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417 example sentences with  nooses

417 example sentences with nooses

So they came at last to the spot, and here nooses were fastened around the necks of the three, and the ends of the cords flung over the branch of a great oak tree that stood there.

Quick as a flash the three youths flung the nooses from their necks and sped across the open to the woodlands as the arrow speeds from the bow.

But the finest horses escaped the first assault, and broke through the circling ring into the boundless meadow, where they were followed at mad speed by the hunters, poising their spears, and swinging their nooses round their heads, ready for a cast.

" Then from his saddle thonghis noose he drew, And round her waist the twisted loop he threw "Now seek not to escape," he sharply said, "Such is the fate of war, unthinking maid!

My noose shall soon secure thee,

He then drew his kamund from the saddle-strap, and praying to God to grant him victory over his foes, urged on Rakush, and wherever he threw the noose, his aim was successful.

The good old man Pírán-wísah happened to be passing by the place to which Byzun had just been conveyed to suffer death; and seeing a great concourse of people, and a lofty dar erected, from which hung a noose, he inquired for whom it was intended.

Byzun threw his kamund over him; and when entangled in the noose, the animal became furious and sprung away, dragging Byzun after him.

Thus saying, Ferámurz rushed on his adversary, struck him several blows with his battle-axe, and drawing his noose from the saddle-strap with the quickness of lightning, secured his prize.

Afrásiyáb seeing the perilous condition of Barzú, came up with his whole army to his rescue; but Kai-khosráu was equally on the alert, accompanied by Rustem, who, advancing to the support of Ferámurz, threw another noose round the neck of the already-captured Barzú, to prevent the possibility of his escape.

The prince drew his sword with the intention of attacking him, but seeing him furious with rage, and being doubtful of the issue, thought it more prudent and safe to try his success with the noose.

[Footnote 9: Herodotus speaks of a people confederated with the army of Xerxes, who employed the noose.

"Their principal dependence in action is upon cords made of twisted leather, which they use in this manner: when they engage an enemy, they throw out these cords, having a noose at the extremity; if they entangle in them either horse or man, they without difficulty put them to death.

Dave's response was swiftly to knot a noose and let it down over Tom's shoulders.

He couldn't put his own neck in the noose."

Then with a dexterous hand he fitted the noose around the neck of the schoolteacher.

"Sit down on that black rock, Jig," he said, taking Gaspar to the designated stone as he spoke, and removing the noose from the latter's neck.

Suddenly a chill had passed through him at the thought of the hanging noose biting into that frail, soft throat.

"The point is that Sinclair took pity on him and kept him from the noose.

I see, I see, 'tis counsel given in vain; For treason botched in rhyme will be thy bane .... A double noose thou on thy neck dost pull,

"I drew her away; I walked up and down with that superb creature panting and palpitating almost upon my heart; I poured into her ear I know not what extravagant vows; and before the slow-handed sailors had fastened their cable to the buoy in the channel, we had knotted a more subtile and difficult noose, not to be so easily undone!

Angelica, saying that she would lose her life rather than displease him, descended from the beam; and having given the monster a cake of wax which fastened up his teeth, and then caught and fixed him in a set of nooses she had brought for that purpose, took her miserable departure.

I must Confesse I can affect the foole upon Good tearmes, and could devise a plott to noose My amorous woodcock, if you privatlie Assist me and dare trust me with some Jewell Of price, that is not knowne, which shalbe faithfully Restor'd Madam.

A report from him is enough to deport a new-born babe or save from death a man with the noose about his neck."

fastener, fastening, tie; ligament, ligature; strap; tackle, rigging; standing rigging, running rigging; traces, harness; yoke; band ribband, bandage; brace, roller, fillet; inkle^; with, withe, withy; thong, braid; girder, tiebeam; girth, girdle, cestus^, garter, halter, noose, lasso, surcingle, knot, running knot; cabestro [U.S.], cinch [U.S.], lariat, legadero^, oxreim^; suspenders.

snare, trap, pitfall, decoy, gin; springe^, springle^; noose, hoot; bait, decoy-duck, tub to the whale, baited trap, guet-a-pens; cobweb, net, meshes, toils, mouse trap, birdlime; dionaea^, Venus's flytrap^; ambush &c 530; trapdoor, sliding panel, false bottom; spring-net, spring net, spring gun, mask, masked battery; mine; flytrap^; green goods [U.S.]; panel house.

scaffold; block, ax, guillotine; stake; cross; gallows, gibbet, tree, drop, noose, rope, halter, bowstring; death chair, electric chair; gas chamber; lethal injection; firing squad; mecate^. house of correction &c (prison) 752.

