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1175 examples of  odor  in sentences

1175 examples of odor in sentences

She passed to her rest years ago, leaving behind her the pleasant odor of a good name, a memory cherished by all who knew her.

The two continued on in silence, Dick trolling along, switching the bugs from the pink blossoms that filled the air with an enervating odor.

The deadly odor, pungent and nauseous, of a thousand exhaling herbs, filled his nostrils.

What if the torch and the odor of flesh should draw the snakes to the sleeper?

<Smell, odor, savor, scent, fragrance, aroma, perfume, redolence, tang, stench>.

Give three synonyms for strong as applied to a person in regard to his health; ten as applied to him in regard to his muscularity of physique; four as applied to a fortress; three as applied to a plea or assertion; three as applied to an argument or reason; three as applied to determination; two as applied to liquor; three as applied to a light; two as applied to corrective measures; two as applied to an odor.

If she "watches it carefully" and does not allow it to get hot enough to smoke there will be no odor.

But no whiskey had been drunk out of themthe odor of anisette is unmistakable.

Certain it is, however, that no alarm was raised even when the sergeant came to my relief, and in silence, save for the rustling of the foliage as we swayed to this side or that, the battle was continued until I felt the cruel fingers about my throat suddenly relax, while a warm liquid of a peculiar, salty odor poured down over my neck and head.

I could only smell the pungent odor of tarred rope and stale tobacco smoke.

Here were extensive and carefully tended gardens, and the balmy morning air was redolent with the odor of flowers.

The part (or rather main body) which has left the sweetest odor on my memory (a bad term for the remains of an impression so recent) is the "Tales of the Churchyard"the only girl among seven brethren, born out of due time, and not duly taken away again; the deaf man and the blind man; the Jacobite and the Hanoverian, whom antipathies reconcile; the Scarron-entry of the rusticating parson upon his solitude,these were all new to me too.

The reek of vodka was borne up in the heated atmosphere, mingled with the nauseating odor of filthy clothing.

Pearl was alone in the room, for all the children were at school, her father and Teddy out, and her mother in the kitchen making the last of the mincemeat into pies, which sent out a real baking odor of cinnamon and cloves; a roast of pork that had been "doing too fast," was now sitting on the top of the high oven, its angry, sparking, sizzling trailing off into a throaty guttering.

As they trooped off, an unmistakable odor of burnt milk pervaded the air, and the crash of china, followed by an Irish wail, caused Mrs. Dean to clap on her three shawls again and excuse herself in visible trepidation.

Soon the room was filled with the comfortable odor of Pekoe, of muffins toasted upon an electric heater, of cigarettes and stogies.

My standing, on a hot summer day, in the infernal din of some great city; andand I seem to recall it vividlyafter a fashion the blazing sun, the stifling odor of the pavements; I seem to remember that very hackman over there sponging the nose of his horseeven that pushcart piled up with peaches!

Later, when she gave the signal, they rose as though they had often dined together, and moved leisurely out through the dim, shrouded drawing-rooms where, in the golden dusk, the odor of camphor hung.

The gastric juice is a thin almost colorless fluid with a sour taste and odor.

If too much and too rich food be persistently indulged in, the complexion is apt to become muddy, the skin, especially of the face, pale and sallow, and more or less covered with blotches and pimples; the breath has an unpleasant odor, and the general appearance of the body is unwholesome.

The peptonized milk has a peculiar odor and bitter taste.

Note its bitter taste, peculiar odor, and greenish color.

It is a red, warm, heavy, alkaline fluid, slightly salt in taste, and has a somewhat fetid odor.

An agent which corrects any foul or unwholesome odor.

And while we kissed and embraced each other with the affection of long lost sisters, still I could detect above the odor of cocktails an underlying current of soreness.

At that, the bo'sun led us round a space towards that side where lay the valley, and here there was under-foot neither sand nor rock; but ground of strange and spongy texture, and then suddenly, rounding a jutting spur of the rock, we came upon the first of the vegetationan incredible mushroom; nay, I should say toadstool; for it had no healthy look about it, and gave out a heavy, mouldy odor.

There was a slight, hateful odor in my nostrils that was not altogether unfamiliar, and then, suddenly, I was aware that my face was damp and that there was a curious sense of tingling at my throat.

Particularly, I noticed that the hateful, mouldy odor of these monstrous vegetables was more offensive than I had found it to be in the daytime; though this may be because I used my nose the more, in that I could not use my eyes to any great extent.

He was rewarded by an amiable grin from Riley Sinclair, whose ugly humor seemed to have vanished at the odor of the broiling meat.

You see the fire" But the telltale odor of the charring meat struck his nostrils, and his speech died away.

The odor of the cedars and the temple-like stillness brought to Peter's mind the night of his mother's death.

The pop of champagne corks, the rattle of glasses, laughter, cigar smoke, and that odor peculiar to a Chinese habitationa mixture of punk, opium, and dried fruitscompleted the collection.

All felt as if they had entered a house where there was a corpse, an illusion accentuated by an odor of wax and incense.

