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3219 examples of  offended  in sentences

3219 examples of offended in sentences

And soe were they In Abraham's bought field, Genesis, the 23rd chapter, the 17, 18, 19, and 20 verses: though superstitious minds now are unwilling unto the truth to bow, who are offended at such as burie in their inheritance or bought field, appointed for that use.

The "touchiness of the lower class" causes them to be offended by the very sanitary regulations designed for their benefit.

Cider and perry are windy drinks, so are all fruits windy in themselves, cold most part, yet in some shires of [1440]England, Normandy in France, Guipuscoa in Spain, 'tis their common drink, and they are no whit offended with it.

Our travellers find this by common experience when they come in far countries, and use their diet, they are suddenly offended, as our Hollanders and Englishmen when they touch upon the coasts of Africa, those Indian capes and islands, are commonly molested with calentures, fluxes, and much distempered by reason of their fruits.

The hardiest men are offended with this heat, and stiffest clowns cannot resist it, as Constantine affirms, Agricult.

" Though heaven itself should fall on his head, he will not be offended.

But the rajah, much offended at these people, declared that he was resolved to defend the Portuguese against the zamorin, trusting that God would favour him in so just a cause.

But here she was, after the fiery ordeal of an interview with her offended grandmother, not in the least crestfallen.

Louis XI., that cautious and crafty reformer, after having forbidden ecclesiastical judges to examine cases referring to the revenues of vacant benefices, remodelled the secular courts, but he ruthlessly destroyed anything which offended him personally.

I was also offended at a small Patch she wore on her Breast, which I cannot suppose is placed there with any good Design.

When this Humour enters into the Head of a Female, she gently professes Sickness upon all Occasions, and acts all things with an indisposed Air: She is offended, but her Mind is too lazy to raise her to Anger, therefore she lives only as actuated by a violent Spleen and gentle Scorn.

If the Reader is offended at this Liberty in our English Poet, I would recommend him to a Discourse in Plutarch, which shews us how frequently Homer has made use of the same Liberty.

Persius, the Latin Satirist, affected Obscurity for another Reason; with which however Mr. Cowley is so offended, that writing to one of his Friends, You, says he, tell me, that you do not know whether Persius be a good Poet or no, because you cannot understand him; for which very Reason I affirm that he is not so.

To make the Acknowledgment of a Fault in the highest manner graceful, it is lucky when the Circumstances of the Offender place him above any ill Consequences from the Resentment of the Person offended.

When Mortals have offended them by their Transgressions, they appease them by Vows and Sacrifices.

Jupiter was so offended at these prevaricating Rascals, that he took down the first Vows, and puffed away the last.

You must know, Sir, I am one of that Species of Women, whom you have often Characteriz'd under the Name of Jilts, and that I send you these Lines, as well to do Publick Penance for having so long continued in a known Error, as to beg Pardon of the Party offended.

But Mrs. Harris said she was so vexed she could not restrain herself; and besides, she would infinitely prefer that he should be mortally offended, at least to the point of losing his acquaintance, to having her best pictures spoiled.

While in the village of St. Catharines, I took a young girl out to ride, after she had engaged to accompany another young fellow, which of course offended him; and he being too well posted up on my affairs, went directly to the custom house officer and informed against me.

The Deputies who most readily assent to these changes have assumed the appellation of Moderates; (Heaven knows how much they are indebted to comparison;) and the popularity they have acquired has both offended and alarmed the more inflexible Jacobins.

Amongst her other misfortunes, she laboured under the displeasure of Mr. Pope, whose poetical majesty she had innocently offended, and who has taken care to place her in his Dunciad.

Iphigenia was to have been sacrificed by her father, who was deluded by the fraud of Calchas, who proclaimed throughout the Grecian fleet, that the offended gods demanded of Agamemnon the sacrifice of his daughter to Lucina, and till, that oblation was offered, the fleet would remain wind-bound.

'This appears from the unparalleled success he has met with; all ranks, parties, and denominations of men, either crowding to see his Opera, or reading it with delight in their closets; even ministers of state, whom he is thought most to have offended, appearing frequently at the Theatre, from a consciousness of their own innocence, and to convince the world how unjust a parallel, malice, envy and disaffection to the government have made.

As he seated himself at her bedside, she shrank back with a feeling of horror, her tears ceased to flow, and her usually so mild and joyous eyes now shot glances of anger and offended love at the emperor.

" Madame de Staรซl had come with a heart full of enthusiasm; in her address to Napoleon, she had called him a "god descended to earth;" she had come an enthusiastic poetess; she departed an offended woman.

Your candor has not offended, but pleased me; I like to see a son defend his mother's cause!

There are, as these unhappy Correspondents inform me, Masters who are offended at a chearful Countenance, and think a Servant is broke loose from them, if he does not preserve the utmost Awe in their Presence.

Alas, Sir, is it of Course, that to deliver one's self wholly into a Man's Power without Possibility of Appeal to any other Jurisdiction but to his own Reflections, is so little an Obligation to a Gentleman, that he can be offended and fall into a Rage, because my Heart swells Tears into my Eyes when I see him in a cloudy Mood?

