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848 examples of  omission  in sentences

848 examples of omission in sentences

Still, the omission was soon rectified, and the Home ere long teemed with children.

"No one, we think, will be rash enough to maintain, either that this omission is the result of mere accident, or that no individual slave or freedman was ever buried in the catacombs.

This omission the Prince noticed at once with remarkable quickness.

Having once admitted, the justice of Eveena's plea, and feeling that she would be more pained by the omission than by the fulfilment of the forms which courtesy and common kindness imperatively demanded, I kissed Eunanรฉ's brow and spoke a few words to her, with as much of tenderness as I could feel or affect for Eveena's rival, after what had passed to endear Eveena more than ever.

The suppression of some of these by the poet himself is as unaccountable, as is his omission of certain stanzas in the earlier poems from their later versions.

Receive him absolutely without omission and compromise, follow his whole outpouring, stanza by stanza, and line by line, from the very commencement to the very end, and he is capable of being tiresome.

I am of opinion that his omission of the stanzas beginning: Among all lovely things my Love had been, and of the sonnet on his 'Voyage down the Rhine', was due to sheer forgetfulness of their existence.

Whether such an omission of confidence would entitle his wife to a divorce is something courts will be called upon to decide sooner or later.

In considering the address proposed, I cannot but conclude that it is too much diffused, and that it would be more forcible if it was more concise: to shorten it will be no difficult task, by the omission of all the clauses that correspond with particular parts of his majesty's speech, which I cannot discover the necessity of repeating.

The chief tendency of his majesty's speech is to ask our advice on this extraordinary conjuncture of affairs; a conduct undoubtedly worthy of a British monarch, and which we ought not to requite with disrespect; but what less can be inferred from an alteration of our established forms of address, by an omission of any part of the speech?

As there cannot, therefore, in my opinion, sir, be any thing added to the address now offered, and there appears to me no necessity of any alteration or omission, I second the motion.

Sir, it is no wonder that the right honourable gentleman willingly consents to the omission of this clause, which could be inserted for no other purpose than that he might sacrifice it to the resentment which it must naturally produce, and by an appearance of modesty and compliance, pass easily through the first day and obviate any severe inquiries that might be designed.

'Forgive me, my dear love, the omission of writing; I hope to mend that and my other faults.

'DEAR MADAM, 'You may perhaps think me negligent that I have not written to you again[800] upon the loss of your brother; but condolences and consolations are such common and such useless things, that the omission of them is no great crime: and my own diseases occupy my mind, and engage my care.

The benefit, if not the necessity, of such a division of authority seemed so patent that the omission of a provision to that effect in the original draft of the Covenant condemned it to one who believed in the principles of government which found expression in American institutions.

In addition to his objection to the Cecil plan of administration, another was doubtless of even greater weight to Mr. Wilson and that was the entire omission in the Cecil proposal of the mutual guaranty of political independence and territorial integrity.

He sent her the most engrossing and delightful books to repair the omission, and he brought her plans and drawings, which he begged her to copy for him.

The suddenness of Whitehead's decease came near leaving a royal birthday unsung,an omission scarcely pardonable with one of George the Third's methodical habits.

And, as one of poor Mercy's many devices for keeping up with her conscience a semblance of honesty in the matter of Stephen was the entire omission of all reference to him in her conversation, nothing occurred to remind her friends of him.

Behind the party followed Longears, whose presence, throughout the day, we have very improperly neglected to mention; but as that inquisitive animal was, during the whole morning, roaming, at his own wild will, the neighboring fieldsprying into the holes of various wild animals, and exchanging silent commentaries with the Apple Orchard dogsthis omission will not appear very heinous.

And Verty congratulated himself on exemption from this sad sin of omission.

But what about involuntary crimes of omission?

Although I believe no punishment is now enforced for the omission of this humiliating homage to colour, the men I have referred to were doubtless afraid to disregard the ceremony.

This is another circumstance, which reconciles me to the omission.

