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642 examples of  newcomers  in sentences

642 examples of newcomers in sentences

The most characteristic of the newcomers at this elevation above the sea are principally sun-loving gilias, eriogonae, and compositae, and finally forest-trees.

And here he excused himself; he broke off in the very middle of a story, and telling them that he would be back any moment, stepped into a crowd of newcomers.

Maybe some of the newcomers may have said something, but all the old-timers know you had some different reason for leaving the rest of them.

He had thought, at first, that perhaps the newcomers would number a few ships, attracted by the sounds of battle, but as he looked at the formidable array now bearing down on him he knew that his plans, whatever they were, had been frustrated.

The conversation at luncheonthe simplest of mealsand during a stroll afterwards, is thrilling indeed to us newcomers.

The newcomers, stained with blood and blackened with gunpowder, with dishevelled hair and bare arms, climbed on the benches, stairs, and galleries; and in every part were shouts of "Down with the regency!

He, too, went to work, and, being an excellent prospector, he was of great service in teaching the newcomers the principles of prospecting and mining for goldprinciples not abstruse, yet not likely to suggest themselves at first thought to men entirely ignorant of the business.

Many of the newcomers were mere squatters, bent on making money and then returning to England.

The New England was a feature in St. Paul, and it was pointed out to newcomers as the first gubernatorial mansion, and in which Gov. and Mrs. Ramsey had begun housekeeping in 1849.

This act of justice gained for the settlers the esteem and confidence of the Indians; and as these original possessors of the soil did not dispute the title of the newcomers to the portion of the American soil on which they had established themselves, they considered henceforth that their claim was valid, and that they could stand before the natives on terms of equality.

It was on spiritual matters that they sometimes disagreed; and on these points the Plymouthers watched the newcomers with suspicious sensitiveness, and resolved to maintain their dearly- purchased based rights to religious freedom, against any pretensions that might be made by the church of Boston.

The newcomers produced divers and sundry parcels, which they turned over to the ladies, and which proved to contain various new books and magazines and delicious candies and fruits.

After the older girls had spoken to the principal, the newcomers began to move forward.

" Ada frankly scowled at the newcomers.

The girl, thus suddenly released, stared at the newcomers in astonishment and then sank down on a chair, too much overcome to move or speak.

I lay it very close to my own conscience as a public man whether we can any longer stand at our doors and welcome all newcomers upon those terms.

At first, the newcomers were fairly quiet, and what little sheep-stealing they did was overlooked.

" The newcomers made their way along the room.

But the Menapians united themselves with these newcomers, and aided them to meet the shock of the imperial armies.

The old Spaniards, who held, many of them, large sheets of the forests which they had never cleared, had to give them up, with grumblings and heart-burnings, to the newcomers.

Till the last two years the newcomers received their wages entirely in money.

The newcomers were surrounded and importuned for news.

The "gambs," as the sharp had called the newcomers in the car, did not betray their game at once.

Their conduct towards the white men was much more friendly than might have been expected, and almost from the first they displayed a conciliatory attitude, and entered into alliances with the newcomers.

In diplomacy they did not prove themselves in the long run as skillful as the newcomers, who by degrees secured from them the land over which they had previously exercised sovereign rights.

Fortunately for the newcomers, industry was a watchword among them, and a country which had been up to that time a stranger to the plow and shovel was drained and ditched, and very speedily planted to corn and wheat.

It is not to be supposed that acts such as these were approved indiscriminately by the newcomers.

This being done, quarter-sections were selected by each of the newcomers, and work commenced with a will.

Tents and huts were put up as rapidly as possible, and before a week had passed the newcomers were fairly well settled.

The majority of the newcomers thought it better to obey the law, and these settled down, with their wagons for their homes, and sought work with which to maintain their families until the proclamation was issued and the country opened to them.

By morning several houses had been erected, and the arrival of freight trains loaded with provisions not only enabled thoughtful caterers to make small fortunes, but also relieved the newcomers of much of the distress they had been suffering.

They kept on day after day, and, late in the season as it was, many of the newcomers raised a good crop that year.

The very nature of his work used to make the cowboy somewhat desperate in his habits, and apt to be suspicious of newcomers.

The newcomers from the Eastern States were absolutely unprepared for the necessary privations of frontier life.

The children, who are sitting around in large numbers, vie with their elders in matters of idleness, though they are occasionally aroused to a condition of pernicious activity by the hope of securing donations or compensation of some kind from newcomers and guests.

