377 examples of nooses in sentences

So they came at last to the spot, and here nooses were fastened around the necks of the three, and the ends of the cords flung over the branch of a great oak tree that stood there.

Next he drew a good smooth arrow from his quiver and fitted it to the string; then, looking all around to see that the way was clear behind him, he suddenly cast away the wool from his head and face, shouting in a mighty voice, "Run!" Quick as a flash the three youths flung the nooses from their necks and sped across the open to the woodlands as the arrow speeds from the bow.

But the finest horses escaped the first assault, and broke through the circling ring into the boundless meadow, where they were followed at mad speed by the hunters, poising their spears, and swinging their nooses round their heads, ready for a cast.

Angelica, saying that she would lose her life rather than displease him, descended from the beam; and having given the monster a cake of wax which fastened up his teeth, and then caught and fixed him in a set of nooses she had brought for that purpose, took her miserable departure.

If they see a man idle, that by reason of his means otherwise will betake himself to no course of life, they ought seriously to admonish him, he makes a noose to entangle himself, his want of employment will be his undoing.

" So that day he went out and made about thirty traps, of sticks with nooses attached, to snare jungle-fowl.

Duling had on his back a basket holding a decoy cock, together with the snares of running-nooses and all the parts of the trap.

The dead king is then said to set out to limit the gods in their meadows, and when he has caught them with nooses, he causes them to be slain.

They also carry with them horse-hair nooses of different sizes and strength, which they fasten to the rod: likewise bird-lime, and a variety of calls for the different kinds of birds, with which they imitate them to the greatest nicety.

They take with them likewise two lines to which horse-hair nooses are attached for catching larger birds, and a bag or net to carry their game.

Less things than these have brought men to their ends and been the nooses with which Fate snared them running.

In the morning the people were surprised to find the meat gone, and their nooses all drawn out.

For many nights the nooses were drawn and the meat stolen; but once, when the wolves went there to steal, they found only the meat of a scabby bull, and the man-wolf was angry, and cried out: "Bad-you-give-us-o-o-o! Bad-you-give-us-o-o-o-o!"

Deadfalls were used to catch wolves, foxes, and other fur animals, and small apertures in the pis'kun walls were provided with nooses and snares for the same purpose.

In a rut men, discouraged, life look hopeless; peddler selling nooses.

In a rut men, discouraged, life look hopeless; peddler selling nooses.

And then he began to ceaselessly hurl at me maces, and ploughshares, and winged darts and lances, and javelins, and battle-axes, and swords and arrows blazing like javelins and thunderbolts, and nooses, and broad swords, and bullets from barrels, and shafts, and axes, and rockets.

Hurled by me, my nooses are incapable of being resisted.

According to the Vishnu Purana (Wilson, 582), its environs were defended by 'nooses, constructed by the demon Mura (Naraka's ally), the edges of which were as sharp as razors.'

Every day the tigers went to the village in search of the cat; but when the dogs barked they slunk away; for the tigers were very frightened at the sight of the dogs' curly tails; they thought that the tails were nooses and that they would be strangled by them.

I don't mind that, but I am very frightened of their nooses.

Now, you are very like a dog, cannot you go and tell them not to use their nooses."

The jackal answered, "Uncle, you are quite mistaken; what you see are their tails, not nooses; they will not strangle you with them."

"I reached out behind me and lifted one of the nooses from its hook.

We whipped him with our nooses, but not one would hold.

377 examples of  nooses  in sentences