56 examples of natus in sentences

(a) From Christmas to Epiphany Jesu tibi sit gloria, Qui natus es de Virgine is inserted in all hymns, even on saints' offices.

At Prime the versicle of the little response is Qui natus est. Rubrics.

Ver novum, ver jam canorurn, vere natus orbis est; Vere concordant amores, vere nubunt alites, Et nemus comam resolvit de maritis imbribus.

Rura fecundat voluptas: rura Venerem sentiunt: 75 Ipse Amor puer Dionse rure natus dicitur.

Natus Cubleiae, in agro Derbiensi, Anno MDCLVI.

Cum NATHANAELE, illorum filio, qui natus MDCCXII, cum vires et animi et corporis multa pollicerentur, anno MDCCXXXVII, vitam brevem pia morte finivit.

Out of her slender means she contrived to erect a monument to her deceased husband, on which the following inscription from the pen of his friend Armstrong was inscribed: Hic ossa conduntur TOBIAE SMOLLETT, Scoti; Qui prosapia generosa et antiqua natus, Priscae virtutis exemplar emicuit; Aspectu ingenue, Corpore valido, Pectore animoso, Indole apprime benigna, Et fere supra facultates munifica Insignis.

Natus in Hibernia, Forniae Longfordiensis, In loco cui nomen Pallas.

litter, rubbish, junk, lumber, odds and ends, cast-off clothes; button top; shoddy; rags, orts^, trash, refuse, sweepings, scourings, offscourings^, waste, rubble, debris, detritus; stubble, leavings; broken meat; dregs &c (dirt) 653; weeds, tares; rubbish heap, dust hole; rudera^, deads^. fruges consumere natus

[It]; lubber, lubbard^; slow coach &c (slow.) 275; opium eater, lotus eater; slug; lag^, sluggard, slugabed; slumberer, dormouse, marmot; waiter on Providence, fruges consumere natus

Socrates, Virgil, Horace, libertino parte natus.

Art thou virtuous, honest, learned, well-qualified, religious, are thy conditions good?thou art a true nobleman, perfectly noble, although born of Thersitesdum modo tu sisAeacidae similis, non natus, sed factus, noble [Greek: kat' exochaen], "for neither sword, nor fire, nor water, nor sickness, nor outward violence, nor the devil himself can take thy good parts from thee.

an sit natus conjugem habiturus, facile an difficulter sit sponsam impetraturus, quot conjuges, quo tempore, quales decernantur nato uxores, de mutuo amore conjugem, both in men's and women's genitures, by the examination of the seventh house the almutens, lords and planets there, a [Symbol: Sun]d

" "Go give a sweet smell as incense, and bring forth flowers as the lily:" that we may say hereafter, Scitus Mecastor natus est Pamphilo puer.

A fourth eminent cause of jealousy may be this, when he that is deformed, and as Pindarus of Vulcan, sine gratiis natus, hirsute, ragged, yet virtuously given, will marry some fair nice piece, or light housewife, begins to misdoubt (as well he may)

Cum NATHANAELE, illorum filio, qui natus MDCCXII.

Elfiniae, in Hibernia, natus MDCCXXIX.

Natus tres hebdomidas.

Sanctius his animal, mentisque capacius altæ Deerat adhuc, et quod dominari in coetera posset, Natus homo est.

Orbus es, et locuples, et Bruto consule natus, Esse tibi veras credis amicitias? Sunt veræ: sed quas juvenis, quas pauper habebas: Qui novus est, mortem diligit ille tuam.


[Footnote 1: Et nulli rei nisi Poenitentiæ natus.

He was bene natus, in the sense of being related to the right man, the founder; and in those days he need be only very modicé doctus indeed in order to qualify himself for admission to the enjoyment of his kinsman's benefactions.

Mr. Fitzgerald, through an oversight in translation, and understanding Sterne to say that he himself, and not his correspondent, Hall Stevenson, was "quadraginta et plus annos natus," has referred it to an earlier date.

" "That might answer with a heavy clod of a lad such as the poor youth who is gone, and such as, for his own sake and my brother's, I trust the younger one is, fruges consumere natus; but as for this boy, dulness and vacancy are precisely what would be the ruin of him.

56 examples of  natus  in sentences
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