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132 example sentences with  nexus

132 example sentences with nexus

These two conceptions are so intimately interwoven in Scripture that they cannot be separated, but at the present day there is a growing tendency to attempt to make this separation and to discard the conception of a Divine Sacrifice as unphilosophical, that is as having no nexus of cause and effect.

What I want, therefore, to point out in these additional pages is that there is such a nexus, and that so far from being without a sequence of cause and effect it has its root in the innermost principles of our own being.

This relation is the nexus visible.

Both revelation and enlightenment are progressive, and once the nexus of our broken life were restored, philosophical development would be continuous, and we should go on beyond the scholastics even as they proceeded beyond Patristic theology and philosophy.

We admit this, for the evidence is so conspicuous that to deny it would be hypocrisy, but something holds us back from recognizing the nexus between effect and cause.

And meanwhile, that nobler bond, after which Socialists so-called have sought, and after which I trust they will go on seeking stilla bond which shall combine all that was best in patriarchism and feudalism, with that freedom of the employed which those forms of society failed to givehas not been found is yet; and, for a generation or two to come, 'cash-payment seems likely to be the only nexus between man and man.'

He has exchanged a human nexus for a "cash nexus."

He has exchanged a human nexus for a "cash nexus."

This would be a miracle as long as no causative 'nexus' was conceivable between the antecedent, the noise of the shout, and the consequent, the atmospheric discharge.

For the scientific men of these ages God, devil, angels, demons hid the whole of nature; no inquiry was followed to the end, nothing ever thoroughly examined; everything which went beyond the most obvious casual nexus was immediately set down to those personalities.

On the other hand, Vergil's master, while he affirms the causal nexus for the governance of the universe: nec sanctum numen fati protollere fines posse neque adversus naturae foedera niti

Every one knows that it was borrowed by English lawyers from the Roman codes, when commercialism destroyed the old feudal nexus.

The modes are all subject to the constraint of an unbroken and endless nexus of efficient causes, which leaves room neither for chance, nor choice, nor ends.

Since, however, extension and thought are not two substances, but attributes of one substance, this apparently double causal nexus of two series proceeding in exact correspondence is, in reality, but a single one.

It is now possible to state of what impression the idea of the causal nexus is the copy: the impression on which it is based is the habitual transition from the idea of a thing to its customary attendant.

The fact that in the world of phenomena the causal nexus proceeds without interruption and without end, so that there is no room in it either for an absolutely necessary Being or for freedom, does not conflict with this other, that beyond the world of sense there may exist an omnipotent, omniscient cause of the world, and an intelligible freedom as the ground of our empirically necessary actions.

The country gained in tropical aspect as we approached the narrow strip of land which is the nexus of Tahiti-nui and Tahiti-iti, of the blade and the handle of the fan.

The two areas will become parties in a vast economic nexus, and, as in all business transactions, each will try to get the best of the continually intensified bargaining.

This way of linking the two anecdotes, as cause and effect, would also bring a third anecdote under the same nexus.

For the men of learning of those epochs, God, devil, angels, demons, hid the whole of Nature; no investigation was carried out to the end, no matter sifted to the bottom; everything that was beyond the most obvious causal nexus was immediately attributed to these; so that, as Pomponatius expressed himself at the time, Certe philosophi nihil verisimile habent ad haec, quare necesse est, ad Deum, ad angelos et daemones recurrere.

In this System of Being, there is no Creature so wonderful in its Nature, and which so much deserves our particular Attention, as Man, who fills up the middle Space between the Animal and Intellectual Nature, the visible and invisible World, and is that Link in the Chain of Beings, which has been often termed the nexus utriusque Mundi.

Credit is the new principle of trade,the nexus of modern society; but it has scarcely yet been properly considered.

Now, they wanted the WWE to give the other 7 members of the Nexus WWE contracts.

Orton would punt each member of Nexus over the weeks and removed them from in ring action.

At SummerSlam, the Nexus were defeated by Team WWE, who had Daniel Bryan, who joined Team WWE as a surprise member (after Nexus had (kayfabe) injured Khali, taking him out of the match) and eliminated both Young and Slater.

At SummerSlam, the Nexus were defeated by Team WWE, who had Daniel Bryan, who joined Team WWE as a surprise member (after Nexus had (kayfabe) injured Khali, taking him out of the match) and eliminated both Young and Slater.

A week later, The Nexus explained their motive for what they did.

