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476 examples of  numbs  in sentences

476 examples of numbs in sentences

"When my arm got numb I couldn't keep his head up;" and he swallowed more whiskey.

Kate counted upon her father's aid, active or passive; but when her messenger returned from Willard's with word that Mr. Boone had gone from the hotel several days before, she was numb with a dreadful foreboding.

The knobbed, or numb claw, as it is called by fishermen, is sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left, indifferently.

glad Saint In like espousals, blessed upon Earth, And she her fruit forth bring; No numb chill-hearted shaken-witted thing, 'Plaining his little span.

A grisly troop are seen, The painful family of Death, More hideous than their Queen: This racks the joints, this fires the veins, That every labouring sinew strains, Those in the deeper vitals rage: Lo, Poverty, to fill the band, That numbs the soul with icy hand, And slow-consuming Age.

Her hands grew numb and useless, and the skin of her head seemed stiff and frozen.

The roots of his will-power seemed numb.

Her fingers, already cold when she started, went numb; they were at all times either in pits and pockets of snow or gripping the rough stone that was ice-cold.

Gloria, her brain gone suddenly numb, felt the grip on her arm tighten convulsively.

MARMADUKE The wind blows keen; My hands are numb.

My feet were numb and it was getting dark.

There I grew dizzy and numb.

she whispers, and turns to go; but the young man, numb and helpless, staggers nigh to falling.

Both heart and mind lay mercifully numb under the anaesthetic of the shock.

But his fingers were stiff and numb, and the work progressed too slowly.

Later they would become numb.

He wished they were numb now, and cursed silently the man who first invented cowboy boots.

Promptly Victor became deaf, blind, and numb to the fascinations so generously paraded by Lady Randolph West; and presently excusing himself, left her and sought his rooms.

The Speech of Alcibiades to the Athenians, printed in the Whig-Examiner, Numb. 3. 11.

just Heaven regards my fault, Numbs my cold limbs, and hardens into salt!

unwarmed^, unthawed^; lukewarm, tepid; isocheimal^, isocheimenal^, isocheimic^. frozen, numb, frost-bitten.

Sight and breath were failing me; I was numb with cold and half-dead from the buffeting of the sea; yet his giant strength was powerful to save me then, as it had saved me before.

I was numb with the cold, my hair was matted with the salt, and my flesh white and shrivelled, but they forced liquor into my mouth, and so I lay in drowsy content till utter weariness bound me in sleep.

But nowat lastthe gray mist chokes And numbs me.

He must rely on his instinct, not numb and bewilder it by constantly subjecting it to the dictates of hard-and-fast aesthetic theory.

His eyes had grown heavy, his brain a trifle numb.

She was getting numb and the rush of bitter air took away her breath.

I feel numb and dull; I cannot think.

The blow had left him numb, but as he drove home in the rain he had a hazy notion that Hayes' statements were to some extent justified.

The dying have forgotten; the living are numb and foolish and in a dream.

None of my field postcards had arrived and she was suffering extreme nervous strain from the long anxiety and suspense, which she had tried in vain to numb by feverish work in her hospital.

This blind, dumb, numb, imprisoned thing, an irritation to the nerves of every one who has to deal with it, suffers.

Perhaps it was more a sensation than a sound, of innumerable soft numb fingers working against the silence ...

He had no plan; he was still numb.

He was still numb.

And out of the numb exuberant wreckage of your days come these raku pots graceful open shapes, lines freely scratched into the clay, deep turquoise, copper glazes, extravagant, surprised, too beautiful for tears.

They seemed heavy and numb, and he was growing oh, so tired!

The next moment he had caught the thing as it fell and was holding it tenderly in his numb hands.

His arms had grown like lead and had lost their strength, and his legs were swept and twisted away from his control and were numb and useless.

In vain the vivifying orb of day Darts on th' impervious ice his fervent ray; Cold, keen as chains the oceans of the Pole, Numbs the shrunk frame, and chills the vig'rous soul 10 At length they reach luxuriant Chili's plain, Where ends the dreary bound of winter's reign; Where spring sheds odours thro' th' unvaried year, And bathes the flower of summer, with her tear.

