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120 example sentences with  note down

120 example sentences with note down

I am not however aware that the resemblances had ever been brought out in detail until Mr. G.S.D. Murray, of Christ Church, Oxford, noted down the passages from Bion, which were published accordingly in my edition of Shelley's Poems, 1870.

In happier times Alfred was in the habit himself of talking over the events of his wandering life pleasantly with his courtiers, and there is no reason to doubt that the foundation of most of the stories still current rests on those conversations of the truth-loving King, noted down by Bishop Asser and others.

Here's some jobs I want the men to doall noted down herean' you'll answer letters, 'phone calls, an' all that.

After we were fully satisfied that we had everything right and had noted down his requirements, we returned to Mapusa.

I noted down the circumstance when I got home; for it had made such an impression on my mind, that I should not then have been surprised to have heard of her departure.

The police agents, pencil and pocket-book in hand, noted down the contents of each vehicle.

It was past midnight, and I was somewhat tired; but before going to bed, foreseeing that if I should survive this adventure I should write its history, I resolved immediately to note down some details of the state of affairs in Paris at the end of this day, the second of the coup d'รฉtat.

One of the most life-like passages in the play is at the beginning of the third act, where Nimphidius describes to Poppaea how the weary audience were imprisoned in the theatre during Nero's performance, with guards stationed at the doors, and spies on all sides scanning each man's face to note down every smile or frown.

"Where does it lie, what is it like, how much is there of it, and how came you to own it?" "Ask him just so, ag'in," said Nick, taking up four twigs, to note down the questions, seriatim.

But I had it in memory, and even noted down, as one of the finest trees in symmetry and beauty

Its proprietor, summoned from a neighbouring house, recollected, with considerable difficulty and after consultation of a penny pocket-book, that he had certainly let a top-floor room to a young Frenchwoman about a year ago, but he had never caught her name properly, and simply had her noted down as Mamselle.

On April 6, 1777, Johnson noted down: 'I passed the night in such sweet uninterrupted sleep as I have not known since I slept at Fort Augustus.'

His narrative was carefully noted down at the time, and, translated, consists in substance as follows: 'I cannot be said to have escaped from my jailers,' he began, 'for I left the prison in the most natural manner possible.

"This about completes our schedule," remarked Betty, as she noted down, on a map she had drawn, the names of some persons and places.

The Norman nobles did not know Latin, they were but gradually learning English; the bulk of the lesser clergy perhaps spoke Latin, but did not know Norman; the poorer people spoke only English; the clerks who from this time began to note down the proceedings of the king's judges in Latin must often have been puzzled by dialects of English strange to him.

Unlike in form to the great Roll of the Pipe, in which the records of the Exchequer Court had long been kept, the Plea Rolls consisted of strips of parchment filed together by their tops, on which, in an uncertain and at first a blundering fashion, the clerks noted down their records of judicial proceedings.

They asked endless questions of every traveller as to what was passing abroad, and noted down records which have since become authorities for the histories of foreign states.

They are taken almost exclusively from a Journal, in which his first thoughts and impressions on every passing occurrence were hurriedly noted down, from day to day, for transmission to Lady Elgin.

The remainder is composed of small eccentric congregations which spring up and die, and of which no one takes heed, except a few tourists, who are always willing to note down extraordinary facts.

"So you are in earnest," she said, "you are really working?" "Certainly; you see I ought to have noted down these deaths last month.

He received instructions as to price and quantity, which he carefully noted down.

A few of them mustered confidence to talk with Watson in Boston, and the newspaper reporters carefully noted down all the details of the conversation.

As I walked, my mind was busy fitting what I saw with appropriate words; when I sat by the roadside, I would either read, or a pencil and a penny version-book would be in my hand, to note down the features of the scene or commemorate some halting stanzas.

The adjutant-general noted down, in a large folio book, some particulars in regard to Champehis size, figure, place of birth, countenance, the color of his hair, name of the corps to which he had belonged.

Each cake is then stamped with the factory mark and number, and all are noted down in the books.

The loads from the seed depots and outworks, come rolling up in the afternoon, and have all to be weighed, checked, noted down, and examined.

He noted down the description of the body, the locality, and its surroundings; and in view of these particulars, it has been stated that the body was that of Gray, who died in the neighbourhood.

Let us hastily note down the most persistent of these assertions; later I will put some order into this pell-mell of news.

We continue to note down the incidents as they reach us.

This instrument should be placed on the summit of the dome of the New County Court House, and a competent scientific person appointed to be continually on the look-out, and his observations noted down by a Stenographer.

He did not wait for the other to reply, but noted down himself, at a guess.

The Lensmand noted down again.

He must then bring out his store of facts which he has noted down as they occurred; he makes his selection according to circumstances, according to the state of his own mind; not forgetting the state of mind that the children may be in, and especially the state of the weather.

If it happens that any one puts a Case of which they have had no Precedent, it is noted down by their Clerk Will.

