78 examples of on table in sentences

The old man with the bald pate was seating himself at the head of the board, and Johnnie asked the privilege of helping wait on table.

The general mode of putting a dessert on table, now the elegant tazzas are fashionable, is, to place them down the middle of the table, a tall and short dish alternately; the fresh fruits being arranged on the tall dishes, and dried fruits, bon-bons, &c., on small round or oval glass plates.

Grape-scissors, a melon-knife and fork, and nutcrackers, should always be put on table, if there are dishes of fruit requiring them.

They must be well wiped before they are put on table.

The flint implements are found in the lowest beds of gravel, just above the chalk, while above them are sands with delicate fresh-water shells and beds of brick-earth,all this, be it remembered, on table-lands two hundred feet above the level of the sea, in a country whose level and face have remained unaltered during any historical period with which we are acquainted.

" "I shill be honored, ma'am," assented Sandy, with a bow even deeper than his master's, "only I'm 'feared I ain't rightly dressed fer ter wait on table.

I remember when I first started waiting on table in my mother's quick lunch eating house in Sorghum, Minnesota.

My father drove a hack in Sorgham, Minnesota, and my mother took in boarders and I helped wait on table.

It was a lowly position, and Bill had little pride in it, for he was put to helping the cook, waiting on table, washing dishes, sweeping cabins, making beds, and the like.

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On table are books, papers, and files.

(He throws card on table) MRS.

I'm to fetch coal and run errants and wait on table.

On table (2) was a music-box, and on table (1), within the Cabinet, bells, a zither, etc.]

The music-box on table (2) was set offwas rattled several times.

DRISCOLL (places drink on table)

Sometimes we would slip into the hotel where the judges and lawyers dined, and help our little friend wait on table.

[Illustration: BIOLOGY CLASS AT LUCKNOW COLLEGE Head of Class Leaning on Table, and Nine Students Dissecting Nine Rabbits]

Yet, when the soup is put on table, He screams, as loud as he is able, "Not any soup for me, I say: O take the nasty soup away!

"I like to wait on table better.

In some of the better-paying occupations in which large numbers of negroes were found in the North soon after the Civil War, such as barbering, waiting on table in the best hotels, and skilled manual work, they have been largely displaced by European immigrants.

" I remember a young girl who waited on table at a woman's hotel where I made my home.

Next night we had a little hop on Table Rock.

Place a tablecloth on table, put the rolled out dough on it, and pull gently with the hands, to get the dough as thin as tissue paper.

I found it required no small share of nerve to pass down the near bank of the river with the eternal roar of its waters pouring into my ears, cross over Suspension Bridge, spanning the rushing tides below still tossing and foaming as though an ocean had broken from its prison, and then pass up the other bank, in full view of the cataract, and not look upon it until my feet were planted on Table Rock.

78 examples of  on table  in sentences