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287 example sentences with  nomads

287 example sentences with nomads

This anachronism renders the heroes of the tales more real, and they are real Berbers, who are alive, and who express themselves like the mountaineers of Jurgura, the Arabs of the Atlas; like the men of Ksour, or the nomads of Sahara.

As caravans can reach by all the ways, All nomads and all travellers, she's worth, And those who settle down as citizens.

They come of a clan of Turkish nomads, recruited since the thirteenth century by converts, forced or voluntary, from most of Christendom, and crossed with the blood of slave-women from all the world.

Nor has this Turkish-speaking peasantry much in common with the Turkish nomads who still wander over the central Anatolian steppe and have kept their blood pure; for the peasantry has reverted physically to the native stock, which held Anatolia from time immemorial and absorbs all newcomers that mingle with it on its soil.

Commerce and cultivation ebbed, population dwindled, and nomads still drifted in upon what once had been settled lands.

Her mother and sister kissed her with much emotion, though without the tears and lamentations, real or affected, with whichalike among the nomads of Asia and the most cultivated races of Europeeven those relatives who have striven hardest to marry a daughter or sister think it necessary to celebrate the fulfilment of their hopes, and the termination of their often prolonged and wearisome labours.

These nomads often followed up and down certain rivers, and would camp for days and fish for cod in the bends of the river.

He was rich enough for that country, living in noble stylethat is to say, doing nothingon the income from his flocks, which the shepherds, who are a kind of nomads, lead to pasture here and there on the mountains.

Barbarous nomads, with longing eyes forever directed to the sunny plains of the south, they also conquered India, bringing under their sceptre the two richest regions of the globe.

He who would understand the influence of the Homeric ballads in the heroic ages should witness the effect which similar compositions have upon the wild nomads of the East."

Hence the province was divided in two and the military force together with the Nomads in the immediate vicinity was assigned to a different official.

She had run away from home and gone with the nomads.

Straight at the angry nomads Roy headed it.

The dwellings of the nomads consist of a number of long slender poles bent and inverted towards each other, over which are stretched slips of coarse fabrics of camel's hair.

Isolated from all who knew them, free from all social ties, nomads, as are the Bedouins who make their dwelling for ever amid the vast and burning sands, Domini and Androvsky entered upon their married life.

Many of her old friends had already returned to Paris: the Harvey Shallums, May Beringer, Dicky Bowles and other westward-bound nomads lingering on for a glimpse of the autumn theatres and fashions before hurrying back to inaugurate the New York season.

The Beni-Merins or Merinids were nomads who ranged the desert between Biskra and the Tafilelt.

There are several kinds of fakirs and other religious mendicants in India, about five thousand in number, most of them being nomads, wandering from city to city and temple to temple, dependent entirely upon the charity of the faithful.

When it had become the capital of Tamerlane, its position, which certainly could not be improved upon, did not prevent its being ravaged by the nomads of the eighteenth century.

Suddenly there is a burst of shouting, the thicket has given passage to the gang in ambushsome sixty Mongols, nomads of the Gobi.

The nomads have known it out upon the plains.

King: We shall hear the nomads stirring in their camps far off because it is dawn.

The Turkish and Mongol conquerors had recently given up their old supplementary agriculture and had turned into pure nomads, obtaining the agricultural produce they needed by raiding or trade.

The conquerors of North China were now faced with a different question: if they were to remain nomads, they must either drive the peasants into the south, or make them into slave herdsmen, or exterminate them.

The nineteen tribes within north China held more and more closely together as militarily organized nomads, but did not yet represent a military power and remained loyal to the Wei.

Thus the Hun Liu Yรผan had no intention of restoring the old empire of Mao Tun, the empire of the nomads; he intended to become emperor of China, emperor of a country of farmers.

There was a further motive for this: in states founded by nomads, with a federation of tribes as their basis, the personal qualities of the ruler played an important part.

Chien's state showed another innovation: the armies of the Huns and the Hsien-pi had consisted entirely of cavalry, for the nomads of the north were, of course, horsemen; to fight on foot was in their eyes not only contrary to custom but contemptible.

Nomads used to enslave their prisoners and use them for watching their flocks.

The start of the Sui dynasty, while the Chou still held the north, was evidence, just like the emergence in the north-east some thirty years earlier of the Northern Ch'i dynasty, that the Chinese gentry with their landowning basis had gained the upper hand over the warrior nomads.

His aimlessness and theirs made them brothers of the air, and he followed them under the trackless sky, aware that his destination for the night lay somewhere ahead of him, leaving the rest to chance and the patron saint of Nomads.

