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212 examples of  nudged  in sentences

212 examples of nudged in sentences

Shalah nudged my shoulder, and pointed to the south, where a glen debouched from the hills.

Perceiving the which, two youthful esquires that rode near by nudged elbows, and set their heads together.

The other sisters glanced also at Aunt Nancy, and Sarah Jane took her hand, while she nudged Mrs. Homan with her free elbow and Mrs. Homan nudged Ruby Lee and Ruby Lee glanced at Lazy Daisy and Lazy Daisy drawled out meaningly: "Miss Abigail!"

The other sisters glanced also at Aunt Nancy, and Sarah Jane took her hand, while she nudged Mrs. Homan with her free elbow and Mrs. Homan nudged Ruby Lee and Ruby Lee glanced at Lazy Daisy and Lazy Daisy drawled out meaningly: "Miss Abigail!"

" The Tiger smiled knowingly, then nudged the Lion in a friendly way.

When not thus actively engaged they whispered together in corners and nudged each other, exchanging muttered comments, in which the word charmante came conveniently to the fore.

"Because the nobles" began the man, and some one nudged him from behind, urging him to silence.

Suddenly Phil nudged J.W. and whispered, "Shall I tell why I came?" and J.W. with the memory of stunt night's thrill not yet dulled, said promptly, "Sure, go ahead.

"Nay, 'fore Heaven," quoth the Sheriff of Nottingham, "this is no business of mine, yet I will do what I may," and he nudged the Prior beneath the cloth with his knee.

Then they huddled together and nudged one another, and one presently spake up and said, "We are going to the Tuxford market, holy friar, to sell our eggs.

It is not so, brother?" At this the Tinker and the Peddler and the Beggar nudged one another, and all grinned, and the friars scowled blackly at Little John; but they could think of nothing further to say, so they turned to their horses.

When the clergyman made the usual appeal to know if any man could give a reason why those who stood before him should not be united in holy wedlock, Mrs. Abbott nudged Mr. Dodge, and, in the fulness of her discontent, eagerly inquired in a whisper, if it were not possible to raise some valid objection.

" "You forget," nudged Darrin, "that there's a telephone in the clubhouse.

From a dais across at the further end, the vigorous white head of Dr. Earle dominated the company,a strange company, of lounging Chinamen who sucked at enormous bamboo pipes, or squinted aimlessly at the vertical inscriptions on the walls, or wriggling about, stared at the late-comers, nudged their neighbors, and pointed, with guttural exclamations.

The conductor nudged Hollis twice before he noticed him and produced his ticket; then the candy boy came along, and Hollis laid a paper of chocolate creams in Marjorie's lap.

Presently a shabby, furtive little rat of a man nudged his elbow, and Dupont followed him to a corner, where they confabulated in undertones for many minutes; while Lanyard loitered just outside their normal range of vision.

The last hymn had been duly sung, and the boys were drifting along with the tide in the aisle towards the door, when Dabney nudged Ford with his elbow.

" At the word "under" Uncle Jap's Lily nudged me.

" Again Mrs. Panel nudged me.

Presently Joseph, who was one of those individuals who can never sit still or be silent for long at a theatre or concert, nudged Ida and said: "Look!

De Flotte nudged me with his elbow, and whispered, "Do you know Fialin?" I answered, "No." "Have you seen him? "No." "Do you wish to see him?" "No." "Look at him.

"Huh! Say, Snitzellbaum, loan me a little tobacco, will you?" The speaker had nudged the musician.

Again there rose the shuffle of feet, again heads were nodded, and elbows nudged neighbouring ribs, and all eyes were focussed upon Bellew who was in the act of lighting his pipe.

It was Tweaty who first noticed him and nudged Nibbles in the ribs.

I" Allerdyke, whose sharp eyes were perpetually moving round the crowded enclosure and the little groups which mingled outside it, suddenly nudged the chief's elbow.

" The little chap was evidently in a talkative mood, and I nudged Colin to do the honours of the conversation.

