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Do we say   onboard   or  on board

Do we say onboard or on board

onboard 7 occurrences

I want you two fellows to look out for a Dutchman named "FRITZ," who is onboard.

Can you, without any evidence, say that Drayton enticed them, and that by no other means could they come onboard?

While in the Gulf of Cambaya, in a dead calm, the ships were tossed about in so violent a manner that all onboard believed themselves in imminent danger of perishing, and began to consider how they might escape.

Arrived onboard at 2 this afternoon, with an intention of sailing to Philadelphia: Gravesend is so called from it's being the end of a sailors grave, as those who die on a voyage after passing the fort are thrown over board.

Had any thick weather sprung up, I had been left another way; for having no compass onboard, I should never have found the way to steer towards the island, if once it had disappeared; but it proving the contrary, I set up my mast again, spread my sail, and stood away northward, as much as I could, to get rid of the current.

Being about 100 leagues from the nearest land, a swallow came on board the ship, driven out to sea as was believed by a storm; and this was the more probable as a great many more swallows and other land birds came onboard next day, the twenty-eighth February, and a whale was seen.

After a satisfactory pause, during which I had gradually collected my ideas, I inquired, suddenly: "How long is it since we were lifted from the raft, and where are the other survivors?" "All safe, I believe, and onboard, well cared for, like yourself.

on board 5897 occurrences

Mrs Ottley's staying with mewhy shouldn't I have the pleasure of seeing Aylmer because Bruce is having a heavenly time on board ship?'

But do you know much about the sea?" "I was engineer on board a Pacific coasting boat and a wheat barge on the Lakes.

"I went to the stage to meet some Canadian friends on board the Nepigon.

"To eat ashore is quite a treat when one has been boxed up on board for some time.

On hearing of his arrival on the coast, Bartolome got on board a caravel and joined him; but it was not until the 31st that the two brothers entered San Domingo together, the admiral for the first time.

He met them at Misenum, and the two chiefs went on board his ship to settle the terms of alliance.

C.L. Addressed: "Mr, Manning, Passenger on Board the 'Thames,' East Indiaman, Portsmouth."

"There is conspiracy on board already," she said finally "that you may not know about.

We were to sail on the fifteenth of the month (June), weather permitting; and, on the fourteenth, I went on board to arrange some matters in my stateroom.

The vessel of their enemies followed them, but a hurricane came up and the other ship was lost with nearly all on board.

Three of the crew of one of the vessels and one of another had deserted and enlisted on board the United States frigate Chesapeake, lying at the Washington Navy yard.

He heard the cry of dread from the poor wretches on board, as the pirate drew nearer.

Anyone familiar with the delicate nature of the machinery of destroyerswhich needs constant attentionand the conditions of life at sea in them will appreciate the significance of these figures and the strain which the conditions imposed on those on board as well as on the machinery.

One July a couple of years ago I took my supper with a Captain Moran on board the S.S. Margaret, that had put into a western river from I know not where.

There was still a dead calm, and by going on board I should merely have been shutting myself up in a prison from which there was no escape.

The blend brought him one day to Portsmouth, where the Victory lies, with the honourable purpose of painting a picture of that famous ship with NELSON on board.

If we were not able to extricate Sheriff by these means, we thought that at least we should know, by inquiring of those whom we should see on board, whether the measure of hindering the men from seeing their articles on signing them had been adopted.

There was a little boxing-match on board while we were at Monterey in December.

Having disposed his guard with great care, he lay on board himself in the depth of winter, declining no fatigue or duty, and not waiting for reinforcements, in hopes that he might come within Caesar's reach.

But the reason why we meddled as little with English vessels as we could was, first, because if they were ships of any force, we were sure of more resistance from them; and, secondly, because we found the English ships had less booty when taken; for the Spaniards generally had money on board, and that was what we best knew what to do with.

Boats leaving terminal points at any time between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., arrange so that passengers can go on board after 7 p.m. and retire to their state-rooms, thus enjoying an unbroken night's rest.

On the floor of the cabin was a part of an English ensign, and some papers, which showed that she belonged to Jamaica, The little cargo on board consisted of Jamaica rum, sugar, fruit, &c. The breeze now springing up, and the privateer showing lights, we were enabled to get alongside of her in a couple of hours.

