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66 examples of  neutralises  in sentences

66 examples of neutralises in sentences

In women, there is a degree of masculinity, as the adrenal in women makes for masculinity, neutralising more or less the specifically feminine influences of the internal secretions of the ovary.

" The two men were sitting in a specially reserved first-class compartment in the Paddington-Plymouth express; as companions they were hopelessly uncongenial, yet as colleagues formed a strong combination in which the qualities of the one served to neutralise the defects of the other.

My conviction on the contrary is, that motives of self-interest of a very gross and palpable description are suggesting treasonable courses to the Canadian mind at present, and that it is a political sentiment, a feeling of gratitude for what has been done and suffered this year in the cause of Canadian self-government, which is neutralising these suggestions.

But first he flew to Angelica, and put on her finger the ring which neutralised its effect.

If put on the finger only, it neutralised all enchantment; but put into the mouth, it rendered the wearer invisible.

Already the northern and southern ends of the frontier between Germany and France are neutralised by the existence of Belgium and Switzerland; why, it may be asked, should not the whole frontier be treated in the same way by neutralising the disputed territory of Alsace-Lorraine?

Already the northern and southern ends of the frontier between Germany and France are neutralised by the existence of Belgium and Switzerland; why, it may be asked, should not the whole frontier be treated in the same way by neutralising the disputed territory of Alsace-Lorraine?

Poland and Alsace-Lorraine might form part of Russia and France respectively, and still be neutralised by a guarantee of other powers.

A precedent exists for this in the terms of the cession of the Ionian Islands to Greece in 1864, while Savoy, though a province of France, is technically neutralised territory.

But, then, as recent experience has shown us, not even independent neutralised States are safe when all Europe is aflame.

The former was neutralised in 1815, the latter in 1867.]

See for the whole question of neutralised States, Lawrence, Principles of International Law, ยงยง 246-248.]

And so the dreams of German liberty, like the dreams of complete German unity, disappeared before the stern necessity of accepting the supremacy of a politically reactionary State; and the Prussianisation which followed did much to neutralise altogether the liberalising influences of the south.

It will be the first duty of our statesmen to watch over the alliance between Russia and the Western Powers, sealed as it is by the fiery ordeal of war, and to neutralise the occult influences which are even now working to undermine it, to the advantage of interests which are anything but British.

To win it the enemy's naval force must be neutralised.

If that can be neutralised his power disappears.

Now this 'something bad,' this defectwherever it has disclosed itselfhas been enough to neutralise the most splendid courage and the most unselfish devotion.

That there was such a thing as the command of the sea is rarely alluded to; and when it is, it is merely to accentuate the possibility of neutralising it by evading the force holding it.

If he is in control of its communications he can send against it as great an expedition as he likes, and the place will be captured or completely neutralised.

But he sometimes neutralises the consolation by extending it over so large an area of human labour, and insisting so impressively on the quantity of energy which will thus be set free for loftier purposes, that I am tempted to desire an occasional famine of invention in the coming ages, lest the humbler kinds of work should be entirely nullified while there are still left some men and women who are not fit for the highest.

Some judges think that the Scotch are more numerous and prosperous here in the South than is quite for the good of us Southerners; and the early inconvenience felt under the Stuarts of being quartered upon by a hungry, hard-working people with a distinctive accent and form of religion, and higher cheek-bones than English taste requires, has not yet been quite neutralised.

It is this great cumulative power which Mr. Lowell has not taken account of, while he certainly has not estimated the enormous loss of heat by free radiation, which entirely neutralises the effects of increase of sun-heat, however great, when these cumulative agencies are not present.

In short, it was a clever device for partially neutralising the long misappropriation of the State's property by the nobles, and for giving to the people what belonged to the peopleto each man, as it were, so many ears of corn from whatever fraction would be his own share of the land.

The prudence of Marius and a victory over the Peligni gained by Sulpicius were neutralised by the new general's rashness.

I do not think it can last.[30] May we not hope that the dangerous element in the Commune will soon be neutralised by the more intelligent portion of the Municipal Council, if, indeed, that portion exists?

Indeed for bold and strong and less sensitive minds negative views will have an attraction and will find support that will go far to neutralise any counterbalancing disadvantage.

The natural inference from the exactness of this coincidence with the language of Matthew as compared with Luke, is not neutralised by the paraphrastic addition from Matt.

So with nitric acid and every agent that operates by neutralising the poison and not by counteracting its effects.

If a person has a full-coated wire-hair bitch he is too apt to put her to a smooth simply because it is a smooth, whom he thinks will neutralise the length of his bitch's jacket, but this is absolute heresy, and must not be done unless the smooth has the very hardest of hair on him.

When such cannot be dispensed with, use very sparingly and in the exact quantities and proportions of acid and alkali, which will neutralise each other by converting into a gas which passes off in baking, if the oven, &c., is all right.

THE UNIVERSAL DIGESTIVE TEA is ordinary tea treated with oxygen, which neutralises the injurious tannin.

By a processwhich, by the way, is not kept secretthe tea is treated with oxygen in such a way that the hurtful tannin is neutralised, while none of the other properties are affected in any way.