If the Father is inexorable to the Child who has offended, let the Offence be of never so high a Nature, how will he address himself to the Supreme Being under the tender Appellation of a Father, and desire of him such a Forgiveness as he himself refuses to grant?

I have known a Fellow with a Burden on his Head steal a Hand down from his Load, and slily twirle the Cock of a Squires Hat behind him; while the Offended Person is swearing, or out of Countenance, all the Wagg-Wits in the High-way are grinning in applause of the ingenious Rogue that gave him the Tip, and the Folly of him who had not Eyes all round his Head to prevent receiving it.

Our Lord was sensible of their Design, and prepared his Disciples for it, by recounting to em now more distinctly what should befal him; but Peter with an ungrounded Resolution, and in a Flush of Temper, made a sanguine Protestation, that tho all Men were offended in him, yet would not he be offended.

Our Lord was sensible of their Design, and prepared his Disciples for it, by recounting to em now more distinctly what should befal him; but Peter with an ungrounded Resolution, and in a Flush of Temper, made a sanguine Protestation, that tho all Men were offended in him, yet would not he be offended.

Tho Adam involves the whole Species in Misery, his Crime proceeds from a Weakness which every Man is inclined to pardon and commiserate, as it seems rather the Frailty of Human Nature, than of the Person who offended.

What Love sincere, and Reverence in my Heart I bear thee, and unweeting have offended, Unhappily deceived!

Do not, continued he, be offended at this Overture; for I go upon the Knowledge of the Temper of the Woman, rather than any Vanity that I should profit by an Opposition of your Pretensions to those of your humble Servant.

I hope you will not be offended, nor think I mean by this to justifie my own imprudent Conduct, or expect You should.

When this was discovered, the offended King would make out that the Order had taken sides and would threaten it with his vengeance.

As soon as the Knights offended the King of Spain Malta was plunged into scarcity, and the unhappy natives had often to suffer heavily because the Grand Master was a Frenchman.

No matter who was offended, or what sacrifices to herself it involved, the law, the strict letter of the law, must be carried out.

They were, in their own country, kings or princes, as it is averred by all the ancient fathers; and we are not to be offended at the assertion, that they were at once princes and wise men,"Car ร  l'usage de ce temps-lร  les princes et les rois etoient trรจs sages!"

But I was for the first time offended, on considering with a fresh mind an old fact,the great similarity of the style and phraseology in the third chapter, in the testimony of the Baptist, as well as in Christ's address to Nicodemus, that of John's own epistle.

"That is why," said the offended Provincial Architect, Dian (who despised the Counsellor of Arts, because he never made a good figure except in the esthetic hall of judgment as critic, never in the exhibition-hall as painter), "we moderns are, without contradiction, stronger in criticism; though in practice we are, collectively and individually, blockheads."

The latter, while procurator in Alexandria, offended him in some way, whereupon Theocritus, leaping from his seat, drew his sword.

Even Johnson, when Boswell once, thinking perhaps that his "illustrious friend" might be offended with its occasional coarseness, pronounced Sterne to be "a dull fellow," was at once met with, "Why no, Sir."]

My heraldry was much more offended at the Coronation with the ladies that did walk, than with those that walked out of their place; yet I was not so perilously angry as my Lady Cowper, who refused to set a foot with my Lady Macclesfield; and when she was at last obliged to associate with her, set out on a round trot, as if she designed to prove the antiquity of her family by marching as lustily as a maid of honour of Queen Gwiniver.

I have always been offended at those who will belong to a world with which they have nothing to do.

I was afraid that I had offended her.

"You will not be offended if I ask you one or two rather personal questions, will you?" "Indeed, no," I returned mechanically.

He wrote a pamphlet, after he came to England, against the famous Peerage Bill, which was very well received by the public, but highly offended the earl of Sunderland.

Ah! ye shall find him a hard man, for, if he be much offended, he will make ye drink o' the cup o' fire.

Under the austere stare of Mr. Bodfish their faces at once regained their wonted calm, and the ex-constable in a somewhat offended manner resumed his inquiries.

So Teresita was mightily offended at what she considered a slight from the only gringo woman she had ever known; and she was also bitterly disappointed over the abandonment of the new coiffure.

Nay, although the pride of the dramatist may be offended by the assertion, it would seem, that the nature of his walk is often prescribed by the successful impression of a novel upon the public mind.

Cheaply you sin, and punish crimes with ease, Not as the offended, but the offenders please; First injure heaven, and, when its wrath is due, Yourselves prescribe it how to punish you.

I humbly beg forgiveness on my knees, If I offended you:But next yours, madam, Which all must yield to.

Whirlwinds bear me hence, before I live To that detested day!That frown assures me I have offended, by my over-freedom; But yet, methinks, a heart so plain and honest, And zealous of your glory, might hope your pardon for it.

My humble vows to my offended queen.