The general immediately desired the kutwal to order him to be furnished with an almadia or pinnace, to carry him and his people on board; but the kutwal said it was now late, and the ships so far away that he might miss them in the dark, for which reason he had better stay till next day.

Durell's squadron arrived off the Ile aux Coudres on the 25th, and on the 28th the Pembroke landed the troops she had on board, "as did ye rest of ye men of warr," and they took possession of the island, which was found to be deserted by its inhabitants.

Wild fowl were plentiful, and oysters, "as good as ever came from Colchester," and of about the same size, says Banks, were taken on board in large quantities: "laid down under the booms, and employed the ship's company very well, who, I sincerely believe, did nothing but eat them from the time they came on board till night, by which time a large part were expended.

A good anchorage was found, and Cook's old friends, Otago and Toobough, were soon on board to greet them.

In the old days, when slave-carrying was a game followed by gentlemen with nerve, the officer with the best nose on board the man-o'-war that overhauled a suspected slave carrier was always sent aboard to make an examination.

'I know every skipper on board every boat in the squadron,' answered his friend.

Of these troops levied in the city, such as were under thirty-five were put on board ships, the rest were left to protect the city.

The man-servant carried her bag to the station, touched his hat to her as she stepped on board the train, and returned to the house to say in the kitchen: "Well, I don't care what she come for; she was a real lady, fust to last, an' that's more than Mr. Potter's got for a wife, I tell you.

Presently it will be carried like a half-lifeless thing on board a ship; the winds will blow roughly on it and it will not care.

I left Munich on the 25th July and arrived on the 6th day of our journey, 30th July, at Vienna, The Floss, or raft, on board of which we embarked, is about as long as the main deck of an eighty-four gun ship and about forty feet in breadth.

" Mr. Podington, under the direction of his friend, took a seat in the stern of the sailboat, and then he remarked: "Thomas, have you a life-preserver on board?

"Did you say, father, that mortars Were short guns?" Gen. P. "Land mortars are quite short; sea mortars, or such as are used on board vessels, are longer and heavier, because they are usually fired at greater distances.

The scene on board became heart-rending.

Noon almost calm for half an hour, when, on a sudden, the wind shifted to the northeast, when it blew such a hurricane that every one on board declared they never saw its equal.

" On the 7th of August, Morse, with his wife and their eldest son, a lad of six, joined a large company of friends on board the steamer James Adger which sailed for Newfoundland.

[Footnote 60: Relating to the compensation by Great Britain in the case of the brigs Enterprise, Encomium, and Comet, slaves on board which were forcibly seized and detained by local authorities of Bermuda and Bahama islands.]

The news was very unwelcome to me, as, for the last two days, I had been suffering from English cholera, which on board ship, where the patient cannot procure meat broth or any other light nourishment, and where he is always more exposed to the sudden changes of the weather than he is on shore, is very apt to be attended with grave results.

Ah! when the ship is going down under our very feet I don't think it much matters what may be our rank and rating on board.

George Crabbe, after paying his debts, set sail for London on board a sloop at Slaughden Quay"master of a box of clothes, a small case of surgical instruments, and three pounds in money."

Once on board the steamer, passengers were often kept in port (without leave to land) for six or eight days; therefore for any one bound by a time-limit, as most war-workers were, it was necessary to travel across country, and to be back at Tangier before the November rains.

At Sault St. Marie I took on board Mr. Placidus Ord to keep, the record of appraisements.

Now, I think the sooner you go on board the better.

However, Xury said he would have some of him; so he comes on board, and asked me to give him the hatchet.

Their mistake was in supposing they had a right to make a man prove anything on board a foreign ship; while that of America was, in permitting her citizens to be arraigned before foreign judges, under any conceivable circumstances.

My plan is to run close in with the English coast, and show our colours boldly;now, nine in ten of the British men-of-war will let us pass unquestioned, believing we are bound to London, unless they happen to have one of those pressing gentry, like Sennit, on board.

They refused to work; and I was compelled to tell them, I should put them on board the first English vessel of war we met.

On board le Cerf, for instance, I observed a gang of men at work clearing the ship from the wreck of the main-mast, who proceeded with a degree of coolness, vigour and method, which showed what materials were thrown away in that service, for want of a good system; and chiefly, as I shall always think, because the officers did not understand the immense importance of preserving silence on board a crowded vessel.