Boswell, though silenced, gradually recovered sufficiently to listen, and afterwards to note down parts of the conversation.

{12} Every four hours the state of the wind, how many miles the vessel has made, in fact, every occurrence, is noted down in the log with great exactitude.

By the light of this I proceed to note down my first series of comments as a tail-piece to your meteorological article in the July 'Atlantic,' of which we received a copy in due course, as the magazine has a large circulation among our friars miner down here.

"But let us examine the thing systematically and note down what we see.

"Sixth: That machine, whether his own or some other person's property, can be identified by a characteristic mark on the small 'e.' "If you will note down those six points and add that X is probably an expert cyclist and a fairly good shot with a rifle, you may possibly be able, presently, to complete the equation, X = ?

Please examine them and note down in writing which are the true prints and which are the forgeries.

I am indebted to my honored friend, Lydia Maria Child, for some vivid recollections of this terrible period, as noted down from the lips of an old colored woman, once well known in New York, Charity Bower.

You will not fail regularly to keep a journal of your proceedings, and to note down your observations, as they from time to time occur, transmitting home by every opportunity intelligence of the progress which you have made, and of the leading events which may have befallen you.

"On this corpse Michelangelo demonstrated to me many rare and abstruse things, which perhaps have never yet been fully understood, and all of which I noted down, hoping one day, by the help of some learned man, to give them to the public.

In the preface to his volume he says of them,"They are faithful records of my feelings at the time, often noted down hastily by the wayside, and aspiring to no higher place than the memory of some pilgrim who may, under like circumstances, look upon the same scenes.

More than one illustrious stranger has landed on our island amidst the shouts of a mob, has dined with the king, has hunted with the master of the stag-hounds, has seen the guards reviewed, and a Knight of the Garter installed; has cantered along Regent-street; has visited St. Paul's, and noted down its dimensions, and has then departed, thinking that he has seen England.

If the reader's horror of amalgamation does not allow him to join us at the table, perhaps he will consent to retire to the parlor, whence, without fear of contamination, he may safely view us through the folding doors, and note down our several positions around the board.

I noted down his testimony very nearly in his own words, which will account for their evidence-like form.

If the reader's horror of amalgamation does not allow him to join us at the table, perhaps he will consent to retire to the parlor, whence, without fear of contamination, he may safely view us through the folding doors, and note down our several positions around the board.

I noted down his testimony very nearly in his own words, which will account for their evidence-like form.

In vain his master strove to convince the officer of his perfect innocence; he would not listen, and the poor lad was tied up, and received seven hundred lashes, during which punishment some remarks he made in the writhings of his agony were noted down, and he was shot at Matanzas for the same.

there is a dream of hoary age, 'Tis a vision of gold in store Of sums noted down on the figured page, To be counted o'er and o'er:

We therefore take the opportunity of communicating something of the remarks which Ottilie noted down among her manuscripts, to which we cannot find a fitter transition than through a simile which suggested itself to us on contemplating her exquisite pages.

[Footnote 23: In the original book this conversation follows immediately the one of December 21, 1831, and with the remainder of the book is prefaced thus:"The following I noted down shortly afterwards (that is, after they took place) from memory.

And he submitted uncomplainingly when they took him to the Bertillon measuring department and stood him up against the wall, bare as a babe, arms extended, and noted down his dimensions one by one, every limb and feature being precisely described in length and breadth, every physical peculiarity recorded, down to the impression of his thumb lines and the precise location of a small mole on his left arm.

All of which was carefully noted down.

I will note down here a few plain truths which it behooves me to take to heartcommit to memory.

Soon after her sudden departure her husband noted down, for the satisfaction of absent friends, such little incidents and details as could be recalled of her last ten days on earth.

If in some way or other some indication relative to his discovery were to escape him, it would be immediately noted down and its value would be passed upon by those competent to judge."

The governor now sent another note down to Heaton, with a request that orders might be forwarded along the cliffs, for every one to keep out of sight; as well as directions that care should be taken not to let any smoke even be seen to rise from the plain.

The last sad parting from many dear friends has been noted down; the deaths of sister, brother and mother, have been noticed in sad rotation; grand-children have sprung up, beside the way, flourished for a little season, then faded like the pale, withering leaves of autumn, and passed away from earth forever.

" "That's exactly what we want," and they took their pencils to note down any suggestions that Mr. Emerson made.

The few days which remain to me before my departure I will use in retrospects of the past, until I come to note down day after day the events of my present life.

To begin with, I note down that my religious belief I carried still intact with me from Metz did not withstand the study of natural philosophy.

I note down the occurrences of a whole week.

I had a long talk with him, which I note down, as it made upon me a certain impression.

" I note down this conversation because everything relating to suicide has become of interest to me, and the old gunsmith's words appeared to contain a bit of philosophy worth preserving.

He was about to note down on a bit of paper the proportions of brandy and sugar, when she arose, suddenly invigorated, looking around her in wonder....

