57 examples of nash's in sentences

It was her father, however, who took the front seat, and behind Nash's back he had slyly winked at Lenore, as if to compliment her on the evident success of their deep plot.

But Nash's thought seemed turned mostly inward.

Nash's car lurched, skidded into the bank

So in Nash's "Lenten Stuff," 1599: "Nay, I will lay no wagers, for, now I perponder more sadly upon it, I think I am out indeed.

" Many of Nash's works furnish evidence that he was well acquainted with Italian poets and writers.

[As to Nash's withdrawal of his apology, see Hazlitt in v.]

There is a very apposite passage in Nash's "Christ's Tears over Jerusalem," 1593, where he is referring to the resort of spendthrifts and prodigals to usurers for supplies:

A passage quoted in Note 6 to "Gammer Gurton's Needle," from Nash's "Pierce Penniless," is precisely in point, both in explaining the word, and knocking the cup, can, or jack on the thumb-nail, previously performed by Bacchus.

As in Nash's "Pierce Penilesse, his Supplication to the Divell," 1592, p. 15: "But whist, these are the workes of darknesse, and may not be talkt of in the daytime."

In an old poem called the return to Parnassus; or a scourge for Simony, Nash's character is summed up in four lines, which Mrs. Cooper thinks is impartially done. Let all his faults sleep in his mournful chest, And there for ever with his ashes rest!

And Nash's testimony accords with what we know of the social and literary history of the age.

[Footnote E: It seems clear, on the contrary, that Nash's object was to sneer at Jasper Heywood, Alexander Nevil, John Studley, Thomas Nuce, and Thomas Newton,one or more of them,whose Seneca, his Tenne Tragedies translated into Englysh, was published in 1581.

From printed calico to printed books, from Kean's acting to Nash's architecture, all is made to catch the eye, to gratify the appetite for novelty, without regard to real and substantial excellence.

At least Mr. Scott gave him access to Nash's papers, and with these he seems to have betaken himself back to London.

This seems to have gone to the conscience of Hogs-Norton at last; but what really gave the death-blow to top-boots, as a part of evening dress, was the incident of Nash's going up to a gentleman, who had made his appearance in the ball-room in this unpardonable costume, and remarking, "bowing in an arch manner," that he appeared to have "forgotten his horse.

In all the repertory of Nash's extravagances there is not one story of this kind, not one that reveals a wicked force.

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Ogden Nash's Musical zoo for voice and piano.

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Ogden Nash's Musical zoo for voice and piano.

57 examples of  nash's  in sentences