This omission is intentional.

And secondly, as most of our nouns have the article a or the prefixed to them in prose-writing and in conversation, they in general become personified even by the omission of these articles; as in the bold figure of Shipwreck in Miss Seward's Elegy on Capt. Cook: But round the steepy rocks and dangerous strand Rolls the white surf, and SHIPWRECK guards the land.

Moll, however, was too full of happiness to note this omission on my part; she could think of no one now but her dear husband, and I counted for nothing.

One loss and omission follows another, and there is no end to the misery.

It either induces him to do what he would be glad to leave undone, if he were not afraid lest the omission might in some way endanger him, or injure him in others' opinion; or else it encourages him to do what he is glad to do, but has hitherto refrained from doing from fear of danger or shame; this is example of the seductive kind.

but I design to make him some amends for the omission.

Two of my mathematical friends have pointed out the chief omission which vitiates Professor Lowell's mathematical conclusionsthat of a failure to recognise the very large conservative and cumulative effect of a dense atmosphere.

She named no names, but, with a sort of desperation, raised her head and looked Miss Wimple in the face; in the quick, sensitive glances they interchanged at that moment the omission was supplied.

First:When it appears in a natural form, without the agency of contagion or inoculation, dryness of the skin, entire omission of insensible perspiration, starring of the coat.

But up to then anything that should have been inserted in surveys and arguments, and is not, constitutes a culpable omission on my part.

The Doctor's text was, "Let me first go and bury my father," &c. Without at all noticing the context,an omission which I regretted,he proceeded at once to state the doctrine of the text to be, that nothing can excuse the putting off of religionthat it is every man's duty to follow Christ immediately.

Perhaps he regarded the omission as an insurance against duels.

in Holmes and Parsons omit [Greek: en to stomati autou] (through wrong punctuation Credner), still there is no MS. authority whatever, and naturally could not be, for the omission of [Greek: engizei moi ... kai] and for the change of [Greek: timosin] to [Greek: tima].

He has a way of reduplicating, so to speak, the personages of one narrative in order to make up for the omission of another [Endnote 154:1].

In the earlier part of this quotation the Clementine writer seems to follow the third Gospel ([Greek: tina aitaesei, hae kai]); in the later part the first (omission of the antithesis between the egg and the scorpion, [Greek: ontes, dosei agatha]).

The omission of [Greek: huios Theou] is of very little importance, because from its position [Greek: hagion] would more naturally stand as a predicate, and the sentence would be quite as complete without the [Greek: huios Theou] as with it.

On the other hand, for the omission are A. B, C (third hand), D, [Hebrew: Aleph symbol], and the rest of the uncials and cursives, another form of the Vulgate, b, f, ff, g'2, l of the Old Latin, the Harclean and Jerusalem Syriac, the Memphitic, Gothic, and some MSS. of the Armenian versions, Origen, Dionysius and Peter of Alexandria, and Eusebius.

Of these, one Volkmar attributes to an oversight on the part of Epiphanius, and the other to a clerical omission in his manuscript

Yet this peculiarity, too, is faithfully reproduced in the Gospel of Marcion with the same disregard of chronologythe only change being the omission of about forty-one verses from a total of three hundred and eighty.

There is also an evident reason for the omission of the first chapters which relate the human birth of Christ, which Marcion denied, and one somewhat less evident, though highly probable, for the omission of the account of the Baptist's ministry, John being regarded as the finisher of the Old Testament dispensationthe work of the Demiurge.

There is also an evident reason for the omission of the first chapters which relate the human birth of Christ, which Marcion denied, and one somewhat less evident, though highly probable, for the omission of the account of the Baptist's ministry, John being regarded as the finisher of the Old Testament dispensationthe work of the Demiurge.

This omission is not quite consistently carried out, as the passage vii.

Its omission might provoke remark, but on the other hand Lord Derby regarded it as a doubtful title, "considering its origin" [conferred by the Pope on Henry VIII] and as applied to a Proclamation to India.