In Africa, too, Petreius and Labienus who had observed that Caesar had gone out to villages after grain, by means of the Nomads drove his cavalry, that had not yet thoroughly recovered strength from its sea-voyage, in upon the infantry; and while as a result the force was in utter confusion, they killed many of the soldiers at close quarters.

Next, meeting with no opposition, he brought the rest of the cities to terms; the Nomads whom he acquired he reduced to a state of submission, and delivered to Sallust nominally to rule, but really to harry and plunder.

Now as for These tribes in Libya, the Region surrounding Carthage (which we call also Africa) received the title of Old, because it had been long ago subjugated, whereas the region of the Nomads was called New, because it had been newly captured.

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It had been founded by a conquering caste of non-Slavonic nomads from the trans-Danubian steppes, but these were completely absorbed in the Slavonic population which they had endowed with their name and had preserved by political consolidation from the fate of their brethren further south.

Turkish nomads from the central Asiatic steppes had been drifting into the Moslem world as the vigour of the Arabs waned.

They have invaded as groups of nomads seeking vacant pasturage, or as bands of military adventurers who, first offering their swords to princes of the elder peoples, have subsequently, on several occasions and in several localities, imposed themselves on their former masters.

When, having got rid of the old army, Mahmud imposed service on all his Moslem subjects, in theory, but in effect only on the Osmanlis (not the Arabs, Kurds, or other half assimilated nomads and hillmen), it meant more than a similar measure would have meant in a Christian empire.

Tents in Mongolia (Yabonah); adventures and experiences among the nomads of central Asia.

CROSS, DOROTHY E. Newcomers and nomads in California.

SEE Cross, William T. CROSS, WILLIAM T. Newcomers and nomads in California, by William T. Cross & Dorothy E. Cross.

Petticoat vagabond among the nomads.

R659266. Nomads of the sea.

Tents in Mongolia (Yabonah); adventures and experiences among the nomads of central Asia.

CROSS, DOROTHY E. Newcomers and nomads in California.

SEE Cross, William T. CROSS, WILLIAM T. Newcomers and nomads in California, by William T. Cross & Dorothy E. Cross.

Petticoat vagabond among the nomads.

R659266. Nomads of the sea.

As always, it proved comparatively easy to deal a damaging blow to these southern Indians, who dwelt in well-built log-towns; while the widely scattered, shifting, wigwam-villages of the forest-nomads of the north rarely offered a tangible mark at which to strike.

One gets the impression not of a government administering a country, but of a horde of nomads exploiting it.

These nomads of the affections give and take so little as they pass from hand to hand that they become cheap and have little left to give at last: nor do they really get what they would take.

Austria was meanwhile overrun by Asian nomads, the Huns and Magyars; Russia and Germany, with the Scandinavian lands, were still pagan.

She knew that the bonds among these nomads were very strong, but there was another element in this particular case that might, she thought, complicate matters.

Domestic workers are the nomads of industry.

"MARKET?"] * * * * * THE NOMADS.

It must be borne in mind that most of us are old campaigners and old nomads whose tailors have grown accustomed to build us appropriate gear for various climes.

Or if, perchance, the historian accepted from remote antiquity the accounts of great deeds and striking events, as they were told at the camp fires of the Hebrew nomads, or in the merry makings of the Palestinian villages, with an ever growing nimbus of the marvelous gathering around them; and if thus impossible marvels are reported to us soberly, are we to be compelled to accept them uncritically or reject the Bible altogether?

Public affairs at the African-European-Asian crossroads were being periodically disturbed and upset by the intrusion of Asian marauders and nomads who came in successive waves, defeated and drove the native inhabitants off from the choicest land and settled down in their places, only to be pushed out in their turn by fresh Asian migrants.

At the time Rome was founded, presumably about 700 B.C., the Italian peninsula was occupied by a large number of principalities, kingdoms and tribal nomads, newly arrived from eastern Europe and Asia.

Asian nomads, searching for grass, Asian potentates seeking new worlds to conquer and plunder, heard of Rome and finally went there.


North of that point we could not depend upon any regular means of transportation, but would be obliged to trust to luck and the tender mercies of the arctic nomads.

Three or four times during the day we passed heaps of reindeer's antlers, and piles of ashes surrounded by large circles of evergreen twigs, which marked the sites of Korak tents; but the band of wild nomads which had left these traces had long before disappeared, and was now perhaps herding its deer on the wind-swept shores of the Arctic Ocean.

The worst and most difficult part of the post-route between Okhotsk and Yakutsk, viz., the mountainous part, is maintained by a half-wild tribe of arctic nomads known to the Russians as Tunguses.

The population comprises Beluchis, robber nomads of Aryan stock, in the E. and W., and Mongolian Brahuis in the centre.

