212 examples of nudged in sentences

Shalah nudged my shoulder, and pointed to the south, where a glen debouched from the hills.

Perceiving the which, two youthful esquires that rode near by nudged elbows, and set their heads together.

" The Tiger smiled knowingly, then nudged the Lion in a friendly way.

"Nay, 'fore Heaven," quoth the Sheriff of Nottingham, "this is no business of mine, yet I will do what I may," and he nudged the Prior beneath the cloth with his knee.

Then they huddled together and nudged one another, and one presently spake up and said, "We are going to the Tuxford market, holy friar, to sell our eggs.

It is not so, brother?" At this the Tinker and the Peddler and the Beggar nudged one another, and all grinned, and the friars scowled blackly at Little John; but they could think of nothing further to say, so they turned to their horses.

When the clergyman made the usual appeal to know if any man could give a reason why those who stood before him should not be united in holy wedlock, Mrs. Abbott nudged Mr. Dodge, and, in the fulness of her discontent, eagerly inquired in a whisper, if it were not possible to raise some valid objection.

The last hymn had been duly sung, and the boys were drifting along with the tide in the aisle towards the door, when Dabney nudged Ford with his elbow.

" At the word "under" Uncle Jap's Lily nudged me.

" Again Mrs. Panel nudged me.

Presently Joseph, who was one of those individuals who can never sit still or be silent for long at a theatre or concert, nudged Ida and said: "Look!

I" Allerdyke, whose sharp eyes were perpetually moving round the crowded enclosure and the little groups which mingled outside it, suddenly nudged the chief's elbow.

Kent nudged Jot.

In a little while Jarro was awakened by someone who nudged him gently.

and laughed and nudged each other, while the elder ones, their nose in their book, with sanctimonious face and ecstatic look were wrapt in God.

West nudged Joel smartly in the ribs, and whispered excitedly: "Now!

One nudged another.

He nudged his plump cob and ambled off, whistling merrily.

I nudged him to stop talking.

Biffin nudged me, "He's forgotten me," he whispered.

"Say, there he comes now, Mr. Tuttle!" cried one of the loungers, and nudged the smith to look.

They nudged one another when Jeannette began to plait her strong black locks, and make a coronet of them on her sloping head.

A soft, leather-shod foot nudged me; I sat up, then rose, holding out my wrists.

They stood for a short time in silence; then Pendleton nudged his friend with an elbow.

Presently the practical, everyday side of his nature nudged him into taking note of his immediate surroundings.

212 examples of  nudged  in sentences