102 examples of noticeably in sentences

It is said that in Colorado, where sheep have long been protected, they are noticeably increasing, and growing tamer.

He was as plain in his dress as he was frugal in his habits,a man of great decorum and propriety of manners, resembling noticeably in his life and doctrines the Chinese sage Confucius.

The pockets of his coat bulged noticeably.

He started, noticeably.

But none of these departures was noticeably different in tone from her staple romances.

His gait, still a halting shuffle, grew noticeably brisker.

But my heart sank noticeably the moment the house came into view.

I saw him watching the clubs and the paper and speculating on the age of the man, whose legs were, I admit, noticeably young, and he drew my attention to him tooby nudges and whispers.

The fact that the modern period can show no one philosophic writer of the literary rank of Plato, even though it includes such masters of style as Fichte, Schelling, Schopenhauer, and Lotze, not to speak of lesser names, is an external proof of how noticeably the aesthetic impulse has given way to one purely intellectual.

My work was hard, still I remained noticeably taller and stronger than she, who was assigned to lighter household duties.

Although Professor Marshall showed himself noticeably negligent in the matter of introducing his colleagues to his sister, it was only two or three days before Aunt Victoria's half-hours of waiting before the Main Building had other companionship than Sylvia's.

They did not see him again for many days, and when he came, very briefly, speaking of business technicalities which absorbed him, he was noticeably absent and careworn.

Occasionally our party passed a person, or a group of persons,mostly negroes approximating the pure type, for those of lighter color grew noticeably scarcer as the town was left behind.

He had dark eyes with noticeably long lashes; heavy eyebrows; what the army examination-sheets describe as a medium chin; rather large hands with long, straight fingers; and feet such as an athlete stands on, fully big for his size, but well shaped.

Soon after this the revenue noticeably increased.

Now his facial lines appeared noticeably deep, dark like scars, and curious little flakes of iniquitous fire danced in his sunken eyes.

" This conversation interested Bill, for it proved that the robbers had helped themselves with a liberal hand, but how they had managed to appropriate enough gold to noticeably affect the showing of the winter's work intensely mystified him; it led him to believe that Black Jack and Denny were out for a homestake.

"Ever since Chase began to go in so noticeably for the ladiesahem!" Chase glared at him.

His look was perhaps graver, his movements less alert, but he had not noticeably changed; his life kept its wonted tenor.

On the other hand, the relations between Bulgaria and its two allies had been noticeably growing worse ever since January 1913; Bulgaria felt aggrieved that, in spite of its great sacrifices, it had not been able to occupy so much territory as Greece and Serbia, and the fact that Adrianople was taken with Serbian help did not improve the feeling between the two Slav nations.

The fingers that groped mechanically for his tobacco, though he had no intention of smoking just then, trembled noticeably.

These, by the way, occasionally varied oddly in extent; during the summertime, when most visitors were to be expected, being noticeably large, and much deeper than at other seasons.

The language is noticeably different from the hymn to Quetzalcoatl just given (XVIII).

His trunk was disproportionately large, carried on legs sturdy enough but noticeably short.

During the children's performance a voice noticeably clear and fine sounded in the high upper gallery, a happy suggestion of the voice of the mother singing in paradise as the daughter sang below.

102 examples of  noticeably  in sentences