17761 examples of noblest in sentences

The taunt was an unintentional eulogy; and a grave washed by the spray of the Sussex waves would have been the noblest burial-place for the martyr of Saxon freedom.

On them, one finds oneself at once in a garden; amid the noblest of timber, wheat, roots, grass which is green through the driest summers, and, in the western counties, cider-orchards laden with red and golden fruit.

Is not the faithful Paula, with her beautiful face, prostrate in reverence before poor, old, lean, haggard, dying St. Jerome, in the most splendid painting of the world, an emblem and sign of woman's eternal power of self-sacrifice to what she deems noblest in man?

Raised by Titian and his contemporaries to the position of one of the noblest walks of Art, and in the generations following depressed to the position of minister to vanity and foolish pride, it has remained, during the most of the years since, one of the lowest and least reputable of the fields of artistic labor.

The distinction between the true and the false portraitist is that between expression of something felt and representation of something seen; and as the subtilest and noblest part of the human soul can only be felt, as the signs of it in the face can be recognized and translated only by sympathy, so no mere painter can ever succeed in expressing in its fulness the character of any great man.

Of his "Théorie des Fonctions," and that noblest achievement of the pure reason, the "Mécanique Analytique," we do not propose to speak, nor of the later developments of the Calculus, so largely due to his genius and labors.

How can she dream of danger in such a feeling, when it seems to her the awakening of all that is highest and noblest within her?

Of old, it was thought that one who administered poison in the sacramental bread and wine had touched the very height of impious sacrilege; but this crime is white, by the side of his who poisons God's eternal sacrament of love and destroys a woman's soul through her noblest and purest affections.

Amongst the noblest souls and in the happiest lives there are wounds which cannot be healed and sorrows which must be borne in silence.

The Arleighs of Beechgrove had for many generations been one of the wealthiest as well as one of the noblest families in England.

"No," he answered, quite seriously; "strange to say, although I have seen some of the fairest and noblest types of womanhood, I have not yet met with my ideal.

Why should he think that Philippa, who had some of the noblest men in England at her feetwhy should life think that she would renounce all her brilliant prospects for him?

I find no fault with him; on the contrary, I agree with you that he is one of the noblest of men, yet I have never thought of marrying him.

It was a very fair face, with something of the innocent wonder of a child mixed with the dawning love and passion of noblest womanhood.

She, for whose smile the noblest in the land asked in vain, to have her almost offered love so coldly refused!

" "Yet it is a cruel story," observed Madaline; "the noblest character in it is Pauline.

In a true relation the chief object is the loving companionship of man and woman, their capacity for mutual help and happiness and for the development of all that is noblest in each other.

While I deplore the necessity of war, yet I know in our Army many of the noblest types of manhood, whose acquaintance I prize most highly.

"If, in this critical battle for universal suffrage, our fathers' noblest legacy to us and the greatest trust God leaves in our hands, there be any weapon, which, once taken from the armory, will make victory certain, it will be as it has been in art, literature, and society, summoning woman into the political arena.

That girl was strong in soul, strong in the highest, noblest form of strength; she could say No when tempted to do wrong, she was faithful when sorely tried.

Religionas the awed sense of the Eternal Power and Order revealed in nature, the Infinite Goodness and Righteousness revealed in manis the art of the soul; its finest feelings, its loftiest imaginations, its noblest enthusiasms its profoundest tragedies thrown out into the cry of the human after God.

Wisdom crieth to the sons of men, in that noblest writing of the sages: Blessed is the man that heareth me, Watching daily at my gates, Waiting at the posts of my doors.

As man takes up the noblest characteristics of the life below him, so his own noblest characteristics must be taken up into the Lord of Life.

As man takes up the noblest characteristics of the life below him, so his own noblest characteristics must be taken up into the Lord of Life.

These colossal cliffs, types of permanence, are about three thousand and six thousand feet high; those of the cañon that are sheer are about half as high, and are types of fleeting change; while glorious-domed Tissiack, noblest of mountain buildings, far from being overshadowed or lost in this rosy, spiry cañon company, would draw every eye, and, in serene majesty, "aboon them a'" she would take her placecastle, temple, palace, or tower.

17761 examples of  noblest  in sentences