120 examples of niece's in sentences

She came back to the present again on the instant and met her niece's eyes with a smile, but in the subtle realm of intuition we learn by lightning flashes, and Evadne needed no further telling to know that the saddest loneliness which can fall to the lot of a woman was the fate of her aunt.

Whereat Scrooge's niece's sisterthe plump one with the lace tucker, not the one with the rosesblushed.

The deacon had two objections to yielding to his niece's earnest request; the expense being one, though it was not, in this instance, the greatest; there was another reason that he kept to himself, but which will appear as our narrative proceeds.

He had a faint idea that, even from his own point of view, he might have made a better selection for his niece's hand.

He was gazing dreamily into the fire, and something of the wistfulness in his little niece's face seemed to be reflected in his.

But did not the sweet soul deserve this turn upon her, for feloniously resolving to rob me of herself, had the application made by Hickman succeeded? I read on to the following effect: 'Why (asked Mr. Harlowe) was it said to his other inquiring friend, that we were married; and that by his niece's woman, who ought to know?

Mary perfectly approves of the appropriat'n of the feathers, and wishes them Peacocks for your fair niece's sake!

Expecting a storm, but resigned to it, he climbed up the stairs and rang the bell at his niece's door.

Mrs. Stanmore, in the enjoyment of a large jointure (which rather impoverished her step-son), though arbitrary and unpleasant, was a woman of generous instincts, so offered Maud a home the moment she learned her niece's double bereavement; which home, for many reasons, heiress or no heiress, Miss Bruce felt constrained to accept.

Besides, he was a friend of my niece's, and blood is thicker even than flood-water.

By virtue of his being a grave and reverend uncle he was admitted to the sacred precincts of his niece's room and had hardly gotten seated when the door flew open and Ted flew in waving two yellow telegraph blanks triumphantly, one in each hand, and announcing that everything was all rightLarry was all right, had wired from Pittsburgh.

At her niece's table she felt at liberty to speak her mind, which she invariably did, with a frankness that sometimes bordered on brutality.

" Mrs. Ochiltree drove immediately to her niece's, where she found Mrs. Carteret and Clara at home.

" Mrs. Ochiltree had not observed her niece's approach, nor did she look up when William drew near.

Her niece's grief was held to mark a deep-seated affection for the grim old woman who had reared her.

As she shepherded her little party across the staircase lobby, she managed to mutter into her niece's ear: "I want you to take on Miss Burnaby for me, BubblesI'm anxious to make friends with Helen Brabazon.

" Something in the tone of his voice attracted his niece's attention, and she looked at him sharply as an almost incredible suspicion as to the motive of this conversation flashed on her.

Life looked very dreary to Ethelyn that momentdrearier than it ever had beforebut she was far too proud to betray her real feelings to her aunt, who, touched by the look of anguish on her niece's face, began to change her tactics, and say how glad she was to have her darling back under any circumstances, and so she presumed Richard would be.

When, three or four years later, the period of sequestration ceased, only this same aunt had the right to take off her niece's ceremonial head-dress.

Did you say Sabrina's Niece's Other Auntor what? Phil.

But you appear to have found time for ornamental work also, if this very pretty wreath be yours," said Mrs. Hamilton, bending over her niece's frame, and praising the delicacy of her flowers.

"Wait a few minutes, my love, and I shall be ready to attend to you, if you require my assistance in the arrangement of your work," Mrs. Hamilton said, alluding to the parcel of baby-linen she perceived in her niece's hand.

Can I allow that reprobate to break my niece's heart?to tarnish her good name?

On the honor of a gentleman, are you ignorant of my niece's absence?

Dr. Woodford had no cause to object except his own loss of his niece's society and return to bachelor life, after the eight years of companionship which he had enjoyed; but such complications as were induced by the presence of an attractive young girl were, as he allowed, beyond him, and he acquiesced with a sigh in the judgment of the mother, whom he had always esteemed so highly.

120 examples of  niece's  in sentences