215 examples of neutralizes in sentences

The red are rather the more acid; but, when covered with white sugar, are most wholesome, because the sugar neutralizes their acidity.

The result in either case is the same, for in either case we are in effect forming a fresh spiritual prototype of an opposite character to our desire, which therefore neutralizes the one first formed, and disintegrates it and usurps its place.

Thus the wrist is much less liable to be broken than if it were to consist of a single bone, while the elasticity from having the eight bones movable on each other, neutralizes, to a great extent, a shock caused by falling on the hands.

But the pro-slavery business neutralizes these would-be benefactors, and taints all their endeavours, under the cloak of benevolence, to remove the odium it so justly incurs.

It is the alkali in the soap that neutralizes the gases.

Her expression neutralized.

I thought you all fully understood that on no consideration was my father to have liquor, unless by the physician's or my orderit aggravates his disease and neutralizes all the doctor's effortsand, unless you wish to be immediately discharged, never repeat the same offence.

"Try as we may to build up the race in the essentials of good citizenship and win the good opinion of the best people, some black scoundrel comes along, and by a single criminal act, committed in the twinkling of an eye, neutralizes the effect of a whole year's work.

When acid prevails in the stomach, which is generally the case the day after too free an indulgence in wine, true soda water, taken two or three hours before dinner, or an hour before breakfast, not only neutralizes the acid, but the fixed air, which is disengaged, allays the irritation, and even by distending the organ, invigorates the muscular coat and nerves.

Their abundance neutralizes their effects.

And if a man comes by his wish basely, there is a taint of poison in the wine of life that neutralizes all its sweetness.

Part 5: Fourth Marine Air Wing neutralizes bypassed Jap bases in the Marshalls.

Part 5: Fourth Marine Air Wing neutralizes bypassed Jap bases in the Marshalls.

Concerning (1) nothing more need be said, as the large number of decisive facts I have collected exposes and neutralizes that stratagem.

Among some of the British Columbia Indians "pretty women may be seen; nearly all have good eyes and hair, but the state of filth in which they live generally neutralizes any natural charms they may possess.

Anyhow, his subsequent plea of not guilty to the indictment neutralizes the significance of the original plea.

Thus, then, given two instruments of the same nature, if the harmony which they effect be true, they enter by reason of their conjunction into a negative state which neutralizes their sonority; while the contrary occurs in the case of false unison.

The alkaline bile neutralizes the gastric juice, and renders the digesting mass slightly alkaline.

No need to consider the violet which is completely neutralized at night; only the red in it holds its groundand what a red!

The windows whose blue fissured panes, stippled with fragments of gold-edged bottles, intercepted the view of the country and only permitted a faint light to enter, were draped with curtains cut from old stoles of dark and reddish gold neutralized by an almost dead russet woven in the pattern.

It has been said of Spain that some incurable vice in her organization, or it may be in the temper of her people, neutralizes all of the advantages she ought to derive from her sturdy hardihood, her nearly perfect capacity for endurance and the somber genius alike for war, for art and for literature, which has so often marked her sons.

How thought vibrations are neutralized.

Certain other knowledge of the occultist neutralizes the unpleasant features of the manifestation of this sense, and he finds it often a very valuable adjunct to his senses of seeing and hearing, particularly in the cases in which he is approached by persons having antagonistic or hostile feelings toward him, as in such cases this faculty is particularly active.

Each human sympathetic nervous system contains many receiving stations where emotional vibrations are received, and where they tend to be transformed into similar feeling in the receiving system, unless neutralized by other mental and emotional states in the person.

In the second place, the effect of certain thought vibrations is neutralized by the effect of the vibrations of thoughts of an opposite character.

215 examples of  neutralizes  in sentences