" Joe Foster nudged Ralph with his elbow, and whispered: "The res'lutions, Ralph, the res'lutions; now's the time; give 'em to her.

Off flew Dawson's hat, and he nudged the policeman hard in the ribs.

If you'll kindly show me your warrant' He stopped politely, and nudged Griggs with his elbow, so that the detectives should be sure to see the movement.

" "When I wore it at the Casino at Cannes, beautiful women nudged one another and whispered: 'Who is he?'" "The code at Continental casinos is notoriously lax, sir.

" He moved over a little, and with the toe of his shoe nudged Felix under the ribs.

My companion, fearing, I suppose, lest the sight might provoke in me some exclamation, and thus get us into notice, nudged me violently with his elbow, saying at the same time, hurriedly, "Don't heed, don't heed."

"Then tell Padre Camorra," Basilio hastened to say, while he nudged Isagani slyly, "tell him that if he would drink water instead of wine or beer, perhaps we might all be the gainers and he would not give rise to so much talk.

He stopped, looked back, nudged Ben-Zayb, chuckled and swore, saying, "And that one, and that one, my ink-slinger?

The gruel disappeared, the boys whispered to each other, and winked at Oliver, while his next neighbours nudged him.

A little way down they saw a couple o' chaps leaning up agin a closed gate in the dock wall lighting their pipes, and Peter and Ginger both nudged each other with their elbows at the same time.

Then Leothric advanced into the marshes, and the eye of Tharagavverug looked out warily from the hilt of Sacnoth; for Tharagavverug had known the marshes well, and the sword nudged Leothric to the right or pulled him to the left away from the dangerous places, and so brought him safely to the fortress walls.

"When I got up Parsket nudged me.

Kent nudged Jot.

Kent nudged Jot delightedly.

At this moment his elbow was nudged, and opening his eyes he beheld one of the office boys, whom he had sent up to the theatre half an hour ago, to ask for six reserved seats near the stage.

In a little while Jarro was awakened by someone who nudged him gently.

Next time you'd have to cry, and cry you did, and you weren't ashamed, for suddenly when you came out of the trance of the voice you found that every one else was crying too, and Mr. Londonderry had quite forgotten that he was a chairman, and had to be nudged to announce the next piece.

Mortlake nudged him triumphantly.

" Mortlake nudged Fanning Harding.

The tourists stared at me because I was inside the rope, just as if I had been a Royalty, and whispered and nudged one another, and one said, "Is that Lady Theodosia?" and I felt inclined to call out "No, not by twelve stone."

and laughed and nudged each other, while the elder ones, their nose in their book, with sanctimonious face and ecstatic look were wrapt in God.

He asked for an explanation, whereon the Mohammadans whispered together and nudged a grey-beard, who became their spokesman.

Joe nudged Rhiannon to the left, changing direction, but she would have none of it.

West nudged Joel smartly in the ribs, and whispered excitedly: "Now!

Finally he nudged Leverage and designated three initials on the end of the suit-case.

In a short time, I nudged Georgia, and asked her if I hadn't better roll him the little knot of dried apples that grandma had put in the basket for my lunch.

Captain Godfrey was smiling, but he was glancing at his watch too, and he nudged me, at last, and made me realize that it was time for us to go on, no matter how interesting it might be to stay.

But Katie's memory there nudged Katie's primness; memory of all the men who had been encouraged to say nice things to Katie Jones, even when it was not desirableor perhaps even possiblethat anything could "come of it.

The gruel disappeared; the boys whispered each other, and winked at Oliver; while his next neighbours nudged him.

"How many does this morning makefive hundred and?" "Sh!" nudged Mrs. Bonnyman at Miss Crilly's elbow.

She was about to say something, when, to her bewilderment, Elinor nudged her.

I nudged Suliman and nodded to him.

But he nodded to Suliman, and Suliman came over and nudged me.

Grim nudged me sharply in one shadowy place, where the street went down in twenty-foot-long steps between the high walls of windowless harems.

