123 examples of octavio in sentences

King of Scots, under the name of Octavio Baldi, in order to inform that king of a design against his life.

But before he dismissed Octavio Baldi from his present attendance, he restored him to his old name of Henry Wotton, by Which he then knighted him.

To this purpose Minutius in Octavio, and [6650] Seneca well discourseth with them, lib. 4. de beneficiis, cap.

Octavio dial. 6606.

Emilius is challenged by Octavio as a rival in the love of Julia, and though he had never before heard of the lady, he soon becomes her lover in fact, and eventually marries her.

Clara (Donna), the troth-plight wife of Octavio.

In brief, 'tis sign'd and seal'd that this Octavio Is my good angeland now no word more.

God!But who talks then of treason? OCTAVIO.

Did I say so!When, when have I said that? OCTAVIO.


What wish you? OCTAVIO.

what? OCTAVIO (coldly).

He paces with long strides through the chamber, then stands still again, and at last throws himself into a chair, staring vacantly at the object directly before him.] OCTAVIO (advances to him).

Octavio, 'twill not please me. OCTAVIO.

Deceit is everywhere, hypocrisy, Murder, and poisoning, treason, perjury: The single holy spot is our love, The only unprofaned in human nature. OCTAVIO.

From the black deadly madness of despair Will she redeem my soul, and in soft words Of comfort, plaining, loose this pang of death! OCTAVIO.

Yester evening Did we conjure thee not to let that skulker, That fox, Octavio, pass the gates of Pilsen.

Octavio Piccolomini is a traitor.

[Illustration: WALLENSTEIN HEARS OF OCTAVIO'S TREASON As performed at the Municipal Theatre, Hamburg, 1906.] WALLENST.

This, this, Octavio, was no hero's deed: 'Twas not thy prudence that did conquer mine; A bad heart triumph'd o'er an honest one.

Thou hast gain'd thy point, Octavio!

That lurking hypocrite, Octavio!

Had I been To Ferdinand what Octavio was to me, War had I ne'er denounced against him.

My oath and duty to the Emperor? Say, shall I send into Octavio's camp The parricidal ball?

And then this viper, this Octavio, Is excellent at stabbing in the back, But ne'er meets Friedland in the open field.

123 examples of  octavio  in sentences