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120 examples of  niece's  in sentences

120 examples of niece's in sentences

She came back to the present again on the instant and met her niece's eyes with a smile, but in the subtle realm of intuition we learn by lightning flashes, and Evadne needed no further telling to know that the saddest loneliness which can fall to the lot of a woman was the fate of her aunt.

They stood their tests, and Dollythat's the little niece's pet name, given to her because she is so tinyis now working as an "engine fitter" just behind the fighting lines.

So she firmly resolved not to be so readily entrapped again, and was so bright and cheery during the next hour that Aunt Jane smiled more than once, and at one time actually laughed at her niece's witty repartee.

When I left her, I ran away to her niece's, Miss Ball's.

" "I think you will," said Aunt Alice, but she smiled a little at the assured toss of her niece's head.

Pity, that moveth every gentle heart To rue their griefs, that be distress'd in pain, Enforceth me to wail my niece's smart, Whose tender breast no long time may sustain The restless toil, that her unquiet mind Hath caus'd her feeble body to endure; But why it is (alack!)

Mrs. Wilson listened to her niece's account of the unexpected interview in the library with pleasure, and cheerfully promised to accompany them in their morning's excursion, as she had both a wish to alleviate sorrow, and a desire to better understand the character of this accidental acquaintance of Emily's.

Our readers have probably anticipated, that the stage companion of John Moseley was the Spanish general, who had just been making those inquiries into the manner of his niece's living which terminated so happily in her acquittal.

Miss Van Rolsen had managed to keep the strange affair of her niece's disappearance out of the columns of the papers.

Amy, aren't you going to eat any breakfast this morning?" Aunt Amy, who had been following her niece's unusual flow of talk with fascinated attention, returned with a start to her untasted egg.

What do you say, Topper?" Topper clearly had his eye on one of Scrooge's niece's sisters, for he answered that a bachelor was a wretched outcast, who had no right to express an opinion on the subject.

Whereat Scrooge's niece's sisterthe plump one with the lace tucker, not the one with the rosesblushed.

He had not imagined that Phineas Duge would ever again remember his niece's existence.

The deacon had two objections to yielding to his niece's earnest request; the expense being one, though it was not, in this instance, the greatest; there was another reason that he kept to himself, but which will appear as our narrative proceeds.

At his niece's suggestion of sending to the Harbour for Dr. Sage, he had demurred, not only on account of the expense, but for a still more cogent reason.

Nevertheless, decency, to say nothing of the influence of what "folks would say," the Archimedean lever of all society of puritanical origin, exhorted him to consent to his niece's proposal.

"What has become of captain Gar'ner?" he asked, looking curiously around, as if he expected to find him tied to the niece's apron-string.

He had a faint idea that, even from his own point of view, he might have made a better selection for his niece's hand.

] David, King of Scotland, appeared at the head of an army in defence of his niece's title, and penetrating into Yorkshire, committed the most barbarous devastations on that country.

And yet, with an air of complaisance, as if he desired nothing so much as the comfort of those around him, he consented to his niece's proposal, in the hope that she would do many little kind offices for him, which would add materially to his comfort.

The old uncle, for his part, being now master in his niece's house, was very anxious for her to remain as she was.

She takes a journey sometimes to her niece's house, but never thinks beyond London.

Very ingenious were Jeanne's excuses for these restrictions on her niece's liberty.

His little niece's words awakened very uncomfortable feelings within his heart.

I remember," he said at length, meeting his little niece's anxious gaze with some embarrassment.

Sir Edward was surprised at the interest he felt in his little niece's trouble.

He was gazing dreamily into the fire, and something of the wistfulness in his little niece's face seemed to be reflected in his.

" When Sir Edward retired to his room that night, he paced up and down for some time in front of his little niece's picture that she had given him.

He has indeed heard that you are; but as he knows your enterprising temper, and that you have declared, that you disdain a relation to their family, he is willing by me to have your marriage confirmed from your own mouth, before he take the steps he is inclined to take in his niece's favour.

And then the application having been so lately made, which implied that you were not then married, he was so uneasy for his niece's honour, that I advised him to dispatch to town some one in whom he could confide, to make proper inquiries.' Lovel.

But did not the sweet soul deserve this turn upon her, for feloniously resolving to rob me of herself, had the application made by Hickman succeeded? I read on to the following effect: 'Why (asked Mr. Harlowe) was it said to his other inquiring friend, that we were married; and that by his niece's woman, who ought to know?

Mary perfectly approves of the appropriat'n of the feathers, and wishes them Peacocks for your fair niece's sake!

Expecting a storm, but resigned to it, he climbed up the stairs and rang the bell at his niece's door.

Mrs. Kingdom, with a resigned expression, tried to catch her niece's eye and caught the captain's instead.

Occasionally he was favoured with a glimpse of his son and Miss Kybird out together, a sight which imparted such a flavour to his temper and ordinary intercourse that Mrs. Kingdom, in unconscious imitation of Mr. James Hardy, began to count the days which must elapse before her niece's return from London.

