125 examples of obsesses in sentences

Von Falkenhayn could not get him to abate one item of his demands, and there can be no doubt that Falkenhayn, obsessed though he was with the importance of getting Bagdad, could see that Jemal was right.

You see that war will soon obsess rich and poor, alien and neutral and belligerent, pacifist and militarist.

The crowds of them, the airy spread of sepals, the pale purity of the petal spurs, the quivering swing of bloom, obsesses the sense.

Generally, his hands and feet are clammy and perspiring, his face is abnormally flushed or pallid, the eyes are worried or starey, unwonted wandering sensations involving now this area of the body, or now that obsess him.

Phobias, fears which obsess the mind, anxiety neuroses, suspicions, hallucinations, delusions, nervousness, all expressions of what we may sum up technically as the imaginative state of mind, occur and occur frequently, associated with other symptoms of posterior pituitary overactivity.

We neither see things clearly, estimate conditions as they are, nor think a proposition through to the end: we are obsessed by old formulae, partisan "slogans" and newspaper aphorisms; the which is both unworthy and perilous.

The unnatural atmosphere of things that one likes and looks upon as pleasing, peaceful objects in ordinary times, seemed now to obsess me.

It will obsess ostensible politics.

This farcical extreme at length persuaded even the obsessed magistrates to stop the tragic proceedings.

They were obsessed by that one chance against them.

That it is not mainly the Turk nor the Russian nor the Austrian which has determined the course of history in the Balkan peninsular since the middle of the 19th century, but we Englishmenthe country gentleman obsessed by vague theories of the Balance of Power and heaven knows what, reading his Times and barking out his preposterous politics over the dinner table?

And the difficulty of creating a better European opinion and temper is due largely to just this idea that obsesses the Militarist, that unless they misrepresent facts in a sensational direction the nations will be too apathetic to arm; that education will abolish funk, and that presumably funk is a necessary element in self-defence.

I confess to you that even I am absolutely obsessed by the miracle which has turned the invaders back from the walls of Paris.

Art with its seductions is to obsess the soul with foreign thoughts!

Then more tender memories would obsess her.

At best he saw no hope of getting the obsessed mine crew to work soon enough to save his present contracts.

" "My dear Jervis," said he, "you and Marchmont are allowing yourselves to be obsessed by a particular facta very striking and weighty fact, I will admit, but still, only an isolated fact.

My worry, my hurry had obsessed me.

Consequently he does not allow the grim realities of war to obsess his mind when off duty.

Then his thoughts began to obsess him less; his suffering disappeared and to the exhaustion he had felt throughout his members was grafted a certain indescribable languor.

XIX From the moment that Lawrence left me, vanishing into the heart of the snow and ice, I was obsessed by a conviction of approaching danger and peril.

The thought of death obsesses him.

While doing these conventional things, I continued to be obsessed by the great event that had happenedthis apparition.

An ordinary young man, not in love with her, would have found something intoxicating in her atmosphereand how much more this poor Tristram, who was passionately obsessed.

Did his mind, obsessed and overwhelmed by images of death, crave at last for the one thing stranger than all thesethe experience of it?

125 examples of  obsesses  in sentences