Once he had seen a man walk to his death on the scaffold, and as the condemned had spoken his last farewell, with the noose about his neck, he had marveled at the clearness of his voice, at the fearlessness of this creature in his last moment on earth.

In 1918 an event occurred which served further to tighten the noose about the stubborn neck of the young lawyer.

A rope was attached to a girder with the other end tied in a noose around his neck.

But now, if thou art set to hunt this treasure up, and hast a mind to run thy head into a noose; why, I am not so old but that I too can play the fool, and we will let St. Malo be, and make for Carisbrooke.

They understood what I would be at, and slipped a noose over the well-rope and so drew it in to the side, and made it fast till I should give the word to loose again.

On hearing this, the Gusa,in looked towards me; silently he rose up, and, without saying a word, he went to the corner of the garden, and seizing a tree in his grasp, he formed his long hair into a noose, and hanged himself.

This is a man, you know, who came from America with him, Out of the woods, I suppose, and uses a lasso in fighting, Which is, I don't quite know, but a sort of noose, I imagine; This he throws on the heads of the enemy's men in a battle, Pulls them into his reach, and then most cruelly kills them: Mary does not believe, but we heard it from an Italian.

Then, having taken the rope with which the hurkaru's mail-bag was lashed to his buffalo, they slipped a noose over the Nawab's head, made the other end fast to the lower limb of the saul-tree, and led away the buffalo.

At the very moment when the crowd was forcing its way into the house, Sikes made a running noose to slip beneath his arm-pits, and so lower himself to a ditch beneath.

The noose was on his neck.

All we've got to do is to slip a noose over his head!"

In this way he gradually got near enough to pass a noose, which he kept ready at the end of a stick, round the bird's neck (Fig. 164).

Abel quickly slipped the noose over Mr. Bernard's head, and put it round the neck of the miserable Dick Venner, who, with his disabled arm, felt resistance was hopeless.

We must indeed realize in life the noble last words of Spies, spoken as he stood on the gallows with the hangman's noose around his neck: "There will come a time when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are strangling today.

So that day he went out and made about thirty traps, of sticks with nooses attached, to snare jungle-fowl.

Duling had on his back a basket holding a decoy cock, together with the snares of running-nooses and all the parts of the trap.

Katherine swung a rope with a running noose over the head and shoulders of the leader, a huge white dog with a black patch on its back like a saddle.

The first thing you know they stick themselves up by their tails, and spin a noose to hang back their heads in, and there they are, like a papoose in a basket.

There was another yell from the wall, followed by a profound hush as the noose was tightened round Marshal Millefleurs' neck.

could I once break loose, Divorced, all hell should not re-tie the noose!

Each twisted himself a vine of the muscadine grape, and fastened one end around the limb of an oak, and made a noose in the other.

The other, horrified by the contortions and agony of his comrade, dropped his noose, and was retaken.

By this time Hull appeared tired, and stopped; he then took a rope, put a slip noose around his neck, and told the negro he was going to kill him, at the same time drew the rope and began whipping: the Negro fell; his cheeks looked as though they would burst with strangulation.

The dead king is then said to set out to limit the gods in their meadows, and when he has caught them with nooses, he causes them to be slain.

They also carry with them horse-hair nooses of different sizes and strength, which they fasten to the rod: likewise bird-lime, and a variety of calls for the different kinds of birds, with which they imitate them to the greatest nicety.

They take with them likewise two lines to which horse-hair nooses are attached for catching larger birds, and a bag or net to carry their game.

If a brown or black partridge answers their call, instead of bird-lime, they fasten a horse-hair noose to the top of their rod, and when they are close to the birds, they keep dipping the top of their rod with considerable skill until they fasten the noose on one of their necks; they then draw him in, and go on catching others in the same way.

If a brown or black partridge answers their call, instead of bird-lime, they fasten a horse-hair noose to the top of their rod, and when they are close to the birds, they keep dipping the top of their rod with considerable skill until they fasten the noose on one of their necks; they then draw him in, and go on catching others in the same way.

Yes, it was easily done, and it was done; but how to be undone at a time when the craving maw of the noose dangled from the post, in obedience to the Procrustes of the time!

A second later they had pounced on him, and in less than a minute after that he was kicking in the noose of a hide rope slung over a house-beam.

Mother Earth felt good that night, when strong hands reached up and lifted me out of the noose that failed of reaching the bottom by about a man's height.

