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461 example sentences with  newborn

461 example sentences with newborn

He told his sister, if she pleased, the newborn infant should be bred up together with little Tommy, to which she consented, for she had truly a great complaisance for her brother.

We may suppose her fond of children, for wherever she went she held the newborn babies at the font.

The great tongue licked the comb, appetite revived, and thus in newborn Hope began the chapter of his gloom.

There were no dances, no merry-making of any sort; not a solitary drunkard, not a gun fired, nor even was a shout heard to welcome in the newborn liberty.

The newborn.

GRULEE, CLIFFORD G. The newborn: diseases and abnormalities, by Clifford G. Grulee and Barnet E. Bonar.

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Nicodemus and the newborn baby.

Betty Knight, Winifred Knight Newborn & Jennie Knight Moore (C); 11Sep69; R468288.

With a chapter on Care of the newborn, by Philip E. Rothman.

His newborn state had died; he was being prosecuted for high treason; he was ready to go to any lengths against North Carolina; and he clutched at the chance of help from the Spaniard.

[206] In his message to Congress dated January 1, 1899, Aguinaldo said: "I consider arguments unnecessary in support of the proposed amendments, every one knows that our newborn Republic now has to fight for its existence against giants in ambition and in power."

He went away to boarding-school not long after this, taking with him the picture of his adored mother, the treasured epic of his dark, strong fathers, his narrow shoulders, his rare, blind bursts of passion, his newborn wonder, and his violin.

For this purpose it is the custom to put a newborn ass colt to nurse to a mare because mares' milk will make it more vigorous: it is considered better than asses' milk, or indeed than any other kind of milk.

It seemed as though, when he closed the cabin door behind him, he somehow shut out his newborn satisfaction.

As a guarantee of his promise he allowed his newborn daughter to become Christian.

Newborn babies can have nipple discharge.

Newborn babies sleep about 18 hours per day.

Newborn colobus are completely white.

Newborn pups weigh around convert and are convert long.

Newborn raccoons are called "kits".

The Cullens are wary of Bella as newborn-vampires are volatile.

The Cullens do not know why or how this happened, but Bella realizes, the day of her graduation, that whoever had broken in was part of the newborn army in Seattle.

The Cullens realize that she has self-control that no newborn vampire has ever had.

The main goal of the Apgar score is to see whether the newborn needs medical help.

The scores are added up, and the total is the newborn's Apgar score.

When she gives birth, Dame Gothel takes her newborn and names her Rapunzel.

When the werewolves find out about the newborn army, they decide to help the Cullens fight them.

He declared that James' newborn son was the "pretended Prince of Wales".

According to sources, the matter came to light after some locals spotted the newborn crying.

Bala and his wife have a newborn baby.

Bodysuits and rompers are the wardrobe staple of the newborn baby.

Cecil and Muriel Stringer were married almost 60 years ago, and in 1962 they were given the wrong newborn baby when they left the Come By Chance hospital.

During the festive period viewers were left shocked when Davidโ€™s paedophile ex-girlfriend, Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) dumped a newborn baby, Theo, on his doorstep without revealing the identity of the father.

Inside of Montgomery Place, 5550 South Shore Dr., there was a celebration of life as one family welcomed a newborn at the start of the new year and two residents celebrated their 100-year birthdays.

In situations where the mother is incapacitated, her partner can step in. Another intervention that can increase newborn survival rates is access to alternative sources of breast milk.

Among the risk factors for shoulder dystocia is macrosomia, the medical term used to describe a much larger than average newborn.

Amsale and her newborn daughter, Bethlehem Jafar, were newly arrived in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Maybe the baby will make both parents tone it down, as they prepare to welcome their newborn into the world, congratulations to NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather.

โ€œNikkiโ€™s son is still a newborn so she hasnโ€™t really thought about what her plans would be in regards to taking him out at this point because she probably wouldnโ€™t be doing so despite the pandemic since heโ€™s still so young,โ€ a source revealed EXCLUSIVELY.

Others simply prefer to spare their newborn the pain of an injection and worry that the shot will disrupt bonding and breastfeeding.

Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set, Designed to Reduce Colic, Wind and Reflux โ€“ was: ยฃ45.99, now: ยฃ26.

โ€œPhones are a lifeline to well wishes, normality and so much more when you have a newborn / are in hospital.

Phones are a lifeline to well wishes, normality and so much more when you have a newborn / are in hospital.

Researchers will then be able to more effectively locate newborn elk, which will then be fitted with transmitter collars for further study.

She saw what the newborn pandas look like, but you canโ€™t really tell how small they are from a video or a picture.

She was forced to watch as the men butchered her newborn child.

Sky News host Sarah-Jane Mee, 41, welcomes a baby girl with fiancรฉ Ben Richardson as she gushes the newborn has 'stolen their hearts'

The 18-year-old mother, named by Russian media as Lyudmila Muradova, is facing an attempted murder investigation after her newborn baby was found wrapped in a towel after falling roughly 7 ft.