The lamp halted, then it was raised high in the air as the crawling half dozen approached, and Holman gave a curious little gurgle as the light fell upon the three newcomers.

The three newcomers moved to the side of the cavern, so that nothing except their bare feet were visible, and backward and forward in front of those feet moved the human serpents with a regularity that was stupefying.

He recognised the newcomers to be the squire, Colonel Graham, and his wife, with a visitor staying with them.

They stood up at sight of the newcomers and shouted a welcome.

The Kelly aviators gazed curiously, some of them resentfully, at the newcomers.

When Mizzou and his companion entered the room, the hum of talk died, and every one turned expectantly in the direction of the newcomers.

When the five who had been paid off returned, everybody had a drink, while the newcomers were made acquainted with the subject.

And thus the excursion proceeded, until suddenly a shote, surprised in his calm search for roots in a fence corner, darted into the road, and stood for an instant gazing upon the newcomers with that idiotic stare which only a pig can imitate.

A warm wave of gratitude swept over Peggy as she looked up at the sound of footsteps and saw who the newcomers were.

Perhaps the newcomers thought it time to take the name out of the rut.

" Oliver disappeared in haste, and Josiah, with an apology to Miss Euphemia, followed him; while General Wolcott, casting off his hat and gloves, seated himself with Moppet on his knee, and Miss Bidwell appeared from the kitchen with fresh reinforcements of breakfast for the newcomers.

" All doubt about what the newcomers were was solved before we reached the river; so we sat and watched the scene so venerable and ancientthe patriarchs moving into the desert, to find new pasture-ground.

"Batches of one of its regiments were in such a hurry to get out of the Ypres front when relieved by the 92nd Regiment that they left without giving the newcomers infor-[inverted type: mation about the line or state of their flanks.]"Scots Paper.

The Saadians were Cherifian Arabs, newcomers from Arabia, to whom the lax Berber paganism was abhorrent.

Those light-hearted newcomers, who danced and gayly sang, O Susannah, don't you cry for me!

He met the newcomers with a courageous front.

" "Yes, but it would play better," he began, in the patronizing tone always used to newcomers in the theatre.

The Albanians, Serbians, Bulgarians, Greeks, and Roumanians remained where they had been, but were oppressed by the newcomers.

As the newcomers hurried westward into the cities of the Mississippi valley, the native population was startled by the appearance of men who often could not speak our language.

These newcomers brought with them very un-American standards of living, and flooded the labor market with labor unskilled and therefore cheaper than the normal native supply.

Still, at intervals and under sore disadvantages the poor newcomers did some fighting on their own account.

There have been occasions in history and there occur still today instances when economic conditions being such that their labor was urgently needed and therefore desired, it was easy for newcomers to enter a fresh field of industry, and give to a whole class or even to a whole sex in one locality an additional occupation.

Settlers of every type, in fact, adopted the crop as rapidly as they could get seed and ginning facilities, and newcomers poured in apace to share the prosperity.

The newcomers settled mainly in the New Orleans neighborhood, the whites among them promptly merging themselves with the original Creole population.

The volume of emigration was undoubtedly great, and few newcomers came in to fill the gaps.

Still more important, however, was the repugnance which the newcomers felt at working and living alongside the blacks; and this was a consequence not of the negroes being slaves so much as of the slaves being negroes.

It was a racial antipathy which when added to the experience of industrial disadvantage pressed the bulk of the newcomers northwestward beyond the confines of the Southern staple belts, and pressed even many of the native whites in the same direction.

And perhaps, also, and this is the author's dearest wish, they may inspire young readers to hold to the hardy traditions of the 'Fifties and to keep this spirit alive in a country destined soon to be densely peopled with newcomers from the long-settled parts of the world.

The newcomers shouted something in a hoarse voice to the men on the side where I was standing, and these immediately rushed off towards the Beehive.

Father said the other day that he wished that conservative country places that had lived respected and respectable lives for years could have the power to socially quarantine all newcomers before they were allowed to purchase land and set a pace that lured the young cityward at any cost.

In spite of a certain reticence, she was eager to know the names of all the newcomers; but when I mentioned Mrs. Latham, saying that she was the mother of Sylvia, one of her son's pupils, and described the beauty of their place, I thought that she gave a little start, and that I heard her speak the initials S. L. under her breath; but when I looked up, I could detect nothing but a slight quiver of the eyelids.

What was more trying, they glared at the newcomers in a most expressive manner.

