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117 example sentences with  offshoots

117 example sentences with offshoots

It is a part of our civilization, an offshoot of the very progress of which you speak, a sort of necessity in practical results, at least, that men shall so live as to wage war against nature, and against themselves; that they shall hurry themselves, or be hurried by inevitable circumstances, into the grave at the earliest possible moment.

I have seen him in his misery industriously study "What I Know About Farming," squat on a farm in the West, and bring himself, his wife, and four miserable offshoots to the alms-house by endeavoring to apply the rules set down in "What I Know About Farming" to 160 acres of land.

It is certain that, in some animals, devastating epidemics are caused by fungi of low ordersimilar to those of which Torula is a sort of offshoot.

Later the Normans, whose speech as a branch of French was an offshoot of Latin, came to the island as conquerors.

After some little time their van approached a ridge of high wooded ground, which is one of the offshoots of the great Hercynian forest, and is situated between the modern villages of Driburg and Bielefeld.

At Wix, in Essex, the seed of this wheat has produced, without artificial assistance, four thousandfold; some of the ears have had eleven offshoots, and have contained, altogether, eleven grains in one ear.

I accepted the vote which invested you with the second rank in our Order, less because I think you will render service to it here than that I desired you to possess that entire knowledge of its powers and secrets which might enable you to plant a branch or offshoot where none but you could carry it ...

The Englishman is proud, and not without reason; but he may well be proud of the American offshoot.

Either the coffee-shop in Fleet Street, now Anderton's Hotel, or a city offshoot of it.

She could not at this day free herself of a doubtless incorrect notion that the outside churchesmeaning those not Episcopalhad been intended for people other than her own family and its offshoots.

Physiology, however, with its various branches and degenerate offshoots, was the idol of the scholars of that age, and of Faustus among the rest.

An offshoot of the tribe inhabits Annette Island, under the kindly governorship of an old priest named Duncan.

The Rhodian school was the immediate offshoot from the school of Lysippus at Sicyon; and from this small island of Rhodes the Romans, when they conquered it, carried away three thousand statues.

Historians talk about the aristocracy of the Southern planters, but this was an offshoot of the aristocracy of feudalism,the dominion of favored classes over the enslaved, the poor, and the miserable.

rider, offshoot, episode, side issue, corollary; piece

debris, odds and ends, oddments, detritus; excerpta^; member, limb, lobe, lobule, arm, wing, scion, branch, bough, joint, link, offshoot, ramification, twig, bush, spray, sprig; runner; leaf, leaflet; stump; component part &c 56;

Louiset, dead in infancy; Jacques Louis, a half imbecile, carried off by a nervous disease; Victor returned to the savage state, wandering about in who knows what dark places; our poor Charles, so beautiful and so frail; these are the latest branches of the tree, the last pale offshoots into which the puissant sap of the larger branches seems to have been unable to mount.

All cosmic myths and noble conceptions of Deity and pure religious beliefs were only offshoots of Hebrew tradition.

He has seen three hundred of the first people in the county filling the gallery, and seen five hundred deer disporting themselves in the beautiful park, now covered with stunted offshoots of felled trees.

It is a hideous offshoot of American Republicanism and American Christianity!

During the afternoon we crossed several offshoots of the Lebanon, by paths incredibly steep and stony, and towards evening reached Saรฏda, the ancient Sidon, where we obtained permission to pitch our tent in a garden.

The Preaching of Peter seems to have begun with the Resurrection, and to have been an offshoot rather in the direction of the Acts than the Gospels [Endnote 81:2].

The earlier critics who impugned the traditional view appear to have leaned rather to the theory that Marcion's Gospel and the canonical Luke are, more or less, independent offshoots from the common ground-stock of the evangelical narratives.

These are continually sending out offshoots and projections into the neighbouring regions, and the conclusions of one science very often have to depend upon those of another.

