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125 examples of  obsesses  in sentences

125 examples of obsesses in sentences

" "If," said Morriston, obsessed by the subject, "the case is not one of suicide it must be one of murder.

Had Gifford, his mind obsessed by Henshaw, jumped to a false conclusion?

A certain new discovery obsessed her like a piece of piercing music.

A new ideal, which he proudly called "progress," obsessed him, the ideal of quantity and not quality.

The lust has obsessed him, without regard to whether it be constructive or destructive.

Von Falkenhayn could not get him to abate one item of his demands, and there can be no doubt that Falkenhayn, obsessed though he was with the importance of getting Bagdad, could see that Jemal was right.

Thus ended the last hope of the Crown Prince of Germany, who apparently was obsessed with the desire to conquer Verdun, in the neighborhood of which thousands of the flower of the German army found only a burial place, without any laurels of victory.

When dust rose once more Lenore covered her face, although, obsessed as she was by the deep change in herself, neither dust nor heat nor distance affected her greatly.

Obsessed with his own emotions, he had actually helped to cut the wheat and harvest it; he had seen it go swath by swath, he had watched the huge wagons lumber away and the huge straw-stacks rise without realizing that the hours of this wonderful harvest were numbered.

I don't knowI'm not surebut I felt that he was obsessed by a calamity in his German blood.

You see that war will soon obsess rich and poor, alien and neutral and belligerent, pacifist and militarist.

Our enemies are driven, blinded, stolid, brutal, obsessed, and desperate.

With all his jabberings, Honeycutt is sly and furtive and is obsessed with the idea that there is one thing he won't tell.

The crowds of them, the airy spread of sepals, the pale purity of the petal spurs, the quivering swing of bloom, obsesses the sense.

Come away, you who are obsessed with your own importance in the scheme of things, and have got nothing you did not sweat for, come away by the brown valleys and full-bosomed hills to the even-breathing days, to the kindliness, earthiness, ease of El Pueblo de La

It is probable, all the same, that many German soldiers, on entering Belgium or France, were obsessed by the idea of civilians firing on them.

Add to this unsloughable remembrance of the past, for better, for worse, the secretive consciousness of its present needs every living thing, as against every other living thing, is obsessed with.

Sex and sex differences have always more or less obsessed the imagination of mankind.

Sometimes they are obsessed with the thought that they have lost their nerve completely, and so dread to commit themselves in even the most trivial of situations.

Generally, his hands and feet are clammy and perspiring, his face is abnormally flushed or pallid, the eyes are worried or starey, unwonted wandering sensations involving now this area of the body, or now that obsess him.

Phobias, fears which obsess the mind, anxiety neuroses, suspicions, hallucinations, delusions, nervousness, all expressions of what we may sum up technically as the imaginative state of mind, occur and occur frequently, associated with other symptoms of posterior pituitary overactivity.

If the teachers alone are duty-obsessed, or perhaps sadistic, the child endures the agonies of repeated admonitions, demotions, and punishments.

I am strongly obsessed by the idea that that Peace Congress will necessarily becomeand that it is highly desirable that it should becomea most prolonged and persistent gathering.

The mania for murder that obsessed him tautened his sinews.

We neither see things clearly, estimate conditions as they are, nor think a proposition through to the end: we are obsessed by old formulae, partisan "slogans" and newspaper aphorisms; the which is both unworthy and perilous.

He is so obsessed by his idea that he cannot relate it to other ideas, and loses all sense of proportion, and often all sense of sanity.

The one thought which obsessed him was that he had been duped.

She was obsessed by one fear, one idea.

He still wanted to know Paredes's goal, but his disappointment and its meaning obsessed him.

The roar of the train still obsessed him; the air in the store seemed more stifling than that of the sleeper.

A struggling golfer is never tired of learning talking about his pastimeoften, I admit, to the annoyance of people who are not so obsessed.

The Czechs had just inaugurated their National Republican Government, and were naturally obsessed with the usual "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" business, and could not be expected to view the establishment of a Dictatorship within their sphere of operations with entire unconcern or without serious misgivings.

The cub felt twice as big and fully twice as strong as yesterday, and he no longer was obsessed by that uncomfortable yearning for his mother's milk.

The fixed idea had, however, taken root in Morse's brain and obsessed him.

Obsessed by his one idea, he endeavoured to recall one who seemed so well acquainted with ladies of the stage to the present day.

The finding and disposing of Drew should be the one thing to occupy his thoughts, but the laughter of the girl the moment before had suddenly obsessed him, wiped out the rest of the world, enmeshed them hopelessly together in the solemn net of the night, the silence.

