102 examples of noticeably in sentences

The brevity is brought out by comparison with something that is noticeably short or small.

And as another automobile, in endeavoring to reach such a speed, dissolved into its separate parts, practically disintegrated, and left an astonished driver floundering by himself upon the sand, we may assume that no noticeably greater speed can be attained except by some wholly different method or new invention.

One by one the tenants of the studios turned up, and the day sped on without any one's attention being drawn noticeably to the fact that the caretaker had not appeared upon the scene.

His coat was of black, of a noticeably neat appearance, and I observed, as a further evidence of fastidiousness rare upon the Road, that he was saving his trousers by kneeling on a bit of carpet.

It is little more than a guarantee of safe conduct upon either side, and is noticeably free from any religious requirements or commissions: "In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

One of the objects cut off by the cathedral dome is the English cemetery, but the modern Jewish temple stands out as noticeably almost as any of the ancient buildings.

He started, noticeably.

But none of these departures was noticeably different in tone from her staple romances.

His gait, still a halting shuffle, grew noticeably brisker.

It was an interview describing the Congressman as a tall and shapely man, about thirty-five years old, with an olive complexion not noticeably darker than many a white man's, straight hair, and eyes as black as sloes.

I saw him watching the clubs and the paper and speculating on the age of the man, whose legs were, I admit, noticeably young, and he drew my attention to him tooby nudges and whispers.

My work was hard, still I remained noticeably taller and stronger than she, who was assigned to lighter household duties.

They did not see him again for many days, and when he came, very briefly, speaking of business technicalities which absorbed him, he was noticeably absent and careworn.

" "That's good," she remarked, but noticeably without enthusiasm.

Besides this, there were special rewards given to the first man who should sight a prize, to the first man to board a ship, and to other men who were noticeably brave and successful.

" This conversation interested Bill, for it proved that the robbers had helped themselves with a liberal hand, but how they had managed to appropriate enough gold to noticeably affect the showing of the winter's work intensely mystified him; it led him to believe that Black Jack and Denny were out for a homestake.

The surface is much easier for the sledges when the sun is warm, and for about three hours before and after midnight the friction noticeably increases.

His hair had been lighter than Gideon's, and though now not so plentiful, had grayed less noticeably.

His face had grown noticeably pale, and his left eyelid drooped even more than normally.

He is about eighteen, of medium height, slender, dark complexioned, one eye noticeably smaller than the other, nose long and pointed, has a nervous habit of twitching his shoulder.

Its observance does not noticeably interfere with the rhythm.

These, by the way, occasionally varied oddly in extent; during the summertime, when most visitors were to be expected, being noticeably large, and much deeper than at other seasons.

More noticeably dialectal is an anonymous Pescatoria amorosa printed about 1550.

But the Colorado's cañon is more than a thousand times larger, and as a score or two new buildings of ordinary size would not appreciably change the general view of a great city, so hundreds of Yellowstones might be eroded in the sides of the Colorado Cañon without noticeably augmenting its size or the richness of its sculpture.

In specimens that show a very large proportion of late wood it may be noticeably more porous and weigh considerably less than the late wood in pieces that contain but little.

102 examples of  noticeably  in sentences
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