There was enough driftwood along the shore to build the fires, and these were soon shining out cheerily through the gathering gloom, while an appetizing odor of coffee and frying bacon filled the air.

The guides were not needed long, however, for soon a heart warming odor of frying bacon came to meet them, and with a world-old instinct each one followed her nose toward it.

but, here, too, she was ill at ease; the pine needles crackled under her feet, a resinous, stifling odor descended from the branches.

The pine grove, wrapped in shadow, exhaled a balsamic resinous odor, and from the yard, still heated, in which a last red gleam was dying away, a chillness arose.

Her first sensation was one of choking, caused by an overpowering odor of alcohol which filled the room; every article of furniture seemed to exude this odor, the whole house was impregnated with it.

Her first sensation was one of choking, caused by an overpowering odor of alcohol which filled the room; every article of furniture seemed to exude this odor, the whole house was impregnated with it.

But the instant he pushed open the door of the kitchen on the left of the hall, a horrible odor escaped from it, an odor of burned flesh and bones.

But the instant he pushed open the door of the kitchen on the left of the hall, a horrible odor escaped from it, an odor of burned flesh and bones.

The night breeze entered, still warm and laden with a faint odor of lavender.

The lower floors of the houses were bedded in straw where the soldiers had slept, and the straw was thickly covered with dried mud and already gave off a sour-sickish odor.

From them, as we drew near, an odor of wet, unwashed animals arose.

When he had seen the town well, Peter stationed himself at the Cardinal's palace; and inhaling the odor of the cooking, he waited patiently till his Eminence was served, that he might speak to his old companion, Thomas.

armonioso, -a, harmonious, regular, beautiful. aroma, m., aroma, odor, perfume.

olmo, m., elm. olor, m., odor; tener en de santidad, to hold (or consider) as a saint.

perfume, m.., perfume, odor, fragrance.

As I did so, I experienced a momentary, half-aware sense of a faint, peculiar, disagreeable odor in the passage; but it was not until the following night that I realized I had noticed a smell that offended me.

Of one thing only were we sure, and that was, there was no living thing in the house, beside ourselves, while everywhere throughout the house, there was the taint of that disgusting odor.

He paused with the door wide open, and threw the light all 'round; then he jumped into the room, and looked behind the door; there was no one there; but all over the polished oak floor, between the scattered rugs, went the marks of those horrible spreading footprints; and the room permeated with the horrible odor.

[Footnote 5: "Man-u-ban-i," a tree or shrub of unpleasant odor mentioned by Heabani.

But one day, as they walked together, a dog suddenly attacked the skunk and in his anger and excitement he so perfumed the woman, instead of the dog, with his odor that her husband found her out and gave her a beating.

I stamped the deck a few times, wondering if there was an English-speaking soul aboard, and leaned up against the engine room until the odor of coffee and bacon lured me to the fo'castle hatch.

it is a servant from the hotel, with iron bedsteads, camp-tables, and some large chests, which breathe an odor of the Commissary Department.

Perhaps his delicate nose had already detected the faint, unhallowed odor of the chemicals within.

A faint odor of southernwood exhaled from her, and, oddly enough, stirred the Colonel with a far-off recollection of a pine-shaded Sunday school on a Georgia hillside and of his first love, aged ten, in a short, starched frock.

She had to push the door to in their very jaws and they pressed against it, their heads hung low, sniffing the odor of food.

And the autumn wind, cold with the week of equinoctial rain, puffing out of thickets and across ravines, brought, every now and then, the horrible odor of death.

In many cathedrals grand and dim, whose windows glimmer with pane and lens, Mid the odor of incense raised in prayer, hallowed about with last amens, The infant Saviour is pictured fair, with kneeling Magi wise and old, But his baby-hand restsnot on the gifts, the myrrh, the frankincense, the gold But on the head, with a heavenly light, Of the little gray lamb that was changed to white.

The gold was their tribute to a King, The frankincense, with its odor sweet, Was for the Priest, the Paraclete, The myrrh for the body's burying.

Sense qualities, as color, sound, odor, cannot constitute the essence of matter, for their variation or loss changes nothing in it; I can abstract from them without the material thing disappearing.

Her hair, of too dead a black for gloss or glister, was always adorned with a nasturtium-vine, whose vivid flames seemed like some personal emanation, and whose odor, acrid and single, dispersed a character about her; and the only ornaments she condescended to assume were of Etruscan gold, severely simple in design, elaborately intricate in workmanship.

In that rare atmosphere of the Sierra foot-hillsthat air pungent with balsamic odor, that ethereal cordial at once bracing and exhilaratinghe may have found food and nourishment, or a subtle chemistry that transmuted asses' milk to lime and phosphorus.

A quick'ning odor from the earth ascends, Inviting me to chase, upon its plains, The joys of life and deeds of high emprize.

He stood looking at it, with his face screwed up, as if the very odor revolted him.

