265 examples of on my knees in sentences

I gave a gasp and pulled off more cushions, then I fell on my knees, struck down by the greatest horror which a man can feel.

I'll do anythingapologize, get down on my knees, if you likebut please help me to stay here!"

F. Your travail and your comfortable news: This ring, the certain sign you met with him: Binds me in duteous love unto your grace; But on my knees I fall, and humbly crave Importune that no more you ne'er can have.

Henrick, my Lord, And now my Soveraigne, I am by office bound To offer to your Royall hands this Crowne Which on my knees I tender, all being ready To set it on your head.

I never spake with a distracted voice; Nere fell to him on my knees; spake of no father, No murtherd father.

"In an instant I recognized my sister, and was ready to fall on my knees before her; but then I remembered my own shabby appearance, and deferred our meeting till I could execute my present design, and make myself more respectable.

'Send me there if you want to,' I'd say to myself on my knees, 'Tono's not in Hell, anyway.'

When I was on shore, I fell on my knees, and gave God thanks for my deliverance, resolving to lay aside all thoughts of my deliverance by my boat; and refreshing myself with such things as I had, I brought my boat close to the shore, in a little cove that I had spied under some trees, and laid me down to sleep, being quite spent with the labour and fatigue of the voyage.

Restore him to liberty and to me; and thus, on my knees, shall I daily offer up prayers to heaven for thy safety and prosperity.

But an important change of mind dated from those silent weeks with a dying child on my knees.

I confess, morally, I was on my knees with contrition, but there was a fascination in ita fatality.

"I for my part hastened to my chamber, and shutting the door fell on my knees with a cry of joyful praise.

I went down on my knees, and on them I stayed until I had asked God many times to take away all my appetite for rum and tobacco, and everything else which was displeasing to Him, and make me a new creature in Christ Jesusa holy, devoted Christian man, for the sake of Him who died for sinners.

I calmly take the office you impose; And on my knees, imploring their forgiveness, Whom I in heav'n or earth may have offended, Exempt from starting tears, and woman's weakness, I pledge you, Sirthe Memory of the Dead!

"I read in the papers this morning that don Rafael Brull, 'of the Finance Commission,' if you please, would undertake to speak for the Ministry on the matter of the budget; so I got down on my knees to an old friend of mine, the secretary of the English embassy, and begged him to come and take me to the session.

And, therefore, on my knees I thanked the Almighty for delivering me from blood guiltiness, and begged his protection that I might never fall into their hands.

"At the Prayer-meeting Mr. Spence gave a short address on the subject of entire sanctification: my faith was so much encouraged, I could scarcely refrain from speaking aloud; and while on my knees I exclaimed, many times, before the Lord, 'I will believe' On my way home the words were applied, 'Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you'At the Acomb lovefeast, I confessed that I could now give God all my heart.

While on my knees before the Lord, it was suggested, 'He shall bless thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and for evermore.'

I beg you, on my knees.

"Yes," said Russell; "I slept in his dormitory when I first came, and he has often made me so wretched that I have flung myself on my knees at night in pretence of prayer, but really to get a little quiet time to cry like a child.

I was content to rest quietly on my knees by the side of Dicky's bed, with his hand in mine and my eyes fixed on his white face with the long lashes shadowing it.

I humbly beg forgiveness on my knees, If I offended you:But next yours, madam, Which all must yield to.

See, I would knee to you, pray to you on my knees, make myself a suppliantI, Ysolinde that am a princess!

She left me on my knees, which are always ready to bend on such occasions.

I was on my knees in an instant, my fingers searching the cracks, and drawing down close I could feel a current of air, slight but unmistakable, against my face.

265 examples of  on my knees  in sentences