Do we say onboard or on board

onboard 7 occurrences

I want you two fellows to look out for a Dutchman named "FRITZ," who is onboard.

Can you, without any evidence, say that Drayton enticed them, and that by no other means could they come onboard?

While in the Gulf of Cambaya, in a dead calm, the ships were tossed about in so violent a manner that all onboard believed themselves in imminent danger of perishing, and began to consider how they might escape.

Arrived onboard at 2 this afternoon, with an intention of sailing to Philadelphia: Gravesend is so called from it's being the end of a sailors grave, as those who die on a voyage after passing the fort are thrown over board.

Had any thick weather sprung up, I had been left another way; for having no compass onboard, I should never have found the way to steer towards the island, if once it had disappeared; but it proving the contrary, I set up my mast again, spread my sail, and stood away northward, as much as I could, to get rid of the current.

Being about 100 leagues from the nearest land, a swallow came on board the ship, driven out to sea as was believed by a storm; and this was the more probable as a great many more swallows and other land birds came onboard next day, the twenty-eighth February, and a whale was seen.

After a satisfactory pause, during which I had gradually collected my ideas, I inquired, suddenly: "How long is it since we were lifted from the raft, and where are the other survivors?" "All safe, I believe, and onboard, well cared for, like yourself.

on board 5897 occurrences

"I went to the stage to meet some Canadian friends on board the Nepigon.

"To eat ashore is quite a treat when one has been boxed up on board for some time.

Three of the crew of one of the vessels and one of another had deserted and enlisted on board the United States frigate Chesapeake, lying at the Washington Navy yard.

Anyone familiar with the delicate nature of the machinery of destroyerswhich needs constant attentionand the conditions of life at sea in them will appreciate the significance of these figures and the strain which the conditions imposed on those on board as well as on the machinery.

One July a couple of years ago I took my supper with a Captain Moran on board the S.S. Margaret, that had put into a western river from I know not where.

Wild fowl were plentiful, and oysters, "as good as ever came from Colchester," and of about the same size, says Banks, were taken on board in large quantities: "laid down under the booms, and employed the ship's company very well, who, I sincerely believe, did nothing but eat them from the time they came on board till night, by which time a large part were expended.

'I know every skipper on board every boat in the squadron,' answered his friend.

Presently it will be carried like a half-lifeless thing on board a ship; the winds will blow roughly on it and it will not care.

George Crabbe, after paying his debts, set sail for London on board a sloop at Slaughden Quay"master of a box of clothes, a small case of surgical instruments, and three pounds in money."

Once on board the steamer, passengers were often kept in port (without leave to land) for six or eight days; therefore for any one bound by a time-limit, as most war-workers were, it was necessary to travel across country, and to be back at Tangier before the November rains.

At Sault St. Marie I took on board Mr. Placidus Ord to keep, the record of appraisements.

Their mistake was in supposing they had a right to make a man prove anything on board a foreign ship; while that of America was, in permitting her citizens to be arraigned before foreign judges, under any conceivable circumstances.

My plan is to run close in with the English coast, and show our colours boldly;now, nine in ten of the British men-of-war will let us pass unquestioned, believing we are bound to London, unless they happen to have one of those pressing gentry, like Sennit, on board.

They refused to work; and I was compelled to tell them, I should put them on board the first English vessel of war we met.

" Though it must be very evident, from what-preceded this open avowal, that Wilder was not ignorant of the character of the ship on board of which he had just ventured, yet did he not receive the acknowledgment without embarrassment.

A woman may at any rate move her feet in accordance with time, and she need not skip, nor prance, nor jump, even on board ship.

At one they went on board the city barge at Billingsgate, which was most magnificently decorated, and attended by fifty noble barges, belonging to the several companies of the city, with each its own corporation on board; and, for the better regulation of this procession, it was ordered, that each barge should keep twice their lengths asunder.

This indeed carried a great deal of reason in it; but we found out a remedy, and that was to carry a framed sloop on board, ready to be set up in the island, by the assistance of some carpenters, which we should carry with us, that might be fitted in a few days to go to sea.

Dn all veechys, and dn all the governatorys, too; do speak English, Griffin, on board an English ship, if you please, even should your Italian happen to be Tuscan.

That coaster has a cargo of tar and naval stores on board; and, capturing her this evening, they have thought to extinguish our lantern by the brighter and fiercer flame of their own.

There was a letter for Richard that night, from Harry Clifford, who wrote as follows: "I do not know whether you found your wife at Mrs. Amsden's or not, but I take the liberty of telling you that Frank Van Buren has returned, and solemnly affirms that if Mrs. Markham was on board the train which left here on the 17th, he did not know it.

Seeing that she was too powerful for us to resist, I accordingly went, and soon as I got along-side of the schooner, five ruffians instantly jumped into my boat, each of them being armed with a large knife, and told me to go on board the brig again; when they got on board they insisted that we had got money, and drew their knives, threatening us with instant death and demanding to know where it was.

Though the affront thus offered to the Government was great and most audacious, yet, to preserve the lives of so many men, they granted their request, and sent on board a chest valued at three or four hundred pounds.

Pacing the quarter-deck, as we climbed on board was a good-looking, ruddy-faced, gray-haired man whom I took to be the captain.

In Proa Bay, 1 mile west of Settlement, with Fox's Needle C, with index error applied: 35 14 6 S. On board the ship, at anchor at Port Essington, same needle corrected for local attraction and index error: 33 48 0 S. Note: The observations on board the ship at this station are the nearest to the truth, there being much ironstone strewed over the country about the observation spot onshore.

Do we say   onboard   or  on board