2315 examples of needles in sentences

1 Automatic Knitter, 72 needles, 30, " 12 " " 48. " 2 " " 84 needles, 33, " 13 " " 52. No.3 Automatic Knitter, 100 needles, 37, for 15 subscribers and $60. " 4 " " 2 cylinders, 33, " 13 " " 52. 1 72 needles 40.

In the midst of the darkness they could see the faint white in his face, with eyes of flame and lips set firm, whirled forward upon the wind, which would have dashed him against the rocks; but as he whirled past, he caught with his hand the needles of the opposite peaks, and was swung high over a great chasm, and landed upon a higher height, high over their heads.

As tapestry Pricked out by women's needles; point-device As saints in fitted haloes.

Yet they stab, Those needles.

Whistle them back like hounds returning Mark how her needles pause at a sound upstairs.

Prevent it, resist it, let it not be so, Lest child, child's children, cry against you 'Woe!' The patriotism of the women is described by the Bastard in King John: Your own ladies and pale-visag'd maids Like Amazons come tripping after drums: Their thimbles into armed gauntlets change, Their needles to lances, and their gentle hearts To fierce and bloody inclination.

His hand felt as if it had been pierced by a thousand needles, and he flew to a snow-bank to rub it with snow.

A rosy, fitful coal sputtered, darting out short capillary lines and needles of fire.

" Something in the homely but true words seemed to rebuke the three listeners for wasted lives, and for a moment there was no sound but the crackle of the fire, the brisk click of the old lady's knitting needles, and Ruth's voice singing overhead as she made ready to join the party below.

"I mailed the letter to Iowa, and then I waited on pins and needles for an answer.

I am made up of queer points and I want so many answering needles.

Tell him to land me anywhereon the Needles even.

In a shelter tent camp beds should be made of hay, grass, leaves, pine or spruce boughs, or pine needles, on top of which the poncho and blanket are spread, thus softening the ground and keeping the sleeper away from the cold and dampness.

The sight of him to Jack was like the touch of a myriad electric needles that pricked sharply, without exhilaration.

"Not much older; not much changed!" thought Jack; and his realization of the disinterestedness of his observation tipped the needles with acid.

A narrow path, strewn with pine needles, led tortuously up to the door.

Some three hours later he walked briskly along a narrow path strewn with pine needles, which led tortuously up to an old colonial farmhouse.

I never did see such a little gal as sharp as that one was; needles was nothin' to her.

She wants Mr. Hav'ley to marry Miss Dora Bannister, an' she's on pins an' needles to know if the young woman here is likely to ketch him.

divine Their cares dropped from them like the needles shaken From out the gusty pine.

The stiff skirt of the old lady made no rustle, the knitting needles made no click.

He had two long tusks which stuck far out of his mouth on either side and were as sharp as knives, and the stiff bristles on his back were as large and as long as knitting needles.

But such sounds did not disturb the universal stillness of the hour; neither did the gambols of yonder group of seals and walruses that were at play round some fantastic blocks of ice; nor did the soft murmur of the swell that broke in surf at the foot of yonder iceberg, whose blue sides were seamed with a thousand watercourses, and whose jagged pinnacles rose up like needles of steel into the clear atmosphere.

I sat, with growing impatience, listening to the sick man's soft breathing and the click of the housekeeper's knitting-needles.

We floated needles in a great basin of water, and gave them names, and watched them turn and swim and draw together,some point to point, some heads and points, some joined cosily side to side, while some drifted to the margin and clung there all alone, and some got tears in their eyes, or an interfering jostle, and went down.

2315 examples of  needles  in sentences