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505 example sentences with  neighbour's

505 example sentences with neighbour's

"And what do they give you for the privilege of hunting your neighbour's cattle?" "Nothing at all: I even lose my customary rent from those who engage in it."

Each one would, in that case, instead of having half his neighbour's cattle, have all his own; and, being kept in their native pastures, they would be less likely to stray away, and you could therefore slay and eat as you wanted them; whereas, in your hunting matches many more are either killed or maimed than are wanted for present use, and they are consequently consumed in waste.

Then he rolls up his blankets, for there is a premium on sleeping-space, and goes out, with never a notion that he is doing more than any man would, anywhere in the world, to find a place in some neighbour's hut to pass the night.

She had written to Shade Buckheath, a neighbour's boy with whom she had gone to school, now employed as a mechanic or loom-fixer in one of the cotton mills, and from whom she had received a reply saying that she could get work in Cottonville if she would come down.

"Both keys?" "You have said you went down town by the short cut through your neighbour's yard.

201) writes:"My gravity was sorely tried by being called on to settle a quarrel between two old women, arising from one of them having given one primrose to her neighbour's child, for the purpose of making her hens hatch but one egg out of each set of eggs, and it was seriously maintained that the charm had been successful."

A working man and his family out of employment in prosperous times could get a meal at a neighbour's house, just as we, in our class, could get a meal at a neighbour's house if it was a convenience to us in making a journey.

A working man and his family out of employment in prosperous times could get a meal at a neighbour's house, just as we, in our class, could get a meal at a neighbour's house if it was a convenience to us in making a journey.

Aristabulus appeared, by no means in the best humour, for he disliked having been omitted in the late excursion on the lake, fancying that he had a community-right to share in all his neighbour's amusements, though he had sufficient self-command to conceal his feelings.

For our neighbour's reputation is too great and precious a thing to be played with, or offered up to sport; we are very foolish in so disvaluing it, very naughty in so misusing it.

It would inflict no more evil than is necessary; it would cure its neighbour's disease without exasperating his patience, troubling his modesty, or impairing his credit.

Do they not usurp a power of playing with, or tossing about, of tearing in pieces their neighbour's good name, as if it were the veriest toy in the world?

Another way is, when one without competent examination, due weighing, and just reason, doth admit and spread tales prejudicial to his neighbour's welfare; relying for his warrant, as to the truth of them, upon any slight or slender authority.

He may, indeed, perhaps conceive it no great matter that he committeth; because he doth not act in so boisterous and bloody a way, but only by words, which are subtle, slim, and transient things: upon his neighbour's credit only, which is no substantial or visible matter.

And therefore our duty is, if we wish well to our nation, not to judge our neighbour, nor our neighbour's neighbour, but to judge ourselves.

He was none of your hesitating, half story-tellers (a most painful description of mortals) who go on sounding your belief, and only giving you as much as they see you can swallow at a timethe nibbling pickpockets of your patiencebut one who committed downright, daylight depredations upon his neighbour's faith.

and I waited at their neighbour's place for Santosh to collect me which he did at 9 p.m. 30th November:

One almost got my neighbour's hand.

he went on, glancing at his left-hand neighbour's card once more.

But, Tomkins, you have no right, even in a free country, to steal your neighbour's property to support them!"

They were dining at the moment, however, and Mademoiselle must be pleased to wait a few moments until they finished the meal and gathered up a few things which they could carry to a neighbour's: books, and work for their hours of absence, the concierge politely suggested.

He cast no envious glances at his neighbour's property.

Sir Timothy sometimes expressed a majestic pity for Colonel Hewel, because the railway ran through some of his neighbour's best fields; and also because Hewelscourt was on the wrong side of the riverfaced due northand was almost buried in timber.

Then remark at what an acute angle he holds his right elbow as if he were meditating an assault on his neighbour's ribs; then see how he claps the bottle down again as if his object were to shake the pure ichor, and make it muddy as his own brains.

He can tell you how idly we look on our neighbour's fires: and nothing is happened notable at home; save only DRAKE's return.

