248 examples of nothingness in sentences

You dread death not as a short terrible pain, and for you it will not be so, not as a short sleep, but as eternal senselessness and nothingness.

The nothingness of kingly greatness and national pride were never before so finely contemned as by the voluptuous Assyrian, and were the scorn not mitigated by the skilful intermixture of mercifulness and philanthropy, the character would not be endurable.

And immediately the fire ceased from its shining, and gave way and sank and grew to a nothingness; and Aschoff of the Nine-Hundredth-City began again to run towards the House of Silence; and all they that were with him, did follow faithfully, and ceased not to run.

"Ah, I should like to die," he exclaimed, "be reduced to nothingness, leave to my native land a glorious name, perish in its cause, defending it from foreign invasion, and then let the sun afterwards illumine my corpse, like a motionless sentinel on the rocks of the sea!"

that so, within a few generations, the human race, together, perhaps, with every living thing that breathes beneath the law of Karma, would pass from sorrow into nothingness.

Their perpetual prayer is to be rid of personality at the last, no matter through what strange embodiments the self must pass before it reach the bliss of nothingness.

They were walled in, too, by the nothingness all around them.

When you think of children that haven't any homes-that are beaten by drunken fathersstarvedoverworked-but it was the nothingness.

You were the something that was way off beyond the nothingness of Centralia.

"But just the same," she made answer defiantly, "I'd rather see the wickedness of the world than stay in the nothingness of the world!

Alive with the things that there were out beyond the nothingness of Centralia.

" "No," sobbed Ann, "you'd have to have lived a long time in nothingness to understand thatand some other things, too."

She came at last, after crossing a long stretch of nothingness, to the town where Ann had lived, town from which she had gone forth to hear grand opera and find the loveliness of life.

We are asking for something out of the air, out of nothingness, that will necessarily array against itself the resistance of all those who are in control, or interested in the control, of the affairs of sovereign States of the world as they are at present; the resistance of a gigantic network of Government organisations, interests, privileges, assumptions.

Before this issue our little lives shrink into nothingness, and we must sink our happiness into the future of the world.

Back from the land of nothingness they cameand again no one was at hand to welcome their return.

that nothingness of the past,the most probable nothingness of the future!

that nothingness of the past,the most probable nothingness of the future!

"The middle way is nothingness.

All the nations are as nothing before him, They are reckoned by him as void and nothingness.

From the margin let me fall Where the farthest stars sink down, And the void consumes me,all In nothingness to drown.

He only believes in God and fears Him in the hour of supreme cowardice, when death opens before him the bottomless pit of nothingness, and his pride as a rational animal revolts against the complete extinction of his being.

Behind Manuel waited a peon burdened with elegant riding gear and a bundle of clothing, and a gesture brought him forward to deposit his load upon the porch before the gringo guest, whose "Gracias" Manuel waved into nothingness; as did the quick shrug disdain the little bag of gold which Jack drew from his pocket and would have tossed to Manuel for reward.

He and she would soon be wrapped up in the primal darkness, the mother and grave of all things, together!no, not together; not even in the dark of nothingness could they two any more lie together!

But this had gradually become submerged in the positive nothingness of every day. . . . . .

248 examples of  nothingness  in sentences