While we were on our way to fetch her, my companion was loud in her praises of her niece's beauty and charm.

He had already informed her that he was not acquainted with that gentleman, but she thought, as Mr Croft seemed to be going about the country a good deal, he might possibly meet with her niece's husband; and, if he should do so, she would be very glad to have him become acquainted with him.

Annie occasionally remonstrated in a manner which seemed half playful, but was in fact quite earnest, but her aunt paid no manner of attention to her words, and continued to please herself by this half-sarcastic method of alluding to her niece's fictitious matrimonial state.

What is your niece's name?" "Pookie.

Mrs. Stanmore, in the enjoyment of a large jointure (which rather impoverished her step-son), though arbitrary and unpleasant, was a woman of generous instincts, so offered Maud a home the moment she learned her niece's double bereavement; which home, for many reasons, heiress or no heiress, Miss Bruce felt constrained to accept.

Besides, he was a friend of my niece's, and blood is thicker even than flood-water.

Really," she went on, in response to her niece's perplexed frown, "I shall be much more intelligible If you'll let me begin at the beginning.

But perhaps he might have some other explanation of her niece's sacrifice.

By virtue of his being a grave and reverend uncle he was admitted to the sacred precincts of his niece's room and had hardly gotten seated when the door flew open and Ted flew in waving two yellow telegraph blanks triumphantly, one in each hand, and announcing that everything was all rightLarry was all right, had wired from Pittsburgh.

Mrs. Marshall-Smith took hold of her niece's arm firmly, and began to draw her away with a dignified gesture.

At her niece's table she felt at liberty to speak her mind, which she invariably did, with a frankness that sometimes bordered on brutality.

" Mrs. Ochiltree drove immediately to her niece's, where she found Mrs. Carteret and Clara at home.

" Mrs. Ochiltree had not observed her niece's approach, nor did she look up when William drew near.

As a stone dropped into a pool of water sets in motion a series of concentric circles which disturb the whole mass in varying degree, so Mrs. Ochiltree's enigmatical remark had started in her niece's mind a disturbing train of thought.

It seemed for a moment as though Mrs. Ochiltree would speak no further: but her once strong will, now weakened by her bodily infirmities, yielded to the influence of her niece's imperious demand.

Her niece's grief was held to mark a deep-seated affection for the grim old woman who had reared her.

They had not tarried long in the garden, when the Duke saw his niece's lapdog run straight to that end of the orchard where the knight was hidden.

His niece's voice and face were so familiar to him, that he could not doubt that the Duchess had lied.

He did not cease to importune the police chiefs and to haunt the public places for a glimpse of his niece's face.

Was the blame of his bad niece's acts his?

Mr. Mott sighed in sympathy with the unknown, and, judging by his niece's expression, the unknowable.

His niece's door opened as he passed it, and a gentle voice asked for enlightenment.

William Allason, for example, who after a long career as a merchant at Falmouth, Virginia, had retired to plantation life, declined his niece's proposal in 1787 that he return to Scotland to spend his declining years.

I must not forget to answer your little niece's questions.

As she shepherded her little party across the staircase lobby, she managed to mutter into her niece's ear: "I want you to take on Miss Burnaby for me, BubblesI'm anxious to make friends with Helen Brabazon.

"It would be interesting to know," observed Sir Lyon suddenly, "what Miss Farrow conceives to be the truth as to her niece's peculiar gifts.

She looked around the room helplessly as if seeking in some mute object tangible evidence of her niece's sanity.

And the poor woman had wept like a child in her niece's presence, adjuring her to "abandon the wicked path of transgression," shuddering with horror at the great responsibility she, doรฑa Pepa, had unwittingly assumed before God.

She would sell her own soul for riches, Calvert; judge, therefore, how willingly she would sell her niece's soul."

(Auntie Priscilla had smiled in her peculiarly unpleasant way as the artless letter enlarged upon the strangeness of her ingenuous niece's marrying the rich man about whom her innocent-minded brother had written so much.)

He was resolved, however, as far as he could, to check his niece's disposition to dilate upon the ugliness of her intended bridegroom, although he was not a little pleased, as well as puzzled, to observe that she appeared totally exempt from that mysterious dread of the stranger which, he could not disguise it from himself, considerably affected him, as also his pupil Godfrey Schalken.

It was only reasonable that this man should be the best judge of his niece's feelings.

It is true that the church did not authorize the connection which brought my niece's father into being; but the noble admiral never hesitated to acknowledge his son, and he gave him his name, until love bound him in wedlock with a poor scholar's sister.

Carlo caught his niece's idea, and he kept his tiller hard a-port, telling Raoul and Ithuel, at the same time, to take in their oars as quick as possible.

" Something in the tone of his voice attracted his niece's attention, and she looked at him sharply as an almost incredible suspicion as to the motive of this conversation flashed on her.

