81 examples of newborn in sentences

It's a bonny creel you've landed me in, for I'm as innocent as a newborn babe.

It is the Presentation of the newborn Eve to Adam by the Almighty.

as they went Small Porges' tears were banished quite; and Bellew strode upon his way, his head held high, his shoulders squared, like one in whom Hope has been newborn.

And the pathos of it all touched me deeply amidst the joy of this newborn intimacy.

He felt a newborn remorse while he traversed the corridor, and he very nearly forgave his father for having lived so long.

infantine^, infantile; puerile; boyish, girlish, childish, babyish, kittenish; baby; newborn, unfledged, new-fledged, callow.

It seems like a harmony that falls from heaven and rises at the same time from the earth, becomes confounded, and floats in space, intermingling with the fading sounds of the dying day and the first sighs of the newborn night.

Only once in all her life before had she felt so moved, and this day called it to mind; it was when she had lain in her bed and throttled a newborn child.

And when Axel brought out the newspaper he had fetched from the post office, Barbro sat down to read news of the world: of a burglary at a jeweller's shop in one Bergen street, and a quarrel between two gipsies in another; of a horrible find in the harbourthe dead body of a newborn child sewed up in an old shirt with the sleeves cut off.

The way she tried to pass me now confirmed my newborn suspicion thatwell, that her results were hardly what they ought to be.

We may suppose her fond of children, for wherever she went she held the newborn babies at the font.

There were no dances, no merry-making of any sort; not a solitary drunkard, not a gun fired, nor even was a shout heard to welcome in the newborn liberty.

" See "Newborn (N.C.) Spectator," of Jan. 5, 1838, for the following advertisement.

"You must not on that account neglect Margaret's child," was Madam Conway's answer, as with a wave of her hand she passed on; and this was all she saidnot a word of sympathy or congratulation for the peculiar old woman whose heart, so long benumbed, had been roused to a better state of feeling, and who in the first joy of her newborn happiness had hurried to her mistress, fancying for the moment that she was almost her equal.

There was a fierce struggle within, the wildly beating heart throbbing for one moment with a newborn love, and then rebelling against taking that shadow, beautiful though it was, in place of her whose memory she had so long revered.

"God help me!" cried the man, in a fit of newborn fear.

Like the curse of the Wandering Jew, a newborn restlessness in the girl kept calling "On, on."

For very, very long she would not admit the fact even to herself, deluded herself by the belief that this newborn discontent was but temporary; yet bald, unaltering as the prairie itself, the truth stood forth.

She tried to silence it, tried to overwhelm it with her newborn philosophy; but it was useless.

Out of this newborn ardor grew two important poems, The Gods of Greece and The Artists; the former an elegy on the decay of Greek polytheism conceived as a loss of beauty to the world, the latter a philosophic retrospect of human history wherein the evolutionary function of art is glorified.

BOWERS, INEZ HOGAN. Nicodemus and the newborn baby

For this purpose it is the custom to put a newborn ass colt to nurse to a mare because mares' milk will make it more vigorous: it is considered better than asses' milk, or indeed than any other kind of milk.

Being hard pressed the Sheik was compelled to remount his mare and again seek safety in flight, abandoning the newborn filly to her fate.

" No wonder the mother looked haggardone hundred and fifty miles on foot, with a newborn infant in her arms, fleeing for her life before the barbarous hordes!

It seemed as though, when he closed the cabin door behind him, he somehow shut out his newborn satisfaction.

81 examples of  newborn  in sentences