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2259 example sentences with  nominating

2259 example sentences with nominating

[Jellachich] to rise in rebellion against the laws of the country and nominating him Ban of Croatia, a kingdom belonging to the kingdom of Hungary.

the still greater power of nominating a series of successors; but the appointment which he consequently made by will was eventually superseded, when, on the failure of his immediate descendants, the representative of his elder sister, whom he had passed over, was seated on the throne, to the exclusion of the descendants of his younger sister, to whom he had given the preference.

While the state was troubled during the expectation of such important events, the idea of nominating a dictator was mentioned for the first time.

At first all was silence, from the want of a better man whom they might substitute; afterwards, one of them, laying aside his modesty, nominating some one, in an instant a much greater clamour arose; while some denied all knowledge of him, others objected to him at one time on account of flagitious conduct, at another time on account of his humble birth, his sordid circumstances, and the disgraceful nature of his trade and occupation.

Every man ought thus to say to himself I am nominating a consul who is to cope with the general Hannibal.

These appointments when sometimes paying lucrative salaries have been given as a reward to those Negroes who, although dethroned in the South, remain in touch with the remnant of the Republican party there and control the delegates to the national conventions nominating candidates for President.

Combining with his professional studies a fondness for extemporaneous debate, he was early noted for his intelligent observation of public events and for his interest in politics; was chosen to participate in a nominating convention when only 18 years old.

The Czar signed a paper giving up the throne in behalf of himself and his young son and nominating his brother Michael to take his place.

Even the preliminary nominating conventions, before they dare name a candidate for the highest office in the gift of the people, must ask of the Genius of slavery, to what votary she will show herself propitious.

This very year, we see both the great political parties doing homage to the slave power, by nominating each a slaveholder for the chair of the State.

Even the preliminary nominating conventions, before they dare name a candidate for the highest office in the gift of the people, must ask of the Genius of slavery, to what votary she will show herself propitious.

This very year, we see both the great political parties doing homage to the slave power, by nominating each a slaveholder for the chair of State.

Even the preliminary nominating conventions, before they dare name a candidate for the highest office in the gift of the people, must ask of the Genius of slavery, to what votary she will show herself propitious.

This very year, we see both the great political parties doing homage to the slave power, by nominating each a slaveholder for the chair of the State.

If I had only let her meet the nominating committee when they entered our little Eden three weeks ago, I should not now be involved in this wretched game of politics."

The First National Nominating Convention; the First Party Platform.%To do this was easy, because in 1832 it was well known that Jackson would again be a candidate for the presidency.

But never, till September, 1831, had there been a convention of delegates from all parts of the country for the purpose of nominating the President and Vice President.

The Whigs, as the National Republicans called themselves after 1834, did not hold a national nominating convention, but agreed to support William Henry Harrison.

Finance Van Buren Vice President 1831, Originate national Of 1828, \ | nominating convention.

The Senate rejected the treaty] The politicians were very indignant, for the national nominating conventions were to meet in May, and the President by his act had made the annexation of Texas a political issue.

At this meeting the National Republican party was formed, and from it went a call for a national nominating convention to meet (June 17, 1856) at Philadelphia, where John C. Frรฉmont and William L. Dayton were nominated.

The Democratic nominating convention assembled at Charleston, S.C., in April, and at once went to pieces.

The first national nominating convention was held at Columbus, O., in 1872, when James Black of Pennsylvania was nominated for President, and John Russell of Michigan for Vice President.

When in the spring the time came to choose delegates to the party nominating conventions, the drift of public sentiment was so strong against the administration, that it seemed certain that the Republicans would "sweep the country."

Charleston, founded; attacked; in colonial times; opposes tea tax; captured; nominating convention.

In executing the commission with which I have been charged I have sought to bring together in the several volumes of the series all Presidential proclamations, addresses, messages, and communications to Congress excepting those nominating persons to office and those which simply transmit treaties, and reports of heads of Departments which contain no recommendation from the Executive.

But on receiving an authentic though roundabout intimation that a new mission would have a friendly reception, he concluded to dispense with direct assurances, and, without consulting his Cabinet, sent a message to the Senate on February 18, 1799, nominating Murray, then American Minister to Holland, to be Minister to France.

According to Secretary Pickering, Adams was asked to withdraw the nomination and refused, but a few days later, on hearing that the committee intended to report against confirmation, he sent in a message nominating Chief Justice Ellsworth and Patrick Henry, together with Murray, as envoys extraordinary.

Those who are familiar with the eccentricities of nominating conventions when in this listless and drifting mood know how easily an opportune speech from some eloquent delegate or a few adroitly arranged delegation caucuses might have reversed this result; and imagination may not easily construct the possible changes in history which a successful campaign of the ticket in that form might have wrought.

