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4988 examples of  oils  in sentences

4988 examples of oils in sentences

There's Jones now, the fifth-form master, every man sees he's a gentleman, though he wears ever so old clothes; and there's Mr. Brown, who oils his hair, and wears rings, and white chokersmy eyes!

Mix the two oils together, and heat them sufficiently to dissolve the spermaceti, which should be beaten fine in a mortar.

"Ever hear of the Nine Oils?" he asked, as he poured a lot of black, greasy stuff out of the bottle into the palm of his hand.

When I get through, if the Nine Oils don't fix you up, I'll give you nine dollars.

The Nine Oils had a magical effect.

The clouds suck up the scented oils from the fountains and rivers, and the winds gently fanning them, distil it like soft dew on those who are assembled there.

The opposed surfaces are lined with synovial membrane, the secretion from which oils the sheaths in which the tendons move.

Fats and Oils.

These include not only the ordinary fats of meat, but many animal and vegetable oils.

The principal kinds of fat used as food are the fat of meat, butter, suet, and lard; but in many parts of the world various vegetable oils are largely used, as the olive, palm, cotton seed, cocoanut, and almond.

The well-known condiments are salt, vinegar, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and various substances containing ethereal oils and aromatics.

afterwards, oils, flour, and Bedbug poison.

Never give oils.

[Footnote: I allude to mineral salts as found in the vegetable kingdom, not to the manufactured salts, like the ordinary table salt, etc., which are simply poisons when taken as food.] fats and oils, carbo-hydrates (starch and sugar), and proteids (the flesh and muscle-forming elements).

ON WHICH A GOOD MAN SHOULD BE EMPLOYED, AND IN WHAT WE OUGHT CHIEFLY TO PRACTISE OURSELVES.The material for the wise and good man is his own ruling faculty: and the body is the material for the physician and the aliptes (the man who oils persons); the land is the matter for the husbandman.

One morning, for instance, I stumbled on a merchant returning to Surinam, who had fifty things to tell of his own special businessof the woods, the drugs, the barks, the vegetable oils, which he was going back to procurea whole new world of yet unknown wealth and use.

"Besides the theine and the essential oils, which latter give the aroma of the plants, there is contained in both coffee and tea a certain amount of difficultly soluble vegetable albumen, and in the latter, especially, a large quantity of tannin.

To protect the people from the danger of burning oil unfit for illuminating purposes, there is an officer called the inspector of illuminating oils.

It is the duty of these officers to test the illuminating oils offered for sale, and to mark the barrel or package containing it "approved" or "unsafe for illuminating purposes," as the case may be.

Penalties are attached to the selling of oils not approved.

The Jews showed a talent for accumulating what was an object of more immediate desire to Christians than animal oils or well-furred skins, and their cupidity and avarice were found at once particularly hateful and particularly useful: hateful when seen as a reason for punishing them by mulcting or robbery, useful when this retributive process could be successfully carried forward.

Outwardly used as occasion serves, as amulets, oils hot and cold, as of camomile, staechados, violets, roses, almonds, poppy, nymphea, mandrake, &c. to be used after bathing, or to procure sleep.

Ointments composed of the said species, oils and wax, &c., as Alablastritum Populeum, some hot, some cold, to moisten, procure sleep, and correct other accidents.

Liniments are made of the same matter to the like purpose: emplasters of herbs, flowers, roots, &c., with oils, and other liquors mixed and boiled together.

" All these yet are nothing to those chemical preparatives of Aqua Chalidonia, quintessence of hellebore, salts, extracts, distillations, oils, Aurum potabile, &c. Dr. Anthony in his book de auro potab.

&c. Outwardly used, as oil of nutmegs by extraction, or expression with rosewater to anoint the temples, oils of poppy, nenuphar, mandrake, purslan, violets, all to the same purpose.

And so of epithems, digestive powders, bags, oils, Octavius Horatianus lib.

" Outwardly taken to expel winds, are oils, as of camomile, rue, bays, &c.; fomentations of the hypochondries, with the decoctions of dill, pennyroyal, rue, bay leaves, cumin, &c., bags of camomile flowers, aniseed, cumin, bays, rue, wormwood, ointments of the oil of spikenard, wormwood, rue, &c.

The gum is a red, inodorous, and insipid resin, soluble in alcohol and oils; and when dissolved by the former, is used for staining marble.

The doctor gazed at Priam's hands, the rough, coarsened hands of a painter who is always messing in oils and dust.

He then bade me kneel, that I might see the spot where the angel stood, and devoutly repeated a paternoster while I contemplated the pure plate of snowy marble, surrounded with vases of fragrant flowers, between which hung cressets of gold, wherein perfumed oils were burning.

"No swan-soft woman, rubbed with lucid oils, The gift of an enamored god, more fair." Browning.