He noted down that his experience showed that corn ought to be planted not later than May 15th, preferably by the tenth or perhaps even as early as the first, in which his practice would not differ much from that of to-day.

I noted down at the time several anecdotes of childhood and youth, which bubbled up in the course of conversations between her and her brother.

In the vast majority of cases the men who have had an opportunity to note down primitive love-stories unfortunately did not hesitate to disguise their native flavor with European sauce in order to make them more palatable to the general public.

On Saturday, June 19th, I called upon Professor Wundt at his home in Leipsic; with respect to the investigation of 1877-78 he gave me the following information, which I noted down during my conversation with him, asking him to repeat the points mentioned as I noted them, so as to avoid any error or misunderstanding, and which I copied out, with merely verbal changes, two days later.

She laid the note down, not daring to read it before Lady Peters.

He had a little log-book in which he had been careful to note down day and date every morning, and, like a good lad, he never forgot to wind his watch.

I noted down the following list, when he was showing us his tool-house: l. $ l. $ 6 Ploughs at 4 each = 20 24 = 120 6 Horse-carts, at 14 each = 70 84 = 420 1 Large Iron Roller and Gearing, 13 = 65 1 Cambridge Roller 14 = 70 1 Twelve-Coulter Drill 46 = 230 3 Harrows at 3 each =

If it happens that any one puts a Case of which they have had no Precedent, it is noted down by their Clerk Will.

Chekalinsky paused after each throw, in order to give the players time to arrange their cards and note down their losses, listened politely to their requests, and more politely still, straightened the corners of cards that some player's hand had chanced to bend.

Those that we all agreed in I have noted down, but the different names for things given by the same person, here and at Shoal Bay, will at once impress the reader with the conviction of how impossible it is for transient visitors to obtain a correct vocabulary.

You see the bearing of this?" "You mean that I should note down what I have seen and heard and say nothing about it until I am asked."

The weather was cold and stormy, and I found it the best occupation I could have to prevent my being lonesome; so I worked away, day after day, for about a month, and I was really quite tired of this sort of work before I had all the facts recorded which I found noted down in my diary.

But you see it is already long; and I have treated only two of the four Things Slowly Learnt which I had noted down.

Two years later he said to the same, "I pray you to note down or rather to frame into paragraphs or sections, such matters as may occur to you as fit and proper for general communication at the opening of the next session of Congress, not only in the department of state, but on any other subject applicable to the occasion, that I may in due time have everything before me."

To Hamilton he wrote in 1795, "Having desired the late Secretary of State to note down every matter as it occurred, proper either for the speech at the opening of the session, or for messages afterwards, the inclosed paper contains everything I could extract from that office.

" As the sum given by each was often noted down in "quarter books" or "Easter books," and was, on denial, occasionally sued for before the official (together with dues for other purposesclerk's wages, pew rents, etc., presently to be noticed), an "offering" might become virtually an assessment or rate.

During the whole course, the admiral constantly noted down every circumstance; as the winds, the fishes, birds, and other tokens of land, and continually kept a good look out, frequently trying for soundings.

During his declining years she was his principal stay and support, and she was in daily attendance to note down or to calculate the results of his observations.

Having had the advantage of a medical, previous to his theological, training, he was able to note down sound facts, unembellished by superadded imagination.

A few hours after the receipt of the welcome letter, my wife chanced to call on Esther relative to some fancy needlework; and on her return, I was of course favored with very full and florid details of this little bit of cottage romance; the which I, from regard to the reader, have carefully noted down, and as briefly as possible expressed.

In five visits he surveyed the coast, described the aspect and products of the islands, and noted down a mass of invaluable details concerning the native tribes.

If you find it helps you to note down such things on a bit of paper, in pencil, by all means do so.

I have kept all the little notes on which stand your clever, dear, very dear, answers; so I have, at any rate, to thank my bad hearing that the best part of these fleeting conversations has been noted down.

Its chief importance lies in the fact that it is recorded by a man of wide reputation and high standing, and also that the Bishop had taken the precaution to note down the thing at the time, instead of merely recalling it after he had heard of the accident.

Note down this focal length, and proceed to measure your diaphragms in sixteenths of an inch.

Then note down everything you have donekind of view, stop, speed of plate, exposure of each plate, and length of exposure of actinometer.

From there, appointments, to-do lists and notes are each noted down with a variety of symbols that are themselves organised into a key.

Also, note down administrative tasks which may take up your time, such as higher education application deadlines,โ€ noted Madhav.

However, she was unable to note down the vehicle's license plate number.

A register is maintained to note down names of those with any symptoms of the virus.

If it was Charles Sanderson who sent the note down, I understand what he is saying.

If you are not giving up the faults you have committed and noted down in the diary, it is like you are playing a joke on the Master.

It's easy to forget to note down the result, or miss the actual point where the force was maximum before the joint lets go.