Divine Providence, according to his morality, made it as much a duty to transfer the dollar that was in his neighbour's pocket to his own, as to watch it vigilantly after the transposition has been effected.

Marry, sir, my case was a goose's case; for my dog wearied my neighbour's sow, and the sow died.

When about to join battle with the enemy, each of the Moharamin takes the end of his neighbour's chain and passes it through the ring in his own nose, by which the whole are chained together, so that no one can possibly run away.

Across the town road which separates my farm from my nearest neighbour's, I saw a field, familiar, yet strangely new and unfamiliar, lying up to the setting sun, all red with autumn, above it the incalculable heights of the sky, blue, but not quite clear, owing to the Indian summer haze.

I said of this tree: "It is mine," and of its companion beyond the fence: "It is my neighbour's."

Iroldo was so struck with the generosity of his neighbour's conduct throughout the whole of this extraordinary affair, that nothing would content his grateful though ever-grieving heart, but he must fairly give up Tisbina after all.

And ye shall not covet what is your neighbour's."

He is so loth to leave his neighbour's fire, that he is fain to walk home in the dark; and if he be not looked to, wears out the night in the chimney-corner, or if not that, lies down in his clothes, to save two labours.

He never eats good meal but on his neighbour's trencher, and there he makes amends to his complaining stomach for his former and future fasts.

He covets his neighbour's business, and his own is to meddle, not do.

The Grahams of Glencardine, having been apprised of their neighbour's intention, mustered in strong force, and marched to meet him.

In Harding's shop I found authors congregated "to laugh the sultry hours away," each watching to catch his neighbour's weak point, and make it subject matter of mirth in his evening's conversation.

Yet he preferred his neighbour's enmity to their goodwill, and went about to make it more bitter by getting himself posted for magistrate, and giving out that he would put down the contraband thereabouts.

His contemporaries certainly believed in his love for Newgatism; for when Walpole had caught a housebreaker in a neighbour's area, he immediately despatched a messenger to White's for the philo-criminalist, who was sure to be playing at the Club any time before daylight.

As he did in Aesop, lose one eye willingly, that his fellow might lose both, or that rich man in Quintilian that poisoned the flowers in his garden, because his neighbour's bees should get no more honey from them.

In vain;there is not a magistrate within ten miles; and custom, Lynch-law, and the coast-guard lieutenant, settle all matters in Aberalva town, and do so easily enough; for the petty crimes which fill our gaols are all unknown among those honest Vikings' sons; and any man who covets his neighbour's goods, instead of stealing them has only to go and borrow them, on condition, of course, of lending in his turn.

"I wonder if any one out in this wilderness counts his stacks, and compares them with his neighbour's?" he said.

Wrapping it hastily round her, she ran into her neighbour's room.

He who has not cultivated his own plot of ground will hardly know much about the tillage of his neighbour's land.

But as the old saying goes"A man can see the mote in his neighbour's eye when he cannot perceive the beam in his own;" and it struck me that the manner in which marriages are managed among the Europeans who are settled here, is much more unbecoming.

Overcome by this reflection, he empties his glass and looks feelingly in his neighbour's face.

he cried, leading on toward the back door; "out that way through the gate with the children, and into some of the neighbour's houses.

If Bubo keeps a catamite or whore, His bounty feeds the beggar at his door: And though no mortal credits Curio's word, A score of lacqueys fatten at his board: 120 To Christian meekness sacrifice thy spleen, And strive thy neighbour's weaknesses to screen.

Do not men, when they try to raise their own family, seem to think that the simplest way to do it is to pull down their neighbour's family; to draw away their custom; oust them from their places, or hurt their characters in order to rise upon their fall?

Pray God's Spirit to quicken your soul, and bring it to life, that it may see and love what is good, and see and hate what is wrong; and instead of being most hard on your neighbour's sin, to which you are not tempted, be most hard on your own sin, on the sin to which you are most tempted, whatsoever that may be.

