17761 examples of noblest in sentences

She bore a sweet Italian diminutive for her Christian name, added to one of the noblest old ducal names of Venice, which was that of her family.

Such is man, the noblest work of God, when bereft of reason to guide and direct him.

He possessed those noble qualities of heart and mind which command the admiration of the great and good, and which render man, in the true sense of the term, the noblest work of God.

The regular method of comparison belongs almost exclusively to monosyllables, with dissyllables ending in w or y, and such others as receive it and still have but one syllable after the accent: as, fierce, fiercer, fiercest; narrow, narrower, narrowest; gloomy, gloomier, gloomiest; serene, serener, serenest; noble, nobler, noblest; gentle, gentler, gentlest.

"The noblest and most beneficial invention of which human ingenuity can boast, is that of writing.

The former is by no means purely comic, but admits the presentation of the noblest motives, the strongest passions, and the most delicate graces of romantic poetry.

He was the poet of a cause, and his song was keyed to the Dorian mood Of flutes and soft recorders such as raised To height of noblest temper, heroes old Arming to battle.

His stately, classical tragedy, Cato, which was acted at Drury Lane Theater in 1712, with immense applause, was pronounced by Dr. Johnson "unquestionably the noblest production of Addison's genius."

The brief period of supreme magnificence came to an end with the last of the "Great" MogulsAurungzeb, died in 1707having only blazed in fullest glory for some century and a half, but leaving behind it some of the noblest works of man.

" Dimorphantus (Aralia Sinensis).The Dimorphantus Mandschuricus is one of the noblest of deciduous shrubs, the foliage being very large and much divided.

In this sense, "the builder" is the noblest title that can be bestowed upon a mason.

The Arleighs of Beechgrove had for many generations been one of the wealthiest as well as one of the noblest families in England.

You are one of the purest and noblest of women.

When charming Felton, of a beauteous race, Adorn'd in blooming youth, with ev'ry grace; First saw the lovely Suffolk Swain her prize, The noblest conquest of the brightest eyes!

This, and the Extasy, (published since the death of the author) are justly esteemed two of the noblest Odes in our language.

But the noblest testimony he gave of his filial regard to the memory of his poetical father, Mr. John Dryden, was the Panegyric he wrote upon his works, contained in the dedication of Dryden's plays to the duke of Newcastle.

A number of democratic republicans, who were defeated and exiled on the 13th Vendémiaire, were permitted to return to France, and news of the death of WASHINGTON, the noblest and wisest of all republicans, arriving just at that time, Bonaparte ordered that the whole army should wear the badge of mourning for ten days.

We know ourselves to be a small sect, and to be often laughed at; we reply by: assuming that we are the salt of the earth, and that our amusement is the first and noblest of all amusements.

Faiths and Utopias are the noblest exercise of human reason, and no one with a spark of reason in him will sit down fatalistically before the croaker's picture.

All the virtues and all the majesty that accompany human pride, when developed to the highest point, and directed to the noblest ends, were here displayed.

And remark here, as rather curious, that Middle-Age Catholicism was abolished, so far as Acts of Parliament could abolish it, before Shakespeare, the noblest product of it, made his appearance.

It was there that he composed his latest and noblest works, the "Reflections on the French Revolution," and the "Letters on a Regicide Peace;" and there he surrendered to the Creator one of the subtlest, strongest, brightest, and best of human souls.

In its noblest walk it is occupied with representing, not, indeed, the Spirit of God, but certainly the Form of God; and, in its secondary aims, that which is divine and spiritual generally.

Dream not of ease nor pleasure, Nor honor, wealth, nor fame, Till from the dust you've lifted Our long-dishonored name; And crowned that name with glory By deeds of holy worth, To shine with light emblazoned, The noblest name on earth.

Her noblest sentiments found a response in his heart.

17761 examples of  noblest  in sentences