The captain's satisfaction at finding them together was complete, but a little misunderstanding was caused all round, when Mr. Tasker came in with the tea, by the series of nods and blinks by which the captain strove to call his niece's attention to various facial and other differences between his servant and their visitor.

He must have torn that unobserved from the lady niece's arm.

Not with your niece's hand, my sovereign, Purchase the peace of Gustaf Karl!

I was much pleased with the dressmaker, Maude Harris, who is a nice, modest, refined girl, and if the accounts I get from her employers bear out what I hear of her, I shall engage her; I shall be glad, for the niece's sake, to have that sort of young woman about the place.

Life looked very dreary to Ethelyn that momentdrearier than it ever had beforebut she was far too proud to betray her real feelings to her aunt, who, touched by the look of anguish on her niece's face, began to change her tactics, and say how glad she was to have her darling back under any circumstances, and so she presumed Richard would be.

He found nothing on them but two caked rims of mud, and being too busy to notice Mr. Negget's frantic signalling, called his niece's attention to them.

" Mr. Negget coughed, and approaching the stairs, gazed with the eye of a stranger at the relics as Mr. Bodfish hotly rebuked a suggestion of his niece's to sweep them up.

Looking at the shaggy face by a variety of lights, he soon came to recognize it as that of his niece's husband, whom he had seen a few times on his yearly visits to the country, before his farming brother, Nicholas Van Quintem, father of Mrs. Frump, had died.

When, three or four years later, the period of sequestration ceased, only this same aunt had the right to take off her niece's ceremonial head-dress.

Talking of my niece's children, are yeMrs.

Did you say Sabrina's Niece's Other Auntor what? Phil.

By no one we do not mean her aunt, for Mrs. Hamilton could now trace every feeling of that young and sorrowing heart, and she saw with regret, that in her niece's present state of health, even that pleasure must be denied her, for the very exertion attendant on it was too much.

But you appear to have found time for ornamental work also, if this very pretty wreath be yours," said Mrs. Hamilton, bending over her niece's frame, and praising the delicacy of her flowers.

"Wait a few minutes, my love, and I shall be ready to attend to you, if you require my assistance in the arrangement of your work," Mrs. Hamilton said, alluding to the parcel of baby-linen she perceived in her niece's hand.

I had hoped the recollection had ere this long ceased to disturb you," replied Mrs. Hamilton, with much feeling, as she pressed her lips to her niece's brow.

Mrs. Hamilton felt more and more convinced that her suspicions were correct, and that her niece's affections were unhappily engaged.

" "What says my Herbert?" demanded Mr. Hamilton, gazing with astonishment on his niece's animated features, and almost wondering at her unwonted eloquence.

Then she resumed: "Mario Nobiliyou saved my niece's life last night.

Can I allow that reprobate to break my niece's heart?to tarnish her good name?

" Whereupon the old lady, watching the motion of her niece's lips, added "Ah, yesyes!

On the honor of a gentleman, are you ignorant of my niece's absence?

The gulf between the hierarchy and squirearchy was sufficient for a marriage to be thought a mesalliance, and it was with a smile at the folly as well as with a certain displeased pity that Dr. Woodford mentioned the proposal so vehemently pressed upon him by Peregrine Oakshott for his niece's hand.

Dr. Woodford had no cause to object except his own loss of his niece's society and return to bachelor life, after the eight years of companionship which he had enjoyed; but such complications as were induced by the presence of an attractive young girl were, as he allowed, beyond him, and he acquiesced with a sigh in the judgment of the mother, whom he had always esteemed so highly.

Lord Clarendon, uncle to the Princess, had satisfied himself that she had really escaped, and he now came out and assured the mob, in a stentorian voice, that he was perfectly satisfied of his niece's safety, waving the letter she had left on her toilet-table.

When she had left home, France and England were only too closely connected, but now they were at daggers drawn, and probably would be so for many years, and the Revolution had come so suddenly that Madame de Bellaise had not been able to make arrangements for her niece's return home, and Noemi was anxiously waiting for an opportunity of rejoining her parents.

She told Anne her niece's history to prevent painful allusions on the journey.

He did not think so ill of Sedley as to believe him capable of such a secret act of murder, and he had no great faith in Ralph's sagacity, besides that he thought his niece's nerves too much strained by the long suspense to be able to judge fairly.

"Let me arrange to give a dinner at my house, at which perhaps the Duke and Lady Ethelrida would honor me by being present, and your mother and sisters and any other member of your family you wish, let us say, on the night of my niece's return" (he drew a small calendar notebook from his pocket).

At a quarter before eight Francis Markrute went up to his niece's sitting-room.

They were all such citizens of the world there was no awkwardness, and the old Duke had kissed his fair, prospective niece's hand when he had been presented, and had said that some day he should claim the privilege of an old man and kiss her cheek.