A large woollen stocking covered her swollen leg and frozen foot which had become numb and fallen into the fire one night at Starved Camp and been badly maimed before she awakened to feel the pain.

The forelegs of Alcatraz began to grow numb below the shoulder; his knees bowed and refused to give the shock its primal snap; to the very withers he was an increasing ache.

Red Perris also was in the last stage of exhaustionone true pitch would have hurled him limp from his seatyet, with his body numb from head to toe, he managed to keep his place by using that last and greatest strength of feeble manpower of will.

I faltered a good night, and he turned to go, walking as if he were numb and stiff.

"My thoughts came back; where was I? Cold, And numb, and giddy: pulse by pulse Life reassumed its lingering hold, And throb by throb,till grown a pang Which for a moment would convulse, My blood reflow'd, though thick and chill; My ear with uncouth noises rang, My heart began once more to thrill; My sight return'd, though dim; alas!

A passenger, one of the three on the beam astern, felt too numb and wearied out to retain his hold by the spar any longer; he left it, and swimming with a desperate effort up to the boat, begged in God's name to be taken in.

Here are also sacred buildings constructed of the wood of the olive, and in the middle of them is the sanctuary, where is deposited in an ark the Word that was given to the inhabitants of Asia before the Israelitish Word; the historical books of which are called the WARS OF JEHOVAH, and the prophetic books, ENUNCIATIONS; both mentioned by Moses, Numb. xxi. verses 14, 15, and 27-30.

in the vale of years beneath, A grisly troop are seen, The painful family of Death, More hideous than their queen: This racks the joints, this fires the veins, That every labouring sinew strains, Those in the deeper vitals rage; Lo! Poverty, to fill the band, That numbs the soul with icy hand, And slow-consuming Age.

The senses numb as death approaches.

All this occupied much time, for the hands of the sailors were numb with cold, the ropes stiff with ice, while the wild and angry wind snatched at the tackle and tore at the clinging figures.

She was left disconsolately alone, numb, in despair, and moving about in a dream.

" Joe shook hand after hand, until his own was numb.

And then there was a talk with old Man Hatton; a talk that left Buzz somewhat numb, and the family breathless.

"I must prepare for a winter to come, I shall be glad of a home and a crumb, When my frail form out of doors would be numb, And I in the snow-storm should die.

=The Stove and the Grate-Setter= Old Winter is coming, to play off his tricks To make your ears tingleyour fingers to numb!

Ned's head whirled from a blow he had received, and there was a numb feeling in one of his arms, but he arose to his feet and glanced around.

" Here we see the truth of the lines which someone has written: "Numb and weary on the mountain Wouldst thou sleep amidst the snow? Chafe the frozen form beside thee, And together both shall glow.

His leg felt numb, he could not move.

Even the north wind seems grown too numb to move.

Morning would find them numb, haggard, spiritless, unfitted for the march of the day.

For the last hour that he stood in the stream, his whole body was numb; he had ceased to feel life in his feet, and his arms worked with a mechanical stiffness like the arms of some automaton over which his mind had control.

The old hopes have grown pale, the old fears dim; strong sanctions are become weak, and once vivid faiths very numb.

"Numb., xxiii, 27.

Numb., xxiii, 19.

Lo in the vale of years beneath A grisly troop are seen, The painful family of Death, More hideous than their queen: This racks the joints, this fires the veins, That every laboring sinew strains, Those in the deeper vitals rage: Lo, Poverty, to fill the band, That numbs the soul with icy hand, And slow consuming Age.

There was only a sense of stupefaction which seemed to numb the intelligence of men so that they could not reason with any show of logic, or speak of this menace without incoherence, but thrust back the awful possibility with one word, uttered passionately and repeated a thousand times a day: "Incroyable!"

It was icy cold and for a minute she felt numb.

