I am," retorted the other in a grumpy tone; "the original question is 'who are the nabobs?'" "See here, young feller; this ain't no place fer tramps," observed Mr. Judkins, frowning with evident displeasure; "Chazy Junction's got all it kin do to support its reg'lar inhabitants.

The engine has left us, andhere we are, I and the nabobs.

"You haven't informed me who the nabobs are, nor why they choose to be sidetracked in this forsaken stone-quarry," remarked the stranger, eyeing the bleak hills around him in the growing light of dawn.

His first gruff resentment had been in a manner disarmed and he dearly loved to talk, especially on so interesting a subject as "the nabobs."

There was no longer any secret as to the plans of the "nabobs"; it was generally understood that those terribly aggressive girls were going to inflict a daily paper on the community.

It's lucky fer me the nabobs is rich, or they couldn't stan' the strain.

Leave these precious words to cabinet-keepers, virtuosos, and maids-of-honor,to the Nabobs, Begums, and Chobdars of Hindostan, or wherever else.

This theater had a colored gallery, and the shaded gentry were required to pay as much for admission to the gallery at the far end of the building as did the nabobs in the parquet.

Peggy's a kind man, an' tol' us to keep stayin' 'til the nabobs arrove.

"Hucks might wait on the nabobs all right, but they won't tol'rate a blind woman a minute, I'm sure.

Sometimes they took him to ride, as he grew better, and the fact that Joe "were hand an' glove wi' the nabobs" lent him a distinction he had never before possessed.

Whyerfifty cents a piece is my price to nabobs; an' dirt cheap at that!"

"But what's the use o' havin' nabobs around, ef ye don't bleed 'em?" * *

As he smacked his lips while going on deck, he thought to himself, these nabobs drink famous good wine.

I said then the fools would get enough of slavery before they'd done with it; and I reckon they're beginning to find it out, not only the rowdies, but the nabobs that set 'em on.

The Rajahs and Nabobs are generally dressed in silk robes embroidered with gold, over which are thrown the most costly Indian shawls.

But in the case of young American nabobs these corrective agencies are too often wanting, and though it is hard to believe that a sophisticated uncle, a soldier grandfather and various other relatives would have allowed a conceited and overbearing young boor to wreck his mother's life by separating her from a former sweetheart, it cannot be said that such cases have not existed or that the picture is altogether overdrawn.

So, too, with the carriages of the nabobs.

The nabobs had their volantes, still occasionally, but with increasing rarity, seen in some parts of the island.

Nabobs, who for years had been purring about back areas in expensive cars, dressed up like movie-kings, were suddenly debussed and dismantled.

ELECTIONS, boroughs bought, ii. 153; by Nabobs, v. 106; lost by vice, iii. 350; rascals to be driven out of the county, ii. 167, 340.

Our Nabobs are not treated so roughly; yet I doubt they collect diamonds still more criminally.

They leave such heroic scourges to be decorated by the Voltaires and D'Alemberts of the Gauls, or wait till by the improvement of balloons they may be transported to some of those millions of worlds that Herschel is discovering every day; for this new Columbus has thrown open the great gates of astronomy, and neither Spanish inquisitors nor English Nabobs will be able to torture and ransack the new regions and their inhabitants.

128 examples of  nabobs  in sentences