As it was the year for nominating candidates for the presidency of the United States, the Republicans and Democrats were about to hold their great' conventions.

Hence they pressed their claims at every point, at the Fourth of July celebration in the exposition buildings, and in the Republican and Democratic nominating conventions; hoping to get a plank in the platforms of both the great political parties.

and I had several preliminary meetings to arouse the women to their duty as voters, and to the necessity of nominating some woman for trustee.

The Republicans and Democrats had each held their nominating conventions, and all classes participated in the general excitement.

"There was no young man more popular in that section of the country than Judge Markham," she said, "and there had been serious talk of nominating him for governor.

At the Whig nominating convention, for the county of Geanga, that Fall, Major Ridgeley, who had, by a vote of the officers of his regiment, become its Colonel, was a candidate for the office of sheriff.

" To make matters worse, politics were allowed to play a prominent part in the selection of officers, and Washington complained that "the different States [were], without regard to the qualifications of an officer, quarrelling about the appointments, and nominating such as are not fit to be shoeblacks, from the attachments of this or that member of Assembly."

The chief's sister was responsible for nominating the next chief.

The children that the Young Artist Awards considers nominating must be between the ages of 5 and 21 and are first suggested by the child's agent or manager.

The Senate would assemble and appoint one of its own membersโ€”the interrexโ€”to serve for a period of five days with the sole purpose of nominating the next king of Rome.

Because though the primary will determine which presidential candidates get delegates at the national nominating conventions, the caucuses remain one of the fundamental organizing events for the parties.

But overall it was a shaky performance for a candidate who chose to unconventionally skip the first four nominating contests and make a splash on "Super Tuesday" on March 3, when 14 states including California and Texas hold primaries.

Cody apparently trusted Memphis Garrett opinion because he seemed loyal, and Cody revealed he was thinking about nominating Janelle, whom Memphis acknowledged is "scary," as well as Keesha.

Democrats have begun the first virtual as the party begins the formal process of nominating Joe Biden as its candidate for president.

During Tuesday night's programming, Buttigieg will deliver the roll call -- the formal nominating process that will hit every state and territory -- for Indiana's delegation.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nominating Bernie Sanders on the monitors at Dan and Johnโ€™s Wings on Third Avenue in Manhattan.

Franceโ€™s elected representatives in charge of nominating senators re-elected this Sunday (27 September) the right-centre alliance to the upper house of the French parliament, where half of the seats were up for election.

He insisted that it was safe, that people could go back to work, that schools could reopen, that he could hold packed indoor campaign rallies, that he could even hold a full-fledged, boisterous, bunting-filled nominating convention as if all were well.

He succeeded with the GOP faithful, who picked him and Cox as their two favorite gubernatorial candidates during the partyโ€™s nominating convention.

If the Republican Party's decision stands, it will mark the first nominating convention in modern history to be closed to reporters.

In June, after the two defeats, President Donald Trump said he would release a new list of conservatives he would consider nominating to the Supreme Court โ€” a tactic he used in 2016 to rally Republicans.

In states holding early nominating contests, 75% of Democrats considering supporting Biden think he would probably beat Donald Trump; a number that has not changed since June and is still far higher for him than for other candidates.

Nathรกn Goldberg, Harvard Forwardโ€™s strategist/policy adviser, reported this week that the campaign had complained to the Board late last year that the online mechanism is actively โ€œdeterring alumni who support our slate from nominating them.โ€

Nominating Joe Biden gives us the best chance to build on this important progressive work that our country desperately needs.

Nominating petitions are obtained and filed at JWCC in Quincy.

On Sept. 9, Trump released a list of 20 additional people he would consider nominating to the high court if there were vacancies.

Political conventions, with all the attendant hoopla of nominating a candidate for the White House, have been a part of American campaign life for nearly 200 years.

President Donald Trump is revisiting the idea of nominating Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe to be the next Director of National Intelligence, two sources told CNN.

President Donald Trump said Sunday itโ€™s โ€œtime for a womanโ€ in nominating to the Supreme Court, but Democratic rival Joe Biden implored the Senate to hold off on confirmation until after the to โ€œlet the people decide.โ€

A pointed text message followed on Sunday: โ€˜We risk nominating a candidate who cannot beat Donald Trump in November.

Some Republicans fear a decision by Pompeo not to run increases the likelihood of immigration hawk Kris Kobach winning the nominating primary and losing the general election to the Democratic nominee.

That same year, the rival also accused Roberts of forging 33 signatures on his own nominating petition.

The 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicked off Aug. 17th at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, nominating Joe Biden for president with Kamala Harris as his running.

The members of the Audit Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Nominating/Governance Committee.

