642 examples of newcomers in sentences

The newcomers, stained with blood and blackened with gunpowder, with dishevelled hair and bare arms, climbed on the benches, stairs, and galleries; and in every part were shouts of "Down with the regency!

He, too, went to work, and, being an excellent prospector, he was of great service in teaching the newcomers the principles of prospecting and mining for goldprinciples not abstruse, yet not likely to suggest themselves at first thought to men entirely ignorant of the business.

Many of the newcomers were mere squatters, bent on making money and then returning to England.

" The newcomers made their way along the room.

They stood up at sight of the newcomers and shouted a welcome.

The Saadians were Cherifian Arabs, newcomers from Arabia, to whom the lax Berber paganism was abhorrent.

Those light-hearted newcomers, who danced and gayly sang, O Susannah, don't you cry for me!

The newcomers shouted something in a hoarse voice to the men on the side where I was standing, and these immediately rushed off towards the Beehive.

Father said the other day that he wished that conservative country places that had lived respected and respectable lives for years could have the power to socially quarantine all newcomers before they were allowed to purchase land and set a pace that lured the young cityward at any cost.

In spite of a certain reticence, she was eager to know the names of all the newcomers; but when I mentioned Mrs. Latham, saying that she was the mother of Sylvia, one of her son's pupils, and described the beauty of their place, I thought that she gave a little start, and that I heard her speak the initials S. L. under her breath; but when I looked up, I could detect nothing but a slight quiver of the eyelids.

Herman greeted the newcomers with troubled cordiality.

It was rather consoling to cover some ignominious retreat with a new epigram on Cromwell's red nose, that irresistible member which kindled in its day as much wit as Bardolph's,to hail it as "Nose Immortal," a beacon, a glow-worm, a bird of prey,to make it stand as a personification of the rebel cause, till even the stately Montrose asked newcomers from England, "How is Oliver's nose?"

CROSS, DOROTHY E. Newcomers and nomads in California.

SEE Cross, William T. CROSS, WILLIAM T. Newcomers and nomads in California, by William T. Cross & Dorothy E. Cross.

One of the newcomers was Ben Loring, a well-known detective of the Montreal department; the other our old friend Nick Hanson.

This blow was not struck by the major, but by his new clerk, who had not been observed by either of the newcomers.

I have read few things so touching as this tale of commonest experience which seems as true to the suffering and defeat of the newcomers, as to the stupid inhumanity of the neighbors who join, under the lead of the evillest among them, in driving the strangers away; in fact I know nothing parallel to it, certainly nothing in English; perhaps The House with the Green Shutters breathes as great an anguish.

It was a constant procession of new faces, of masters who came from every corner of Spain to take their seats in the choir, to die a few years afterwards, leaving the vacancies to be filled again by other newcomers; but the Lunas always remained at their post, as though the ancient family were another column of the many that supported the temple.

The newcomers appeared at church on Sunday at all the services.

To newcomers he would intimate what were the prejudices or susceptibilities or limitations of those among whom they were cast.

He would be just as careful to see that the old standbys did not make things rough or unfair for the newcomers.

" The newcomers sat down, the man who had spoken removing his hat.

"Makes it a business to help newcomers like you to get located.

Most of the newcomers find it to their advantage to develop the peculiar opportunities of the new land, rather than to go on producing the same things in the same way as they did in the old country.

The newcomers were fellow-students from my own part of Germany, and had left Göttingen four days later than I. Great was their astonishment at finding me again, alone on the Blocksberg.

642 examples of  newcomers  in sentences