Mr. Abrahams was obsessed with a desire to see England, entirely for its own sake.

England, also thinking entirely of itself, was obsessed with a desire not to see Mr. Abrahams.

The unnatural atmosphere of things that one likes and looks upon as pleasing, peaceful objects in ordinary times, seemed now to obsess me.

It will obsess ostensible politics.

She has obsessed them with an evil ideal, but the point we have to note is that she has succeeded in obsessing them with that ideal.

He was at the mercy of emotions, obsessed by one paramount idea.

In time the constant shuffle of boots and the rhythmic swing of grey-clad arms and shoulders grew maddening, and I became obsessed with the fear that I would send the car ploughing into the human hedge on either side.

Had those letters obsessed her a little more strongly she might have become quite mad, the Freudians would tell you.

And so, though aware that there were spy-hunting listeners all around, a mad desire to utter the forbidden tongue obsessed me.

This farcical extreme at length persuaded even the obsessed magistrates to stop the tragic proceedings.

He became obsessed by a joyous, purposeful, unceasing energy that would not let him rest.

He became obsessed by this idea; he schemed

He is like a private soldier obsessed with the idea that nothing can save the situation but the death of an incompetent officer.

And while on the one hand existing divorce laws appear to be obsessed by sexual offences, other things of far more evil effect upon the home go without a remedy.

An unwary man obsessed with that idea would be very likely to assume without consideration that men were less specialised in a barbaric state of society than they are to-day.

He was still moving forward toward the house with the walled garden, but a fear obsessed him that perhaps after all there had been a mistake.

The material there supplied is confirmatory in the best sense of the detail contributed by Mr. Wells to the cancelled preface of Veranilda, touching the 'schoolboy, obsessed by a consuming passion for learning, at the Quaker's boarding-school at Alderley.

"Well," said Leonora, simply, with a smile, "he was my first lovea calf-and-puppy love, a schoolgirl's infatuation which nobody ever knew about"; for though the Doctor's daughter spent hours with her green golden eyes fixed upon the poet, the latter never suspected his good fortune; doubtless because the beauty of his patroness, the superannuated diva, had so obsessed him that the attractions of other women left him quite unmoved.

Always obsessed with the idea that the Germans would come from the east the almost fatal error of the French General Staff, Paris had been girdled with forts on that side, from those of Ecouen and Montmorency by the distant ramparts of Chelles and Champigny to those of Sucy and Villeneuvethe outer lines of a triple cordon.

Advancing into a hostile country, among a people whom they knew to be reckless in courage and of a proud spirit, the generals and high officers were obsessed with the thought of peasant warfare, rifle-shots from windows, murders of soldiers billeted in farms, spies everywhere, and the peril of franc-tireurs, goading their troops on the march.

The image of the Empress obsessed his childish thoughts.

There are no words severe enough for Mrs. Oliphant's horrible portrait of her as a plain-faced, lachrymose, middle-aged spinster, dying, visibly, to be married, obsessed for ever with that idea, for ever whining over the frustration of her sex.

Obsessed by his idea, he considered it a negligible circumstance that Charlotte should have read Wuthering Heights before she wrote Jane Eyre.

They were obsessed by that one chance against them.

It obsessed him like a superstition, and, for the moment, he forgot the horses, the race, and all that had brought him there.

They have been obsessed with the idea that if only they had enough of physical force, ruthlessly exercised, they could solve the whole question of government, of existence for that matter, without troubling about social adjustment, understanding, equity, law, commerce; "blood and iron" were all that was needed.

That it is not mainly the Turk nor the Russian nor the Austrian which has determined the course of history in the Balkan peninsular since the middle of the 19th century, but we Englishmenthe country gentleman obsessed by vague theories of the Balance of Power and heaven knows what, reading his Times and barking out his preposterous politics over the dinner table?

And the difficulty of creating a better European opinion and temper is due largely to just this idea that obsesses the Militarist, that unless they misrepresent facts in a sensational direction the nations will be too apathetic to arm; that education will abolish funk, and that presumably funk is a necessary element in self-defence.

The whole character seemed to be so dominated and obsessed by an immense personal laudation, that his conversation created in our minds the doubt that qualities which required so much vaunting could really be there.

Day after day she brooded, intent, obsessed, fiercely pondering his obliteration.

He ate obediently; later he submitted to the razor and clothes brush, absently pondering the problem that obsessed him: "Why had Hallam spared Letty; how could he convey the truth to Ailsa Paige?" At dusk he reported to the ward-master; but Colonel Arran was asleep, and there were no orders for him.