The mountain Lapps are nomads, whose wealth consists of herds of reindeer, which supply nearly all their wants.

The forest and river Lapps, originally nomads, have adopted a settled life, domesticated their reindeer, and taken to hunting and fishing.

NUMIDIA (i. e. land of Nomads), ancient country in North Africa, nearly co-extensive with Algiers, the inhabitants of which were of the Berber race, were brave but treacherous, and excelled in horsemanship; sided at first with the Carthaginians in the PUNIC WARS (q. v.), and finally with Rome, till the country itself was reduced by Cรฆsar to a Roman province.

STAVROPOL (657), a Russian government on the Caspian Sea, the inhabitants of which are chiefly nomads and breed horses, with a capital of the same name (36) on a hill, a modern town and a prosperous, both in manufacture and trade.

As Mr. Robertson Smith says, 'where the God had a house or a temple, we recognise the work of men who were no longer pure nomads, but had begun to form fixed homes.'

Where we find, then, the Divine Being among nomads who do not remember their great-grandfathers, the Spencerian theory is refuted by facts.

For, if all men began as nomads, and nomadic habits are unfavourable even to the ordinary ghost, how did the Australian and other nomads develop the Supreme Being, who, ex hypothesi, is the final fruit of the ghost-flower?

For, if all men began as nomads, and nomadic habits are unfavourable even to the ordinary ghost, how did the Australian and other nomads develop the Supreme Being, who, ex hypothesi, is the final fruit of the ghost-flower?

Literary style and the art of Latin composition, sedulously cultivated by these brilliant intellectual nomads, shed an undoubted lustre on the Roman chancery, giving it a stamp it has never entirely lost.

Back of the story of Abraham's call and settlement in Canaan clearly lies the historic fact that the ancestors of the Hebrews as nomads migrated from the land of Aram to seek for themselves and their descendants a permanent home in the land of Canaan.

Aang, in "The Storm" (the 12th episode of first season), said that he wishes he had been there to help Air Nomads a century ago, but would rather live a child's carefree life.

Arab sailors and nomads used to call this sea by different names, including the green sea, the ocean sea, the Hindu sea, the Makran Sea, the Gulf of Oman, and among them the Zakariya al-Qazwini, Al-Masudi and Ibn Hawqal.

A recent DNA analysis (Oct. 2018) of three Cimmerians indicate "the appearance of East Asian haplogroups in the steppe populations might be associated with the Iron Age nomads, starting with the Cimmerians."

In the early 14th century, the Mexica people were a wandering tribe of nomads looking for a permanent settlement in modern day central Mexico.

It is a collection of 12 stories showing the oral tradition of Oghuz nomads.

No. 2, season 3. when he refuses to eat meat since the Air Nomads taught him that life is holy.

Nomads who trade or practice crafts usually have wagons in which they travel, because wagons are better for carrying goods.

People in Central America had been nomads who went from place to place to find food and shelter.

Rose Many of them still live like nomads, moving from place to place but some have started to live in towns and cities.

They became poor nomads and started living in jungles and forests.

Bad is turning to worse for the NRL nomads.

"During the war, peasants fled their lands and villages to camps, and nomads replaced them and settled there."

Flexible and remote work used to be a niche trend for digital nomads and โ€˜solopreneurs.โ€™

For the Fulani nomads who are being accused as the main culprits of the daily attacks on the area, their aggression towards the natives are based on the alleged killing of their loved ones by ethnic militias and rustling of their cattle.

If successful in the first qualifying round FC Dinamo Brest will next face either FC Connah's Quay Nomads or FK Sarajevo.

Interestingly, Nkanda is now in the opposition camp after he was released by the Nomads.

These nomads practiced peace like their predecessors, but they no longer live secluded lives, as they now travel the world helping people from every nation who deal with corruption and conflict-just like Aang did.

While the dropshippers of Canggu and Chiang Mai in Thailand are profiteers, the digital nomads of Tulum are more like backpackers with MacBook Pros โ€“ spirit seekers with an entrepreneurial streak.

While the NGO did put in great efforts to care for these nomads, but none of our authorities are doing a damn thing about the misery faced by these nomads.

While the NGO did put in great efforts to care for these nomads, but none of our authorities are doing a damn thing about the misery faced by these nomads.

"Nomads stay in their tents during winter and it's easy to find them.

The nomads are rounded-up, moved to internment camps, which the Chinese call factories.

The protesters, many of who were farmers and nomads, carried Tibetans flags and shouted slogans for Tibetan freedom, a source told TCHRD.

This article serves as a starting point for further research concerning the development and change of lifestyle for the nomads after their relocation into urban settlements.