Of brandy and other articles imported, 1,500,000 gallons; making a total, with the omission of all on which the duty was evaded, of 30,000,000 of gallons of ardent spirits consumed in the year.

It is in my dispatch to Sir Charles Stuart of the 4th of February, I claim it with the pride and fondness of an author: when I see it plagiarized by those who condemn me for not using sufficiently forcible language, and who yet, in the very breath, in which they pronounce that condemnation, are driven to borrow my very words to exemplify the omission which they impute.

I mean the lengthning of a Phrase by the Addition of Words, which may either be inserted or omitted, as also by the extending or contracting of particular Words by the Insertion or Omission of certain Syllables.

Thus the country, which is full of resources, will be dishonored before the world, and the American people, who are a debt-paying people, will be disgraced by the omission on our part to do our duty.

Had this omission of duty occurred at the first session of the last Congress, the remedy would have been plain.

At least the omission of Shelley's name is noteworthy.

" All day, officers, the bearers of reports, or who came to receive orders, entered and left the room, among them the chief of police, who reported that he had searched the palace from top to bottom, without the omission of a single room, and had failed altogether to find any traces of the fugitives.

The consequence of this omission was that the sufferings of the troops were terrible.

It is merely a case not provided for, and the omission must be supplied in the most practicable way.

The people of the United States could not, therefore, see without the deepest regret even a temporary interruption of the friendly relations between the two countriesa regret which would, I am sure, be greatly aggravated if there should turn out to be any reasonable ground for attributing such a result to any act of omission or commission on our part.

I derive, therefore, the highest satisfaction from being able to assure you that the whole course of this Government has been characterized by a spirit so conciliatory and forbearing as to make it impossible that our justice and moderation should be questioned, whatever may be the consequences of a longer perseverance on the part of the French Government in her omission to satisfy the conceded claims of our citizens.

Notwithstanding the omission to pay the first installment had been made the subject of earnest remonstrance on our part, the treaty with the United States and a bill making the necessary appropriations to execute it were not laid before the Chamber of Deputies until the 6th of April, nearly five months after its meeting, and only nineteen days before the close of the session.

The reasons given for this omission, although they might be considered sufficient in an ordinary case, are not consistent with the expectations founded upon the assurances given here, for there is no constitutional obstacle to entering into legislative business at the first meeting of the Chambers.

It is true that a territorial form of government was never contemplated by the framers of the Constitution, as no provision was made for such a form of government; but this omission is covered by the general welfare clause, which gives Congress the power to "provide for the general welfare.

He feared its omission was done with design.

I am well aware that the path of the biographer is beset with pitfalls, and that, for him, suppressio veri is almost necessarily suggestio falsithe least omission may distort the whole picture.

So careless indeed did the resentful monarch show himself of the common observances of decency that he gave no directions for his burial; and, profiting by this omission, the enemies of the unfortunate Connรฉtable pillaged his residence, and carried off every article of value, not leaving him even a sheet to supply his grave-clothes.

19.In some instances, as it appears, not a little difficulty is experienced by our grammarians, respecting the addition or the omission of the possessive sign, the terminational apostrophic s, which in nouns is the ordinary index of the possessive case.

"The apostrophe denotes the omission of an i which was formerly inserted, and made an addition of a syllable to the word.

"I have learned my task, but you have not; i.e. have not learned."Ib., Mur., 219; &c. "When the omission of words would obscure the sentence, weaken its force, or be attended with an impropriety, they must be expressed.

"But in cases which would give too much of the hissing sound, the omission takes place even in prose.

"Two or three asterisks generally denote the omission of some letters in a word, or of some bold or indelicate expression, or some defect in the manuscript."Ib., 283.