By aiming at too much, he has spoiled all, and neutralised what might have been an estimable character, dis

The substitution of law for force has indeed altered the relations of the strong and the weak; the hardening or cooling down of political institutions and social traditions, the fixed and legal track instead of the open pathless field, have removed or neutralised many of those occasions and passages of life, which were formerly the schools of individual character.

The very fact that they united into companies for the purpose of undertaking these contracts shows that they were aware of the risk involved, and wished as far as possible to neutralise it; it did not mean greed for money, but rather anxiety not to lose the capital invested.

But reckoning with Bloch, as they certainly did, they hoped that even in the event of the war getting to earth, it would still be possible to produce novelties that would sufficiently neutralise Bloch to secure a victorious peace.

After the experience of Luxembourg and Belgium no one now dreams of a neutralised buffer State.

She entered by a forbidden door, one which she had herself forbiddenmarching upon France through neutralised Belgium, where every step was on her broken word.

Her neutralised neighbours resisted, as indeed they, like ourselves, were pledged to do.

The shyness in some would help in a statistical return to neutralise the tendency to exaggeration in others, but I do not think there is much room for correction on either head.

The social consideration that would attach itself to high races would, it may be hoped, partly neutralise a social cause that is now very adverse to the early marriages of the most gifted, namely, the cost of living in cultured and refined society.

A short specimen, both of his criticism and poetry, will convince the reader, that the powers of the former were, as has been often the case, neutralised by the insipidity of the latter; for who can rely on the judgment of a critic so ill qualified to illustrate his own precepts?

The vast material interests bottomed on slavery offset and neutralised the unifying process in the South, while it continued its wholesome work in the North, and thus the clashing of ideas paved the way for the clash of arms.

The matter and its guarantee are the two parts of a revelation, the absence of either of which neutralises and undoes it.

How it was so M. Renan does not explain; but he brings St. Peter to Rome also, "following at the heels of St. Paul," to counteract and neutralise his influence.

The sectarian bodies, though neutralised by their own divisions, are ill-affected behind their mask, and would throw it off if they got the opportunity.

I attack; you resist and disarm me and say: "My force having neutralised yours, and the equilibrium being now established, I will hear any reasons you may have to urge for my paying you money; or any argument in favour of your creed.

But the law would not justify me, if having disarmed my opponent, having neutralised his force by my own, and re-established the social equilibrium, I immediately proceeded to upset it, by asking him for his purse on pain of murder.

A bull-like bellow of laughter burst from the battery; even Captain McDunn's grin neutralised the scowling visage he turned to conceal it.

Neutralised by no previous claims, it now has apparently a positive effect, and accordingly its whole power is exercised; hence it may disorganise the mindthat is to say, be fatal to it.

If compensation is possible, it wipes out the injury; but that bitter addition, "I must submit to that from you," which often hurts more than the injury itself, is only to be neutralised by vengeance.

And so it happens that a woman frequently loves an ugly man, albeit she never loves an unmanly man, because she cannot neutralise his defects.

Before a truly passionate feeling can exist, something is necessary that is perhaps best expressed by a metaphor in chemistrynamely, the two persons must neutralise each other, like acid and alkali to a neutral salt.

This one-sidedness is more definitely expressed and exists in a higher degree in one person than in another; so that it may be better supplemented and neutralised in each individual by one person than by another of the opposite sex, because the individual requires a one-sidedness opposite to his own in order to complete the type of humanity in the new individual to be generated, to the constitution of which everything tends....

What is this so potent agency which almost neutralises the discipline of education, of law, of religion?

On entering the world, the lessons that may have been taught about the nobility of self-sacrifice, the reverence due to genius, the admirableness of high integrity, are quickly neutralised by experience: men's actions proving that these are not their standards of respect.

If, after listening to a sermon that has by implication denounced the dishonesties he has been guilty of, the rich ill-doer finds, on leaving church, that his neighbours cap to him; does not this tacit approval go far to neutralise the effect of all he has heard?

Making clothes, edible foods, arms, tools and houses, neutralising the exterior influences of nature.

But they are being left to grow up as their parents were, and even when a few hours of school are given them the home half-neutralises what the education effects.

He had a certain power of statement, but little of co-ordination; he seems not to have had the power of seeing when his ideas were really irreconcilable, and he thought that simply by insisting on his distinctly orthodox statements he not only balanced, but neutralised, and did away with his distinctly unorthodox ones.

Mr. Palmer has recorded how various efforts were made to neutralise the effect of the appointment.

It was a great injustice and a great blundera blunder, because the gratuitous defiance of accepted rules of fairness neutralised whatever there might seem to be of boldness and strength in the blow.

BELT OF CALMS, the region in the Atlantic and Pacific, 4ยฐ or 5ยฐ latitude broad, where the trade-winds meet and neutralise each other, in which, however, torrents of rain and thunder-storms occur almost daily.

The ordinary device is to separate the legislative and executive power; to set up two rival and equal authorities which may check and neutralise each other.

"Lemnos and Samothrace are to pass to Greece, and Chios and Wtlylene are to be neutralised.

Its shape is the most unmeaning of shapes, its height and thickness just neutralising each other; its colour is the most repulsive of coloursa fat and soulless red, a red without a touch of blood or fire, like the scarlet of dead men's sins.