One man will tell you there never was any such thing as the present-day Scottish Terrier, that the mere fact of his having prick ears shows he is a mongrel; another, that he is merely an offshoot of the Skye or the Dandie; another, that the only Scottish Terrier that is a Scottish Terrier is a white one; another, that he is merely a manufactured article from Aberdeen, and so on ad infinitum.

Mrs. McLaren Morrison, an authority on exotic dogs whose opinion must always be taken with respect, is inclined to the belief that they are related to the short-nosed Spaniels of Thibet; while other experts are equally of opinion that the variety is an offshoot from the Spaniels of Pekin.

The Brussels Griffon Club of London was a later offshoot of this club, and, like many children, would appear to be more vigorous than its parent.

It was a low-lying offshoot of the town, leading along the water meadows, with a straggling row of houses on each side, the perennial haunts of fever and ague.

Was it an offshoot of that of the Aztecs?

Again, propagation is of one mode in the higher animals, of two in all plants; but vegetative propagation, by budding or offshoots, extends through the lower grades of animals.

It is true that the state was still in its infancy, being an offshoot from another and larger realm, and having obtained the boon of freedom and self-government only as recently as 1871, after a series of political convulsions of a violent character, which may be studied with advantage in the well-known history of "The Making of Aureataland," by a learned professor of the Jeremiah P. Jecks University in the United States of America.

In places the tumour (or 'horny pillar' as the Germans term it) is roughened by offshoots from it, and does not always exhibit the smooth surface depicted in Fig.

At first I imagined it was a Wesleyan offshoot, but I can find no indication of that fact; and, moreover, the Wesleyan is a very small body, numbering 600 ministers and 20,000 communicants.

If we want to prevent the increase of insanity, we must endeavor to do away with these monstrosities and eccentricities from our social life which remove mankind more and more, in a pernicious manner, from its natural development and from the normal conditions of moral and physical life; we must endeavor to kill these poisonous offshoots of pseudo civilization, which are the enemies of the normal existence of man.

And say, his daughter is a mighty tree, From whose wide roots a thousand sapling suckers, Drink half their life; she dare not snap the threads, And let her offshoots wither.

Such were the folk who crowded the streets of the capital of this strange offshoot of France which had been planted along the line of the great river, a thousand leagues from the parent country.

In 1855, when this congregation had grown to three thousand members, the Ebenezer church was established as an offshoot, with a similar plan of government.

Greater complexity in the Blue Mountainsthese are undoubted earth folds; the Nepean River flows through an offshoot of a fold, the valley being made as the fold was elevatedcurious valleys made by erosion of hard rock overlying soft.

Home grew about him into serenity and cheer; as from the roots of a felled tree a thousand verdant offshoots spring, tiny in stature, but fresh and vivid in foliage, so out of this beheaded love arose a crowd of sweet affections and tender services that made the fraternity of man seem possible, and illustrated the pervasive care of God.

Possessed of such tranquil, orderly, and exemplary young offshoots, Mrs. Marvyn had been considered eminent for her "faculty" in bringing up children.

Zechariah's figure describes the prince as an offshoot of the same royal tree.

More and better settlers arrived, and the colony even put out offshoots, so that soon there were several settlements up and down the river and upon other rivers.

Hence the Madhyamรข ['s]รขkhรข doubtless was included in the Kau[t.]ika ga[n.]a, and an offshoot of one of its kulas, the fourth of which is called Pra['s]navรขhanaka or Pa[n.]havรขha[n.]aya.

Their styles can best be regarded as Indian offshoots of a Persian mode of painting which was current in the Persian province of Shiraz in about the year 1500.

Garhwal artists probably sought asylum at the Sirmur court and there developed a distinctive offshoot of the Garhwal manner.

It does, in some instances, less, however, as a virtue than as a bonne bouche for epicures, as is made most patent in that offshoot of the Alexandrian manner, the abominably raffinรฉ story of Daphnis and Chloe.

With it all masonic doctrine, at least in its purity, was extinct, although there mingled with it, and at times to some extent influenced it, an offshoot from the other line, to which attention will be soon directed.

