224 examples of nationalism in sentences

" The development of Nationalism among the Turks was a natural phenomenon.

Turkish Nationalism was kept alive after 1909 by a small group of enthusiasts at Salonikatheir leader was Ziya Bey, who had come up to the Young Turk Congress from Diarbekir, and was one of the first converts to the new idea.

" This amazing Kulturkampf is quite possibly a reminiscence of Bismarckian Germany, for Turkish Nationalism is saturated with forgotten European moods, and its vein of Romanticism is as antiquated as the Kaiser's.

They realised only too clearly that the still abstract ideals of Nationalism could not be expected to attract the masses, the lower classes, composed of uneducated and illiterate people.

Thus in the Armenian atrocities the Young Turks made Panislamism and Turkish Nationalism work together for their ends, but the development of their policy shows the Islamic element receding and the Nationalist gaining ground.

Turkish Nationalism and the Panislamic Idea precluded a priori any equality of treatment for the various races and religions of the Empire, and any movement which looked for the salvation of the Empire in the decentralisation or autonomy of its various parts was branded as high treason.

But then Turkish Nationalism depends upon ignoring religion.

" The Arabs of North Africa and the Shias of Iran can appraise the "independence" held out to them by the "unity" which Turkish Nationalism has been presenting already to Syria and Irak, the Yemen and the Hedjaz.

In explaining the bond of interest between Turkish Nationalism and Germany he remarks that "The Pan-Turkish aspirations cannot come to their full development and realisation until the Muscovite monster is crushed, because the very districts which are the object of Turkish IrredentismSiberia, the Caucasus, the Crimea, Afghanistan, etc.are still directly or indirectly under Russian rule.

" This Nationalism, which dominates Turkey's present, has also decided the question of her future.

Turkish Nationalism now directs the Ottoman Government, wields its pretensions, is master within its frontiers; and how does it use its mastery?

Thus Turkish Nationalism shows where the Turk is intolerable and must go, but it also shows where he has some right to stay.

" This jumble of efforts, half-admirable and half-absurd, will justify Turkish Nationalism if it brings about the regeneration of the Anatolian peasantry.

III With these suggestions, Anatolia and Turkish Nationalism may be dismissed from our survey.

Nemesis has overtaken the Germans in the Armenian deportationsa "political end" of Turkish Nationalism which swept away the "economic means" towards Germany's subtler policy.

This is Rohrbach's periphrasis for Arab Nationalism, which will be master in its own house when the Turk has been removed.

If the Ottoman pretension survives, the menace from Turkish Nationalism and German resentment is grave.

"No worse service," he declares, "can be done to the German cause in the East than the propagation of this idea," and the rise of Turkish Nationalism has proved him right.

A casual acquaintance with Pan-German and German naval and military literature during the same period, affords overwhelming proof of this powerful current in German nationalism.

Without outside aid, and with little or no deterioration, they have maintained their nationalism.

The enthusiastic nationalism of Henrik Wergeland and his young following brought conflict with the conservative element, which was not ready to accept everything as good simply because it was Norwegian.

As it was, none of the Sinn Feiners was present, nor indeed any representative of Irish Nationalism at all, and the proceedings were as orderly as a Quaker funeral.

The weaknesses of Germany are her Imperialism, her Junkerism, and her intense, sentimental Nationalism; for the former would have no German ascendancy that was not achieved by force, and, with the latter, made the idea of German ascendancy intolerable to all mankind.

And had Germany been no more than her Court, her Junkerism, her Nationalism, the whole system would have smashed beneath the contempt and indignation of the world within a year.

Whatever Germany may think of the Hohenzollerns, the world outside Germany regards them as the embodiment of homicidal nationalism.

224 examples of  nationalism  in sentences