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The Norwegians, or Northmen (Norsemen), belong to a North-Germanic branch of the Indo-European race; their nearest kindred are the Swedes, the Danes, and the Goths.

It is but natural that the ancient Norwegians should become warlike and brave men, since their firm religious belief was that those who died of sickness or old age would sink down into the dark abode of Hel (Helheim), and that only the brave men who fell in battle would be invited to the feasts in Odin's Hall.

The viking cruises commenced, and for a long time the Norwegians continued to harry the coasts of Europe.

Like the Norwegians, the early Swedes are reported to have migrated from Asia under the leadership of a chief who called himself Odin.

The Norwegians denied the right of Denmark to Norway, refused to recognize the treaty of Kiel as having any binding force on them, as they were not parties to it, and invited Prince Christian Frederick of Denmark to accept the Norwegian throne from its people and to govern pursuant to a constitution adopted at Eidsvold, May 17, 1814.

The Norwegians remained obdurate.

Another division of the Swedish army was beaten by the Norwegians and driven back over the frontier.

At the treaty of Kiel the king had promised that Norway would assume a part of the Norwegian-Danish public debt; but as the Norwegians had never acknowledged this treaty, they held that it was not their duty to pay any part of the debt, and declared besides that Norway was not able to do so.

The king did not like the democratic spirit of the Norwegians, and the reactionary tendencies of his European allies had quite an influence upon his actions.

When the Norwegians commenced to celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of the constitution (May 17), the king thought he saw in this a sign of a disloyal spirit, because they did not rather celebrate the day of their union with Sweden, and he forbade the public celebration of the day.

He also took a step toward conciliating the Norwegians by appointing their countryman, Count Wedel-Jarlsberg, as viceroy.

Charles John was succeeded by his son, Oscar I, who very soon won the love of the Norwegians.

The progress in the material welfare of the country continued during his reign, and, like his father, he was very popular with the Norwegians.

The Norwegians have always been a seafaring people, and Norwegian sailors and marines are found in large numbers in the commercial marine and navies of all Europe and America.

The Norwegians felt proud of his character, life, and statesmanship.

* * VOLUME I. Discovery of Iceland by the Norwegians.

I. Discovery of Iceland by the Norwegians, in the Ninth Century II.

Ohthere told his lord King Alfred, that lie lived to the north of all the Nordmen or Norwegians; and that he dwelt in that land to the northward, opposite to the west sea; and that all the land to the north of that sea is waste and uninhabited except in a few places, to which the Finans or Fins repair in winter for hunting and fowling, and for fishing in the summer.

Ohthere here calls the inhabitants of the desert Fins, and it would appear that the Laplanders are actually Fins, or Finlanders; the name of Laps or Laplanders being of modern origin, and the Danes and Norwegians still call this country Finmark.

'Tis a childish humour to hone after home, to be discontent at that which others seek; to prefer, as base islanders and Norwegians do, their own ragged island before Italy or Greece, the gardens of the world.

As the Swedes, Norwegians, Irish, Hebrews and others were organizing societies and raising funds to promote the migration of their needy to these lands, why should the Negroes be debarred?

They were Danes, Norwegians, and Swedes in that room, with a few Parisians among them.

Possibly one-fifth are Danes, Swedes, and Norwegians.

The Norwegians in Bay Ridge: a sociological study of an ethnic group.

These sailor-clerics, who settled on the southeast of the island, were spoken of by later Norwegians as "papar."

651 examples of  norwegians  in sentences