The latter were merely a southern offshoot of the Creeks or Muscogees.

Nobody dreams of treating the fact that the new commonwealths are offshoots of the old as furnishing grounds for any discrimination in reference to them, one way or the other.

Ibn-al-Arabi was governor of Saragossa, and one of the Spanish Arab chieftains in league against Abdel-Rhaman, the last offshoot of the Ommiad khalifs, who, with the assistance of the Berbers, had seized the government of Spain.

Apologists said that he belonged to a sect unrepresented in Binchester, but an offshoot of the Baptists put in a claim on the ground that he had built that place of worshipat a considerable loss on the contractsome fifteen years before.

An offshoot of the first battalion of the 'Royal Greens,' known as Jessup's Corps, was with Burgoyne at Saratoga; and the rest of the regiment was with St Leger, under the command of Sir John Johnson himself.

The next three townships were settled by part of Jessup's Corps, an offshoot of Sir John Johnson's regiment.

In the west of Scotland, and especially in the Western Isles, it is once more numerous; and we find offshoots of the same race in the dark-haired Norwegians,still holding to the seaboard of the Atlantic.

Within this angle and an hypothenuse drawn from the Lake of Constance to Carlsruhe lies a wild mountain-regiona lateral offshoot from the central chain which extends through Europe from west to eastknown to all readers of robber-romances as the Black Forest.

Ghastly caricatures of justice as these offshoots of Slavery are, they are still dictated by the nature and necessities of the system.

Though he must be stripped also of whatever praise may belong to the experiment of the egg, which I find proverbially attributed by Castilian authours to a certain Juanito or Jack, (perhaps an offshoot of our giant-killing my thus,) his name will still remain one of the most illustrious of modern times.

How prolific was this parent foundation is evidenced from its many offshoots, the only surviving monasteries on the continent for many centuries intended for Irish brethren.

Among the other buildings in progress was the church, which, planted as it was on the northern shores of the Australian continent, was expected to form a nucleus from which offshoots might by degrees draw within its influence the islands in the Arafura Sea, and thus widely spread the pure blessings of Christianity.

From near this camp we have a low range of mountains to cross, a sort of spur or offshoot of the great snow mountain that reaches out twenty miles or more to the southeast, and its extremity divides away into what seems from our point of view a level plain.

So astute a man as Chesterfield, who was kept well informed as to the impression made by his son, could hardly suppose it likely that the boy would make a name for himself, and thereby confer distinction upon the family of which he was an irregular offshoot.

An offshoot of the parent thorn grows in the Abbey grounds.

ESTE, an ancient and illustrious Italian family from which, by an offshoot founded by Welf IV., who became Duke of Bavaria in the 11th century, the Guelph Houses of Brunswick and Hanover, also called the Este-Guelphs, trace their descent.

GRAMPIANS, 1, a name somewhat loosely applied to the central and chief mountain system of Scotland, which stretches E. and W. right across the country, with many important offshoots running N. and S.; the principal heights are Ben Nevis (4406 ft), Ben Macdhui (4296 ft.), Cairntoul (4200 ft.).

Pierre Ronsard, being an offshoot of this same College of Navarre, hath indubitably a claim upon our consideration.

Let them give back thy babes, The offshoots of that royal oak, now felled, Or perish, fall themselves, In darkness and in night!

All of these features suggest that Shonisaurus may be a relatively specialised offshoot of the main ichthyosaur evolutionary line.

A recent offshoot of the Hispanae.

In those two sports, neither offshoot league recognizes the history of the original Big East.

Founded in 1947 as an offshoot of Toho after the major company had become struck with labor turmoil, Shintoho began its relatively short existence producing such films as Stray Dog, which was later distributed by Toho, and The Life of Oharu.

He originally called this processor COMMAND, later named EXEC. citation Multics included an offshoot of CTSS RUNCOM, also called RUNCOM. citation EXEC was eventually replaced by EXEC 2 and REXX.

But if it is used by a minority within the group, it becomes an offshoot coin.