I confess to you that even I am absolutely obsessed by the miracle which has turned the invaders back from the walls of Paris.

Presently, holding aces up, and being persistently crosslifted by the Eminent One and the Judge, after a one-card draw all around, he became obsessed with the fixed idea that they were both bluffing and afraid to show down.

Personally, I would submit marital relations to the two tests I have proposed, and add that we have succeeded in oversexing ourselves to an extent which cannot be ignored; that we have "repressed" till we are obsessed; and that, before we right ourselves, we shall have to make many experiments, try many roads, and suffer many things.

Art with its seductions is to obsess the soul with foreign thoughts!

A conscience, dumb to brooding fears, Companioned hearing deaf to cheers; A body, marshalled by the will, Kept dancing while a heart stood still: And eyes obsessed with vacant stare, Looked over heads to empty air, As though they sought to find therein Redemption for a maiden sin. 'Twas thus, amid force driven grace, We found the lost look on her face;

Then the idea grew in his mind that the clergyman was obsessed by some perverted spiritual force, some "Devil" who deceived him, and that the name he sought to pronounce was after all not goodnot God.

Obsessed now by the one controlling impulse to get away safely, I drove the horse into the water, and as he reached swimming depth, grasped a stirrup leather, and compelled him to strike out for the opposite shore.

The statements ascribing crime to intoxicating drinks have generally been made by those who are obsessed with a hatred of alcohol.

I am like a drunkard or a gambler, who, obsessed by their passion, feel nothing before a woman.

Nor was I so obsessed with gloom At leaving thus the field of doom As one might easily assume From stories in the Press.

Then more tender memories would obsess her.

For one feeling obsessed me, was strong enough to penetrate the lethargy of mind and body into which Dicky's letter had thrown me.

At best he saw no hope of getting the obsessed mine crew to work soon enough to save his present contracts.

As a matter of fact, there is such a danger, and it lies in the fact that the people have been to so great an extent obsessed by the political struggle that they run the risk, once their end is attained, of collapsing and of losing interest in the national question.

" "My dear Jervis," said he, "you and Marchmont are allowing yourselves to be obsessed by a particular facta very striking and weighty fact, I will admit, but still, only an isolated fact.

In that wild environment, obsessed by the desire to capture those beautiful cats alive, the fateful ending of the successful chase was felt out of all proportion.

And I, though frightened, was so obsessed with the idea of getting a picture that I began to fumble with the shutter of my camera.

My worry, my hurry had obsessed me.

Consequently he does not allow the grim realities of war to obsess his mind when off duty.

And when he was not thus burying himself in the past, he was a prey to the terrors that had obsessed his childhoodthe fear of death and of hell.

This conception of Salome, so haunting to artists and poets, had obsessed Des Esseintes for years.

He recalled faces, expressions, vain words which obsessed him with the stubbornness of popular melodies which one cannot help humming, but which suddenly and inexplicably end by boring one.

Solitude again acted on his disordered nerves; he was once more obsessed, not by religion itself, but by the acts and sins it forbids, by the subject of all its obsecrations and threats.

Try what he would, the eighteenth century obsessed him; the panier robes and furbelows appeared before his eyes; memories of Boucher's Venus haunted him; recollections of Themidor's romance, of the exquisite Rosette pursued him.

Then his thoughts began to obsess him less; his suffering disappeared and to the exhaustion he had felt throughout his members was grafted a certain indescribable languor.

XIX From the moment that Lawrence left me, vanishing into the heart of the snow and ice, I was obsessed by a conviction of approaching danger and peril.

The thought of death obsesses him.

[Footnote 12: The reference is to the Elective Affinities of Goethe, in which Edward, the husband of Charlotte, is obsessed with a passion for the latter's foster-daughter, Ottilie, which results in the death of the two lovers.]

The news was not particularly interesting, however, and finally, obsessed with the feeling that it would soon be time for him to seriously contemplate the procuring of suitable employment, the young man turned the sheet about rather idly, and ran his eyes down the columns devoted to classified advertising.

While doing these conventional things, I continued to be obsessed by the great event that had happenedthis apparition.

An ordinary young man, not in love with her, would have found something intoxicating in her atmosphereand how much more this poor Tristram, who was passionately obsessed.

He was obsessed by a fear of ridicule.

Did his mind, obsessed and overwhelmed by images of death, crave at last for the one thing stranger than all thesethe experience of it?