A few goats feeding among the rocks gave them milk, and there was bread for them in each neighbour's houseneighbour though miles afaras the sacred duty came roundand the unrepining poor sent the grateful child away with their prayers.

It is his common practice to procure his hedges to be broken in the night, and then to demand satisfaction for damages which his grounds have suffered from his neighbour's cattle.

The two singularly consorted listeners in the tower stood gazing, at their respective look-outs, so long as the smallest glimpse of the flowing robe of her light form was to be seen and then they turned to each other, and stood confronted, the eyes of each endeavouring to read the expression of his neighbour's countenance.

He had risen very early in the morning, to send forth a great company of spears, the more easily to ravage this neighbour's realm.

And hath not the Lord, by the mouth of his prophet, pronounced, "Wo unto that man who buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; who uses his neighbour's service without wages, and giveth him nought for his work?"

The frugal creature locked and left her cot To cut a cabbage from a neighbour's field.

By the laws of Ethelbert, any one who committed adultery with his neighbour's wife, was obliged to pay him a fine, AND BUY HIM ANOTHER WIFE.

A wolf had charmed her: Wolf her neighbour's son, Goodly and tall, and fair in divers eyes: For his illustrious sake it was she pined.

your neighbour's bed And kine and asses and whatever is his, Suborned the man and stole our wives by bribes.

Then we shall go about the world cheerfully; and our neighbour's faces will seem to us full of light: instead of seeming full of darkness, because our own eyes and minds are dark for want of charity.

For your own sake, for your neighbour's sake, and for God's sake, be honest men.

For your neighbour's sake, I say; and again, for your children's sake; for the sake of all with whom you have to do, be honest and brave.

Then we went out into the garden, arm in arm, for Mrs. Bradford's footing seemed insecure upon the cobbled walk, and she turned to me at once as naturally as if I were a neighbour's daughter.

Every one looked into his neighbour's face with a profound inquiring light in his eyes, seeking for the first evidence of approaching death.

The sentence is this: "But if he be a robber, a shedder of blood; if he have eaten upon the mountains, and defiled his neighbour's wife; if he have oppressed the poor and needy, have spoiled by violence, have not restored the pledge, have lift up his eyes to idols, have given forth upon usury, and have taken increase: shall he live?

Consequently the foregoing sentence, if expressed by the subjunctive at all, ought to be written thus: "But if he be a robber, a shedder of blood; if he eat upon the mountains, and defile his neighbour's wife; if he oppress the poor and needy, spoil by violence, restore not the pledge, lift up his eyes to idols, give forth upon usury, and take increase; shall he live?

She had meantime paid Dave Sheldon, a neighbour's boy, encountered by his gate, to stay with Duncan during her absence which she explained with a white lie.

Why ought I to come to Sussex, and marry my neighbour's daughter?" "There is no reason that you should marry your neighbour's daughter,

Why ought I to come to Sussex, and marry my neighbour's daughter?" "There is no reason that you should marry your neighbour's daughter,

Are we all then no better than brushed exteriors, whited sepulchres-" His voice stoppedexactly like when you hit a neighbour's gramophone with a well-aimed brick, the same instant silenceand the rustle of the paper stopped, and everything was still... "Have you done with my hat?"

Ever since he was a ladhow many years ago is that?he has shot with his neighbour's party over this farm, and recollects the tenant well, and with that friendly feeling that grows up towards what we see year after year.

"Rough-housing" is throwing your neighbour's bread across the table at someone else, and he throwing his table napkin back at you, and yelling and screaming with mirth; and it often ends with being mauled and pulled about, and water being poured down someone's neck.

The voices still persisted, but they sounded so distant that the light laughter from their neighbour's stoop drowned the echoes.

So he went to a neighbour's house and borrowed two more measures, and put them into the pot and left them to boil.

And the youth went on and met the man who was too rich, and when he heard what Chando had said he thought "If I plough over the boundary on to my neighbour's land it will be a great sin and I shall soon become poor;" and he went to his ploughmen and told them never to plough right up to the edge of the field but to leave two of three furrows space, and they obeyed and from that time he grew richer than ever.