Less things than these have brought men to their ends and been the nooses with which Fate snared them running.

In the morning the people were surprised to find the meat gone, and their nooses all drawn out.

For many nights the nooses were drawn and the meat stolen; but once, when the wolves went there to steal, they found only the meat of a scabby bull, and the man-wolf was angry, and cried out: "Bad-you-give-us-o-o-o! Bad-you-give-us-o-o-o-o!"

Deadfalls were used to catch wolves, foxes, and other fur animals, and small apertures in the pis'kun walls were provided with nooses and snares for the same purpose.

In a rut men, discouraged, life look hopeless; peddler selling nooses.

The Noose is drawn.

In a rut men, discouraged, life look hopeless; peddler selling nooses.

Boy Scouts practicing making knots, one of them is making a hangman's noose.

The Noose hangs high.

And then he began to ceaselessly hurl at me maces, and ploughshares, and winged darts and lances, and javelins, and battle-axes, and swords and arrows blazing like javelins and thunderbolts, and nooses, and broad swords, and bullets from barrels, and shafts, and axes, and rockets.

Hurled by me, my nooses are incapable of being resisted.

According to the Vishnu Purana (Wilson, 582), its environs were defended by 'nooses, constructed by the demon Mura (Naraka's ally), the edges of which were as sharp as razors.'

Every day the tigers went to the village in search of the cat; but when the dogs barked they slunk away; for the tigers were very frightened at the sight of the dogs' curly tails; they thought that the tails were nooses and that they would be strangled by them.

I don't mind that, but I am very frightened of their nooses.

Now, you are very like a dog, cannot you go and tell them not to use their nooses."

The jackal answered, "Uncle, you are quite mistaken; what you see are their tails, not nooses; they will not strangle you with them."

I then took off my suspenders, and tying one end to the head of the bedstead, made a noose of the other.

I then bore just enough weight on the improvised noose to give all a plausible look.

An electrical flash showing the scaffold with the noose above it would have no force to stop an instinct and emotion fully aroused.

At a certain point he has reached a prison or is waiting for the hangman to tie a noose around his neck.

"I reached out behind me and lifted one of the nooses from its hook.

What the hangman's noose is to the murderer, what the leveled rifles are to the condemned spy, that hunt-cry of the wolves is to the wounded animal of the forests.

So Red galloped by and threw the noose over her head as an exhibition of how the thing was done, rather than how it ought to be done.

We whipped him with our nooses, but not one would hold.

But Don, stern and savage, allowed Jones to tie him in a slip noose.

We slipped a noose around him and lowered him, kicking and barking, to the rocky floor.

As he turned, Jones cast the noose of his lasso perfectly round the burly neck.

In throwing his lasso to rope one, the noose went over the heads of two.

These two roped together thundered off with the noose widening.

I was afraid they would split round a tree or stump, but fortunately the noose fell off one.

Then she adjusted the noose to her own neck, raising her long, loose tresses carefully in order to fix the rope firmly in its place, and then, with a smile and wave of her hand to the bloodthirsty crowd present, she stepped calmly from the plank into eternity.

growled Mount, as Elerson uncoiled the pack-rope, flung one end over a maple limb above, and tied a running noose on the other end.

I ordered Elerson to hold the prisoner and adjust the noose; Murphy and Mount to the rope's end.

I nodded to Elerson, who drew the noose tight; the prisoner's knees gave way, and he screamed; but Mount and Murphy jerked him up, and the rope strangled the screech in his throat.

But in an unguarded moment the noose of a rope encircled one of his hind feet, and he was thrown upon his side, and in this position the mounted man dragged him up to the fire.

LASSO, a well-plaited strip of hide, with a noose, to catch wild horses or cattle with.

Mills must succeed to find the mastermind behind the murder before Dotzler tightens the noose around him and before his wife's killer may also jeopardize his daughter.

Earlier this week, images were revealed that were taken inside the prison cell where he died, showing several nooses fashioned from bed sheets, pills and electrical cords.

The nooses found at Lake Merritt will be investigated as hate crimes.

The rope was just hanging, with no explanation, description or acknowledgment of the countless lives lost to nooses.

Wallace drives for Petty, who issued a scathing rebuke after the noose was found that called for the "sick person to be expelled from NASCAR forever a move NASCAR President Steve Phelps insisted would happen should they be caught.

WUWM's Race & Ethnicity reporter Teran Powell talks with UWM professor David Pate about the symbolism of nooses, especially as it pertains to Black people.