This little girla granddaughter of the dirty old man, as that person informed uswas occupied in tying up some small bundles of what the Canadians call racinea sweet-smelling kind of rush-grass, sold by them in the Quebec market, and used like sachets, for imparting a pleasant odor to linen garments.

When they gathered in the mess-room they filled it with the odor of sweaty bodies and profane grumbling about the weather.

The fumes of whisky, the unpleasant odor of his breath offended her, and she drew back.

While I cannot smell the dawn I seem to perceive the odor of the forest.

The proof that I am not deceiving myself is that I could smell the unmistakable odor of ether.

There is therefore nothing astonishing in the fact that this odor should have clung to him, nor that I should have distinguished it, even beneath the bandages that covered my face.

It is true that the walls are of bolted plates, and that there is a vague smell of salt water, that odor sui generis which generally pervades the interior of a ship, and which there is no mistaking.

In feeling about, my hand has come in contact with a mug filled with a liquid that exhales an inviting odor.

The wood of the red cedar gives off a peculiar odor which is said to keep moths away from clothes stored in cedar chests, but it is the close construction of the chest which keeps them out.

The leaves of this tree have a very sweet odor and are in demand at Christmas time.

I was permitted to see the body of St. Basil in the chapel, which was filled with a fragrance like that of cedar wood, which I naรฏvely attributed to the wood of the coffin, when the attendant protested with indignation that what I smelled was the odor of sanctity.

To his abnormally sensitized nerves the whole business began to exude a distinct, nauseating odor.

The fruit has a strong odor not very agreeable to noses not educated to it.

It is also very fragrantor rather, I should say, it has a strong aromatic odor which is very reviving in cases of faintness or illness, although it has quite a contrary effect on insects, particularly on mosquitoes.

"The walnut family," said Miss Harson, "with the ugly name Juglandaceae, are distinguished by pinnate, or compound, leaves, which have an aromatic odor when crushed, and by blossoms in catkins.

It varies from the other hickories in the number of its leaflets, which are seven or nine, the down on its leaves and recent shoots, the hardness of the husk and thickness of the nut, the roundness of its large covered buds, and the strong resinous odor in leaves, buds and husks.

"Yes; the greenish flowers have a particularly disagreeable odor, which is very strong and penetrating, and this is probably the reason why the tree has lost favor in so many places.

The small stingless bees, of slightly aromatic odor, swarmed while daylight lasted and crawled over our faces and hands; they were such tame, harmless little things that when they tickled too much I always tried to brush them away without hurting them.

The honey of vicious swarms of bees is characterized by a tart taste and a pungent odor.

Each tree bears on its side the scar of wounds where the woodmen have set flowing the resinous blood which chokes it; the powerful liquor still ascends into its limbs with the sap, exhales by its slimy shoots and by its cleft skin; a sharp aromatic odor fills the air.

We tried to get at the reason while sojourning there, but never fairly succeeded, though the impression was, plainly, that they did not think it proper food for white people anyway, and then the "odor was so disgusting," and altogether it was only fit for "trash folks."

On it she lays her head at night, and the odor is so horrible that it pervades the whole camp, and not unfrequently costs the mother her life.

The older women go almost naked, the girls and young women are very modestly clad; but, among themselves, their language has the foul odor of the sewers.

The odor that pervaded the room was sickening.

The absence of windows was made up for, as I learned later, by a ventilating device so perfect that, although everyone was smoking, a most fastidious person could scarcely have been offended by the odor of tobacco.

A very strong odor of sandal-wood prevailed, and the smell of phosphorus, even if it had been used, could not easily, at a little distance, have been discerned.

The accidents can not exist by themselves, but only by resting on something else, as color, odor, taste, and other such things.

If they are not instructed thereby, they will at all events remain confounded; and hence confession is an odor of a sweet smell before God, even tho it be deadly to the reprobate.

"Youfinddadnize?" Frowenfeld replied that it had been left by the oversight of a customer, and expressed a liking for its odor.

But, as I was saying, phosphorus fires this train of associations in an instant; its luminous vapors with their penetrating odor throw me into a trance; it comes to me in a double sense "trailing clouds of glory."

Perhaps the herb everlasting, the fragrant immortelle of our autumn fields, has the most suggestive odor to me of all those that set me dreaming.

This room, each of whose sides was lined with mirrors that echoed each other all along the walls, reflecting, as far as the eye could reach, whole series of rose boudoirs, had been celebrated among the women who loved to immerse their nudity in this bath of warm carnation, made fragrant with the odor of mint emanating from the exotic wood of the furniture.

His meals, which were planned and ordered once for all at the beginning of each season, were served him on a table in the middle of a small room separated from his study by a padded corridor, hermetically sealed so as to permit neither sound nor odor to filter into either of the two rooms it joined.

Or, he could look at fishing rods, tan-colored nets, rolls of russet sail, a tiny, black-painted cork anchorall thrown in a heap near the door communicating with the kitchen by a passage furnished with cappadine silk which reabsorbed, just as in the corridor which connected the dining room with his study, every odor and sound.