268 examples of omnipotent in sentences

The old enchantress well could say, What would befall on distant day; And by her art omnipotent, Could from the watery element Draw fire, and with her magic breath, Seal up a dragon's eyes in death.

I cannot but consider with what understanding the people sighed and cried, when the Minister made for them this metaphysical confession: "Omnipotent All!

If everything that happens does so because a superhuman and omnipotent power wants it (Not a single leaf falls to the ground without the will of God), how can a son murder his father without the permission and will of God?

Adj. powerful, puissant; potential; capable, able; equal to, up to; cogent, valid; efficient, productive; effective, effectual, efficacious, adequate, competent; multipotent^, plenipotent^, omnipotent; almighty. forcible &c adj.. (energetic) 171; influential &c 175; productive &c 168.

I cannot but believe it were highly time to do as old Cato did, and finish every speech with these words"However, the law of nations should be maintained, and absolutism not permitted to become omnipotent.

Russia is already omnipotent on the Continent; once master of the Mediterranean, it is not difficult to see that the power which already controls three-quarters of the world, will soon have the fourth quarter.

The Czar would be omnipotent over it, as indeed he is near to be already, at least on the Continent.

The folly of subtility went so far as to profane the sacred name of God, by disputing if He, being omnipotent, has the power to sin?

But the Nature and Universe revealed by modern Christian science are too vast and profound to mirror anything short of the image of the Omnipotent himself.

What more wild and drear is there, even in Indian cosmogonic fable, than that strange carbonigenous era of the globe, whose deposits, in the shape of petrified forests, now keep us warm and cook our food, and whose relics and souvenirs are pressed between the stone leaves of the secondary rock for preservation by the Omnipotent Herbalist?

Mythology delegated the government of the world to inferior deities, the subjects of an omnipotent Fate or Necessity; while, to show how extremes meet, mere science delegates it to chemical and physiological agencies, and ends, like the mythic cosmogonies, in some irrepressible spontaneous impulse of matter to develope itself in the ever-changing forms of the visible universe.

But as these noble deeds were principally undertaken and performed for the glory of Almighty God, the conversion of the barbarous nations to the Christian faith, and the great honour of your highness; and as, by the power and mercy of the Omnipotent, such fortunate success has been granted to these famous enterprises, I have been encouraged to proceed.

Agreeing that plants and animals were produced by Omnipotent fiat does not exclude the idea of natural order and what we call secondary causes.

If then Vergil were a Stoic his Jupiter should be omnipotent and omniscient and the embodiment of fatum, and his human characters must be represented as devoid of independent power; but such ideas are not found in the Aeneid.

Thou also madst the Night, Maker Omnipotent, and thou the Day, &c. Most of the Modern Heroick Poets have imitated the Ancients, in beginning a Speech without premising, that the Person said thus or thus; but as it is easie to imitate the Ancients in the Omission of two or three Words, it requires Judgment to do it in such a manner as they shall not be missed, and that the Speech may begin naturally without them.

Thus where he mentions Satan in the Beginning of his Poem: Him the Almighty Power Hurl'd headlong flaming from th' Ethereal Sky, With hideous ruin and combustion, down To bottomless Perdition, there to dwell In Adamantine Chains and penal Fire, Who durst defy th' Omnipotent to Arms.

It is, no doubt, to present us with a noble spectacle that an Omnipotent Hand has set before our eyes so great and so bright objects.

This philosophy reduced Polytheism, or the multitude of gods, to Deism, or one God, and that one God to Nature, which according to them was eternal, infallible, intelligent, omnipotent, and divine.

The heavens, the earth, the stars, plants, animals, our bodies, our minds: everything shows and proclaims an order, an exact measure, an art, a wisdom, a mind superior to us, which is, as it were, the soul of the whole world, and which leads and directs everything to his ends, with a gentle and insensible, though omnipotent, force.

She did not answer her friend's implication that she could not be expected to comprehend the delicate, invisible, omnipotent shackles of love.

In looking at such an instance of intellectual pleasure and acumen, as connected in no small degree with the study of foreign languages, one cannot avoid associating together the unsolved mystery of that discrepancy of tongues prevailing in different countries with the disagreeing floras and faunas of the same regions,each diversity bearing alike the unmistakable marks of Omnipotent design for the happiness and improvement of man.

But here, forsooth, a blind implication with nothing expressed, an "implied" faith without works, is omnipotent.

But here, forsooth, a blind implication with nothing expressed, an "implied" faith without works, is omnipotent.

How frightful is the contemplation of this omnipotent and Christian threat!

Not less depressing to the moral nature is an unrelieved view of the universe under the omnipotent law of cause and effect, which is not lighted by any vision of God and a spiritual order interpenetrating the material.

268 examples of  omnipotent  in sentences