265 examples of on my knees in sentences

no longer, lest I pray thee on my knees to go not to the battle.

I gave a gasp and pulled off more cushions, then I fell on my knees, struck down by the greatest horror which a man can feel.

In an agony of emotion I found my, way mechanically to the adjoining room, and fell on my knees by the side of her coffin, asking forgiveness of Heaven, and sometimes of her, for forgetting her so soon.

I retired to another room and fell on my knees; and as if they had been audibly uttered, these words were impressed upon my heart, 'Thy Maker is thy Husband; the Lord of hosts is His name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; the God of the whole earth shall He be called,' and I rose up to meet the trial in His strength."

"Tell him," said Mr. Ward to me, "that I go on my knees only to God and woman."

On my knees Your vassaile thankes heaven, you, and these Princes. Mac.

Heere on my knees, at the altar of those feete, I offer up in pure and sacred breath The true speech of my hart and hart it selfe.

But, dearest, dearest creature, let me on my knees [and down I dropt, her face all the time turned half from me, as she stood at the window, her handkerchief often at her eyes] on my knees let me plead your promised forgiveness; and let us not appear to them, on their visit, thus unhappy with each other.

"Kate," said old Joe in a tremulous voice, "if I was a prayin' man I'd git down on my knees an' thank God for deliverin' you tonight.

I have often heard them affirm that the Fire was not hot; and one Day when I, with the Authority of an old Fellow, desired one of them to put my blue Cloak on my Knees; she answered, Sir, I will reach the Cloak; but take notice, I do not do it as allowing your Description; for it might as well be called Yellow as Blue; for Colour is nothing but the various Infractions of the Rays of the Sun.

I was right down on my knees at her feet,'Rachel, don't be so hard on me.

Sitting out in the field in the rain, the map on my knees being occasionally brightly illuminated by the burning city, I looked out the road to St. Julien.

Suddenly he opened his eyes; they met my own; I fell on my knees and took his hands.

I could have received his vows on my knees, but I was motionless; yet how was I delighted to be the cause of joy to him!

" "How is this?" "Why, I gae doon on my knees and pray.

I wrote the dispatch and was prepared to send it, when all at once there was poured out such a joyful faith and confidence in God on me as I never felt before in all my life, and I fell on my knees in devout thanksgiving for the assurance that God gave me that he had heard and answered our prayers, for we had prayed for that dear daughter's life.

I have been on my knees to you for weeksyou must have know it.

I fell on my knees, and pointing to the boy made my master understand I desired his son to be pardoned.

Alone, on my knees, I again surrender to Thee my poor heart, and again take the pledge of Thy love.

When the memory of it returns to me, O my child, on my knees I would entreat youdo be careful in marrying!

I was content to rest quietly on my knees by the side of Dicky's bed, with his hand in mine and my eyes fixed on his white face with the long lashes shadowing it.

See, I would knee to you, pray to you on my knees, make myself a suppliantI, Ysolinde that am a princess!

"Would I regret if he no longer made me tremble, or would I go on my knees and thank the Blessed Virgin?"

Sometimes I feel like punishing men, at other times, like going down on my knees to them.

"Yes, papa, you shall know all, and then I shall have to fall on my knees and ask you not to punish one I lovefora fault committed years ago.

265 examples of  on my knees  in sentences
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