She is a very amiable and accomplished young lady; she has a thorough knowledge of music and of painting in oils, and is classically versed in the Italian language.

Unlike painting in oils, it has no resources of transparency, brilliancy, and richness of coloring, but depends for its nobility of effect upon the hardier virtues of art and the more robust genius of the artist.

These are oils and fats and everything related to them.

If we grant favor to the wines and brandies of Spain, then Portugal and France will demand the same; and in order to create an equivalent Portugal may lay a duty on our fish and grain, and France a prohibition on our whale oils, the removal of which will be proposed as an equivalent.

You will prepare medicines and oils and ointments from the roots and resin?

Sexton gave me some idea of the use of oils, and from that time most of my leisure hours and my vacant days were given to painting in an otherwise untaught manner, copying such pictures as I could borrow, or translating engravings into colorwretched things most certainly, but to me then, with my crude enthusiasm, productive of greater pleasure than the better productions of later years.

Her weekly Bible-reading, painting in oils and in water-colors, needle-work, and other household duties, left her no idle moment.

What they meant by this must have been that in all the technical requirements of art, in drawing, composition, handling of fresco and oils, disposition of draperies, and feeling for light and shadow, he was above criticism.

Finally, the influx of air produced by this chimney permits of burning, without smoke and without charring the wick, those oils of poor quality that are unfortunately too often met with in commerce.

In Spain the therapeutic properties of L. dentata are alleged to be even more marked than in the oils of any of the other species of lavender.

per lb., it was pointed out by an eminent London firm that unless the cultivation in England were extended, the price would become prohibitive, inferior oils would be introduced into the market, and so destroy the popularity of this beautiful perfume.

The price still rising did, in fact, induce this importation, and to this day the bulk of chemists and perfumers continue to use these foreign oils, notwithstanding the fall in the price of the English oil.

Then his father gave him a black box containing this portrait, which was a full-length miniature, about nine inches long, painted very finely in oils, as smooth as enamel, and folded above it a sheet of paper, written over in a careful and very legible hand.

We may get an idea of the nearly similar composition of the coal produced by very different plants or parts thereof, in remarking that as the cells, fibers, and vessels are formed of cellulose, and some of them isomeric, the difference in composition is especially connected with the contents of the cells, canals, etc., such as protoplasm, oils, resins, gums, sugars, and various acids, various incrustations, etc.

LUTZ, E. G. Practical landscape painting in oils.

LUTZ, ROYD C. Practical landscape painting in oils.

CAPELL, R.G. Bauxite as an adsorbent for Pennsylvania oils.

<pb id='139.png' n='1966h1/A/1159' /> JONES, G.C. Bauxite as an adsorbent for Pennsylvania oils.

LUTZ, E. G. Practical landscape painting in oils.

LUTZ, ROYD C. Practical landscape painting in oils.

I have also a locket of silver gilt containing a miniature of a gentleman apparently of the time of the Commonwealth, finely executed in oils upon copper; on the back are engraved the arms and crest above described without the impalement, the crescent bearing the addition of a label.

Our Ships are laden with the Harvest of every Climate: Our Tables are stored with Spices, and Oils, and Wines: Our Rooms are filled with Pyramids of China, and adorned with the Workmanship of Japan: Our Morning's Draught comes to us from the remotest Corners of the Earth: We repair our Bodies by the Drugs of America, and repose ourselves under Indian Canopies.

The Devil plotted since the world was young With alchemies of fire and witches' oils And magic.

Mrs. Baker claims that in this method she gets "the strength of oils with the daintiness of water-colors, and that it is beautiful for women and children, and sufficiently strong for portraits of men.

At the Salon of the Champ de Mars she exhibited a portrait in pastel, in 1901; at exhibitions of the Society of American Artists in 1898 and 1899 she exhibited miniatures; also pictures in oils at Worcester, 1903.

Paints in oils and pastels, landscapes especially, of which she exhibited seventeen in June, 1902.

In 1871 she first painted in water-colors, which suited many of her pictures better than oils.

This artist paints in oils.

She painted in oils as well as in water-colors.

Her portraits were considered excellent as likenesses; her touch was firm, her color brilliant, and her works in oils and water-colors as well as her miniatures were much esteemed.

At the Cowles Art School, Boston, and the Art Students' League, New York, she spent three winters, and at the Julian Academy, Paris, three other winters, drawing from life and painting in oils under the teaching of Jules Lefebvre and Robert-Fleury, supplementing these studies by that of landscape in oils under George Laugรฉe in Picardie.

At the Cowles Art School, Boston, and the Art Students' League, New York, she spent three winters, and at the Julian Academy, Paris, three other winters, drawing from life and painting in oils under the teaching of Jules Lefebvre and Robert-Fleury, supplementing these studies by that of landscape in oils under George Laugรฉe in Picardie.