As Sanders rides high nationally, surging in polls and putting critics on edge about Democrats nominating an avowed democratic socialist to take on President Donald Trump, his success is emboldening a crop of insurgent challengers on the left in Texas.

The rest of the housemates were tasked with nominating two housemates for possible eviction.

The win in South Carolina sends Mr Biden into the next phase of the nominating season โ€” โ€” with fresh momentum, after three successive losses so far in 2020.

This includes nominating a lead worker representative, creating detailed procedures for responding to suspected cases, and implementing physical distancing, staggered lunch breaks and more.

Throughout much of the 20th century, the Democratic Party maintained its grip on power by nominating white ethnic New Yorkers from the outer boroughs who disdained liberal elites.

A Trump supporter, Sarah Farrand, said the virus ranked behind other political concerns, such as nominating judges who oppose abortion.

At some point in the nominating process, they stop handing out participation trophies.

While the Republican president is tasked with expanding his base of support, early estimates suggest that fewer voters are watching his nominating convention than the Democratsโ€™ affair last week.

โ€œYou have no problem with the idea that a president nominating someone 38 days before an election would then have that person sit in judgment of the very election in play?โ€ asked Stephanopolous.

Act as or appoint the Nominating Committee to oversee the development of appropriate documentation and enhancing the quality of nominees to the Board of Directors and to committees.

By-Law 10. The Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting at least a full slate of candidates for election to Club Office.

Candidates will be required to collect 250 nominating signatures from party members throughout B.C., and to remit a $15,000 entrance fee.

Dr. Azad thanks the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) for nominating her for inclusion in the event and for sponsoring her participation.

Examples of standing committees include finance and budget, human resources, audit, executive program and evaluation, nominating, facilities, public relations and policy and procedures.

Following his presidency, he served as a member of the public and member relations committee, member and chair of the nominating committee, member and chair of the appeal board, and chair of the staff benefits committee.

However, many of our partner universities require that CIP informs them that we are nominating you for exchange, after which they will e-mail you instructions about how to access their online application.

If so, please consider nominating them for an Alumni Award.

If you were to attend a meeting, youโ€™d see the depth of care that trustees have for the well being of the institution, says Whiting, who chairs the Boardโ€™s Nominating Committee.

If you would like to serve in some capacity, or would like more information, please contact Nominating Committee chair Rossitza Marinova rossitza.

It is arguably the best nominating process for bench appointments in the country, but in terms of my own recommendations to Cabinet, I can tell you that there are always robust discussions about appointments.

And students respond to that joyful dialogue by nominating her for more awards, with high instructor evaluations, and even coming back years later to talk about the effect her teaching made in their lives.

A new act must deal with a number of other issues, including the question of splinter parties nominating and fielding candidates, the enumeration process, the length of election campaigns and the hours of voting.

It should also address the important issues of the north, including the process for gaining provincehood, nominating Senators, and having a say in appointments to the Supreme Court.

Margaret Holmes will continue as chair of the nominating committee.

A notice shall be sent to all members requesting nominations for the Board with names to be received by the Nominating Committee two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Our party has made huge strides in nominating, supporting and electing women to the House of Commons.

Subseries contains records of standing committees of the board, including the Audit and Finance Committee, the Ethics Committee, the Executive Committee, the International Relations Committee, the Nominating/Governance Committee, and the Strategic.

That Council approves nominating Rachel Leshchyshyn and Mikhail Zanevitch as recipients of 2020 SUMA Meritorious Service Awards and to compensate their banquet and accommodation expenses as per Policy 30.60 โ€˜Recognition of City Employeesโ€™.

The Board has struck an ad-hoc nominating committee comprised of ACWS Board members who are not currently associated with anyone from a shelter who may be interested in serving on this committee.

The following leadership responsibilities have been adopted by the Board for your reference as you consider nominating or being nominated.

The following represents the report of the Nominating Committee which will be presented to the ELCIC in convention, July 21 to 24, 2005 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Governance and Nominating Committee shall establish criteria for making recommendations regarding the conferral of the honorary titles of trustee emeritus/a and chair emeritus/a.

The International Mathematical Union (IMU) and the International COuncil of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) are precisely nominating a Committee to study the pricing of journals.

The purpose of the Policy is to provide shareholders, directors and management of Anquiro with a clear framework for nominating directors of the Company.

This is a discussion on May 2013 - Nominate another member's photo hereMember's monthly choice forums, part of the Photography & Fine art photography category; Time to start nominating photos that you like that are posted in May 2013.

We invite you to consider nominating someone from your networks.

With the launch of the 2007 Sterling Service Awards, the BC Hospitality Industry encourages people to participate by nominating those whose extra efforts made their experience memorable.