" "Are all your goods on board?"

The "Screecher" was a vessel belonging to Louisville, having a cargo of wild Kentuckians and other passengers on board, among whom was an old lady, who, having bought a winter stock of bacon, pork, &c., was returning to her home on the banks of the Mississippi.

One day, on board, I was indiscreet enough to ask Sholto the use of a piece of machinery belonging to the ship.

Several pieces of mast were blown on board the Ruby, tearing her sails and wounding two men.

" Though it must be very evident, from what-preceded this open avowal, that Wilder was not ignorant of the character of the ship on board of which he had just ventured, yet did he not receive the acknowledgment without embarrassment.

"I can, at this moment, see the arch and roguish manner with which that wayward boy, who then had but eight years, over-reached the cunning of the mimic Neptune, and retaliated for his devices, by turning the laugh of all on board on his own head!" "Was he but eight?" demanded a deep voice at her elbow.

I told them I and several others on board were abolitionists.

John S. Paine, of the United States Navy, and aid in conveying on board the schooner Grampus, under his command, all the negroes, late of the Spanish schooner Amistad, in his custody, under process now pending before the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Connecticut.

Is he not on board?

On the whole, therefore, it was determined to freight the pinnace with the most valuable of the effects, put all the females on board, and send her off under the care of Mark, Heaton, and Socrates, leaving Bob and Bigelow to look after the stock and the rest of the property.

Since that no communication has been held; the shore party have been working, but the people on board have had a half holiday.

A woman may at any rate move her feet in accordance with time, and she need not skip, nor prance, nor jump, even on board ship.

At one they went on board the city barge at Billingsgate, which was most magnificently decorated, and attended by fifty noble barges, belonging to the several companies of the city, with each its own corporation on board; and, for the better regulation of this procession, it was ordered, that each barge should keep twice their lengths asunder.

To attain their object, they formed a raft with the pieces of timber which remained on board of the frigate, the whole bound together like the first, with strong ropes: they embarked upon it, and directed their course towards the land; but how could they steer on a machine, that was doubtless destitute of oars and the necessary sails.

All the equipages were embarked on board six small vessels, which ascended the Rio Grande to the distance of about fifty leagues up the country.

I next went to Lisbon, taking my man Friday with me, and there arriving in April, I met the Portuguese Captain who had taken me on board on the African coast; but, being ancient, he had left off the sea, and resigned all his business to his son, who followed the Brazil trade.

This indeed carried a great deal of reason in it; but we found out a remedy, and that was to carry a framed sloop on board, ready to be set up in the island, by the assistance of some carpenters, which we should carry with us, that might be fitted in a few days to go to sea.

Moreover, they found on board the privateer a large store of gold, which becomes our prize of war.

Dn all veechys, and dn all the governatorys, too; do speak English, Griffin, on board an English ship, if you please, even should your Italian happen to be Tuscan.

That coaster has a cargo of tar and naval stores on board; and, capturing her this evening, they have thought to extinguish our lantern by the brighter and fiercer flame of their own.

" "This is all true; but I was invited on board the ship, as I have just stated.

The usual luck appeared to attend her, and the people on board fought with renewed confidence and zeal.

"Message from Captain Brisket to go on board at once, or he won't be answerable for the consequences," replied Tredgold, in a thrilling whisper; "and, above all, to bring Mr. Chalk to quiet the men.

And in August 1784 the Sally transport from London cast anchor at Halifax with three hundred destitute refugees on board.

As our good friends Mrs. McLaren and Mrs. Lucas had determined to see us safely on board the Servia, they escorted us to Liverpool, where we met Mrs. Margaret Parker and Mrs. Scatcherd.

When Diagoras the Atheist was on board one of the Athenian Ships, there arose a very violent Tempest; upon which the Mariners told him, that it was a just Judgment upon them for having taken so impious a Man on board.

At one of the anchorages, near Cape Leveque (volume 2 page 91) the brig was for a whole night surrounded by these enormous fish, and the crew in momentary dread of their falling on board, the consequence of which would have been very disastrous.

On board there was one lady passenger, a mother and her son, whose presence would render the situation much more difficult.