Finding it, she stopped; the snowshoe slipped from beneath her arm; one numb hand groped for the log door-casing in support; the other fumbled for the revolver.

Her cheek felt warmly numb.

Aren't you going to disappear, that I may come down from this cold pedestal, where my paws are growing numb? TOBY-DOG, (enthusiastically to THE LITTLE DOG)

4-5, v. 16a, no. 1 (also numb.

2-4 (also numb.

Thus, in my diary and out of it, I wrote and wrote until the tips of my thumb and forefinger grew numb.

The land lies parched in sun,to heaven the air is still, Hushed now upon the harp the golden strings' lost thrill; Aeolian harps our native singers are,and numb Must be their heart, their dying life blood cease to flow, Forever silent be their voice, if longer dumb Their breath be suffocated in this sultry glow!

Storms only, brought my youthful morning red, And night of soul and wilderness of pains All in my breast is hushed and numb and dead, The pulsing fever stopped within my veins; Yet here, where Nature winds a wreath for me, The arms stretch forth,the weary glance devours And the arrested soul exults and sings, The fields grow green and the syringa flowers! NADSON.

One division, two divisions, four ships, eight Dreadnoughtseven a squadron coming out of a harbour numbs the faculties with a sense of its might.

Bowed down by the loss of a wife, on whom he had called from amidst the horrors of a hopeless melancholy, to "hide him from the ills of life," and depressed by poverty, "that numbs the soul with icy hand," his genius sank not beneath a load, which might have crushed the loftiest; but the "incumbrances of his fortune were shaken from his mind, 'as dew-drops from a lion's mane.'

The frost-king ties my fumbling feet, Sings in my ears, my hands are stones, Curdles the blood to the marble bones, Tugs at the heartstrings, numbs the sense, Hems in the life with narrowing fence.

" I was numb with sleep, and staggered when I stood up; and she put her arm around me as we moved toward the door, where we were met by two men, canallers or sailors, by their looks, who stopped her with drunken greetings.

Then she felt for her dress, and deliberately put it on again, in the dark, though her hands were so numb with cold that she could scarcely hook the fastenings.

So, dazed and numb, I hent me up, and lo!

Not any higher stands the grave For heroes than for men; Not any nearer for the child Than numb three-score and ten.

As far from pity as complaint, As cool to speech as stone, As numb to revelation As if my trade were bone.

My mind was going numb.

I know it by the numb look Such houses have alway.

I lived on dread; to those who know The stimulus there is In danger, other impetus Is numb and vital-less.

Pendleton's limbs were beginning to feel loggy and numb because of the chill and the continued inaction.

He thrilled in a strange, numb way at the immaculate whiteness of her small even teeth.

He looked at her, numb and hungry with the stir of the father-love, sorry for his ill temper, puzzling his brain for something to say.

The roar of the water was deafening, seeming to numb the senses.

Numb with horror and sick with pity, The heart of each as an iron weight, We crept in the dawn from the awful city, Journeying out of the seaward gate.

My fingers had got numb in the cold air, and I must have been very awkward, for presently she boxed my ears and drew her foot away.

And the freezing manner of Zara was caused no longer by haughty self-defense but because she was unconsciously numb at heart.

She felt numb, as if she could not pluck up enough courage to make conversation with any one.

He felt numb, as he knocked at the door and an indifferent voice called out, "Come in!" He opened it a few inches and said: "It is ITristramI have something I must say to youMay I come in?or

He was past the anguish of the mockery of everything to-nighthe was simply numb.

He was numb with the pain of being melted one moment with hope and frozen again the next; it had come to a pass now that he would not let himself respond.

She was still too numb with sorrow to take notice of ordinary things.

Her numb brain could not grasp it yet.

He was numb with his growing misery and the struggle in his mind: he must leave herthe situation was unendurablehe could not stay, because in her present softened mood it was possible that if he lost control of himself and caressed her she might yield to him; and, then, he knew no resolutions on earth could hold him from taking her to his heart.