221 examples of nomads in sentences

They come of a clan of Turkish nomads, recruited since the thirteenth century by converts, forced or voluntary, from most of Christendom, and crossed with the blood of slave-women from all the world.

Nor has this Turkish-speaking peasantry much in common with the Turkish nomads who still wander over the central Anatolian steppe and have kept their blood pure; for the peasantry has reverted physically to the native stock, which held Anatolia from time immemorial and absorbs all newcomers that mingle with it on its soil.

Commerce and cultivation ebbed, population dwindled, and nomads still drifted in upon what once had been settled lands.

Barbarous nomads, with longing eyes forever directed to the sunny plains of the south, they also conquered India, bringing under their sceptre the two richest regions of the globe.

We are no longer happy nomads, masquerading in Moslem garb.

V THE MERINIDS The Beni-Merins or Merinids were nomads who ranged the desert between Biskra and the Tafilelt.

Suddenly there is a burst of shouting, the thicket has given passage to the gang in ambushsome sixty Mongols, nomads of the Gobi.

His aimlessness and theirs made them brothers of the air, and he followed them under the trackless sky, aware that his destination for the night lay somewhere ahead of him, leaving the rest to chance and the patron saint of Nomads.

In Africa, too, Petreius and Labienus who had observed that Caesar had gone out to villages after grain, by means of the Nomads drove his cavalry, that had not yet thoroughly recovered strength from its sea-voyage, in upon the infantry; and while as a result the force was in utter confusion, they killed many of the soldiers at close quarters.

Next, meeting with no opposition, he brought the rest of the cities to terms; the Nomads whom he acquired he reduced to a state of submission, and delivered to Sallust nominally to rule, but really to harry and plunder.

Now as for These tribes in Libya, the Region surrounding Carthage (which we call also Africa) received the title of Old, because it had been long ago subjugated, whereas the region of the Nomads was called New, because it had been newly captured.

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It had been founded by a conquering caste of non-Slavonic nomads from the trans-Danubian steppes, but these were completely absorbed in the Slavonic population which they had endowed with their name and had preserved by political consolidation from the fate of their brethren further south.

Turkish nomads from the central Asiatic steppes had been drifting into the Moslem world as the vigour of the Arabs waned.

CROSS, DOROTHY E. Newcomers and nomads in California.

SEE Cross, William T. CROSS, WILLIAM T. Newcomers and nomads in California, by William T. Cross & Dorothy E. Cross.

HASLUND, HENNING. Tents in Mongolia (Yabonah); adventures and experiences among the nomads of central Asia.

As always, it proved comparatively easy to deal a damaging blow to these southern Indians, who dwelt in well-built log-towns; while the widely scattered, shifting, wigwam-villages of the forest-nomads of the north rarely offered a tangible mark at which to strike.

She knew that the bonds among these nomads were very strong, but there was another element in this particular case that might, she thought, complicate matters.

Domestic workers are the nomads of industry.

Rrisa, livid with fury and baffled hate, flung up wild arms and began screaming the most extravagant insults at the still invisible nomads, whose fire was now beginning again all along their line.

Or if, perchance, the historian accepted from remote antiquity the accounts of great deeds and striking events, as they were told at the camp fires of the Hebrew nomads, or in the merry makings of the Palestinian villages, with an ever growing nimbus of the marvelous gathering around them; and if thus impossible marvels are reported to us soberly, are we to be compelled to accept them uncritically or reject the Bible altogether?


Literary style and the art of Latin composition, sedulously cultivated by these brilliant intellectual nomads, shed an undoubted lustre on the Roman chancery, giving it a stamp it has never entirely lost.

That they were farmers, not nomads, is proved by the clear impression of grains of wheat and barley in their burial urns.

221 examples of  nomads  in sentences