211 examples of numerals in sentences

The numerals which I put in parentheses indicate the stanzas in which the details occur.

Her figures, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., where she has occasion to express numerals, as in the date (25th April, 1823), are not figures, but figurantes; and the combined posse go staggering up and down shameless, as drunkards in the daytime.

The carcase when flayed (which operation is performed while yet warm), the sheep when hung up and the head removed, presents the profile shown in our cut; the small numerals indicating the parts or joints into which one half of the animal is cut.

There lay significance in the order of Ingle's numerals; first, three, and two.

I give it here in full, merely remarking that the first numerals refer to the pages of the original edition of Elia and those in brackets to the present volume: M. . . .

The numerals refer to the book, the figures to the chapter.

[Illustration: Lowercase alphabet, and numerals 1 through 0]

They proceed by decimals, precisely like the Algonquin tribes, but while the arithmetical theory is precisely the same, a comparison shows that the names of the numerals have not the slightest resemblance.

Yesterday you could swing yourself three rounds upon the horizontal ladder; to-day, after weeks of effort, you have suddenly attained to the fourth, and instantly all that long laborious effort vanishes, to be formed again between you and the fifth round: five, five is the only goal for heroic labor to-day; and when five is attained, there will be six, and so on while the Arabic numerals hold out.

Stripes, insignia, numerals, badges of rank, had lost their meaning.

No modern wastes his life in rows of inanimate numerals.

BRAYBROOKE Audley End, Feb. 2. Arabic Numerals.

In the Archæological Journal (vol. vi. p. 291.), it is stated that the earliest "example of the use of Arabic numerals in any work connected with building" is the date 1445, on the tower of Heathfield Church, Sussex, though "they were common in MSS.

Permit me also to ask, in connection with this subject, for references to any works or treatises supplying information on the history of the Arabic numerals, their origin, and their introduction into Europe.

Among the many papers which we are unavoidably obliged to postpone are an original and inedited Letter by Horace Walpole, Mr. Singer's Reply to C.W.G. on Ælfric's Colloquies, an interesting communication from Mr. Coles respecting Arabella Stuart, a paper by Mr. Rye on the Queen of Robert Bruce, and T.S.D.'s able article on Arabic Numerals.

[Footnote 10: The Roman numerals at the beginning of the paragraphs indicate the chapters of Cato from which they are translated.

The Roman numerals refer to the songs, the Arabic to the verses, in which the word occurs.

The unseasonable numerals which the meteorologist recorded in his tables might have provoked a superstitious lover of better weather to suppose that Monsieur Danny, the head imp of discord, had been among the aërial currents.

BOTOCUDOS, a wandering wild tribe in the forests of Brazil, near the coast; a very low type of men, and at a very low stage of civilisation; are demon-worshippers, and are said to have no numerals beyond one.

Evidence interesting to themand, in a secondary degree, to others who know themcan thus be procured; but strangers are left to the same choice of doubts as in all reports of psychological experiences, 'chromatic audition,' views of coloured numerals, and the other topics illustrated by Mr. Galton's interesting researches.

Reference to the Students' History is made easy by the fact that the divisions or parts (here marked by Roman numerals) cover the same periods in time as the chapters of the larger work.

Taking the numerals as affording in the present instance the most convenient materials for hasty comparison, I find words in commonnot only with those of other divisions of the Pelagian Negroes,* as the inhabitants of the north coast of New Guinea on the one hand, and New Ireland on the other, but also with the Malay and the various Polynesian languages or dialects spoken from New Zealand to Tahiti.

Yet while the natives of the Louisiade use the decimal system of the Malays and Polynesians, the Torres Strait islanders have simple words to express the numerals one and two only, while three is represented by a compound.

And indeed, the three tomes of Dr. Hill's edition, with all their solid wealth of information, their voluminous scholarship, their accumulation of vast research, are a little ponderous and a little ugly; the hand is soon wearied with the weight, and the eye is soon distracted by the varying types, and the compressed columns of the notes, and the paragraphic numerals in the margins.

Their numerals were as follows: "1 Tashi.

211 examples of  numerals  in sentences