P.</b> Honorable mention, Salon des Artistes Franรงais; medal at Exposition, Paris, 1900, for painting in oils; and a second medal for a treatise on water-colors.

Pupil of Henry Delacroix in painting in oils and of Jules Garnier in water-colors.

At the Salon des Beaux-Arts, 1903, "The Park at Greenwich," "The Pont Neuf," "On the Thames," and a portrait in oils; and in water-colors, "The Coliseum, Rome," "A Tiger Drinking," "A Lion Eating," "Head of a Lion," "The Forge," etc.

In 1902 she exhibited "The House with Laurels" in water-colors, and in oils "The High Road" and "The Orison."

Her artistic life was spent in Chicago and Washington, D. C. She painted numerous portraits in miniature and a large number in oils.

Mrs. Grey has exhibited miniatures and pictures in both oils and water-colors at the Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Academy, the Royal Institute of Painters in Water-Colors, and the exhibitions at Liverpool, Manchester, and York.

"Empty," a child study in oils, 1897, and a water-color, "A Silver Latch," 1900, are among her important works.

"The list of Mrs. Guild's works executed abroad include a painting belonging to the very beginning of her career, of still-life in oils, which was accepted and well hung at the Royal Academy in London; but it is in Berlin that she has been especially successful.

They are in oils, pastel, and water-colors, with various applications of these to tapestries, etc.

She works mostly in oils, but has been successful in portraits in pastel; two admirable examples were exhibited in Boston recently, and were favorably noticed for their color and "temperance in the use of high relief.

In the Studio, November, 1900, we read: "Miss McCrossan's exhibition of pictures and sketches displayed a pleasant variety of really clever work, mostly in oils, with a few water-colors and pastels.

At the Italian National Exposition, 1880, she exhibited a terra-cotta reproduction of a classic design, painted in oils; also a wooden dish which resembled an antique ceramic.

The pictures in oils and water-colors, the miniatures and the proofs of her works have found purchasers, almost without exception, and are in private hands.

"Mousehold Heath," showing a rough and broken country, is one of her strongest pictures in oils; "Stretching to the Sea" is also excellent.

One could rarely see so many works, with such varied subjects, treated in oils, water-colors, dry point, etc., by the same artist.

She also paints flowers, and uses water-colors as well as oils.

This artist paints figure subjects, portraits, landscapes, and flowers, in both oils and water-colors, and also makes pen-drawings.

This artist paints roses, and roses only, in oils.

He draws oils and waters, and essences and spirits, which he knows to be of no use; sits and counts the drops, as they come from his retort, and forgets that, whilst a drop is falling, a moment flies away.

It is especially so of woods with deep-colored heartwood, and is due to infiltrations of tannins, oils, and resins, which make the wood more or less obnoxious to decay-producing fungi.

For years, the holy oils had been adulterated with chicken fat; wax, with burned bones; incense, with cheap resin and benzoin.

EAU-DE-COLOGNE, a perfume originally manufactured at Cologne by distillation from certain essential oils with rectified spirit.

Garlic made into an unguent with oils, &c. and applied externally, is said to resolve and discuss cold tumors, and has been by some greatly esteemed in cutaneous diseases.

[L.] though it does not appear to communicate any particular virtue to the two last, its mucilaginous matter not being dissoluble in oils.

L. E. D.The oils obtained by expression from both sorts of almonds are in their sensible qualities the same.

The general virtues of these oils are, to blunt acrimonious humours, and to soften and relax the solids: hence their use internally, in tickling coughs, heat of urine, pains and inflammations: and externally in tension and rigidity of particular parts.

Its chief use is for colouring oils, unguents, and plasters.

The oils are still preserved in the treasury of the cathedral at Monza,and the list accompanying them has afforded some important facts to the students of the early martyrology of Rome.

A similar belief in the efficacy of oils burned in lamps before noted images, or at noted shrines, still prevails in the Papal City.

Displays for natural gas, petroleum; everything relating to lighting mines; safety lamps; oils; electricity; acetyline.

He triumphed in the remembrance that she and Lord Findon had found the sketch so remarkable that, when he had timidly proposed a portrait in oils, Lord Findon himself had persuaded her to sit.

Mineral Oils .2 .4

Special Tax on Liquors, Beer, Vegetables, Flour, Salt and Mineral Oils 301,000 Total $6,200,550 Monopolies: 1st.

The fifth received the holy oils from Your Holiness for the colony of Darien; he is a Franciscan, a brilliant orator, and is called Juan Cabedo.

boiling In leads or oils?

In place of the truthful summary of the earlier editions, we have now the truth itselfthe truth in all its subtle gradations, all its long-drawn-out suspensions, all its intangible and irremediable obscurities: it is the difference between a clear-cut drawing in black-and-white and a finished painting in oils.