But love had drawn his pardon up so soon, That I forgot he e'er offended me.

These birds associate together during the day, and are, like turtle-doves, patterns of connubial affection; but the legend is, that they are doomed to pass the night apart, in consequence of a curse pronounced upon them by a saint whom they had offended.

you scarce will look at me ... and ... and I wished to ask you if I had offended you?" They were standing on a soft carpet of moss, overhead the gentle summer breeze stirred the great branches of the elms, causing the crisp leaves to mutter a long-drawn hush-sh-sh in the stillness of the night.

I know," he said with quick transition of tone, fearful that he had offended her, striving to master his impatience, to find words which best pleased her young, romantic temperament, "Nay!

" Dr. von Shierbrand arose, obviously offended, and he allied himself with Mary Morrison on the way to the concert.

Will you have somemy own brew?" I declined, but he was not offended; yet he seemed reluctant to go.

She thanked me for the advice and hoped she had not offended me, and begged me to take pity on her.

The first instant of surprise over, it would have been stupid to be offended.

But considering, after a fair, impartial, and competent investigation of the merits of the case (for all this is to be presumed), that the offended law would be satisfied with a suspension of three months, that punishment is decreed.

One of the Rackbirds, whom in some way the negro had offended, had sworn to kill him before night, and feeling sure that this threat would be carried out, the poor fellow had determined to run away, no matter what the consequences.

But we have bought you a good pair of blankets, which are warm and serviceable, and we hope you will not be offended, and we do not believe that you will be, for you know our motives, and all that we ask is that when you are warm and comfortable under our little gift, you will sometimes think of us.

" Maria Dmitrievna assumed a dignified and somewhat offended expression.

The solitude and the dullness of a retired country life offended him at every step.

Till that moment she had been afraid that she had offended him.

" "I suppose she thinks Daly is a dare-devil," said the offended Mr. Blundell.

Offended at finding her advances repulsed, the goddess hints that the wife to whom Cefalo is so careful of his faith is, for her part, more free of her favours; and upon Cefalo indignantly refusing credence to the slander, suggests that he should himself in disguise make trial of her fidelity.

Here she is promptly detected by the offended goddess and sentenced to do battle against one of the fiercest of the Erymanthian boars.

" Now, of course, I knew that Dr. Khayme, by his clear knowledge of nature, not to say more, was able to read Willis; but up to this time I had not suspected that Willis's hopes in regard to Lydia had alarmed or offended my learned friend; so I continued to beat round the subject.

No scullery-maid need be offended.

Mr. Grey had for a while been so offended as to find it necessary to desire Mr. Scarborough to employ another lawyer.

This offended him greatly.

" "You must have offended him then very greatly.

As he saw the eyes sternly bent on him, he thought that his staring out of the window, past the lady's profile, might have offended her.

Who cares?" "You promise to laugh with us, and not be offended?" "I promise not to be offended.

Who cares?" "You promise to laugh with us, and not be offended?" "I promise not to be offended.

" "But allow me to observe, Count Nobili," and Maestro Guglielmi drew himself up with an air of offended dignity, "you are bound as a gentleman to retract those words, or to hear my explanation."

When stationed at the loophole, little recked Sir Giles of the mighty cathedral that frowned upon him like the offended eye of heaven.

The papers had been full enough of this venture on which he was engaged; Cuningham's ignorance offended him.

Sick persons were often treated in the same way, and inasmuch as the unlucky might be supposed to have offended the gods, the victims of sudden and striking misfortune were treated as law-breakers and subjected to the punishment of Muru described in the last chapter.

She was thrown into extreme perturbation at finding that her question had been referred to me, and it was some time before I could sufficiently reassure her to be able to comprehend, in the midst of her reiterated entreaties for pardon, and hopes that she had not offended me, that she did not know herself who owned her.

"She was quite offended.

She was shocked to have offended Monsieur!

Then followed an outburst of offended idealism.

"Pardon, Monsieur," she says, "but you forget that I am in your debt." "Andand do you really insist..." She looks at me, half surprised and half offended.

But in the offended tone of one who has been misjudged the boy added; "I ain't as poor as you think.

The step of the free-trader, as he advanced nearer to his companion, was full of dignity; and his keen eye glowed with the resentment of an offended man.

"'Sir!hic,' replied Tim, with an attempt at offended dignity, the effect of which was rather spoiled by the accompanying hiccough.

"My poor, outraged, offended, noble Miriam!"

Believe me, you attach too much consequence to hasty and half-comprehended expressions, uttered, as he avers, to appease the offended vanity of an angry and implacableay, and dangerous woman.

He cannot conceal his displeasure against me, and yet I have never offended him willingly, I am sure.

" "I am not offended with you, Mr. Raymond."

Offended by the tone of command Gunther had assumed, Siegfried at first proudly refused to obey; but when the king begged it as a favor, and mentioned Kriemhild's name, he immediately relented and set out.

"Said she, 'Right noble ruler, vouchsafe my life to spare; Whatever I've offended, my duty shall repair.