3106 examples of obscure in sentences

If in dark sullen mood, The gloating hound refuse his wonted meal, 200 Retiring to some close, obscure retreat, Gloomy, disconsolate: with speed remove The poor infectious wretch, and in strong chains Bind him suspected.

Constable soon after found a great rival in Murray, who was at this time an obscure London bookseller in Fleet Street.

Fashion in these times delights in what is obscure and difficult to be understood, as if depth and profundity must necessarily be unintelligible to ordinary readers.

Thomas Carlyle was born in the year 1795, of humble parentage, in an obscure Scotch village.

It is our duty to rise above tempests and thrust aside the clouds which threaten to obscure it; to build higher and stronger, dominating the injustice and hatred of nations, the walls of that city wherein the souls, of the whole world may assemble.

In the vase I found nothing but the force of gravity and a certain obscure desire, which took the form of chemical affinity.

In the mean time the true Church, as wine and water mixed, lay hid and obscure to speak of, till Luther's time, who began upon a sudden to defecate, and as another sun to drive away those foggy mists of superstition, to restore it to that purity of the primitive Church.

"But his natural genius," says Wood, "leading him to the studies of heraldry, genealogies, and antiquities, he became excellent in those obscure and intricate matters; and look upon him as a gentleman, was accounted, by all that knew him, to be the best of his time for those studies, as may appear by his 'Description of Leicestershire.'"

caliginoso, -a, dim, dark, obscure, murky, dense.

intrincado, -a, intricate, obscure.

lobo, m., wolf. lóbrego, -a, dark, obscure, gloomy. local, m., place, site.

The Buonaventuri, though by no means an obscure family, were not Grandi like the Cappelli, Lords of Venice.

[Footnote 47: Obscure.]

[Footnote 50: Obscure.]

But she could not face poverty; or, if you like, I will say that she could not face an obscure existencesacrifice her ambition, a justifiable ambition in one so lovely, at the bidding of her first wooer.

She liked me, I think, a little; but she did not like the notion of an obscure life as the wife of a hardworking professional man.

But even thither Those crewell men dog'd mee with such pursuit That theire I fownd no safety, but was forct To fly thence with that little I had left And to retyre mee to this obscure place; Where by the trade of fishinge I have lyv'd Till nowe of a contented competens.

Johnson seems to have had some acquaintances among the comfortable families in the neighbourhood; but his means of living are obscure.

And the grinds sneered at its appetites, and the obscure juniors admired reverently from afar.

Hitherto she had assumed that Paris existed for the stranger, that its native life was merely an obscure foundation for the dazzling superstructure of hotels and restaurants in which her compatriots disported themselves.

He did not explain the obscure by the more obscure, but the difficult by the plain, the complex by the simple.

He did not explain the obscure by the more obscure, but the difficult by the plain, the complex by the simple.

But we wish to have it understood that we hold the doctrine that argumentations are handled in philosophy in many other manners, and those too at times obscure ones, concerning which, however, there is still some definite system laid down.

That is the absolute inquiry which itself contains in itself the question of right and not right, not as the inquiry about facts does, in an overhand and obscure manner, but openly and intelligibly.

The radical deficiency under which his character labored, the Savior was not long or obscure in pointing out.

3106 examples of  obscure  in sentences