As communities work closely with local health care cadres, messages focused on reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health can improve health seeking attitudes.

The first-time parent, named Yami, was seemingly clueless of what to do when her three newborn babies began crying, her owner in China told MailOnline.

The first woman had posted on Facebook groups advertising herself as a newborn baby photographer.

The men of the Ekiti state police command has confirmed the rescue of a newborn baby who was abandoned in an uncompleted building in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital.

The only surviving family member is Daigorล, his newborn son.

The organization was started in 2002 and its mission is to activate people-led movement for reproductive maternal and newborn health and girls.

The pure emotion in her face as she holds her newborn is spectacular.

The statement said officials searched for the baby's parents, โ€œincluding on flights in the vicinity of where the newborn was found.โ€

This image displays the dramatic increase in the endowment of immature egg cells in newborn mice when the Fetal Oocyte Attrition is prevented from occurring.

This morning, new mum Lucy shared an adorable snap of her and fiance Ryan cradling their newborn baby Roman.

This morning, new mum Lucy shared an adorable snap of her and fiance Ryan Thomas cradling their newborn baby Roman.

This was after a dead newborn baby was found in the bushes.

After delivery, newborn head-turning to three, 20 s trials of each parentโ€™s voice (counter balanced over subjects) delivered at an average of 80 dB A was observed.

Canadian maternity, newborn, women's health nursing Canadian ed.).

Cuddle newborn babies at a local hospital or other locations as determined.

DNRE advises hikers, campers, anglers and other outdoors people to stay away from all newborn animals in the wild.

Having a newborn at home is a time of emotional upheaval, even under the best circumstances.

However, this story starts out in fits and spurts, much like a newborn calf testing its legs.

If passed, this bill would amend the Employment Insurance Act and the Canada Labour Code to ensure that an adoptive parent is entitled to the same number of weeks of leave as the biological mother of a newborn child.

I have over 2 years of experience working in a preschool daycare environment and just over 2 years working with a newborn and a toddler in a home setting.

In 1953, he came to for a residency in pediatric medicine at the Childrenโ€™s Hospital, where he worked with on the treatment of rH disease in newborn babies.

It is an exciting time, and the majority of people nowadays like to share by working with a newborn or infant photographer, a person that focuses on newborn photography.

It is an exciting time, and the majority of people nowadays like to share by working with a newborn or infant photographer, a person that focuses on newborn photography.

A newborn Blue whale is as long as a school bus.

A newborn colic baby is restless, unhappy with both crying and screaming for no apparent reason.

A newborn hearing screening test checks the babyโ€™s hearing for any problems.

It is normal for newborn babies to wake to feed every 1 to 3 hours.

It's always such an honour to photograph another photographers newborn <3.

Newborn (0-30 days old) BC Children's Hos.

Newborn calves and calves up to one month of age are to be compensated at 70 per cent of weaning value using the standardized valuation tables.

Newborn Digital photography โ€“ Exactly how can you help the newborn photographer?

Newborn Digital photography โ€“ Exactly how can you help the newborn photographer?

Newborn discharges from acute care institutions in a given province/territory may include non-residents of that particular province/territory or of Canada.

Newborn mortality is very high โ€” one survey suggested that nearly half of all calves fail to reach the age of six months.

Newborn needs to be less than 3 weeks old or if you know someone due this week - have them message me.

Newborn Photography โ€“ How can you assist the newborn digital photographer?

Newborn Photography โ€“ How can you assist the newborn digital photographer?

"Our intent is to come together and raise awareness and support for maternal and newborn health issues around the world," said Jones, who graduates from her program next month.

Parenting any newborn is difficult, the responsibilities and challenges of twins complicates any task because everything is done simultaneously.

Prof. Newborn will no longer be teaching section 2. His place will be taken by Ernesto Posse.

Safety of the provision of vitamin D to newborn and young infants also needs to be addressed.

So, donโ€™t worry if you feel that you may have missed the newborn stage.

The most famous image, taken in 1995, revealed three massive columns of gas and dust near the centre of the nebula that are incubating suns both nascent and newborn.

They are well recognized as causing dystocia (difficult birth) in mares and deaths of perinatal foals (unborn and newborn) in the United States.

This comprehensive home assessment will determine the level of risk and help the public health nurse doing the assessment link the expectant parent or family and newborn with the appropriate services and supports in the community.

This page is dedicated to not newborn photography at reasonable price.

We are having multiple newborn photography sessions during the week.

When a newborn baby has a visible penis and testes, they are usually classified as male.

When his newborn son by his second wife is diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, New York City forensic pathologist Jack Stapleton seeks to find a cure for his son while at the same time being drawn into a battle betwe.

Where my oldest brother had umpteen zillion pictures of himself as a newborn, I had, I think, about six.

Women's & Newborn Health Program Director, IWK Health Centre, Halifax, NS BCC BFI Lead Assessor, BCC Assessment Committee Co-Chair.