In case it wasnโ€™t abundantly clear from the multiple voiceovers and use of Taylor Swiftโ€™s Big Apple anthem, โ€” The CWโ€™s Lucy Hale-led offshoot, which premiered on Thursday โ€” takes place in New York City.

Michaels is clearly invested in NXT UK, but it remains to be seen if the British offshoot will survive the current pandemic.

Saโ€™ARโ€™s is a brand new party, which represents the first major split from the Likud since the late Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, the offshoot Kadima party in 2005.

The 59 room hotel The Guardsman opened in Westminster last week while US brand Nomad is planning to launch its first London offshoot in the former Bow Street Magistrates Court before the end of the year.

The authors wrote: 'The state of affairs between the two women was just an offshoot of the real issue at hand: The conflict between Harry and the institution.'

The Brown family belongs to the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), a fundamentalist offshoot of Mormonism (or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).

The firm is apparently an offshoot of another firm, Rosemont Seneca, which was co-founded by Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz, stepson of John Kerry, who at the time of the transaction of Baturina was serving as secretary of state.

The food delivery offshoot of the taxi giant has announced that it is offering 100,000 vouchers valued at ยฃ10 each for NHS staff.

The MBMBAM cinematic universe also includes individual offshoots such as with Justin McElroy, with Travis McElroy, with Griffin McElroy and with all three brothers and their dad, which has its own category in this list.

The only "Project Runway"/"Top Chef" offshoot that kind of made sense, "Top Design" took the familiar format and applied it to interior design.

This is where Mirza entered the orbit of Spiked and its various offshoots, writing semi-regular pieces for the magazine since 2001.

To the world, he was the bumbling Inspector Clouseau of the โ€œPink Pantherโ€ films and such offshoots as the Woody Allen-scripted โ€œWhatโ€™s New Pussycatโ€ (1965), the James Bond spoof โ€œCasino Royaleโ€ (1967) and Blake Edwardsโ€™ โ€œThe Partyโ€ (1968).

Both are offshoots of the Southern branch of 16-century Anabaptism.

BSD was the first significant offshoot of Unix designed outside of its Bell Labs home.

He chairs the Clearwater Forestry Working Group, an offshoot of council that is made up of an array of industry stakeholders, local and provincial government representatives, and local First Nations.

Although initially coastal beni was trans-ethnic, its later local offshoots were more โ€˜tribalโ€™ and included the mbeni of the Bemba people (Jones 1945) and the kalela of Bisa mine-workers (Mitchell, 1956).

It also oversees the Best in Business Canada Awards, an offshoot from SABEWโ€™s main Best in Business awards, which is the only business journalism awards program in the country.

Joining Helios on the property is a second offshoot company, Helios Fabrication, a welding and fabrication business that's already getting swamped with work.

โ€œAnother important message, which is an offshoot of the other, is that the stories of these peoples are intertwined, that we have the motto that the history of one is incomplete without the history of the other.

My suggestion is that the GST and any of its offshoots are tearing the country apart and that is not good.

As an offshoot from this documentary, we stumbled on these tips that are really helpful in learning how to connectโ€ฆ

Small, random acts of urban renewal were an unexpected offshoot of gardening.

The Kicking Horse River is an offshoot of the mighty Columbia River.

The mathematics of permutations, factoring, and primality testing are developed in conjunction with the modern cryptographic systems RSA, DES, and their offshoots.

The NDP government should release the amount of taxpayer dollars that are being devoted to advertising offshoots of the carbon tax including energy efficiency programs, the Wildrose Official Opposition said.

This group has joined forces with al-Qaedaโ€™s offshoot group in Syria.

Unusually compact and rather sparsely argued, Stock's book offers an account of the interpretive practices grounding the forms of self-narration characteristic of the Augustinian meditative tradition and its main Renaissance offshoots.

While I am still working with the boots in other offshoot projects, in this incarnation, focuses on the established movement vocabulary, transplanted into a classical music environment without boots.