What can the citizen, who can see only the red light on the canvas of the wagon at the end of the street, and the crimson colour of the bricks of his neighbour's chimney, know of the flood of fire which deluges the sky from the horizon to the zenith?

But, admitting the necessary indefiniteness of the terms, it may be asked whether it can really be meant, as a general proposition, that the praise of others and our approbation of ourselves, on reflexion, attach to acts in which we subordinate our own good to the greater good of others, however slight the preponderance of our neighbour's good over out own may be.

But one day, as I was standing at a neighbour's shop-window, cursing after my wonted manner, the woman of the house protested that she was made to tremble to hear me, and told me I by thus doing was able to spoil all the youth in the whole town.

"'It's good for him,' said the neighbour's wife.

And they were butterflies to wheel about Long as the summer lasted: some, as wise, 5 Perched on the forehead of a jutting crag, Pencil in hand and book upon the knee, Will look and scribble, scribble on and look, Until a man might travel twelve stout miles, Or reap an acre of his neighbour's corn.

"On the first occasion, after birth, of any children being taken into a neighbour's house, the mistress of the house always presents the babe with an egg, a little flour, and some salt; and the nurse, to ensure good luck, gives the child a taste of the pudding, which is forthwith compounded out of these ingredients.

*** An ex-special constable, relating his experiences in a weekly magazine, mentions that he once found a perfectly good alarum-clock on the doorstep of a neighbour's house.

Holtcolm, in his drunken anxiety for his neighbour's steadiness, stood near him and with tender, maudlin solicitude began to flick the grains of bergamot scented snuff from the lace of Lord Cedric's steenkirk.

In Northumberland the custom seems to have lasted into the first quarter of the nineteenth century; the fires were lit in the villages and on the tops of high hills, and the people sported and danced round them.[501] Moreover, the villagers used to run with burning brands round their fields and to snatch ashes from a neighbour's fire, saying as they did so, "We have the flower (or flour) of the wake.

A common practice at Hallowe'en was to go out stealthily to a neighbour's kailyard and there, with shut eyes, to pull up the first kail stock that came to hand.

It was some time past one o'clock A.M. when John Mortimer and Brandon, who had been dining together at a neighbour's house, one having left his father rather better, and the other having come home from the Isle of Wight, walked up towards the house deep in conversation, till John, lifting up his eyes, saw lights in the schoolroom windows.

'Didn't know this was to be a dinner with speeches,' murmured the financier, after a few minutes, in his neighbour's ear.

Balancez to corners and turn your neighbour's partner; back to places.

May we never hurt our neighbour's peace by the desire of appearing witty.

Additionally, according to that same poll, a third of Bangladeshis would try to "change" a neighbour's sexual orientation if they discovered he/she was gay.

Her husband, who also served in the Canadian Forces, recalled being shown their neighbour's weapons cache.

In an interview with the BBC, the Eritrean said she was deeply moved by her neighbour's kind act.

Spaza shops started in the homesteads of rural South Africa, where a handful of very basic goods would casually exchange hands between community members in passing or be handed over the neighbour's fence.

The body of the young girl from Shannon, Que., was found in a neighbour's pool shortly before 1 a.m. Monday, police said.

All of the locations used for photos had special meaning for the couple - their own ranch, their neighbour's yard, Jeremy's boss's yard and the original homestead of Jeremy's family, which includes a beautiful, private lake.

Laurie Lynn Vollmershausen, Stratford, had just informed her partner of her intent to leave him when he stabbed her to death while their children ran, screaming in terror, to a neighbour's house, pleading for help for their mother.

Mr. Speaker, this government's commitment to building a Province where things are better for your family, for your children, for your grandchildren and your neighbour's children and grandchildren has not gone unnoticed in the rest of this country.

So he that goeth in to his neighbour's wife; whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.

Taking water from it I am taking water from my neighbour; putting waste into it I am poisoning my neighbour's water.

That could cause ponding in your yard and/or your neighbour's yard, leading to basement seepage and other drainage problems.