This young man was a favourite with those persons on board who could make allowances for the circumstances in which he had been placed, and who did not expect acquirements which it was almost impossible for him to attain.

There was a letter for Richard that night, from Harry Clifford, who wrote as follows: "I do not know whether you found your wife at Mrs. Amsden's or not, but I take the liberty of telling you that Frank Van Buren has returned, and solemnly affirms that if Mrs. Markham was on board the train which left here on the 17th, he did not know it.

This supposition is also borne out by the fact, that Miago, the native of Swan River we had on board, could never understand the language spoken by his countrymen, on the western shore of King's Sound.

The same evening the Lynher was moved round to Port George the Fourththus affording us an opportunity of welcoming all our former fellow-voyagers once more on board the Beagle; where we spent one of those delightful evenings, known only to those who have been long separated from the rest of the world.

Mr. Bynoe went on shore immediately to assist in bringing him on board.

We allowed him to remain on board till daylight, when he returned to his village, leaving one of his boat's crew behind to pilot us round to Dobbo.

The Chilian declared he would have taken on board all the guano which Captain Horn had purchased at the smaller island, had he not begun to fear that Captain Horn would suffer if he did not soon return to him, and when he thought it was not safe to wait any longer, he had sailed with a partial cargo.

After electrifying his crew with a few words of hope and ardor, he manoeuvred and ran on board of the enemy.

However, Roberts thought it should go hard with him but he would make up his market among them, and thereupon he mixed with the fleet, and kept his men concealed till proper resolutions could be formed; that done, they came close up to one of the deepest, and ordered her to send the master on board quietly, threatening to give them no quarter, if any resistance or signal of distress was made.

Seeing that she was too powerful for us to resist, I accordingly went, and soon as I got along-side of the schooner, five ruffians instantly jumped into my boat, each of them being armed with a large knife, and told me to go on board the brig again; when they got on board they insisted that we had got money, and drew their knives, threatening us with instant death and demanding to know where it was.

He rigged the Wright galley anew, and put on board of her some of the goods.

One of the blacks, who brought off the letter went on board their boat, carried them to the place called Olumbah, a point of land made by a river on one side, and the sea on the other, where twelve of them lived together in a large house they had built, and fortified with about twenty pieces of cannon.

Though the affront thus offered to the Government was great and most audacious, yet, to preserve the lives of so many men, they granted their request, and sent on board a chest valued at three or four hundred pounds.

On Monday morning, they, with the exception of Temple, notified the Governor by a card that they were going on board the Romney, and desired the necessary orders for them to use the Castle; and they took their families with them.

Pacing the quarter-deck, as we climbed on board was a good-looking, ruddy-faced, gray-haired man whom I took to be the captain.

Work until smooth, break off a piece and roll out on board very thin.

Not even merchant vessels were to be permitted to weigh anchor in Brazilian ports until permission from the port authorities had been granted, and any movements of the belligerents were to be under the supervision of the customs authorities for the purpose of verifying the proper character of the things put on board.

A number of neutral merchantmen bound for this port were seized, but the difficulty experienced by England was her inability to prove that the goods on board were really intended for the enemy, or that the men shown as passengers were actually proceeding to the Transvaal as recruits for the Boer forces in the field.

And again, "The destination is conclusive as to the destination of the goods on board."

One of them being called to in the African tongue by a Black trader, who was then on board, came up, but with a knife in each hand; when one of the crew, supposing him yet hostile, shot him in the right side and killed him on the spot.

He wished therefore this grievance to be taken into consideration, independently of the general question; and that some regulations, such as restraining the captains from taking above a certain number of slaves on board, according to the size of their vessels, and obliging them to let in fresh air, and provide better accommodation for the slaves during their passage, should be adopted.

In Proa Bay, 1 mile west of Settlement, with Fox's Needle C, with index error applied: 35 14 6 S. On board the ship, at anchor at Port Essington, same needle corrected for local attraction and index error: 33 48 0 S. Note: The observations on board the ship at this station are the nearest to the truth, there being much ironstone strewed over the country about the observation spot onshore.

In a storm at sea no one on board can wish the ship to sink, and yet not unfrequently all go down together because too many will direct and no single mind can be allowed to control.