17015 examples of not only in sentences

Me that always did the supporting, not only to me, but to my mother and great-grand-mother up to the day they died.

To all the other excellencies of Night Thoughts let me add the great and peculiar one, that they contain not only the noblest sentiments of virtue, and contemplations on immortality, but the Christian Sacrifice, the Divine Propitiation, with all its interesting circumstances, and consolations to 'a wounded spirit,' solemnly and poetically displayed in such imagery and language, as cannot fail to exalt, animate, and soothe the truly pious.

For instance: God gives not only corn for need, But likewise superabundant seed; Bread for our service, bread for show; Meat for our meals, and fragments too: He gives not poorly, taking some Between the finger and the thumb, But for our glut, and for our store, Fine flour pressed down, and running o'er.

But as I turned over the idea, I began to see that it was really practicable; and not only practicable but easy; and not only easy but eminently safe.

The purification of the blood, through their agency, is not only incomplete, but the heat evolved is as yet inconsiderable.

And so, ever since, especially in the warm days and nights of early summer when the mosquitoes with their singing and stinging come around to trouble us, we are reminded of this lazy, slovenly woman, who was not only a trial to her husband, but by her lack of industry and care brought such a scourge upon all the people.

Their arrival was hailed with enthusiasm, not only on account of the timely reinforcement, but more especially from the high character of their leader.

Not only does he require that the native towns shall be kept intact, and no European building erected within them; a sense of beauty not often vouchsafed to Colonial governors causes him to place the administration buildings so far beyond the walls that the modern colony grouped around them remains entirely distinct from the old town, instead of growing out of it like an ugly excrescence.

The theory of the institution ignores such aptitudes as his, and recognizes no merits save those of some small sedentary linguist or mathematician,a blessing to his teacher, but an object of watchful anxiety to the family physician, and whose career was endangering not only his health, but his humility.

These cruelties are daily occurrences, and so degrading is the whole practice of Slavery, that it not only crushes and brutalizes the wretched slave, but it hardens the heart, benumbs all the fine feelings of humanity, and deteriorates from the character of the slaveholders themselves,whether man or woman.

The operators are at such a tension that they not only stand all day, but may not even bend their knees.

These villagers not only had deserted their patron and protector, but also they had laughed at the thought of rescue!

It was in one of the meetings that the Holy Spirit impressed my mind of its sinfulness and the need of a Savior, not only to cleanse my soul of sin and sinful stains, but to save me.

What we want is a larger class of observers, and not only those who are professional persons, but those who would commune with Nature, and seek to invigorate their minds by the acquisition of new ideas, and a recourse to rich and pure sources of enjoyment.

He not only encouraged them to defend themselves, but put himself at their head, rallied, instructed, and led them on to encounter the enemy, who by this means were repulsed.

Whatever they were, it is clear, from letters still extant, that he not only accepted but solicited office.

In consequence of the disorders in the South of France, and the interruption of commerce by sea, soap is not only dear, but sometimes difficult to purchase at any rate.

I have seen some of them where the Verses have not only been edged by a Name at each Extremity, but have had the same Name running down like a Seam through the Middle of the Poem.

We seem, therefore, to require some term which will not only suggest the highest results of moral endeavour, but also the conditions which, in the case of humanity, are essential to the attainment of those results.

If she is a thoughtful mother, she knows not only the surroundings of her children, but many of the impressions that she has stamped upon their undeveloped minds.

We should remember that not only was Owen Roe's army outnumbered by Monroe's, but also that Owen Roe had no artillery, while Monroe was well supplied with guns.

On our way down the canyon not only did he give me an outline of the history of his life, but he talked about how he had foretold the storm just ended.

Allso bec he sd he saw her kittle, there being at so great a distance, they doubted that these things did not only weaken & blemish his testimony, but also in a great measure disable it for standing to take away liffe.

I find no reason to disapprove of the course of my predecessor in this important matter, but, on the contrary, I not only shall receive the advice of the Senate therein cheerfully, but I respectfully ask the Senate for their advice on the three questions before recited.

In view not only of the constitutional difficulty, but as a question of policy, I am clearly of opinion that the whole subject should be left to the States, aided by such tonnage duties on vessels navigating their waters as their respective legislatures may think proper to propose and Congress see fit to sanction.

17015 examples of  not only  in sentences