236 examples of neighbour's in sentences

Then he rolls up his blankets, for there is a premium on sleeping-space, and goes out, with never a notion that he is doing more than any man would, anywhere in the world, to find a place in some neighbour's hut to pass the night.

Those who composed our Prayer Book felt that, and have filled our services, the Litany especially, with prayers in which each of us can offer up his own troubles to God, if he but remember that he is offering up to God his neighbour's troubles also, and the troubles of all mankind.

And therefore our duty is, if we wish well to our nation, not to judge our neighbour, nor our neighbour's neighbour, but to judge ourselves.

What repartees could have passed, when you must have felt about for a smile, and handled a neighbour's cheek to be sure that he understood it?

and I waited at their neighbour's place for Santosh to collect me which he did at 9 p.m. 30th November:

It's a cursed counthry to live in, Misther Strides, where a young lady of the loveliness and pithiful beauty of Miss Maud can be lost in the woods, as it might be a sheep or a stray baste that was for tasting the neighbour's pastures.

She was in too great terror to go the whole way, but stopped at a neighbour's cottage midway, and asked them to let her in.

Divine Providence, according to his morality, made it as much a duty to transfer the dollar that was in his neighbour's pocket to his own, as to watch it vigilantly after the transposition has been effected.

In Harding's shop I found authors congregated "to laugh the sultry hours away," each watching to catch his neighbour's weak point, and make it subject matter of mirth in his evening's conversation.

" Overcome by this reflection, he empties his glass and looks feelingly in his neighbour's face.

A land of virtue, truth, and charity, Where nature's choicest treasures man enjoyed With little toil, where youth respected age, Where each his neighbour's wife his sister deemed, Where side by side the tiger and the lamb The water drank, and sported oft in mirth.

No, it is the pottering hedgerow shooter, generally on his neighbour's boundary, who is often unsportsmanlike.

If Bubo keeps a catamite or whore, His bounty feeds the beggar at his door: And though no mortal credits Curio's word, A score of lacqueys fatten at his board: 120 To Christian meekness sacrifice thy spleen, And strive thy neighbour's weaknesses to screen. POET. Scorn'd be the bard, and wither'd all his fame, Who wounds a brother weeping o'er his shame!

The dispute about the so-called Imperial Finance reform has shown how party interests and selfishness rule the national representation; it was not pleasant to see how each tried to shift the burden to his neighbour's shoulders in order to protect himself against financial sacrifices.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's property.'

But we pray, also, 'Give us:' not me only, but us; and therefore we pray that He would prosper our neighbour's plans as well as ours.

The girl was able to climb over the hedge into the neighbour's garden, where she hid among the cabbages like a frightened kitten.

He glanced from his neighbour's feet to the boldly sketched hands upon the reins.

She is going to drink tea at a neighbour's, and we shall be alone.

The voices still persisted, but they sounded so distant that the light laughter from their neighbour's stoop drowned the echoes.

He was dressed in a scarlet jacket, and he was always with Yung Pak, except sometimes when he would try to plague him by breaking away and runningperhaps to the house-top or to the neighbour's garden.

Why, was it to be supposed that one could not live worthily unless one was always poking one's nose into one's neighbour's concerns?

And to everything that appeared, from the golden chalice of the altar-table, once the drinking-cup of evil spirits, to the nodding head on the gallows-hill, the old crone hummed her songs; and the crickets chirped, and the raven croaked from the opposite neighbour's house, and the winding-sheet rolled from the candle.

" Hart's use of this argument, so peculiarly Chinese in its reasoning, showed how well he already understood the character of the peoplehow well he appreciated the underlying principle of their community life, the responsibility of a man for his neighbour's behaviour.

Our informant met the latter worthy at the side of the turnpike opposite his neighbour's farm, and seeing a fine crop of wheat upon what appeared to be [and really was] very thin and poor land, asked, 'When was that wheat sown?'

236 examples of  neighbour's  in sentences