81 examples of newborn in sentences

It's a bonny creel you've landed me in, for I'm as innocent as a newborn babe.

But only when it was known that the French Republic had voted an expedition, with the specious object of guaranteeing the independence of the supreme Pontiff, did the Romans and their rulers realize that the existence of Rome and her newborn liberties was seriously menaced.

He sidles obsequiously towards his hero and, with utter irrelevancy, propounds a question of theology, a social theory, a fashion of dress or marriage, a philosophical conundrum: "Do you think, sir, that natural affections are born with us?" or, "Sir, if you were shut up in a castle and a newborn babe with you, what would you do?"

It would seem as if the whole atmosphere of the room must have been surcharged with the terrific passion of her newborn and dreadful hopes.

No one knows where the porpoise and the whale cradle their newborn infantsit is so difficult to pry into the domestic ways of these sea-peoplebut evidently the seals cannot manage it, so they are forced to return to the land when the cares of maternity are on them.

Only once in all her life before had she felt so moved, and this day called it to mind; it was when she had lain in her bed and throttled a newborn child.

And when Axel brought out the newspaper he had fetched from the post office, Barbro sat down to read news of the world: of a burglary at a jeweller's shop in one Bergen street, and a quarrel between two gipsies in another; of a horrible find in the harbourthe dead body of a newborn child sewed up in an old shirt with the sleeves cut off.

We may suppose her fond of children, for wherever she went she held the newborn babies at the font.

There were no dances, no merry-making of any sort; not a solitary drunkard, not a gun fired, nor even was a shout heard to welcome in the newborn liberty.

" See "Newborn (N.C.) Spectator," of Jan. 5, 1838, for the following advertisement.

But the proud chivalry of the South is securely employed in kidnapping newborn infants.

In "The Letters of Charles Lamb," Sir T.N. Talfourd says: "Indifferent altogether to the politics of the age, Lamb could not help being struck with productions of its newborn energies so remarkable as the works and the character of Godwin.

She was a doting parent, and we all must toast the newborn.

For like the silvery vision of the newborn streak of that Lord of Herbs, she was slender and pale and wan, formed as it seemed of some new strange essence of pure clear ice and new dropt snow, and she loomed on the soul of Aja out of the blackness of his trance like a large white drooping lily, just seen in the gloom of an inky night.

Only such an explanation could make probable a narrative which places the subject as a newborn babe in 1860 and sold after slavery had ceased while still too young to remember.

"My dear, this will not do at all, for you ought to be in bed with the newborn child, as is the custom with the mothers of Philistia.

Out of this newborn ardor grew two important poems, The Gods of Greece and The Artists; the former an elegy on the decay of Greek polytheism conceived as a loss of beauty to the world, the latter a philosophic retrospect of human history wherein the evolutionary function of art is glorified.

GRULEE, CLIFFORD G. The newborn: diseases and abnormalities, by Clifford G. Grulee and Barnet E. Bonar.

The newborn: physiology and care, by Clifford G. Grulee and Barnet E. Bonar.

BOWERS, INEZ HOGAN. Nicodemus and the newborn baby

But Dr. Finney's terrible anathemas on the depravity and deceitfulness of the human heart soon shortened our newborn hopes.

" "No danger of that," said he; "we are all bright enough, and yet a cask of beer is rolled into the cellar for the mother with each newborn child.

[206] In his message to Congress dated January 1, 1899, Aguinaldo said: "I consider arguments unnecessary in support of the proposed amendments, every one knows that our newborn Republic now has to fight for its existence against giants in ambition and in power."

Being hard pressed the Sheik was compelled to remount his mare and again seek safety in flight, abandoning the newborn filly to her fate.

The arbor was dear with a newborn love.

81 examples of  newborn  in sentences