The cross-street was between us and them, and as Grim nudged me two mena bulky, bearded big one and one of rather less than middle height, both in Arab dresspassed in front of us.

One nudged another.

He nudged his plump cob and ambled off, whistling merrily.

" Ned glanced about carelessly and nudged Frank with his elbow.

Jack nudged Frank in the ribs with his elbow as the handcuffs clicked on the wrists of the man who had so persistently followed them from the coast of the Yellow Sea.

Anthony nudged me and asked, "Can you imagine Mudaliar in such a scene?"

She positively could not be nudged in public.

Again he was nudged from the outside.

In the courtyard a knot of servants gaped, nudged one another, but openly said nothing.

She is partly deaf, and until nudged by her neighbours did not hear her husband's name.

He nudged the mate with his elbow, and Mr. Tredgold, still keeping him under the spell of his eye, began with great rapidity to narrate the circumstances attending the loss of the Fair Emily.

I nudged him to stop talking.

Some of the Tribal Heralds were very good to me in this matter, and, as it were, nudged me when it was time to duck in the House of Rimmon.

They grinned as they nudged each other.

He whispered, he shouted, he laughed, he looked sorrowful, he nudged the stranger in his abdomen, he glared upon him, eye close to eye, he shook him by the shoulder, and slowly wore him out.

Biffin nudged me, "He's forgotten me," he whispered.

" Jenny looked at her admirer, who nodded encouragingly and nudged her with his elbow.

Jenny Meatyard nudged Maggie Fripp.

"Say, there he comes now, Mr. Tuttle!" cried one of the loungers, and nudged the smith to look.

They nudged one another when Jeannette began to plait her strong black locks, and make a coronet of them on her sloping head.

The major even muttered an oath or two, under his breath, till Leclair nudged him with a forceful elbow.

He winked and nudged Macgregor.

A soft, leather-shod foot nudged me; I sat up, then rose, holding out my wrists.

There was a loud buzz of conversation throughout the room, but wherever he went a wake of momentary silence followed him, and once or twice he saw elbows nudged.

They stood for a short time in silence; then Pendleton nudged his friend with an elbow.

At several humorous passages I burst into a loud laugh; whereupon the natives nudged one another with their elbows and pointed significantly at me, as much as to say, "Just look at the crazy American!

" He lapsed into sullen silence again, and Opee-Kwan nudged Koogah, who shook his head with slow amazement and murmured, "It is very strange.

Mrs. Simons nudged me on the elbow.

A clown holding the trick mule called to the boys near Bud, who nudged him into the clown's attention.

Now can you tell me why the people of Fremont celebrate the second of August?" "Sure, it is on account of" then a curious on-looker nudged the Professor in the ribs and began, as so many had done before, "Say, mister, it's none of my business" "Exactly," groaned the Professor; "it weighs a tontwo tons sometimesmore in the sand; it cost twelve hundred dollars, and will cost more before we are done with it.

"He! he!" said Trenta, and he gave a little laugh and nudged Baldassare.

But Josiah kinder nudged me and said, "Mebby we'd better take the Immoral Railway.

She pointed with her thumb over her shoulder to indicate that the lady was in the garden, but at the same time nudged him with her elbow, confident that the impartment she had to make would justify the liberty, and led the way into the little parlor.

For a third time Obadiah nudged Captain Plum.

Obadiah halted his companion close to a group of half a dozen of these women and nudged him slyly.

Ho, ho, if he dared, if he quite dared, Nat!" He nudged Nathaniel again with such enthusiasm that the latter jumped as though a knife had been thrust between his ribs.

James nudged Joe and whispered: "Brother Joe, this is no place for fellows like we are.

They sat together for a while in solemn silence, and then the mammy resolutely nudged her husband.

Harriet nudged Miss Anna not to press the point and threw herself gallantly into the breach of silence.

Presently the practical, everyday side of his nature nudged him into taking note of his immediate surroundings.