319 examples of negation in sentences

His description of God as "the Power not ourselves which makes for righteousness," might seem, in fact, the negation of Pantheism, because, if God is not ourselves, there is something other than God.

But when you deny some things in combination, (and then another negation is added to them,) and from these things you assume something, so that what remains is also done away with, that is called the third mood of the conclusion.

Then they add a negation of conjunctive propositions; as, "It is not both this and that; but it is this; therefore it is not that."

I attain a knowledge of God's nature from my own by thinking away from the latter, in which, as in everything finite, being and non-being are intermingled, every limitation and negation, by raising to infinity my positive fundamental powers, posse, cognoscere, and velle, or potentia, sapientia, and amor, and by transferring them to him, who is pure affirmation, ens entirely without non-ens.

From these principles Fichte deduces the three laws of thought, identity, contradiction, and sufficient reason, and the three categories of qualityreality, negation, and limitation or determination.

Passivity is diminished activity, negation of the totality of reality.

In correspondence with Böhme's doctrine that God is living God only through his inclusion of negation in himself, it is here maintained: A being can manifest itself only when it is not merely one, but has another, an opposition (the many), in itself, whereby it is revealed to itself as unity.

God is the negation of opposites, the world the totality of them.

The former are reached through combination; the latter by negation, by thinking away the limitations of empirical cognition, by removing the limits from the concepts of the understanding.

By way of the negation of all limitations we reach as many Ideas as there are categories, that is, twelve, among which the Ideas of relation are the most important.

I only wish you knew him well enough to give him a friendly word of advice!" "Is it so bad as all that?" "My dear sir, I don't say there's anything bad about it," returned Quinby, who seemed to possess a pretty gift of suggestive negation.

And the allotted method of punishment is hard work, hard fare, the liberal use of the whip, and a general negation of domestic privileges.

The nominative denotes the agent, actor, or doer; the person or thing that is made the subject of an affirmation, negation, question, or supposition: its place, except in a question, is commonly before the verb.



1.In a familiar question or negation, the compound or auxiliary form of the verb is, in general, preferable to the simple: as, "No man lives to purpose, who does not live for posterity."Dr.

He pretended therefore to be using the a priori method, and to be working by a scanty equipment of ancient logical termsposition, negation, reflection, universal, particular, individual, and the like.

What he did with the category of negation was his most original stroke.

Hegel felt deeply the sterility of this law of conceptual thought; he saw that in a fashion negation also relates things; and he had the brilliant idea of transcending the ordinary logic by treating advance from the different to the different as if it were also a necessity of thought.

Now Hegel found that his idea of an immanent movement through the field of concepts by way of 'dialectic' negation played most beautifully into the hands of this rationalistic demand for something absolute and inconcussum in the way of truth.

The mere absence of negation is not enough; it must be present, but present with its fangs drawn.

Double negation is the only form of affirmation that fully plays into the hands of the dogmatic ideal.

The main thing now is to grasp the generalized vision, and feel the authority of the abstract scheme of a statement self-secured by involving double negation.

Now Hegel himself, in building up his method of double negation, offers the vividest possible example of this vice of intellectualism.

But Hegel treats this not being a concept of anything else as if it were equivalent to the concept of anything else not being, or in other words as if it were a denial or negation of everything else.

319 examples of  negation  in sentences