The rest of the members of Nexus returned and cost Orton a shot at the WWE Championship.

If Barrett won, Cena would be forced to join Nexus but if Cena won Nexus would be disbanded.

If Barrett won, Cena would be forced to join Nexus but if Cena won Nexus would be disbanded.

Coal fields abound in eastern Kentucky, and such fields as Elkhorn, Thacker, Hazard, Paintsville, and more are the nexus point for the removal of millions of tons of coal each year.

A long time ago in a distant fairytale countryside, a young girl leads her little brother into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.

Also, Gandhi Abdullah family nexus has been the cause for personal political ambitions at the cost of stateโ€™s progression.

โ€œI strongly believe that RiverCenter is a fruitful organization, and works well, as demonstrated today, because of the inherent nexus and relationship the center has with the mayor and council through our representatives,โ€ he said.

It is a joint effort among researchers at Northwestern, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NASA Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS).

Its one significant implication is that it marks the rise of what I call the Gidi Arts and Tech nexus as a political actor in Nigeria.

Kreiss-Tomkins added, "Unfortunately, as Alaska has struggled with massive budget deficits, the PFD โ€” how big or how small โ€” has become the nexus of debate.

Krishna had claimed the video was morphed and was an attempt to tarnish his credibility, as he had sought to expose a criminal nexus involving top officers and arrested journalists.

Mod hosting site Nexus Mods announces it will be banning content related to US sociopolitical issues in the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential election.

Nexus (CURRENCY:NXS) traded 6.2% lower against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 0:00 AM Eastern on March 14th.

Nexus Investment Management Inc. now owns 11,032 shares of the oil and gas companyโ€™s stock valued at $770,000 after purchasing an additional 5,700 shares during the last quarter.

One Nexus coin can currently be bought for $0.22 or 0.00002109 BTC on major exchanges including Bittrex, Trade By Trade, Binance and Cryptopia.

Out of all the talent in the original Nexus, the man who wrestled for the WWE the longest turned out to be none other than Heath Slater.

Sandeep Singhal, managing director and co-founder, Nexus Venture Partners, said Pandoโ€™s India success story could be replicated in many markets.

Still in the same nexus, now after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them.

โ€œThe information is false in all material particular as none of the said documents have any nexus with the name of the 3rd defendant (Degi-Eremienyo) on the said Form CF001.โ€

โ€œThe new community is conveniently positioned at the nexus of the Cherry Creek, Hilltop, Crestmoor and Lowry neighborhoods.

The panel, a collaboration of The New York Times with support from Wellcome Trust and BCG Digital Ventures, was led by Somini Sengupta, a Times climate reporter, and looked at the climate health nexus through the strategic lens of cities.

There is also a talk about the alleged drug-nexus.

There is no doubt that a new nexus rule for taxing MNEs is required, especially given the significant revenues being sourced by MNEs from Nigeria.

The unified teams will deliver greater scope and focus to their clients, while Xeniaโ€™s streamlined operations will further enhance customer experience through scale, reach and efficiency, said Nexus Group in a statement.

This season doesnโ€™t stay confined to the violent world of Mirzapur โ€“ It takes us to the power corridors where a nexus between politics and criminals prevails.

Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: SCARLET NEXUS โ€“ Tokyo Game Show Trailer (https://youtu.

We thought the Nexus 6 had plenty of power, good all-round performance and a solid build backed by an attractive design.

With assistance of the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force, all involved parties have been identified and have been determined to have a nexus to each other, police said in the statement.

Within two blocks there are major four- and six-lane thoroughfares, numerous bike lanes, joggers, dog walkers, oblivious ear-budded pedestrians, and a major bus nexus serving both public and private coaches.

โ€œYou have the ability to take away the business and landowner members, but instead, what youโ€™re doing is youโ€™re removing the nexus of the mayor and council,โ€ Menna said.

Check the expiry date of your driverโ€™s license, vehicle registration, passport, and NEXUS card to make sure that they remain valid for the duration of your trip.

Cross-border law enforcement initiatives, new air and border security screening provisions, new technology at crossing points, and new residency requirements for NEXUS card holders are all among the proposed initiatives.

Effective April 1, 2008 the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse became Health Nexus.

Even here is a piece of advice (though not related to the apps, but still): if you fly from Canada โ€“ obtain NEXUS card which will push you ahead of the line.

Even if they were admitted, they did not provide any circumstantial nexus between the accused and the crime.