"The omission of a word necessary to grammatical propriety, is called ELLIPSIS."Priestley's Gram., p. 45.

al. make no mention of Rules for the application of Dash, needless, how to be treated between quotation and name of the author applied to side-title used to signify omission Dates, ordinarily abbreviated; how best written objectives in, without their prepositions Dative case, faulty relic, in Eng., of old Sax., ("It ascends ME into," &c., SHAK.)

as explet., and referring to something expressed afterwards; faulty omission of, before verb, in such construc. had formerly no variation of cases its poss.

why the governm. of, should be limited to nouns only whether before a real part., denotes the possession of something Possessive sign, omission oL not a true ellips.

omission of They, put indefinitely for men or people This and that, as explained by CHURCH. placed before conjoint singulars, ("THIS POWER AND WILL do," &c.,) in contrasted terms Three stars, or asterism, use of Time, the order and fitness of, to be observed in constructions expressing it nouns of, with adv.

It consists only in the omission of what ought to have been inserted.

After a struggle that shook the Government, the treaty was ratified by the Senate on June 24, 1795, with the exception of the article about the West Indian trade, an omission to which Great Britain made no objection.

The omission, slight as it was, served to strengthen his bitter feeling that his friendship in this quarter was unneeded and unvalued.

Omission of pas.

Omission of indefinite article.

And I put it to you this morning whether you can any longer tolerate that omission?

And if Hill never by any chance mentioned the topic of love to her, she only credited him with the finer modesty for that omission.

But the fact that the carriage was closed had struck him, and together with the omission to take fresh horses, had awakened his suspicions.

When she had proceeded about a hundred yards, she felt so much pained with the omission of her duty, that she hastened back, and faithfully discharged her conscience.

Polemic writing like this is odious; but with absolutism in possession in so many quarters, omission to defend my radical empiricism against its best known champion would count as either superficiality or inability.

I am sure in any case to be accused of misrepresenting them totally, even in this note, by omission of the context, so the less I name names and the more I stick to abstract characterization of a merely possible style of opinion, the safer it will be.

As he was well acquainted with Shakespeare, this omission of his customary Latin phrases would indicate that he recognized Shakespeare's lack of a thorough classical education.

Madam, I Heartily beg your Pardon for my Omission to write Yesterday.

It will be observed that, in my enumeration of the classes of acts to which praise and blame, self-approbation and self-disapprobation attach, I have carefully drawn a distinction between the invariable connexion which obtains between certain acts and the ethical approval of ourselves or others, and the only general connexion which obtains between the omission of those acts and the ethical feeling of disapproval.

And in any case there could be no necessity for the omission to acknowledge the debt.

As this obligation forms no part of the secret ritual of the Order, but is administered to every person before any lawful knowledge of his being a Mason has been received, there can be nothing objectionable in inserting it here, and in fact, it will be advantageous to have the precise words of so important a declaration placed beyond the possibility of change or omission by inexperienced Brethren.

Of course, she had been very careful to avoid all mention of the gold mound, but this omission in her narrative proved to be a defect which she had not anticipated.

His omission to specify which pig seems almost certain to provoke further recriminations among the German High Command.

" "If there was any omission on my part of an expression of proper feeling, I regret it.

The principle of this elaborate machinery is always that money advances, or supplies, or a lease of a farm for a season or more, or the loan of a mule, having first been made under written contract to the negro, the breaking of such contract or the omission to repay such advances, is declared to be in the nature of fraud; the entering into such contract with intention to break it is declared to be a misdemeanor, etc., etc.

Surely a strange omission, considering that he refers to his old age three times in this one letter.

I believe you will not find an omission anywhere; and I think you will admit, though you are prejudiced against me, that a clearer statement of facts was never laid before you than the statement I have now made.

The count acknowledged the omission with a courteous bow.

Sometimes a portion of an article is reprinted with the omission of the context, thus entirely altering its meaning.

Her omission was not design; it was juvenile indiscretion.

The narrative of this glorious scene is unfortunately too long for transference to our columns, and the omission of any of the details would interfere with its glowing interest.