A half dozen of them dashed hither and thither and returned with great umbrellas, which they hoisted above the heads of the newcomers.

Almost before they could realise what had happened the newcomers were chattering in the spacious halls below, tramping about the rooms, and giving orders in high, though apparently efficacious voices.

" The first Whipple, now recovered from his unseemly paroxysm, sat erect to study the newcomers in detail.

Herman greeted the newcomers with troubled cordiality.

And among the very prettiest and most fetchingly arrayed newcomers you would quickly have noticed three with whom this carriage group exchanged signals.

VIII ONE KILLED The newcomers' talk, as they crouched busily over their horses' feet, was on random themes: Dan Rice, John Owens, Adelina and Carlotta Patti, the comparative merits of Victor's and Moreau's restaur'hah!

The Higgins boy, saucer-eyed over the experience of being "on the inside" during the handling of the first sizable news-story since he had become our local reporter, voiced the interrogation on the faces of other office newcomers.

It was rather consoling to cover some ignominious retreat with a new epigram on Cromwell's red nose, that irresistible member which kindled in its day as much wit as Bardolph's,to hail it as "Nose Immortal," a beacon, a glow-worm, a bird of prey,to make it stand as a personification of the rebel cause, till even the stately Montrose asked newcomers from England, "How is Oliver's nose?"

CROSS, DOROTHY E. Newcomers and nomads in California.

SEE Cross, William T. CROSS, WILLIAM T. Newcomers and nomads in California, by William T. Cross & Dorothy E. Cross.

One of the newcomers was Ben Loring, a well-known detective of the Montreal department; the other our old friend Nick Hanson.

This blow was not struck by the major, but by his new clerk, who had not been observed by either of the newcomers.

Seeing the newcomers halt and then turn abruptly back into their tracks he picked up the watch and strolled off into the woods, taking a short out for the dirt road which led up to his house.

Many were leaving; among them Pringle's fat and obliging neighbors rose with a pleasant: "Excuse me, please!" A stream of newcomers trickled in through the door.

"Half the valley is owned by newcomers, men of substance, who, with the votes they influence or control, will decide the election.

A great city is like an ever-burning fire,the newcomers who thrust in their fingers will be scorched and scarred, but the fire will not be changed or extinguished.

I have read few things so touching as this tale of commonest experience which seems as true to the suffering and defeat of the newcomers, as to the stupid inhumanity of the neighbors who join, under the lead of the evillest among them, in driving the strangers away; in fact I know nothing parallel to it, certainly nothing in English; perhaps The House with the Green Shutters breathes as great an anguish.

It was a constant procession of new faces, of masters who came from every corner of Spain to take their seats in the choir, to die a few years afterwards, leaving the vacancies to be filled again by other newcomers; but the Lunas always remained at their post, as though the ancient family were another column of the many that supported the temple.

The newcomers appeared at church on Sunday at all the services.

To newcomers he would intimate what were the prejudices or susceptibilities or limitations of those among whom they were cast.

He would be just as careful to see that the old standbys did not make things rough or unfair for the newcomers.

" The newcomers sat down, the man who had spoken removing his hat.

Knots of the older students were watching her; bewildered newcomers were trying, like herself, to discover the cause of mirth.

"Makes it a business to help newcomers like you to get located.

Most of the newcomers find it to their advantage to develop the peculiar opportunities of the new land, rather than to go on producing the same things in the same way as they did in the old country.

Though he had not yet had time to change his trousers, he nevertheless presented a semi-professional air as he advanced to meet the newcomers.

The observant Hun promptly recognised that he was faced by a fresh batch of opponents, and, having carefully studied the characteristics of the newcomers, prescribed and administered an exemplary dose of frightfulness.

Their dreams, their deeds, their terrific tempers, lurked for the newcomers, and harried them forth or made them kin.

Tomorrow brings retirement for those who have reached the age limit of service and who as a matter of group routine are replaced by newcomers.

There are two answers to this problem: periodic housecleaning, without fear or favor, together with careful scrutiny of the apprentices and other newcomers in the field.

Perceiving the splendid impression his appeal had made upon the newcomers, the manager almost pushed the lads before the counter and made them write their names upon the soiled and tattered register.

It was alleged, too, that a number of these newcomers were "smart looking men," evidently officers.

The newcomers were fellow-students from my own part of Germany, and had left Gรถttingen four days later than I. Great was their astonishment at finding me again, alone on the Blocksberg.