Great for anyone with debit or credit cards, library cards, employee ID badges, enhanced driver's licences, Nexus cards and more.

Health Nexus and 3M Canada announce the 2014 call for nominations for the 3M Health Leadership Award.

He has played with such groups as the National Ballet Orchestra, Canadian Opera Company, and Nexus, and has backed up Cab Calloway, Eartha Kitt, Placido Domingo and Dizzy Gillespie, among others.

However, there is no need for me to determine whether the temporal connection was of sufficient substance in this case or whether there was other sufficient nexus.

ICLEI Local Governments for SustainabilityThis document is part of the ICLEIโ€™s Adaptation Nexus Series: Exploring Climate Change Adaptation Linkages.

If you would like to join our ranks, please complete the contact form and a member of our Provider Nexus will reach out to you soon to help you complete your application.

In addition, the Court relied upon its jurisdiction and the strong nexus between custody and child support in support of its decision to assume jurisdiction over the issue of child support.

In that phase of the competition, researchers will try to breach an iPhone 3GS, a BlackBerry Bold 9700, a Nokia E72 and an HTC Nexus One.

It is arguable that evidence could establish the required nexus.

Johnson founded and co-directed the highly successful multidisciplinary research unit NEXUS, dedicated to research, knowledge translation and training in the social contexts of health behaviour.

Letโ€™s identify areas in our region where a nexus of new infrastructure, low-income communities, and a sufficient scale offer opportunities for experimentation and transformation.

Linnekinโ€™s writing on food and law has appeared in scholarly publications like the Chapman University Law Review, Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, Northeastern University Law Journal, Nexus Journal of Law & Policy, and the Journal of Wine Economics.

Maybe the Nexus One will help consolidate the platform, offering assurances that every Android application really will run on every Android device.

Nexus 7 fix to follow in next update shortly.

NEXUS file interpreter โ€” Coordinates the reading and writing of NEXUS files.

NEXUS file interpreter โ€” Coordinates the reading and writing of NEXUS files.

Nexus Real Estate Investment Trust (V.NXR.UN) hit a new 52-week high of $2.18 Tuesday.

Nexus Rubicon Reflective Collar RedJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Nexus takes a look at this growing, complex area of specialization, where the payoff for firms can be bigโ€”or a big bust.

Nexus was able to perform only Sexual Perversity in Chicago, at the Roxy in the Autumn of 1994, before having to fold in January of 1995.

Nexus will also offer advanced training of post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists to enrich the learning environment for all.

Our presentation will focus on the nexus between automation and jobs, building on the experience of Rio Tinto's Iron Ore Mining operations in the West Australia Pilbara.

Recent arrivals like the LG Nitro HD and the Galaxy Nexus have already made the jump to a screen resolution at 1280-by-720 pixels, and more models are reportedly on the way.

Sellers that do not have nexus but sell into Washington do have some liability to notice and report, similar to Colorado.

Teucher, whose father was a German physicist, grew up at the nexus of science and art.

As of August 2007, applicants can now apply and submit their NEXUS membership electronically through the Global Online Enrolment System (GOES).

As the location for several sporting and large-scale events, the Sports Centre is the regionโ€™s sports nexus and an important meeting place for students, the university community and the regional community at large.

The exchange will take place through the existing secure electronic channel between Canada and the U.S., the same system that is used to transfer information between Canada and the U.S. under NEXUS, FAST and the enhanced driver's licence programs.

The Fall 2003 issue of Nexus focuses on the theme of "The Evolution of the Family."

The Khazars occupied a prime trade nexus.

The Nexus 5 runs pure unadulterated Android KitKat.

The Nexus has all the other standard stuff as well, including an accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyroscope, light sensor and proximity sensor.

The nexus is a premierโ€™s determination.

The nexus of this struggle suggests consequences for the work of all educators within an emerging โ€˜new precariatโ€™ and downgrading of public education spaces.

A useful tool that measures power consumption of computer processes, screen, GPS, 3G and WiFi of an HTC G1, HTC G2 and Nexus One Android operated phones.

This dissertation addresses these gaps by examining the migration-conflict nexus in the cocoa regions in two West African countries โˆ’ Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire and Ghana.

Together, ironworking and โ€œLittle Caughnawagaโ€ became a nexus between Haudenosaunee nationhood, family life, labour activism, and self-determination.

Unlike the circumstances in Marche v. Halifax Ins., 2005 SCC 6, there was a clear nexus between the fire and the continuing vacancy.